Top Real Estate Agents in Florida

Find the right realtor in Florida to help you buy or sell your home.

There are 19,240 real estate agents in Florida — that’s more real estate agents than any other state! To find the right agent for you and your needs, it’s important to read their reviews, dig into their websites, get recommendations, and analyze their past sales.

Once you have a short-list of agents, get in touch with each one for a quick interview to learn about how busy they are, how experienced they are in your area, and what kind of timeline they’re working on.

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Find Top Agents in Florida

For this list, Clever’s team of experts started with an initial look at the entire landscape of realtors. They focused on the common problems that Floridians face and chiseled down the list of agents to a select few who are guaranteed to get the job done.

Because an agent’s skills or focus can change through their career, this list is updated and reevaluated regularly to provide only the best agents on the market and ensure you get the best recommendations.

How to choose an agent

To get the most out of our list of top agents in Florida, you’ll need to start with a few that match your needs. Once you have a list of three to five agents, you’ll need to outline the most important skills and qualifications for your situation.

Set up some interviews and check for experience in:

  • The neighborhood you are buying or selling in
  • The price range that your current or new home is in
  • The circumstances unique to your situation

A realtor’s answer — and their reasoning behind it — to any of these prompts will provide an accurate picture of their capabilities. If they provide a thorough plan or ask insightful questions, that’s an agent you’ll want to consider. If they give you a vague promise or are over-eager to close the deal, keep searching.

Once that’s done, you’ll negotiate a commission and sign an agreement. Most listing agreements are exclusive, which guarantees the agent a commission if the home sells. Make sure you understand the agreement and discuss it with your agent before signing.

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