6 Best Florida Flat-Fee MLS Companies in 2021


Trevor Wallis


January 8th, 2021


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Whether you’re selling a beachfront condo in Miami or a split-level in the Tallahassee suburbs, paying 6% in realtor fees is a lot.

That’s why some sellers use a flat-fee MLS company to list their home on the MLS — the main place where realtors find homes to show their clients — in exchange for a small one-time fee.

What’s the catch?

  • Less support: You manage your own sale — without a full-service agent to handle pricing, photography, paperwork, and negotiations.
  • You still pay a buyer’s agent fee: 88% of buyers work with an agent — who still needs to get paid. In Florida, you’re on the hook for 2.56%-2.96% of the final sale price.

If you want to save on fees but aren’t ready for a “Do-It-Yourself” experience, Clever can match you with full-service agents who work for a low flat fee or 1%. Find a low fee agent near you.

If you’re still interested in finding flat-fee MLS listing options in Florida, read on! We’ve reviewed the best (and worst!) services in the The Sunshine State.

The 6 best Florida flat-fee MLS companies*

Jack Keller Inc. Realtors
List With Freedom

Price range







Money-back guarantee

Unlimited listing updates


Downloadable forms




For sale sign








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Flat-Fee MLS Companies in Florida by City

In Florida, you'll also find some smaller flat-fee MLS companies that specialize in particular cities. These uber-local companies are more likely to offer flexible service packages and to bring more area expertise than the big guys.

Every Florida flat-fee MLS service is different. Always make sure to read the fine print when evaluating offerings to make sure you're getting a fair deal.

Flat-fee MLS companies in Jacksonville

We found the flat-fee MLS companies in Jacksonville to be more limited in their offerings, as a whole. Many of the services that we reviewed just didn't have a lot of add-ons. Still, you can find some low rates, from as little as $75 to nearly $500 for a complete listing package.

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Flat-fee MLS companies in Miami

No two Miami flat-fee MLS companies are the same — we found a service that offers month-to-month terms for a flat $75 and more comprehensive packages that cost several hundred bucks.

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Flat-fee MLS companies in Palm Beach

Palm Beach is the most expensive city in Florida, but that doesn't necessarily mean the local MLS listing companies don't charge an arm and a leg. We found services to range between $75 and $399.

Flat-fee MLS companies in Naples

Flat-fee MLS companies in Naples vary greatly in both price and services. In fact, the typical rates we've seen are between $89 and $999 for a more comprehensive package.

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Flat-fee MLS companies in Tampa

We found typical rates for flat-fee MLS companies in Tampa to range from $75 to $480. You'll find everything from a-la-carte offerings to comprehensive service packages.

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Flat-fee MLS companies to avoid

Some companies claim to offer flat-rate MLS services but charge "hidden" fees at closing. These predatory practices could cost you thousands of dollars when you expect to pay only a few hundred.

Always make sure to read the fine print for any service. Look out for "closing fees" or "closing costs" that you'll owe the broker in addition to an up-front flat fee.

We've even seen some companies that claim to offer a "free" MLS listing only to charge you a percentage of the sale price.

Paying a percentage of the sale price kills any benefits of using a flat-fee MLS company. At that cost, you'll be better off using a flat-fee broker like Clever for more service and transparent pricing.

Frequently asked questions

How much do flat-fee MLS services cost in Florida?

Typically, you should expect to pay about $200-400 for a flat-fee MLS listing in Florida. However, we've seen basic plans for as low as $50 and more comprehensive services that charge as much as $1,000.

Some flat-fee MLS companies offer services such as photography, paperwork help, and signage a la carte. However, watch out. These add-on services can add up! At that point, you might be better off using a full-service agent who charges a flat or discounted fee to handle everything for you.

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Do I still need to pay the buyer's agent commission?

Although you'll save some money by not having to pay commission to a listing agent (typically 2.54%-2.94% of the sale price), we strongly recommend offering a commission to the buyer's agent. This will incentivize agents to bring their clients to your home.

How much to offer a buyer's agent is up to you, but most selling agent commissions in Florida range from 2.56%-2.96%.

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How do I sell by owner in Florida?

Florida is a very FSBO-friendly state that doesn't require formal property disclosures and allows sellers to put up yard signs.

However, Florida law mandates that sellers and their agents disclose any significant property defects that buyers can't easily see for themselves. These disclosures can be made either verbally or in writing.

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What are the alternatives to using a flat-fee MLS service in Florida?

Discount and flat-fee real estate agents

Discount real estate brokers will list your property for as little as 1% — keeping in mind that you usually still have to pay a 2.6–3% buyer’s agent fee.

We’ve reviewed eight national and regional discount brokers that operate in Florida.

Clever offers the lowest rates, with an added advantage: Clever lets you compare multiple agents from major brands like Keller Williams, Century 21, and RE/MAX. However, if you’re selling a particularly pricey home, Houwzer's flat fee could offer significant savings.

Your Clever Agent will handle everything for you, from helping you accurately price your home to high-quality photography to negotiating with prospective buyers and filling out the paperwork. You'll pay only a little more than you'd pay a flat-fee MLS service but save hours of effort by not having to do it all yourself.

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Discount Broker
Listing Fee


1% or $3,000



Door Real Estate







1% or $3,500


1.5% (minimum varies)

REX Real Estate


Clever is a referral service that can match you with a pre-vetted full-service agent for a flat fee of only $3,000 (or 1% if your home is priced above $350,000), plus the typical buyer's agent commission.

Your full-service agent will handle everything for you, from helping you accurately price your home to high-quality photography to negotiating with prospective buyers and filling out the paperwork. You'll pay only a little more than you'd pay a flat-fee MLS service but save hours of effort by not having to do it all yourself.

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Selling without an MLS listing

It's always possible to try selling your house by owner without listing on the MLS. But this makes sense only if you already have a potential buyer lined up.

That's because not listing on your local MLS means not getting the most effective exposure for your property. MLS listings are posted to every major real estate website. Plus, real estate agents access MLS listings to find properties for their clients.

If you don't secure an MLS listing, you'll be limited to sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace and relying on a yard sign.


iBuyers are companies that buy homes for cash outright at what they claim are market prices. When you sell to an iBuyer, you could have a preliminary offer in as little as 24 hours.

The major downside of selling to an iBuyer is that these companies make money by charging steep service fees — typically 5-14% of the purchase price. So they're a good alternative only for sellers more concerned with convenience and speed than costs.

There are currently three iBuyers operating in certain Florida markets. Click below to learn more.

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Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa


Zillow Offers

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