7 Best Flat Fee MLS Florida Listing Services (2023)

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By Trevor Wallis Updated October 27, 2023


Best flat fee MLS listing companies in Florida | What to consider before using a flat fee MLS service | Other ways to save on realtor commissions

When selling a house for sale by owner (FSBO) in Florida, posting on the multiple listing service (MLS) greatly increases the number of buyers who will see your listing. Agents use the MLS to find properties for their clients, and listings are automatically syndicated to real estate sites like Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor.com.

While a traditional listing agent charges 2.5–3% to sell a home, a flat fee MLS service will list your house on the local MLS for just a few hundred dollars.

However, you'll need to consider the trade-offs before paying for this type of service.

Who should use a flat fee MLS listing service?

A flat fee MLS listing can work particularly well if you have the time and experience to sell a house on your own. 

If you decide to sell FSBO, you have plenty of flat fee MLS listing services to choose from in Florida.

If you haven't sold FSBO before, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You'll essentially be your own agent. You'll handle the pricing, showings, paperwork, buyer financing reviews, and negotiations on your own. While some flat fee MLS companies offer broker assistance, it'll cost you a premium, and the level of service usually falls short of what a typical listing agent provides.

  • You'll probably still need to pay a buyer's agent fee, since most buyers use an agent.

  • The biggest potential downside of a flat fee MLS listing is that your home may sell for less than it would with an agent, despite all the time and effort you put in. Homes sold without a realtor sell for about 6% less on average, canceling any commission savings. That may explain why the majority of sellers who try the FSBO route end up listing with an agent.

If you want a less risky way to save money, you may want to consider hiring a reputable discount broker. You'll still save thousands, but you'll have a dedicated local realtor by your side.

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7 best flat fee MLS listing services in Florida

Company Price range Avg. customer rating (1–5) Availability
Unreal Estate $99–599 4.5 (115 reviews) All of Florida
beycome $99–599 4.6 (533 reviews) Al, CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, MN, NC, and SC
Houzeo $329 to $379 + 0.5% at closing 4.9 (3,048 reviews) Nationwide
List With Freedom $149–295 4.2 (1,852 reviews) Nationwide
List Now Realty $400 5 (12 reviews) Most of Florida
Homecoin $95 4.8 (107 reviews) AZ, CA, FL, GA, IL, MI, MN, MO, NC, NY, SC, TN, TX, VA, and WI
Flat Fee Group — Doug Addeo $195–895 4.9 (59 reviews) All of Florida
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Why you should trust us

We spent dozens of hours researching flat fee MLS companies throughout the country. Our process included:

  • Researching more than 140 national, regional, and local flat fee MLS services to compare services, contract terms, and fees
  • Mystery shopping more than 20 flat fee MLS companies to understand the customer experience
  • Interviewing sellers and realtors who have direct experience with flat fee MLS real estate transactions
  • Analyzing Google, Trustpilot, BBB, and Facebook reviews for each business
  • Visiting user forums like Reddit and Bigger Pockets for additional perspectives on selling with a flat fee MLS service

Do you need an MLS listing?

If you decide to sell without a realtor, the only way you can get on the multiple listing service is with a flat fee MLS company. The MLS is where most real estate agents find properties for their clients, and posting on the MLS is how your listing gets on home-buying websites like Zillow, Realtor.com, and Redfin. If you're not on the MLS, buyers will have a much harder time finding your property.

What to consider before hiring a flat fee MLS service


  • You'll save on listing fees.
  • You'll have more control over the sale.
  • You can choose the services you need.


  • You'll still pay a buyer's agent to negotiate against you.
  • You may miss out on leads.
  • You'll likely encounter extra fees.

You’ll save on listing fees

Realtor commissions typically cost thousands of dollars, but most flat fee MLS services in Florida only cost $100–500. By comparison, the standard 3% listing agent commission on a $350,000 house sale costs $10,500.

You'll still pay a buyer's agent to negotiate against you

Ninety percent of buyers work with an agent, so you’ll likely need to pay  buyer's agent fees. Some flat fee MLS services actually require you to offer a buyer's agent commission of at least 2%.

Because buyer's agents have more experience with real estate transactions, they often have the upper hand in negotiations. FSBO sellers tend to pay more concessions while averaging $120,000 less than the median sale price of homes sold through an agent.

You’ll have more control over the sale

Many FSBO sellers enjoy having more control over how their house is priced, marketed, and presented to buyers. Without a realtor, you’ll be directly involved in the marketing, showings, and negotiations, which some home sellers find more personal than communicating through a listing agent.

You may miss out on leads

Flat fee MLS listings don't always get as many leads as they should. Buyer's agents may caution their clients against pursuing these listings because they worry FSBO sellers will be hard to work with or need extra help on their end, which could create a conflict of interest. 

Additionally, MLS rules require a licensed agent to post a listing. So your contact information will only appear in the Agent Remarks section on the MLS — not directly on sites like Zillow and Redfin.

Most of the time, you'll depend on your flat fee broker to forward you inquiries and showing requests. If your flat fee MLS broker manages a lot of listings, they may not forward leads, as this Houzeo customer found out.

You can choose the services you need

Most flat fee MLS companies have different packages so you can choose the level of support you need to sell your home.

If you're not worried about selling quickly, you may not need more than an MLS listing and a way for buyer's agents to contact you. If you're less experienced with real estate, you can choose a plan that features broker assistance with pricing, paperwork, and negotiations. While these plans cost more, they're typically still cheaper than a traditional real estate agent commission.

You'll likely encounter extra fees

Flat fee MLS companies are somewhat notorious for hidden fees, such as an extra percentage of the sale price charged at closing. Companies may also advertise a budget MLS listing, but then charge a premium for basics like listing changes, lock boxes, additional photos, and the ability to receive buyer inquiries and showing requests directly.

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✅ Get dedicated support throughout the home-selling process.

✅ Pay just 1.5% in listing fees — saving sellers $7,000 on average.

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7 best flat fee MLS listing services in Florida: Full breakdown

Unreal Estate: Best discounts on premium plans


  • You only pay for your MLS listing if you sell.
  • With Clever, you can get exclusive, competitive rates on the most popular plans.
  • Online reviews praise the company's customer service.


  • Photo limits are low on the two cheapest plans.
  • Only the most expensive plan includes unlimited listing edits.
  • Customer support is available only via chat or email for the two lower-tier plans.

Unreal Estate fees and services

Package Price What’s included
Starter 0.5% at closing
  • 6-month MLS listing
  • 5 photos
  • Live chat support
Basic $99 upfront + 0.5% at closing (or just $99 through Clever) Starter package, plus:

  • 15 photos
  • Free cancellation
  • 2 listing or price edits
  • Lead caller ID
  • Email support
Deluxe $139 upfront + 0.5% at closing (or just $250 through Clever) Basic package, plus:

  • 25 photos
  • 4 listing or price edits
  • Yard sign
  • Call forwarding
  • Phone support
Premium $249 upfront + 0.5% at closing (or just $450 through Clever) Deluxe package, plus:

  • Max photos allowed by MLS
  • Unlimited listing or price edits
  • Buyer qualification information
  • Sales agreement review
  • 30-minute broker form review
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Unreal Estate operates in most of the country and has a variety of plans at competitive rates. Its Starter plan will get you on the MLS, and you'll only have to pay 0.5% when your house actually sells. While this plan is unique and may appeal to some, it has an extremely low five-photo limit.

The next level plan, Basic, is a bit better and costs $99 plus 0.5% at closing. The price is good, but the photo limit is still low at 15, and you'll have to settle for chat- or email-only support.

The Deluxe and Premium plans offer the best overall value, since they both have high photo limits.However, if you use code Clever, Unreal Estate will drop the 0.5% charge on its Basic, Deluxe, and Premium plans. So you'll pay a flat rate of $99, $250, or $450.

beycome: Best for tech-savvy sellers


  • The basic package is good value for money.
  • You can use the online platform to upload photos, manage your listing, and receive and negotiate offers.
  • The $399 Enhanced package includes a professional photography session.


  • Only the Concierge Service provides a comparative market analysis (CMA) and assistance with paperwork.

beycome fees and services

Package Price What’s included
Basic $99
  • List until sold
  • Maximum photos allowed by MLS
  • Unlimited listing changes
  • Lead forwarding
  • Legal forms and disclosures
  • Open house and showing scheduler
Enhanced $399 Basic package, plus:

  • Professional photos
  • Virtual tour posted to YouTube
  • Property listing on classified websites
  • Yard sign
  • Customized flyers and brochures
  • Open house package
  • Social media digital ads
Concierge $599 + 1% at closing Enhanced package, plus:

  • Full support with marketing, negotiating, and paperwork
  • Home valuation service and pricing assistance
  • Dedicated closing coordinator
  • CMA
  • 3D virtual tour
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beycome's MLS listing packages range from an affordable Basic package to an almost full-service one.

The Basic package is a better deal than many comparable entry-level packages. For $300 more, you can add professional photos.

While the Concierge service provides expert support, it costs an extra 1% at closing. At this point, you might get better value from a low-commission service like Clever.

beycome offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. But if you close, are under contract, or receive at least two credible offers within 90 days, you won’t get your money back.

Online reviews are positive. Reviewers cite a high-quality, professional experience, quick, knowedgeable responses, and no hidden fees.

Houzeo: Best for sellers who prefer a big, national brand


  • The process is 100% online, which is convenient for many sellers.
  • You can complete and submit paperwork using the Houzeo Mobile app (except with the Bronze plan).


  • Its entry-level packages are expensive for what you get.
  • The call-forwarding service isn’t available on lower-priced plans.
  • At higher price points, you might find better value with a local flat fee company that knows your specific market.

Houzeo fees and services

Package Price What’s included
Bronze $329
  • 3-month MLS listing
  • 6 photos
  • Listing changes ($25 each)
  • Open houses ($25)
  • Yard sign ($49)
Silver $399
  • 6-month listing
  • Max photos
  • Free listing changes
  • Free open houses
  • Houzeo Showings
  • Houzeo mobile app
Gold $379 + 0.5% at closing Silver package, plus:

  • Houzeo Offers
  • Federal and state disclosures
  • Rush service
  • Yard sign
  • Personal concierge
  • Call-forwarding service
  • Virtual basic service with a licensed broker
Platinum $349 + 1% at closing Gold package, plus:

  • 12-month MLS listing
  • Coming soon marketing
  • Yard sign
  • Listings on additional MLS
  • Virtual full service with a licensed broker
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Houzeo is a big, national brand with a streamlined online platform.

Online reviews are largely positive, indicating high-quality, professional customer service. Some negative reviews report unexpected fees and difficulties when canceling a listing.

Houzeo’s plans aren't cheap compared to competitors, and the higher-tier packages charge a percentage at closing. If you want more hands-on help from an agent, consider alternatives to flat fee MLS services, where you may get more assistance at a similar price point.

List With Freedom: Best for experienced sellers


  • All plans include an unlimited number of changes.
  • Sellers praise the helpful customer support team.
  • You can pay a little more for an online showing platform and open houses.


  • Only the Platinum+ plan includes the maximum allowed photos.
  • List With Freedom offers no built-in pricing support or home valuation.
  • The company deducts an extra 0.25% compliance fee from the buyer's agent commission, which may turn some agents away.

List With Freedom fees and services

Package Price What’s included
Gold $149
  • 6-month MLS listing
  • 6 photos
  • Unlimited listing changes
  • Optional upgrades for posting virtual tour, open houses, and online showing service
  • Listing and disclosure forms
Platinum $195 Gold package, plus:

  • 25 photos
Platinum+ $295 Platinum package, plus:

  • 12-month MLS listing
  • Maximum allowed photos
  • Online showing service
  • Posting virtual tour
  • Unlimited open houses
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The List With Freedom packages aren't that varied. There's no full-service option, so this service is better for sellers with FSBO experience.

Online reviews are positive, with customers reporting professional customer service, quick responses, and savings. Some sellers complained about hidden fees at closing, like 0.25% of the commission you offer the buyer's agent.

You can cancel without a fee if a contract isn’t pending. You can also request a refund within 14 days of placing an order if the listing agreement hasn’t been signed or the property hasn't been listed.

List Now Realty: Best for transparent pricing


  • You can email a broker with questions or advice at no additional charge.
  • A live receptionist service is available on nights and weekends, so inquiries don’t go to voicemail.
  • Your listing includes access to ShowingTime to easily schedule, manage, and review agent feedback from showings.


  • The service doesn't include pricing assistance or help with contract reviews.
  • There is no full-service option.

List Now Realty fees and services

Package Price What’s included
Flat Fee MLS Listing $95
  • 12-month MLS listing
  • Unlimited photos
  • 10 listing changes
  • Yard sign (sign post rental is $99+)
  • Open house kit
  • Comparable sales
  • Home value report
  • Free call forwarding
  • Lockbox rental ($125)
  • Pro photography (cost varies)
  • Help with forms (cost varies)
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Homecoin: Best for sellers wanting a basic service with optional add-ons

Homecoin is an affordable flat fee MLS listing service with lots of optional add-ons, like professional photography and help with paperwork. However, prices for some features can add up and may vary by location.

Reviews from Homecoin customers are positive, with sellers enjoying the easy-to-use online platform and professional communication.

If you're an inexperienced seller, you may want more support than Homecoin offers. Its à la carte options don't include features like negotiation support or a scheduling system for showings.

You can cancel your listing for free anytime as long as there are no pending offers.

Flat Fee Group — Doug Addeo: Best for expert assistance


  • Doug Addeo is an experienced Florida agent with local expertise and market insights.
  • Online reviewers consistently report excellent customer service.
  • Buyer leads are forwarded to you.


  • The Basic package only includes up to six photos.
  • A market analysis is only available for the Premium and Full Service packages.
  • There’s little difference between the Basic and Basic Plus packages.

Flat Fee Group — Doug Addeo fees and services

Package Price What’s included
Basic $195
  • 6-month MLS listing
  • 6 photos
  • Contracts, addendums, and disclosures
  • Printable color flyer
Basic Plus $295 Basic package, plus:

  • 25 photos
  • Yard sign
Premium $495 Basic Plus package, plus:

  • 1-year listing
  • 32 photos
  • Market analysis
  • VisualTour virtual tour
  • Combo key box
  • Contract review with advice
Full Service $895 Premium package, plus:

  • 2-year listing
  • Professional photos
  • Counter offer
  • Virtual showing
  • Docusign contracts
  • Negotiating help from an agent
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Doug Addeo of Flat Fee Group is an experienced Florida real estate agent with strong, positive customer reviews. In Florida, home sellers can choose from a variety of listing packages. Potential sellers are encouraged to call and set up an interview to ensure the services are right for them.

The Basic flat fee MLS listing package is priced high for what you get compared to competitors. But the Full Service package provides many useful features at a very competitive price.

You can cancel anytime, but you won't get a refund.

Florida flat fee MLS listing services by city

In Florida, you'll also find flat fee MLS companies that operate in specific cities. These local companies are more likely to offer flexible service packages and to bring more area expertise than national companies.

How to get an MLS listing without a realtor in Florida

1. Educate yourself on the for sale by owner (FSBO) process

Flat fee MLS companies typically don’t provide the same hands-on service as a dedicated real estate agent. Instead, you’ll essentially be selling on your own.

When selling FSBO, familiarize yourself with Florida real estate laws and paperwork requirements. You’ll also need to determine the list price, market your home, negotiate with buyer or buyers' agents, handle paperwork, field offers, and more.

You may also need to hire assistance, like a transaction coordinator or real estate attorney, to help with the paperwork and closing.

2. Find the right flat fee MLS listing service for you

Look for companies that have clear pricing and offer the services you need. Consider the costs of helpful add-ons like an MLS lock box, an online dashboard to track showing requests and feedback, or agent support for help with pricing, negotiation, or paperwork.

Also check out recent customer reviews on third-party sites like Google and Trustpilot.

Before signing a contract, read the fine print carefully. Some contracts have restrictions and fees that aren't transparent on the company's website.

3. Choose a service package

Flat fee MLS companies offer different levels of service, from basic to nearly full service.

At minimum, a flat fee MLS service should provide:

  • An MLS listing and syndication to major real estate websites
  • Unlimited listing updates
  • A decent number of photos (ideally 24 or more)
  • A 6–12 month listing term
  • Buyer lead forwarding
  • State-specific forms and disclosures

Some companies might also provide extras like:

  • A comparative market analysis to help with pricing
  • Agent consultations on offers, contracts, and negotiations
  • An online dashboard for managing offers and paperwork
  • Access to a scheduling platform like ShowingTime, which lets you manage showing requests and see feedback from buyer's agents

When considering options, see which services will best support you selling your home while still helping you save money. If you look at more expensive packages, make sure they add enough value to justify the price.

Top alternatives to a flat fee MLS listing service in Florida

Sell with a discount broker

The best discount realtors offer the same services as a traditional real estate agent, but at a much more competitive rate — as little as 1–1.5%.

Some discount brokers even offer flat rates, typically starting at about $5,000.

More discount realtors are becoming available, but not all offer the same level of service, savings, and value. That's why we recommend talking to realtors from a few brokerages before making a decision.

If you want to compare your options in Florida, Clever Real Estate may be a good place to start.

When you request an agent through Clever, you'll receive multiple agent matches from top local brokerages, like RE/MAX and Keller Williams. You can compare agents and choose the best one for you.

Clever's agent network includes 19,000 top-performing realtors across the country — who all offer discounted rates through Clever's network. When you sell your home, you'll pay a listing fee of just 1.5% (about half the typical rate).

👋 Get a better agent AND bigger savings

Why pay more in commission fees for less service? Clever offers you bigger savings without sacrificing the service you expect from a traditional realtor.

With Clever:

 ✅ You'll only pay 1.5% to list your home

 ✅ You'll work with a full-service realtor from a top broker

 ✅ It's free, with zero obligation — you can walk away at any time

Saving on realtor fees doesn't have to mean sacrificing service. Find a top local agent today!

Try selling 'for sale by owner' without an MLS listing

It’s technically possible to sell your house without listing it on the MLS. But this method isn't likely to work unless you already have a buyer lined up.

Without an MLS listing, fewer buyers will know your house is for sale. The MLS is the main way real estate agents find properties for their clients. It also guarantees that your listing gets on popular home-buying websites, including Zillow.

If you forgo an MLS listing, you’ll have to rely on less-effective sites like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Or you can hope that a buyer sees the "for sale" sign in your yard.

» LEARN: FSBO vs. Realtor Facts and Statistics

FAQ about flat fee MLS listings in Florida

How much do flat fee MLS services cost in Florida?

Typically, you can expect to pay about $100–400 for a flat fee MLS listing in Florida. However, more comprehensive services can charge as much as $895.

Do I still need to pay the buyer's agent commission?

We strongly recommend offering a commission to the buyer's agent. This will incentivize agents to bring their clients to your home. How much to offer a buyer's agent is up to you, but average realtor commission in Florida typically ranges from 2.36% to 3.04%. Some states require flat fee MLS services to include a minimum buyer agent commission when setting up the listing.

What is the best flat fee MLS listing service in Florida?

Beycome is one of the best flat fee MLS listing services in Florida because it offers affordable listing packages, an easy-to-use online platform, and a home value estimate. List Now Realty and Flat Fee.com are also good options for Florida home sellers. Find the best flat fee MLS Florida companies near you!

How do I get access to the MLS in Florida?

Working with a realtor is the primary way to get your home listed on the Florida MLS. Only a licensed real estate broker can access it. However, flat fee MLS listing companies will post your home on the MLS for a flat fee. Learn more about flat fee MLS Florida companies.

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