Flat Fee Group Reviews: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

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By Steve Nicastro Updated April 11, 2024


✍ Editor's take: Flat Fee Group offers everything from a basic MLS listing to full-service packages, its broker pricing and services are inconsistent, meaning you'll need to do some extra research on what's available in your area. It's not always the cheapest, but Flat Fee Group is at least transparent about what broker you'll be working with.

Flat Fee Group is an organization of brokers throughout the United States that offers flat fee MLS services to home sellers looking to sell without an agent.

Flat Fee Group is available in most states, with one broker handling each state — although some brokers cover multiple states.

Costs vary depending on that state's broker and the services offered. All brokers offer a listing on the multiple listing service without a realtor in addition to services that cost upward of several thousand dollars or a percentage of the sales price.

Because each state is different, you'll want to compare the cost and services of these brokers to Flat Fee Group's competition. Some brokers may not offer the services you need or are too expensive if you only want to get your for sale by owner (FSBO) house listed on the MLS.

While most brokers offer full-service support options, there's no option to choose between agents — and if a single broker covers an entire state (or two states), it's better to research and compare other discount brokers in your immediate area.

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Flat Fee Group, at a glance
💰 Cost Varies by broker
⭐ Customer rating Varies by broker
📍 Locations Available in every state except Montana and New Mexico
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Should I use Flat Fee Group to sell my home?

👍 What we like about Flat Fee Group

  • Listing broker is clearly named so you can vet them
  • Available in most states
  • Lots of options in many states — and some are good deals
👎 What we don't like about Flat Fee Group

  • Some states share the same broker
  • Not all brokers have online reviews clearly listed
  • No broker listed in Alaska, West Virginia, and Wyoming
  • Some brokers charge upfront fees
  • No criteria given as to why these brokers were chosen
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Flat Fee Group is a limited liability company that serves as an organization of brokers. As far as we can tell, there's no headquarters or headbroker. All brokers operate independently, and there's no uniformity in price or services offered.

Flat Fee Group's biggest positive is its transparency about its brokers. Flat Fee Group encourages sellers to vet their state's broker beforehand to see if they're a good fit. In contrast, the competition obscures their listing brokers and doesn't allow sellers to see them before paying.

Flat Fee Group may not be your best option if you're just looking to get your FSBO listed on the MLS. Some brokers have listing fees that are significantly higher than other flat fee MLS companies.

Additionally, brokers offer limited or full-service options. But many of them charge upfront, non-refundable fees, which means you lose money if you decide to go with another agent or go back to selling your home on your own.

Flat Fee Group is not available in Montana or New Mexico. In Alaska, West Virginia and Wyoming, there's no broker available but services are still offered. We contacted Flat Fee Group about those non-brokered states but received no response.

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How does Flat Fee Group compare to its competitors?

Price Availability MLS listing? No. of photos Listing term
Flat Fee Group Varies Unavailable in MT and NM Yes, all options Varies Varies
FSBO.com $99.95–399.95 Unavailable in ND $399.95 package only 20 for most states 6 months
Fizber Free–$395 All 50 states Boost and Premium packages only 6–25+ 6–12 months
ISoldMyHouse.com $299–399 Unavailable in ND, SD, and WY Yes, all options 6–25+ 6–12 months
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Fsbo.com: Best Redfin option

FSBO.com offers a $99.95 package to get you for sale by owner listing on FSBO.com and Redfin.

FSBO.com's MLS option is a $399.95 package with 20 photos in most states (some have more photos, some less) with a 6-month listing term. Although pricing isn't uniform, states may also have a la carte add-ons, like lockboxes and yard signs.

FSBO.com is a good, no-frills way to get on the MLS, although it may be more expensive than Fizber, ISoldMyHouse.com, or Flat Fee Group, depending on the state.

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ISoldMyHouse.com: Most straightforward

ISoldMyHouse.com offers a $299 MLS package with 6–10 MLS photos and a $399 package with the maximum photos allowed on your state's MLS. It also offers two simple optional add-ons: lockboxes for $50 each (2 for $90) and yard signs for $75 each (2 for $140).

ISoldMyHouse.com doesn't offer extra options like a comparative market analysis or contract negotiation support like many brokers at Flat Fee Group. But if you just want a quick and easy way to get your FSBO on the MLS, ISoldMyHouse is a solid choice.

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Fizber: Most widely available

You can list your FSBO home for free on Fizber.com, which allows for unlimited photos and makes a nice way to market your home on social media.

To get your FSBO home listed on the MLS, Fizber offers $295 and $395 packages, with the $395 package allowing for maximum photos on the MLS. Fizber is available in every state.

Fizber may be a better deal than Flat Fee Group in some states. But you need to ask customer service, as state-specific terms and deals to lower the price aren't listed on the site.

Fizber also offers a $95 option which will only get your FSBO on Redfin, but we recommend FSBO.com for that option.

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How much does it cost to sell my house with Flat Fee Group?

Generally, you can expect to pay between $199 and $399 for a basic flat fee MLS listing on Flat Fee Group. But every broker on Flat Fee Group has their own specific pricing and services offered, and not all are great deals.

For example, the basic MLS option costs $177 in Florida but only comes with 6 photos for a 6-month MLS term. On the flat fee MLS sites Homecoin and Beycome, you could pay $95 or $99 and get maximum photos allowed for 12 months. Some brokers charge too much for what you get.

Another example: Tennessee's broker charges $499 for an MLS listing with just 10 photos, but it comes with contracts and disclosures. If you just wanted the MLS listing, Fizber, FSBO.com, and ISoldMyHouse.com offer cheaper services and include more photos.

Flat Fee Group also has good deals. We haven't seen any flat fee MLS service offer a cheaper price than Flat Fee Group's broker in Washington, who charges just $75 to get listed on the MLS with 8 photos for 4 months.

Almost all of Flat Fee Group's brokers have a Basic or Silver plan, which will only get your FSBO listing on the MLS. For additional services, you'll need to pay extra.

What do Flat Fee Group's upgraded services cost?

Upgraded services vary, and typically cost between $400 and $1,000.

Upgraded services may include:

  • Extra MLS photos and longer listing terms
  • Yard signs
  • Lockboxes
  • Fliers
  • Comparative market analysis (CMA)
  • Contract reviews
  • Negotiation assistance

Note that brokers who offer higher-end services like negotiation assistance and CMAs often charge a fee, which can be anywhere from 0.5% to 3% of the sales price. Some charge a nonrefundable upfront fee — for example, in Minnesota, the broker charges $595 upfront and then $2,900 for full service assistance. At that point, you're not selling FSBO.

Some brokers offer a la carte services. The Illinois broker charges a basic MLS listing fee of $295 plus an extra $150 for a yard sign with installation, and $200 for an electronic lockbox ($100 of which is nonrefundable). Compare that to Texas, where that broker's basic $399 MLS option also gets you a yard sign and a lockbox.

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Breakdown of Flat Fee Group costs by state

It's important to remember these brokers operate statewide and can be located in a completely different area from your house. It doesn't make sense to purchase agent-assistance options from a broker that isn't nearby and doesn't know your area.

If you need expert help selling your house, Clever Real Estate will match you with top local agents who know your area. Plus, there are no nonrefundable fees — in fact, there are no upfront fees at all! If you decide Clever isn't for you, you can walk away without losing a cent.

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Flat Fee Group refunds

Refunds and cancellation policies are handled on a per-broker basis.

Your state's broker may have some information about refunds and cancellations. To find your local policy click on your state on the Flat Fee Group homepage. Then, click the "FAQS" link in the upper right hand corner and look for the relevant question.

Not all brokers have included this information. You'll want to contact them directly, before you buy their services.

How much can I save with Flat Fee Group?

Savings with Flat Fee Group depend on what kind of services you want and what state you're located in. In some states, savings aren't worth it.

In Utah, for example, it costs $500 just to get listed on the MLS with 15 photos (you can get more for less on other FSBO sites) and up to $2,000 for virtual assistance with a $1,000 nonrefundable upfront fee. While $2,000 can be significantly less than a 3% seller's agent fee, the cost might not be worth it if you do most of the heavy lifting. And that upfront fee isn't appealing.

Generally, you can save thousands if you successfully sell your house without a realtor while only spending a few hundred dollars to list on the MLS. According to the St. Louis Fed, the median price of a home sold at the end of 2021 was $408,100. Without the 3% seller's agent fee, a FSBO seller can save around $12,000 minus the MLS listing fee.

Just keep in mind, you'll likely still have to pay the 2-3% buyer agent's fee, even on a FSBO sale.

While there are other FSBO fees that will eat into your savings, it's the sales price that matters most. On average, FSBO homes sell for 25% less than agent-assisted properties. Those thousands of dollars in lost profit are way more than you'd ever pay for a seller's agent.

Our survey of 1,000 home buyers found that most agented buyers believed they could out-negotiate a FSBO seller, which essentially means they thought they could snag the FSBO home for less than its market value.

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Additional fees and minimum service laws

Brokers located in states with minimum service laws must provide extra services and charge extra fees accordingly. That fee is usually an extra few hundred dollars at closing or 0.5% of the sales price for flat fee listing services, although it can be more or less depending on the service, so shop around.

For example, Flat Fee Group's broker in Kansas charges a $299 MLS listing fee, plus a $395 broker administrative fee and a $500 agent closing fee. On ISoldMyHouse.com, the basic listing cost is $299 and the extra fee is $500.

In Colorado, the Flat Fee Group broker charges $399 plus an extra 0.5% with a $1,500 minimum, and $250 for their basic MLS listing service. FSBO.com charges $399 plus a 0.5% fee to get listed on the MLS.

In Arizona, there isn't even a basic, MLS-only option for FSBO sellers, as the $99 tier costs 1% at closing and comes with broker assistance. The MLS-only option costs $799 and is only open to "agents, investors, and flippers."

🕵 Flat Fee Group vs Best Choice Flat FeeFlat Fee Group also owns Best Choice Flat Fee, which is an identical website. We noticed that some brokers provided additional choices on Best Choice Flat Fee. For example, the Pennsylvania broker offers a cheaper $299 option on Best Choice Flat Fee which isn't available on their Flat Fee Group page.

Best Choice Flat Fee may be worth comparing to Flat Fee Group if you're set on using these companies' brokers.

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Flat Fee Group customer reviews

There are no Flat Fee Group customer reviews online. Instead, you'll need to look up your state's listed broker.

Some brokers show ratings and link to their Zillow or Better Business Bureau rating page. Many do not. You'll need to do some more DIY work by searching online.

Most brokers had good reviews, but some had few reviews available online.

Flat Fee Group does not make any guarantees about the brokers on its website or include any information about how they've chosen which brokers to partner with.

While Flat Fee Group is transparent about what broker you'll be working with, you only get one option per state. Sellers who need expert help will be better off going with a discount broker with multiple agents nearby.

Flat Fee Group alternatives

Don't think the Flat Fee Group broker in your state is right for you? Consider these flat fee MLS companies:

Other flat fee MLS services

  • 🏠 ISoldMyHouse.com offers uniform pricing with two tiers of service. Lockboxes and addons are available in every state, although Flat Fee Group may offer better options depending on the broker.
  • 🔑 FSBO.com is good for sellers who just want to get on Redfin and FSBO.com or have a no-frills way of listing on the MLS.
  • 🎲 Fizber offers special deals and extra MLS options depending on the state, but they aren't listed on the website — you'll need to ask customer service.

Discount brokers

Many of Flat Fee Group's brokers offer services that are similar to low-commission agents. But if you don't like that state's broker, or if their office is located far away, Flat Fee Group doesn't offer alternatives. It's a good idea to compare Flat Fee Group's brokers to those from a trusted discount brand.

  • 💡 Redfin has a 1.5% commission, but minimum fee requirements vary by market, which can result in less savings overall.
  • 🔍 REX says it can eliminate the buyer's agent commission and charge you a total of 2.5%, but that poses significant risks to the seller.
  • Clever charges a flat fee of just 1.5% and will match you with top local agents. That means you'll have several to choose from and aren't hamstrung by a single choice. Best of all, there are no upfront fees or obligations!
💰 Compare hand-picked agents, list for 1.5%

Get matched with the best local agents from top brokerages and get pre-negotiated listing fees of just 1.5%.

Clever's service is 100% free, with zero obligation. Interview as many agents as you like until you find the perfect fit — or walk away at any time.


What is Flat Fee Group?

Flat Fee Group is a nationwide organization of brokers who offer flat fee MLS listing services and other services for home sellers. Each broker at Flat Fee Group presides over the entire state, and some brokers cover multiple states.

Is Best Choice Flat Fee the same as Flat Fee Group?

Best Choice Flat Fee and Flat Fee Group are essentially the same site, with the same brokers. However, some of those same brokers offer additional services that are only listed on Best Choice Flat Fee.

How much does it cost to list my home on the MLS with Flat Fee Group?

Since each broker sets their own rates, costs and services vary by state. Generally, expect to pay between $199–$399 to get your FSBO listed on the MLS, although some brokers charge more or have additional fees.

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