Clever Real Estate Review 2021: How it Works, Pricing, Top Alternatives


Jamie Ayers


March 2nd, 2021


Clever offers free data-backed agent matching, built-in commission savings and Clever Cash Back, and concierge services to home buyers and sellers nationwide.

Clever Real Estate, at a glance

  • Clever Real Estate is an online concierge and agent matching service available to home sellers and buyers nationwide.
  • Clever partners with highly rated agents from major brands and brokerages, such as Keller Williams, Century 21, Compass, RE/MAX, and more.
  • Clever provides multiple agent matches so you can interview, compare marketing plans, and choose the right fit for you.
  • When you sell with Clever, you’ll get full service for a flat $3,000 fee — or just 1% if your home sells for more than $350,000.
  • You should also expect to pay a buyer’s agent commission. Rates vary, but 2.5-3% is typical nationwide.
  • Clever buyers may be eligible for 0.5% back after closing on a home over $150,000. Clever Cash Back is available in 41 of 50 U.S. states — additional restrictions may apply.
  • Buyers also get full service and support, instant MLS alerts, and on-demand showings.
  • Clever is a no-obligation service with no upfront costs or hidden fees. Sellers only pay if and when their home sells. Buyers don’t pay any fees at all.
  • As of October 28, 2020, Clever has a 4.9 average rating on Trustpilot based on 550 customer reviews — see more reviews.

What is Clever Real Estate?

Clever Real Estate is a free service dedicated to helping people make smarter decisions and save money when buying or selling a home.

Clever has three, primary offerings:

  • Nationwide agent matching service for sellers with pre-negotiated commission savings
  • Nationwide agent matching service for buyers with Clever Cash Back (in 41 out of 50 states) — learn more
  • Free advice and support from its licensed Concierge Team

If you’re selling a house, Clever will match you with several top-rated, local agents from well-known brands or local brokerages to conduct interviews, compare, and choose the best fit. These agents have agreed to offer their full range of services and support for a fraction of their typical listing rates:

  • Flat $3,000 listing fee for homes under $350,000
  • 1% listing fee for homes over $350,000

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If you’re buying a house, Clever will match you with several top-rated, local agents from major brands or brokerages so you can conduct interviews, compare, and choose the best fit. In addition to full service and support at no charge (sellers typically cover the buyer’s agent fee), when you buy with Clever in a qualifying state, you could get 0.5% of the purchase price back after closing.

>> Learn more about buying with Clever.

A few quick but important notes about Clever's fees:

  • You never pay Clever a fee
  • Clever sellers pay their Clever Agent only if and when the agent successfully sells their home
  • Clever buyers never pay a fee because buyer’s agent fees are typically paid by the seller.

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Why do real estate agents work with Clever?

One of the biggest expenses for real estate agents is finding new customers. Clever provides a steady stream of introductions to serious, motivated prospective clients, which helps agents spend more time closing deals, as opposed to selling themselves.

In effect, the higher volume of transactions — and zero upfront costs (agents only pay Clever a referral fee if and when a deal closes) — means they can charge less and earn more. Those savings are passed along to sellers and buyers in the form of a reduced commission rate.

The increased volume of business also helps agents build their brand in their local market. This boost to their stats, visibility, and reputation ultimately helps them get more traditional, full-commission referrals and listings.

Is Clever Real Estate legitimate?

Yes. Clever Real Estate is a licensed, Missouri real estate brokerage and nationwide referral service that helps home sellers and buyers find great agents and save money — and helps real estate agents lower their operating costs and grow their businesses.

Clever’s customers benefit from the commission discounts and savings. As of April 8, 2020, Clever has saved home sellers and buyers more than $25 million in commission fees.

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Clever’s Partner Agents get a steady stream of new business at zero upfront cost, which boosts their revenue, sales numbers, and visibility within their local market. As of April 8, 2020, more than 8,000 agents nationwide have partnered with Clever to grow their business.

Clever Real Estate reviews

Review siteRating# of reviews
Better Business BureauA rating3

Clever has an average rating of 4.9 rating based on 550 customer reviews on Trustpilot. Clever has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, with 3 customer reviews.

Selling a house with Clever

When you sell with Clever, you’ll be matched with a full-service agent in your area from a major brand or regional brokerage. Instead of the typical 2.5-3% listing fee, you’ll pay a flat rate of $3,000 — or 1% if your home is more than $350,000.

You should expect to offer a buyer’s agent commission as well to incentivize agents to show your home. Typical buyer’s agent commission rates vary by your location and home type, and buyer’s agent commission is negotiable — but 2-3% is a common range nationwide.

That brings your total commission fee to approximately 3-4% (the average rate nationwide is 5-6%). In real terms, if you were selling a $400,000 house, you’d save approximately $8,000 compared to what you would’ve paid with a traditional realtor. See how the fees and savings break down below.

Fee typePercentageCost*
Clever listing fee1%$4,000
Buyer’s agent fee2.5%$10,000
Total fee3.5%$14,000
Estimated savings**2%$8,000

*Based on a $400,000 home.
**Compared to a 5.5% total commission rate

>> FAQ why do agents work with Clever and offer commission discounts?

Clever real estate agents vs traditional realtors

Clever Partner Agents provide you with the same service and support as they do their traditional, full-commission clients. Here’s a quick breakdown of typical fees and services for Clever Partner Agents vs traditional realtors.

ServiceClever Real EstateTraditional Realtor
Listing commission fee$3,000 or 1%*2.5-3%
Buyer’s agent commission**2.5-3%2.5-3%
Professional home valuation
Listing on MLS,, Zillow, and more.
Professional photos
Sign in yard
Marketing (digital + print)
Open houses & showings
Negotiation support
Help with closing

*Homes under $350,000 flat $3,000 listing fee — homes over $350,000 pay 1%.
**Buyer’s agent commission is negotiable, and typical rates vary by market and home type — 2-3% is common nationwide.

Clever’s Concierge Service

Clever also offers free Concierge support for home buyers and sellers. Every member of the Concierge Team is a licensed real estate agent, meaning that in addition to helping you match with the perfect local agent, they’re also a secondary resource for guidance and advice throughout the process, from before you hit the market through closing.

Buying a house with Clever

When you buy with Clever, you’ll get matched with a local, full-service buyer’s agent from a major brand or regional brokerage.

In addition to all of the services you’d expect from a traditional buyer’s agent — e.g., showings, help with offers, negotiations, paperwork, closing, etc. — you’ll also get:

  • Real-Time MLS Alerts: Instant notifications when a home matching your criteria is listed on the MLS.
  • On-Demand Showings: Tour any MLS listed home whenever you’d like — see a property in as little as one hour.
  • Clever Cash Back: If you’re buying in a qualifying state, you could get a check for 0.5% of the purchase price after closing.

Compare Clever to top alternatives in 2020

Due to its nationwide coverage and competitive model, Clever is a great option for most home sellers and buyers looking to save without sacrificing service. That said, it’s always worth evaluating several services before making a final decision.

To help you compare your options, we’ve compiled basic info on similar services that offer discounted and/or flat commission rates. We recommend reading the full reviews, via the links below, and reaching out to these companies directly to learn more.

BrokerageListing feeBuyer rebate*
Clever Real Estate1% — $3,000 flat fee for homes under $350,0000.5% in Clever Cash Back
Redfin1-1.5% — minimum fees vary by marketAverage $1,500
REX Real Estate2% — $9,000 min fee for homes under $450,001-1.5% (only if buying a non-REX home)
Redefy$500 nonrefundable fee up front + $3,000 at closingN/A

*In states where buyer rebates are legal.

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Additional resources

It’s also worth exploring other home selling approaches before choosing to list with a discount brokerage. Here are some additional resources to help you understand all of your options so you can make a more informed decision.

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