The Best Low Commission Realtors (2023 Broker Rankings)

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By Josiah Wilmoth Updated June 2, 2023


Best brokerages for low commission realtors | How much can I save? | Risks of using a low commission realtor | How to choose a low commission realtor

Low commission realtors are a good option if you want to save money while getting an agent’s expertise. These realtors reduce your commission by charging less than the traditional 2.5–3%.

This guide breaks down the top low commission real estate agencies. You'll learn how much they cost, their pros and cons, and which markets they work in. (Not all of these brands will be available in your area.)

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What's the average real estate agent commission?

The average real estate commission rate is 5.37%, although it varies from 5% to 6% in different parts of the U.S. Commissions are split between the listing agent and buyer's agent, each typically earning about 2.5–3%.

What is a low commission realtor?

While the typical real estate agent charges a 2.5–3% listing fee, a low commission realtor will list and sell your house for a discounted rate. The best low-cost realtors offer the same service as a full-commission realtor for as little as 1.5%, saving you thousands on real estate fees. Often, realtors offer lower commissions as a way to gain new clients

How much can I save with low commission realtors?

You can save 0.5–1.5% of the final sale price of your home with low commission realtors. These realtors charge a 1.5–2.5% listing fee versus the traditional 2.5–3% rate. On a $400,000 home sale, that translates to commission savings of $2,000–6,000.

Clever Real Estate can match you with full-service real estate agents who charge just 1.5%. On average, Clever customers save $7,000 in real estate commission. Get matched with a local agent today!

Are there any risks of using low commission realtors?

Some low commission realtors are riskier to work with because their brokerage:

  • Uses a team-based service model
  • Charges high minimum fees
  • Doesn't offer full service

With a team-based model, different people at the brokerage handle different aspects of your sale. This approach can lead to less personalized service from your real estate agent and increase the chance of miscommunication and mistakes.

Some low commission realtors work with brokers that charge high minimum fees, sometimes up to $8,500 in certain areas. If you’re selling a home at a lower price point, these minimum fees could negate any potential savings.

Other low commission real estate agents work for a lower fee by offering fewer services, which could leave you without the support you need.

With Clever, you don't have to worry about these risks. Clever matches you with a dedicated, full-service real estate agent. You'll get all the personalized support you need throughout your sale, but you'll pay a low commission rate — just 1.5% or $3,000.

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Where to find the best low commission realtors in 2023

1. Clever Real Estate

Clever Real Estate

Learn More

💲 Listing Fee

1.5% (min. $3,000 fee)

💰 Avg. Savings


⭐ Avg. Customer Rating

4.9/5 (1,810 reviews)
✍️ Editor's Take

Clever is a quick, easy, and free way to find a top-rated local agent. And, unlike many similar companies, Clever pre-negotiates big discounts on your behalf, so you can save thousands without sacrificing service.

Try Clever for free — save thousands on commission.

  • Clever matches you with full-service local agents from conventional brokerages like Keller Williams, Century 21, and RE/MAX.
  • You get multiple agent matches so you can interview several, compare marketing plans, and choose the best fit.
  • Clever pre-negotiates low rates on your behalf — you get full service for a 1.5% listing fee.
  • Eligible buyers get cash back after closing.
  • You may not get matched with an agent from your preferred real estate brokerage.
  • Agents may not provide premium services like drone photography and professional home staging.

Clever has a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, based on 1,710 reviews.

Read reviews from real Clever customers here.

Clever has pre-negotiated low commission rates with top agents in all 50 states and Washington, DC.

Unlike most other companies on this list, Clever Real Estate isn't a discount real estate brokerage. We're a matching and comparison platform that, as an added benefit, negotiates 1.5% listing fees with the agents in our network.

Our goal is to make finding the best agent for your sale fast and easy. You tell us what you're looking for, and we handpick top local realtors who are a good fit for your needs. It takes only a few minutes to sign up and start getting matches.

We help you compare your options, set up interviews, and choose who to hire. If you don't like the agents we match you with, you can request more — or simply walk away. Clever is free with no obligation.

And because you get a 1.5% listing fee no matter who you choose, you don't have to worry about the price tag. You can focus all your attention on the more important factors, like whether the agent has the right experience, track record, and personality.

✅ Want to give Clever a try?Fill out this brief form to get matched with local agents and brokers who will list your home for 1.5%.

We'll help you compare all your options, including other discount brokerages in your area, so you can make the right choice for your budget and needs.

It takes only a few minutes, and you're under no obligation to hire (or even talk to) any of the agents we recommend. Learn more here.

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2. Redfin


Full Review

💲 Listing Fee

1.5% (min. fees vary)

💰 Avg. Savings


⭐ Avg. Customer Rating

3.8/5 (425 reviews)
✍️ Editor's Take

Redfin offers real savings and is a proven brand. But sellers could compromise on service — especially agent experience and availability.

Read the full Redfin review.

  • If you buy and sell with Redfin, you'll get a 0.5% listing fee discount.
  • Redfin gives its listings premium placement in its popular home search app.
  • If finding the right agent is a top priority, you'll have limited options Redfin only has a few agents in each of its markets.
  • Redfin agents handle more customers at once than the average realtor, so they may not be able to provide as much personalized service.

Redfin has a 3.8 out of 5 rating (425 reviews) across popular review sites like Google and Yelp.

Read reviews from real Redfin customers here.

Redfin is available in 80+ U.S. markets (see all locations).

Redfin offers solid savings with few built-in risks. It charges a base 1.5% listing fee, which drops to 1% if you use also Redfin to find a buyer's agent. But these rates are subject to minimum fees as high as $8,500, which could limit your savings if you're selling a lower-priced home.

Redfin reviews are mixed. Some reviewers had a great experience with their agent, but others complained about a lack of professionalism and poor communication.

Redfin hires its own low commission realtors, who handle about three times as many customers at once as the average traditional real estate agent. This approach is fine for most sellers, but it may not be the best fit if you've never sold a house or have a complex selling situation.

3. Ideal Agent

Ideal Agent

Full Review

💲 Listing Fee

2% (min. $3,000)

💰 Avg. Savings


⭐ Avg. Customer Rating

4.9/5 (4,343 reviews)
✍️ Editor's Take

Ideal Agent can match with a great agent from a traditional brokerage. But its 2% listing fee makes Ideal Agent a lot more expensive than other full-service discount brands.

Read the full Ideal Agent review.

  • You'll get a full-service agent from a traditional brokerage.
  • It's free to request an agent match, and you can walk away at any time.
  • Ideal Agent costs more than most other full-service, low commission companies.
  • You'll get matched with only one realtor — most similar services recommend multiple agents so you can compare your options and pick the one you like best.

Ideal Agent has a 4.9 out of 5 rating (4,343 reviews) across popular review sites like Google and Trustpilot.

Read reviews from real Ideal Agent customers here.

Ideal Agent is available to home sellers nationwide.

Ideal Agent is a great service for finding a top-rated, traditional agent who charges a reduced rate. And it's one of the few low commission real estate companies with nationwide coverage.

Some online Ideal Agent reviews say that Ideal Agent didn't have any low commission real estate agents in some areas (the company has a small agent network). Other Ideal Agent reviewers said their agents failed to meet expectations.

If savings are your top priority, Ideal Agent may not be your best option. It pre-negotiates 2% listing commissions with traditional agents, so it's cheaper than a full-price agent.

But Clever offers a similar service at lower rates.

4. Houwzer


Full Review

💲 Listing Fee

1% (min. $2,500)

💰 Avg. Savings


⭐ Avg. Customer Rating

4.8/5 (1,353 reviews)
✍️ Editor's Take

Houwzer has very low listing fees, but you may be frustrated working with a team instead of just your realtor.

Read the full Houwzer review.

  • You’ll pay a 1% listing fee, which is one of the lowest rates in the industry.
  • Houwzer’s maximum listing fee of $10,000 makes it a great deal for homes over $1 million.
  • Houwzer has a small team, which limits your options if you don't hit it off with the first agent it sends you.
  • The company uses a team-based approach, which increases the chances of miscommunication and mistakes.

Houwzer has a 4.8 out of 5 rating (1,353 reviews) across popular review sites like Google and Zillow.

Read reviews from real Houwzer customers here.

Houwzer is available in the following locations: FL, MD, NJ, PA, VA, DC.

Houwzer’s 1% listing fees are some of the lowest in the industry, and its minimum fee of $2,500 is reasonable. Because it has a maximum listing fee of $10,000, it’s an especially good deal if you’re selling a home for $1 million and up.

Houwzer also has a full suite of services, including 25 HD professional photos and a virtual home tour. However, the company uses a team-based approach. You’ll deal with different people from Houwzer at different steps in your transaction. This increases the risk of mistakes and miscommunication.

5. Prevu

Prevu Real Estate

Full Review

💲 Listing Fee

1.5% (min. fees vary)

💰 Avg. Savings


⭐ Avg. Customer Rating

5.0/5 (343 reviews)
✍️ Editor's Take

Prevu offers solid commission savings for buyers and sellers. But at certain price points, other discount brands may offer better value.

Read the full Prevu review.

  • Prevu's 1.5% listing fee saves sellers an average of $2,450 compared to a standard 3% commission rate.
  • Eligible buyers get a commission rebate worth up to 2% of the home price.
  • High minimum fees may limit your savings if you're selling a lower-priced home.
  • Prevu has a small team, which limits your options if you don't hit it off with the first agent it sends you.

Prevu has a 5.0 out of 5 rating (343 reviews) across popular review sites like Google and Yelp.

Read reviews from real Yelp customers here.

Prevu is available in the following areas: CA, CO, CT, MA, NY, PA, TX, WA.

Prevu's 1.5% listing fee is fairly competitive among full-service, low commission real estate agents and brokerages.

Unfortunately, Prevu is available only in a few expensive metro areas. And since Prevu charges high minimum fees in some locations, your potential savings may be limited on lower-priced homes.

6. SimpleShowing


Full Review

💲 Listing Fee

1% (min. $3,500)

💰 Avg. Savings


⭐ Avg. Customer Rating

4.9/5 (245 reviews)
✍️ Editor's Take

SimpleShowing’s commission savings are solid — but you may compromise on agent selection and hands-on service.

Read the full SimpleShowing review.

  • SimpleShowing is one of the only true 1% commission companies.
  • It also offers one of the largest home buyer rebates of any low-fee brokerage.
  • You have very few options when it comes to selecting your agent.
  • Agents handle more customers than the average realtor, which could impact service quality.

SimpleShowing has a 4.9 out of 5 rating (245 reviews) across popular review sites like Google, Trustpilot, and Zillow.

Read reviews from real SimpleShowing customers here.

SimpleShowing is available in the following areas: FL, GA, TX.

SimpleShowing is one of the only full-service discount brokers offering a 1% listing fee. However, its relatively high $5,000 minimum means that sellers with homes below the $500,000 mark will pay a higher effective rate than the advertised 1%.

SimpleShowing hires its own in-house agents, and it asks them to manage several times more customers at once compared with a traditional realtor. This creates potential service trade-offs for sellers who need more hands-on attention.

Also note that SimpleShowing is available only in a few select markets in Florida, Georgia, and Texas.

How to choose the best low commission real estate agent

Here's how to find the best low commission real estate agents for you:

  1. Create a list of companies that offer the level of service and types of support you need.
  2. Narrow that list to the top three companies offering the best rates based on your target sale price and budget.
  3. Interview real estate agents from each service (remember, you’re hiring the agent — not the brand).
  4. Choose the agent that seems like the best fit.

👋 Next Steps: Talk to an expert!

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FAQs about real estate commission

Questions about low cost realtors

Want to learn more about low commission real estate agents? We've compiled answers to common seller questions below.

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How does selling with a low cost realtor work?

Selling with a low cost real estate agent is typically similar to working with a traditional agent, assuming you hire a discount brand that offers genuine full service.

The top full-service discount companies provide the same services and support as conventional brokerages, including in-person pricing consultations, access to the multiple listing service (MLS), full representation during negotiations, and dedicated support throughout the home selling process.

Discount brokers can provide the same services as traditional agents but charge lower rates because they've found ways to reduce overhead and operate more efficiently, with little (or no) impact on the average customer's experience.

» MORE: Discount vs. Full-Service Realtor

What company has the lowest real estate commission fees?

Companies like Clever Real Estate, SimpleShowing, and Redfin offer the lowest commission fees for most home sellers. That said, the cheapest option for your situation depends on your home price, location, and desired level of service.

What are the best low commission real estate brokers?

For most home sellers, the best low commission real estate brokers include Clever, Redfin, and Ideal Agent. These nationwide brands offer full service throughout the selling process, which means your experience should feel similar to selling with a traditional agent. Clever is one of the most affordable nationwide real estate companies, but it's a good idea to compare your options to find the right agent for your unique priorities and budget.

Other questions about real estate commission

We answer questions on how real estate commission works, how much it costs, and how you can save when you sell your home.

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How can I avoid paying realtor fees?

To avoid real estate agent fees altogether, you'll need to list your home for sale by owner and find a buyer who isn't using a buyer's agent (or convince them to pay the buyer's agent commission out of pocket). But that's incredibly hard to do — and it means sacrificing the support of an expert real estate agent during your sale. If you simply want to save on realtor fees, hiring a low commission agent will likely have a better outcome.

Are realtor fees included in closing costs of homes?

Yes, realtor fees are generally included in closing costs and taken out of the seller's proceeds at closing. Real estate agent commission is one of the most expensive closing costs sellers face, so it pays to shop around and find a listing agent who will sell your house for less. Learn how to get a lower listing fee.

What is the lowest commission a realtor will take?

The lowest commission a realtor will take varies between brokerages and even individual agents. Several top discount real estate brokers offer listing fees as low as 1.5%, which reduces your total commission rate to 4–4.5% (including the typical buyer's agent commission).

Agents at traditional brokerages typically won't accept less than a 2% listing commission, if they're willing to negotiate their standard 2.5–3% rates at all.

How can I get a lower real estate commission rate?

The best way to get a lower commission rate is to hire a full-service real estate agent who offers a discounted listing fee. On a $500,000 home sale, hiring a 1.5% commission realtor could save you $7,500!

Other options include negotiating a lower rate with your agent, selling to an iBuyer like Opendoor, listing your house without a realtor, or using a flat fee MLS company. Learn more about how to save on realtor fees.

Can real estate agents lower their commission?

Yes, real estate commission is negotiable. Although some agents may not be able to lower their fees without permission from their broker. You'll have the most success negotiating a lower commission rate if you're selling a desirable home in a hot market. But you'll likely save more cash by hiring a low commission agent rather than trying to talk your listing agent down from their standard fee.

How can I find low commission real estate agents near me?

Several companies, like Clever Real Estate, pre-negotiate rates with local realtors. These companies also help you find an agent in your local area.

About our low commission real estate broker recommendations

Learn more about the rigorous research process we use to arrive at our discount broker recommendations.

🔬 Our research process

Clever has helped thousands of home sellers find great low commission real estate agents and save on realtor fees. Our Editorial Team also spends hundreds of hours each year researching other discount brands and crafting in-depth reviews to help home sellers compare their options and find the right fit for their needs and price range, whether that's Clever or another service.

Our rigorous research process involves reading thousands of customer reviews, mystery shopping local offices to fact-check marketing claims and uncover details not listed on the company's website, and updating our rankings regularly to ensure we give consumers the best — and most accurate — information about low cost real estate agents available on the web.

Our primary goal is to empower you to make smarter real estate decisions, achieve your goals, and, ideally, save some money while you're at it. To that end, we strive to deliver highly objective, helpful guides that offer practical advice to sellers with different experience levels and with homes in different locations and price ranges.

Selling a house is one of the biggest financial transactions you'll ever make. We want to provide you with the information you need to have the best possible outcome, even if that means you ultimately choose to work with one of Clever's competitors.

Learn more about Clever's editorial policy.

📊 Ranking methodology

The average listing fee and commission rate are based on what a company charges at four common price points: $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, and $750,000. Savings are based on a standard 3% listing fee with a traditional brokerage.

All pricing data and ranking information are based on companies' advertised rates when this article was last updated.

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