Trelora Review 2021


Jamie Ayers


March 2nd, 2021


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✍️ Editor’s take: Trelora offers legit flat-fee savings — but may provide less personalized service and local support than a traditional agent.

Trelora is a discount real estate brokerage operating in select markets in five U.S. states.

You can sell your home with Trelora for a discounted flat fee, which could mean substantial savings, particularly if you have a more expensive home.

If you buy a home with Trelora, it will refund you 50% of the commission it collects from the seller as cash — a pretty stellar deal.

The trade-off is less personalized service and local support. You’ll work with a team instead of single dedicated agent. And your sale or purchase may be handled 100% remotely.

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 Trelora, at a glance
$3,000 (AZ, CO, SC) / $4,000 (NC, WA)
4.7 (943 reviews)
Select markets in AZ, CO, NC, SC, and WA
*Compared to a 3% listing fee at four different price points.

What is Trelora?

Trelora is a discount real estate brokerage with locations across eight markets in five states.

The company has made headlines in the past for ruffling realtor feathers with its aggressive marketing and unapologetic “industry disruptor” attitude.

But despite its rocky reputation among traditional agents, Trelora has a solid track record of positive reviews from past customers. The value on offer appears to be legit as well.

Savings for sellers and buyers

Trelora has played around with different pricing models and tactics in the past, but the company is currently centered around two main services:

  • Trelora sellers pay a flat listing fee of $3,000 or $4,000, depending on the market, instead of the typical listing commission of 2.5-3%
  • Trelora buyers get back half of the commission Trelora collects on the transaction as cash — typically about 1.5% of the home’s purchase price

Trelora provides the same general set of services as traditional realtors, but customers work with a team — i.e., a different person for each stage of the process — rather than a single dedicated agent throughout their sale or purchase.

While there are some risks inherent to this approach, which we’ll discuss later in this article, its viability will really boil down to your customer service preferences.

We recommend shopping around to compare Trelora’s rates and service with a few other options to get the best value and fit for your situation.

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Who should use Trelora?

Trelora is worth considering if…
  • You’re selling a desirable home in a high-demand area
  • Savings are your top priority — dedicated service and support are secondary
  • You don’t mind dealing with a lot of different people throughout your sale
You may want to avoid Trelora if…
  • You value highly hands-on service and support
  • Your situation is complicated and requires more personalized attention
  • The home you’re selling is worth less than $300,000

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Is Trelora legitimate?

Yes, Trelora is a licensed brokerage in all of the states it operates in. Since launching in Denver back in 2011, Trelora has expanded its operational footprint to several other Colorado markets and four major metros in AZ, WA, NC, and SC.

Trelora has an average customer rating of 4.7 based on 943 total reviews. It has an A+ rating with the BBB but is not accredited. To date, the startup has raised upwards of $5.3 million in investor funding.[1][2]

Trelora has been prone to controversy in the past

Trelora has had its fair share of shake ups over the years. Its disruptive pricing model and aggressive marketing tactics garnered some serious backlash from traditional agents in the Denver market.[3]

Joshua Hunt, Trelora’s founder and CEO at the time, acknowledged “that as many as 40% of buyer agents are refusing to show Trelora listings, an expression of their displeasure with the low Trelora commissions.”

📢 Why Trelora's mixed reputation matters

As a seller, Trelora's rocky reputation can put you at serious risk. Less interest from buyer’s agents leads to longer sales and lower prices for your home.

Hunt resigned in December 2018. The circumstances surrounding the decision aren’t entirely clear. “I have always known that, at some point, I may not be the best person to run the company,” Hunt explained in a statement. “The time has come to find a leader who can maximize and unlock Trelora’s true potential.”

Leadership changes and recent growth

Trelora promoted then-CFO Brady Miller to serve as interim CEO, but it seems he has possibly settled into the position for the long term.[4]

Since then, the company has toned down some of its more aggressive tactics (specifically surrounding buyer’s agent commissions) and raised money to expand Signloc, its in-house title and escrow service, and enter the Raleigh, NC market.[5][6]

How does Trelora work?

Trelora creates savings by handling a higher volume of transactions per agent than other brokerages — roughly 30x the industry average, or so its website claims.

The high-volume approach means Trelora can maintain lower margins and remain profitable — in other words, its savings are legit!

BUT there are some potential tradeoffs and risks to consider:

  • Trelora relies on a team-based approach, which means you’ll deal with a lot of different people throughout your sale or purchase.
  • Having a different person manage each stage of the sale can increase the risk miscommunications, disorganization, and mistakes.
  • Trelora agents only work 9-5 Monday through Friday; this is uncommon in the real estate industry and can make you less competitive as a seller or buyer in a hot market.

Regardless of the technology and processes Trelora has developed to handle the higher transaction volume, there’s no way doing 30x more than the industry average isn’t going to limit the amount of hands-on attention and support its team can provide.

Just make sure you fully understand the nature and scope of Trelora’s service — and how it compares to other options in your area — before making a commitment.

How much does Trelora cost?

Listing fee
$3,000 / $4,000*
Buyer's agent commission
*$3,000 in Colorado, Arizona, and South Carolina; $4,000 in North Carolina and Washington state

When you sell a home with Trelora, you’ll likely be on the hook for two different fees:

  • Trelora’s flat listing fee: either $3,000 (CO, AZ) or $4,000 (NC, WA), regardless of your home’s value or selling price
  • Buyer’s agent commission: typically 2.5-3% of the home’s final selling price, though rates may vary by market and situation

💡 Why do sellers typically pay the buyer’s agent commission?

When you sell a house with a traditional realtor, the total commission is typically between 5-6%. This fee is actually made up of two fees:
  • 50% goes to your agent, who helps you market and sell your home
  • 50% goes to the buyer’s agent, who brings their client to purchase it
In reality, both fees are wrapped into your home’s price and are taken from the sale proceeds. Technically, it’s actually the buyers who are paying the commission; however, the way it's structured lets them cover the fee with their mortgage, instead of paying out of pocket.

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Buyer’s agent commission is something you’ll encounter regardless of who you list with. And Trelora, like most discount brokers, only controls savings on the listing-fee side of the total commission equation.

Most agents and brokers will recommend a rate for the buyer’s agent fee based on what is competitive in that particular market. As a seller, how much to offer the buyer’s agent is ultimately up to you.

That said, not following convention could be risky; in most cases, offering below-market rates for buyer’s agents leads to less competition and, subsequently, lower sales prices.[7]

How much could you save with Trelora?

Trelora offers significant potential savings compared to traditional realtors. It compares favorably to other discount brokerages, too — particularly if you’re selling a higher priced home (with flat-fee pricing models, savings increase as the home values go up).

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Colorado, Arizona, and South Carolina: Avg savings is $9,000

Price Point
*Compared to a 3% listing fee.

Washington and North Carolina: Avg savings is $8,000

Price Point
*Compared to a 3% listing fee.

How good are Trelora Agents?

All of Trelora’s Lead Agents are fully licensed; however, experience and quality definitely varies across its team.

Trelora’s profile page on Zillow — which may not be 100% accurate or up-to-date — features 21 agents, most of whom are based in and around the Denver area. At the time of this writing, it appears there are only 1-2 Agents in NC, AZ, SC, and WA, respectively. Moreover, only seven Trelora Agents have more than 10 customer reviews.

In addition to selection, you’ll need to keep in mind that availability, incentives, and customer service may be different with a Trelora agent.

Agents may be hard to reach outside normal business hours

It may be difficult for you — or a prospective buyer — to get in touch with your Trelora Agent outside normal business hours.

While most agents have unpredictable working hours, most Trelora employees (including Agents) work regular 9-5, Monday through Friday schedules and get unlimited PTO.

✍️ Editor's note

Trelora's 9-5 schedule may be good for the company's employees, but it can present some serious problems for you as a buyer or seller.

What if your Agent goes on vacation in the middle of your sale? Or you need to respond to a Friday night counter offer within 24 hours, but your Agent is out for the weekend?

There will typically be someone in the office seven days a week, but usually not after 5-6pm local time (note: Phoenix is open until 8pm every day). And the team member working the weekend shift may not be your Agent — or even familiar with your sale or purchase.

Salaried agents have less direct incentive

Compared to traditional realtors, Trelora Agents have less direct incentive to get you the best deal or deliver stellar customer service.

💰 Realtor incentives may impact service quality!

Traditional agents work for commission; they get paid if and only if they close a deal. This motivates them to help you move fast and get the best outcome possible.

By contrast, Trelora agents receive salary and benefits — appealing for agents, but it lacks performance-based pay for high achievers.

In addition, traditional agents are highly motivated to deliver a stellar customer experience because reviews and referrals from past customers are often their main source of business.

When agents work in-house for a discount broker like Trelora, the brand advertises and attracts new customers for its agents, meaning they don’t rely on their own reputation to generate business.

Team-based approach may not be for everyone

Trelora’s customer service model is quite different from that of a traditional realtor.

Trelora relies heavily on a team-based approach to manage the higher transaction volume it must maintain to offset its discounted rates. That means you’ll likely be working with many different people, rather than a single dedicated agent throughout.

📢 Trelora's service model won't work for everyone

A home sale or purchase is already a stressful process. This less-personalized approach — with its increased risk of miscommunications, mistakes, and delays — is not for everyone.

We recommend speaking to at least a few other agents or services in your area to compare rates, service models, and experience before making a final decision.

Trelora may well be best fit for your needs and budget, but that’s certainly not a given. When it comes to buying or selling a home, the stakes are simply too high to assume.

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How does Trelora compare to top alternatives?

Avg customer rating
4.7 (943 reviews)
4.9 (590 reviews)
3.2 (287 reviews)
4.7 (765 reviews)
Dedicated point of contact?
In-person support?
Regions covered
Southwest, West, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast
Listing fee
$3,000 or $4,000 (depending on market)
1% or $3,000
1.5% (min fees vary by market)
2% or $9,000
Avg Savings*

*Average fee compared to a 3% commission at four price points: $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, $750,000.

Trelora's savings are legit — but you may have better options

Trelora’s flat-fee pricing model offers solid potential savings compared to many other discount brokers and services.

Sellers with expensive homes will save the most

Trelora’s real value shines through at higher price points. Unlike percentage-based or tiered flat-fee pricing models, Trelora’s fee remains fixed even as the home price increases. That means the more expensive your home, the more you stand to save by listing with Trelora.

Note that the average savings figure in the table above represents both of Trelora’s flat fees. Here’s how the savings break down by market:

  • Average savings in CO, AZ, and SC are $9,000
  • Average savings in WA and NC are $8,000

It’s worth pointing out that while Redefy has a similar flat-fee structure and average savings score, it comes with the significant disadvantage of a non-refundable, upfront $500 fee. Trelora used to charge a similar upfront fee but has since done away with it.

💰 Have you considered a "for sale by owner" listing?

If you’re looking for maximum savings and have a lot of experience with the home-selling process, you may want to consider going the for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) route and hiring an à-la-carte brokerage or flat-fee MLS listing service. These companies offer the best hard savings but will require a lot of time and DIY effort on your part.

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Sellers with lower-priced houses can find better value elsewhere

If you’re selling a home at or below the $400,000 mark, you can likely find better value — that is, savings and service — elsewhere.

Clever, for example, negotiates low rates with local realtors from major brands like Keller Williams, Century 21, and more. If you were selling a $400,000 home in Raleigh, you could use Clever’s free agent-matching service to list with a top-rated, full-service agent for the exact same price.

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You'll likely compromise on service quality

While many discount brokers — and traditional agents, for that matter — rely on teams to a certain extent to operate more efficiently, it will likely be more pronounced with Trelora.

📢 Why Trelora's customer service approach is risky

When you list with a discount broker like Redfin or Redefy, you may have to deal with numerous people throughout the process, but you still have a dedicated agent — or at least a primary point of contact.

With Trelora, you’ll likely work with a different person for each stage of your sale, meaning no one person has the full context surrounding your sale and goals.

If dedicated, hands-on service and support is a top priority, it’s worth shopping around and comparing rates for a few traditional agents in your area.

You want to hire the agent or service that will get you the best price for your home — not just charge you the lowest commission. Saving $5,000 on realtor fees is great, but if the agent sells your home for $20,000 below its fair market value, you’re not getting much of a bargain.

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Selling with Trelora

Biggest benefits of selling with Trelora…
  • Potential savings are significant, particularly for more expensive homes
Biggest risks of selling with Trelora…
  • Team-based approach isn’t for everyone
  • Higher volume of transactions will likely mean less personalized service and support
  • May not be able to get in touch with your agent outside standard business hours
  • Has a bad reputation among buyer’s agents (particularly in CO) — some may not be willing to show Trelora listings

When you sell your house with Trelora, you’ll get the same general range of services you’d expect from a traditional real estate agent — e.g., professional valuation and pricing recommendations; basic photography; your listing on the MLS and other popular real estate sites; help with offers, negotiations, paperwork, and so on.

There are a few key differences and potential risks worth calling out:

No dedicated point of contact

You’ll work with a different team member for each stage of the process, which could lead to problems or additional stress.

Limited availability

Most of Trelora’s team works standard 9-5 hours, Monday through Friday. This could be a problem if and when issues arise outside of regular business hours (note: this happens VERY often in real estate transactions).

Negative reputation

While Trelora has seemingly softened a bit and made its model more buyer’s agent-friendly, its negative reputation could be a liability. By its former CEO’s own admission, at one point, roughly 40% of Denver buyer’s agents were refusing to show Trelora listings.

Buying with Trelora

When you buy with Trelora, you’ll get the same general range of services traditional realtors typically provide. It also won’t cost you anything, as the seller typically covers the commission fee for the buyer’s agent in real estate transactions.

As with selling, the experience will be more team-driven, with different people handling each stage of the process. Whether this is a problem will mostly depend on your preferences and the quality of the team in your area. Be sure to do your due diligence and compare options.

Trelora buyer rebate

Many buyers will overlook service-level tradeoffs in favor of Trelora’s hefty commission rebate offering, which puts thousands back in your pocket after closing — and gets paid out as cash!

💡 What’s a commission rebate?

Many discount brokers and traditional agents alike will offer to kick a percentage of their fee back to a buyer as an incentive to work with them. This is commonly referred to as a commission rebate — or home buyer rebate.

» LEARN: Everything you should know about home buyer rebates

How Trelora's buyer rebate works

Buyer’s agents typically receive 2.5-3% in commission. When you buy with Trelora, it will split its commission with you, meaning you’ll get back between 1.25-1.5% of your home’s purchase price after closing. For a $400,000 home, that's between $5,000-6,000. Not bad.

Most commission rebates require lender approval, can only be spent in certain ways, and are never guaranteed. Not so with Trelora. Trelora told us it not only guarantees the 50% commission rebate regardless of the home’s purchase price — it pays out its rebate in cash.

In other words:

This legitimately seems like a pretty sweet deal.

Make sure to compare ALL your options

Of course, just because Trelora offers a great rebate doesn’t automatically mean it’s your best option. There may be other services or approaches that are:

  • Better-suited to your situation
  • Offer built-in rebates and savings opportunities, too

Remember, as a buyer, you don’t pay your agent’s fee out of pocket. Make sure you’re comparing all of your options and weighing Trelora against the very best of the best in your area.

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Trelora customer reviews

Note: The following review information is up-to-date as of 1/4/2021. We will update this section as new information becomes available.

# of reviews
Weighted Average

Trelora’s reviews across third-party sites are generally positive, with an average customer rating of 4.7 out of 943 total reviews.

Note that there are some office-specific reviews floating around out there. For example, the Seattle office has a 4.7 average rating on Google (33 reviews), whereas the Phoenix office has an average rating of 5 (21 reviews).

That is to say, it’s worth digging around and reading reviews for your local office to get a real sense of the quality of the team and service at that location, specifically.

So what are people saying about their experiences with Trelora?

What customers like about Trelora

The most common themes among positive Trelora reviews are:
  • Savings are definitely worth it
  • Great service for the price
  • Team is supportive, friendly, professional
  • Specific lead agents and their teams are great

My Trelora Agent was 'excellent'

Jill in Castle Rock, CO had a great experience selling with Trelora.

She was a fan of the collaborative, team-based approach and felt the company set good expectations about how the process would work up front. She specifically called out the team’s professionalism and competency.

My Trelora Agent went 'beyond the call of duty'

Sherry in Denver, CO had a great experience buying and selling with the Trelora team.

She appreciated their patience and loved the savings. She was also very impressed with the team members that went above and beyond the call of duty, driving out to her house to help her lift and move some heavy items.

My purchase couldn't have been better

Phillip and LaChelle in Denver, CO had a great experience buying with Trelora and have used the service to sell and buy in the past.

They are specifically pleased with Trelora’s professionalism, quality, responsiveness, and value.

Trelora is a 'great value' — but there are tradeoffs

This seller in the Seattle, WA area had a generally positive experience with Trelora.

They called out the fact that because a different team handles showings and open houses, they may not be as familiar with the property or seller’s situation as the back-office team. But overall, they felt it was a great value for the money.

My agent was 'honest' — but he seemed like a novice

Mary in Lakewood, CO had a decent experience selling with Trelora.

She felt her agent was honest and responsive, but she felt he lacked personal buy-in and enthusiasm. Her overall take was that he was relatively novice and was trying to figure things out as he went.

Trelora is 'OK' — but not great for complex situations

Megan had an “OK” experience selling with Trelora in Denver, CO. While the sale was successful, she felt the team’s negotiation skills and effort left much to be desired.

She didn’t love the team-based approach and called out that she never actually met her lead agent and only spoke to her once. Most of the interaction was with associates and assistants who were more reactive than proactive. She said she would use Trelora again in the future, but only in a scenario that didn’t require extensive negotiation.

What customers DON'T like about Trelora

The most common themes among negative Trelora reviews are:
  • Too many people involved in process
  • Difficult to get in touch with people
  • Home was undervalued
  • Inexperienced agents

Selling was 'great' — buying was a 'completely different' story

While Courtni in Denver, CO had a positive experience with Trelora’s seller team, her experience with the buyer team left much to be desired. They consistently struggled to reach their lead agent and their junior agent wouldn’t give them any straight answers.

She explained there were many miscommunications with the team, who was more concerned about assigning blame than getting them resolved. They spent a lot of time checking the team’s work and felt the team wasn’t very knowledgeable about rules and regulations in their local market. Her overall take? Selling with Trelora is a great value, but buying isn’t worth the savings.

A 'cool concept' but 'no follow through'

Ponlue liked the Trelora concept but wasn’t a fan of the actual experience as a customer. 

He didn’t like the lack of personalized service or that he had to deal with a different person for each step of the process. More generally, he felt the team was disorganized and disconnected.

Using Trelora cost me 'a lot of money' in the end

Jonny in Denver, CO appreciated Trelora’s low fees but felt his Agent’s lack of experience and/or savvy ended up costing him a lot more money than he saved. His recommendation is to thoroughly vet the lead agent and/or team you’ll be working with before committing.

As with any product or service, reviews can only tell you so much. We recommend reaching out to Trelora directly — along with a few other services or agents — to discuss your situation and determine which approach or specific option is the best fit for you.

Conclusion: Is Trelora a good option for you?

Trelora is a totally legit service that has a proven track record of helping people successfully sell or buy homes and save thousands.

Whether it’s a viable option for you really comes down to:

  • Your personal preferences
  • How much risk you’re willing to take on for the potential savings on offer
  • The situation surrounding your sale
  • The quality of the Trelora Agents (and broader team) in your area

Whether it’s Trelora, another discount broker, or a traditional realtor, there’s never an obligation to move forward with any service or commit on the spot. If you feel pressured or uncomfortable at any point during the interview process, that’s a major red flag.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:

It’s VERY important to shop around and compare rates, experience, and personalities to find the best fit for you.

Trelora may be your best bet, but there’s no way of knowing for sure until you get out there and explore all of your options.

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Trelora locations, business hours, and contact information

Denver, CO

8am-6pm, MST
9am-5pm, MST
(303) 886-3000
2401 15th Street, Unit 150Denver, CO 80202

Phoenix, AZ

8am-8pm, MST
8am-8pm, MST
(602) 638-2500
14354 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, Suite 10Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Raleigh, NC

8am-6pm, EST
8am-6pm, EST
(984) 389-8600
4208 Six Forks Rd. Suite 1000Raleigh, NC 27609

Seattle, WA

8am-6pm, PST
9am-5pm, PST
(206) 278-4663
2044 Eastlake Ave. E.Seattle, WA 98102

Charleston, SC

(843) 806-3933


Better Business Bureau. "Trelora BBB Profile." Accessed 1/4/2021.


Crunchbase. "Trelora Crunchbase Profile." Accessed 1/4/2021.


Washington Post. "Real estate commissions: Who pays whom?." Accessed 1/4/2021.