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What is SimpleShowing? | How it works | SimpleShowing fees | Savings | SimpleShowing vs. other discount brokers | Find SimpleShowing reviews from real customers

SimpleShowing reviews

✍️ Editor’s take: SimpleShowing’s discounted listing fees and buyer rebates are solid. But reviews show that you may compromise on agent selection and hands-on service.
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SimpleShowing is a discount real estate brokerage that offers low listing fees for home sellers and commission rebates for buyers.

Based on SimpleShowing reviews from past customers, the overall value seems legitimate. But you'll have a limited number of agents to pick from. And you may get less hands-on support compared with a traditional realtor.

If you want to save on commission when you sell your home, the best choice for most sellers is Clever Real Estate. Sellers will pay a low 1.5% listing fee in exchange for full service and support from a top local agent. Interview as many agents as you want from well-known brokerages like Keller Williams and Century 21!

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SimpleShowing, at a glance
SimpleShowing fees 1% (min. $3,500)
Buyer rebate Up to 1.5%
Customer rating 5.0 (336 reviews)
Locations FL, GA, and TX
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What is SimpleShowing?

SimpleShowing is a 1% commission real estate brokerage with licensed agents who can help you buy or sell a home in three states: Florida, Georgia, and Texas.

If you're outside those markets, SimpleShowing may refer you to a local partner who isn't an in-house SimpleShowing Agent but has agreed to adhere to the company's pricing and service structure.

Unlike most big-name brokerages (think Century 21 and RE/MAX), SimpleShowing is a discount brokerage.

What is a discount real estate broker?

Discount real estate brokers offer built-in commission savings for sellers and buyers, then look to offset their lower margins by handling a high volume of business.

Of course, the more clients per agent, the less bandwidth each has to provide hands-on support, which creates a number of service-level risks.

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SimpleShowing offers solid value compared to many discount brokers we've reviewed. However, you should be aware of the potential trade-offs:

  • SimpleShowing doesn't have very many agents, so you may not find one you like.
  • Its agents juggle more clients than most other realtors, which could affect service quality.

We recommend comparing SimpleShowing reviews, service, and overall value against those of agents from a few other discount services or traditional brokerages to find the best fit for your situation.

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Savings for home sellers — and some buyers

When you sell a house with SimpleShowing, you'll likely pay 3.5–4% in total realtor commission — up to 33% less than you’d pay with most traditional agents.

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Home buyers can save with SimpleShowing as well. The company refunds eligible buyers up to half of the commission it collects on their transaction.

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Who should use SimpleShowing?

SimpleShowing is worth considering if…

  • You're selling a more expensive home
  • You're buying and already have one or more specific houses in mind
  • Your purchase qualifies for SimpleShowing's full commission rebate (see terms)
You may want to avoid SimpleShowing if…

  • You're less familiar with the area where you plan to buy
  • You want to tour a lot of homes to make sure you find the right one
  • You're selling a less expensive home
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Is SimpleShowing legitimate?

Yes, SimpleShowing is a licensed real estate brokerage in each of the states where it operates.

To date, the start-up has raised upward of $1.6 million, including more than $1 million from an equity crowdfunding round.[1][2]

Additionally, SimpleShowing is relatively transparent about what trade-offs to expect in exchange for its advertised savings. This helps potential customers evaluate whether it's the right fit given their unique needs and priorities.

That said, you'll have to do some digging to unearth fine-print details about SimpleShowing's services and pricing. In particular, you’ll need to look out for:

How does SimpleShowing work?

SimpleShowing attempts to offset its discounted fees and commission rebates by lowering its operating expenses, relative to a conventional brokerage.

Currently, SimpleShowing cuts costs in three primary ways:

  • Using technology to manage transactions more efficiently
  • Requiring buyers to do more work during the early stages of the purchase process
  • Encouraging buyers to purchase SimpleShowing homes without an outside agent

Buyers do more upfront work themselves

One reason SimpleShowing can offer large commission rebates is that it protects its agents' time by asking buyers to do more legwork themselves during the early stages of the purchase process.

While many traditional realtors spend time researching properties for buyers and meeting with them to discuss their situation, SimpleShowing doesn't step in until buyers are ready to start touring homes.

Additionally, buyers who want to tour more than five homes won't qualify for SimpleShowing's full rebate. These reduced savings reflect the extra time their agent spent working with them compared with the average customer.

Together, these policies allow SimpleShowing agents to offer full-service support while minimizing the time they spend dealing with "home browsers" who look at a bunch of properties but never make a purchase.

SimpleShowing uses technology to make the sales process more efficient

Like many other discount brokers, SimpleShowing has invested in developing technology to help its agents manage transactions more efficiently.

For example, SimpleShowing has partnered with title service Expetitle to offer their customers fully remote closings. While this is convenient for SimpleShowing clients, it also streamlines the process for agents.[3]

This tech-forward approach may allow SimpleShowing to serve more customers per agent than the average old-school brokerage without affecting service quality.

However, there's always the risk that if an agent gets overextended, they won't be able to provide the personalized support you need to achieve an optimal outcome.

SimpleShowing encourages outside buyers not to use an agent

Finally, SimpleShowing encourages outside buyers to tour homes from SimpleShowing sellers without an agent's representation.

Many SimpleShowing homes have a Self-Tour Lockbox that allows buyers to access the property for tours. Verified buyers can schedule these tours through SimpleShowing's app or website. If they want to purchase the home, SimpleShowing Agents are available to support them through offers, negotiations, and more.

Once the deal is complete, SimpleShowing collects TWO fees on the transaction: the 1% listing fee and a $995 buyer fee.

✍️ Editor's note

When a single agent or brokerage represents both the buyer and seller in the same transaction, it's called "dual agency."

Dual agency is fairly common — especially among discount brokers — and many companies encourage it by dangling extra savings to sellers or buyers.

However, you should be aware that dual agency DOES bring additional risks, especially if you're not an experienced real estate negotiator.

» MORE: What you NEED to know before agreeing to dual agency

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How much does SimpleShowing cost?

SimpleShowing doesn't cost home buyers anything out of pocket. But if you sell a house with SimpleShowing, you'll likely be on the hook for two different fees:

  • SimpleShowing listing fee
  • Buyer's agent commission

SimpleShowing charges a flat 1% listing fee. In most cases, you'll also offer a separate 2.5–3% commission to the buyer's agent.

💰 How much buyer's agent commission should you offer?

You'll incentivize outside realtors to show your home to their buyers by offering a buyer's agent commission. In most parts of the U.S., these commission rates average 2.5-3% of the sale price. However, as the seller, you get to decide how much to offer the buyer's agent when you list your house for sale.

Offer less than most sellers in your area, and agents won't be motivated to show your house to buyers. Offer a rate that's way above average, and you may be overpaying.

» LEARN: What is the average real estate commission rate in your area?

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Note that SimpleShowing does offer a service that could help some sellers save on buyer's agent commission too.

If an unrepresented buyer tours your home using a Self-Tour Lockbox and purchases it with the help of a SimpleShowing Agent, you won't pay a percentage-based commission to the buyer's agent. Instead, you'll pay a flat $995 buyer fee, regardless of the sale price.

SimpleShowing sellers COULD save an average of $7,125

SimpleShowing sellers save an average of $7,125 compared with listing with a traditional real estate brokerage. However, your actual savings could vary depending on the minimum fees in your area.

Here's how the potential savings break down across four different price points:

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Watch out for SimpleShowing's minimum fees

SimpleShowing doesn't clearly list its commission minimums on its website. One page suggests sellers will pay at least $3,500, but the website also states that minimum fees vary by market.[4]

If you're selling a lower-priced home, ask if the minimum fee could affect your savings. And make sure to compare that rate against other discount services — as well as top-selling traditional realtors — to guarantee you're getting the best overall value.

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How good are SimpleShowing Agents?

SimpleShowing Agents are fully licensed. With a few minor differences, they provide the same general range of services and support as traditional realtors.

That said, there are a few factors that could affect your experience.

SimpleShowing Agents juggle more clients

SimpleShowing Agents close around 20–30 transactions per year, roughly double the amount of the average realtor. This could lead to problems if your sale or purchase gets complicated.[5]

If your agent is juggling too many sales at once, they may not be able to provide the dedicated support you need during the crucial stages of your transaction, from negotiating the purchase agreement to resolving inspection issues and other surprises.

✍️ Editor's note

An agent who's involved in a lot of sales simultaneously may be more focused on closing them as quickly as possible rather than helping you get the BEST possible outcome.

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That said, these risks don't appear as pronounced at SimpleShowing as at some of the other discount brokers we've reviewed.

Because it asks buyers to do more upfront legwork and invests in tech to help agents manage transactions more efficiently, SimpleShowing may be able to handle more customers per agent than the average brokerage without a big impact to service quality.

Agent selection is limited

If you want to take advantage of SimpleShowing's advertised savings, you'll have limited options when it comes to selecting an agent.

It's important that you list with the agent who's the best fit for your situation. After all, saving $7,000 on realtor fees is great. But if your house sells for $20,000 less than it's really worth, you're not really coming out ahead!

If you find a SimpleShowing Agent in your area who checks all the boxes, that's great. But we recommend interviewing a few other agents so you can weigh different options and find the one with the expertise to help you achieve the BEST outcome possible.

How does SimpleShowing compare to top alternatives?

SimpleShowing offers solid savings for home sellers

If you're looking to save on realtor commission and don't want to skimp on service quality, SimpleShowing's 1% listing fee may be a good fit.

That said, depending on your situation and needs, other discount services may offer better overall value.

💰 Clever vs. discount real estate brokers

Clever Partner Agents will sell your home for 1.5%.

But because Clever pre-negotiates discounted rates with top-selling realtors from traditional brokerages, you'll have better agent selection and face fewer service-level risks than with most companies that offer commission savings.

» MORE: Learn how Clever's agent-matching service can help you save

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If you're selling a more expensive home, you could save even more with a discount service that charges a flat fee rather than a fixed commission percentage. And if you're comfortable going the DIY route, you could avoid paying a realtor altogether by selling your home on a flat fee MLS listing service.

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SimpleShowing's home buyer rebate offers legit savings too

SimpleShowing also offers one of the better commission rebates among the discount brokers we've reviewed.

That said, depending on your location, you may find an even better rebate with another company.

Just remember that these rebates have lots of terms and restrictions, no matter what company you buy with. Always read the fine print up front to make sure your purchase will qualify for the largest refund possible.

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Fewer service-level risks than most discount brokers

Many discount brokers mislead consumers by claiming they offer the exact same "full service" experience as traditional realtors.

However, SimpleShowing is up front about how it creates savings. This makes it a lot easier for consumers to decide whether the potential savings are worth the trade-offs. And by and large, its approach seems to have fewer built-in risks for most consumers than some of the other brands we've reviewed.

📢 Watch out for misleading claims from discount brokers

SimpleShowing's transparency is a refreshing change of pace from many of its competitors. Discount brokers we've researched often mislead customers about how much support they offer — and underplay the risks of their approach.

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SimpleShowing requires buyers to do a lot of self-directed house hunting. Agents are available to answer questions, but they don't provide much hands-on support until clients are ready to start touring homes. They also limit their maximum commission rebate to buyers who tour five or fewer homes before making a purchase. These policies protect agents' time, reduce the company's overhead, and allow it to offer some solid savings.

Selling with SimpleShowing

Biggest benefits of selling with SimpleShowing...

  • Agents provide full-service support, unlike some discount brands
  • Excellent potential savings compared with traditional realtors
Biggest risks of selling with SimpleShowing...

  • Limited agent selection
  • Agents juggle more clients, which could affect service quality
  • Minimum fees reduce savings at lower price points
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When you sell with SimpleShowing, you'll get the same basic range of services you'd expect from a traditional realtor. This includes assistance with things like:

  • Pricing
  • Professional photos
  • Marketing and an MLS listing
  • Fielding offers and negotiating
  • Paperwork and other logistical matters
  • Closing coordination

SimpleShowing does state on its website that it doesn't provide a few "silly" services, such as printed flyers and balloons for open houses.

Additionally, there are two significant differences between working with SimpleShowing and a conventional brokerage.

You could save even more with SimpleShowing's Self-Tour Lockbox

One unique feature SimpleShowing offers home sellers is an optional Self-Tour Lockbox that allows verified buyers to schedule and conduct home tours even if they don't have an agent.

If you sell to a Self-Tour buyer who isn't represented by an agent, you'll pay SimpleShowing a $995 buyer fee instead of the percentage-based buyer's agent commission you advertised on the MLS.

✍️ Editor's note

While SimpleShowing verifies the identity of Self-Tour buyers, it still seems a bit risky to allow a stranger to visit your home unaccompanied by an agent.

If you're interested in taking advantage of this service, we recommend asking SimpleShowing for more details about what steps they take to protect your property from theft, vandalism, and other potential dangers.

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The reality is that most buyers work with an agent. But if you find one who isn't, it could translate into HUGE additional savings on top of what you'll already save with the 1% listing fee:

Just remember that you'll avoid the normal buyer's agent commission ONLY if the buyer purchases the house without an agent's representation.

So, if they tour your home using the Self-Tour Lockbox but submit their offer through an outside agent, you'll still owe their agent whatever commission rate you advertised on the MLS.

📢 Watch out for deceptive claims about realtor fees

Lots of discount brokers inflate your potential "savings" by advertising that you could save an extra 3% by selling to an unrepresented buyer and not paying buyer's agent commission.

There are two important things they don't tell you:

  • This is true no matter what company you list with
  • This RARELY happens — about nine out of 10 buyers use an agent.[6]

However, SimpleShowing's Self-Tour option is convenient for buyers, so it could make it a bit more likely that you sell to an unrepresented buyer and pocket some extra savings.

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High-volume approach could increase the risk of problems

The biggest built-in disadvantage to selling with SimpleShowing is that their agents handle roughly twice as many customers as the average realtor.

If your agent gets bogged down with too many deals at once, they may not be able to provide as much hands-on service as you'd expect during a complex — and often very stressful — financial transaction.

» SAVE: List with a full-service realtor for just 1.5%

Buying with SimpleShowing

SimpleShowing works primarily with buyers who already have a good idea of the kind of home they want to purchase. Aside from that, buying with SimpleShowing should be a similar experience to using a conventional real estate agent — with two main differences.

In terms of support, SimpleShowing realtors don't step in until you've already done your research and picked out a few homes to tour. From that point on, they'll walk you through your purchase just like any other full-service realtor.

Another difference is that SimpleShowing offers a rebate on the buyer agent commission. However, to earn the rebate, you're limited to touring five homes. After that, the rebate is lowered by 5% for each set of five homes that you tour.[7]

SimpleShowing offers a 1.5% commission rebate for ELIGIBLE buyers

The biggest advantage to buying with SimpleShowing is the potential to earn a commission rebate. Buyers who qualify will receive a maximum of half of their agent's commission, up to 1.5% of the sale price.

📢 Important notes about SimpleShowing's home buyer rebate

  • The refund must be put toward your closing costs.
  • The agent is entitled to a minimum commission of $3,500, so you might receive less than 1.5% back if you buy a less expensive home.
  • SimpleShowing will reduce your rebate size if you tour more than five homes before making a purchase.
  • You won't qualify for a rebate if you buy a SimpleShowing home using the Self-Tour Lockbox.
  • As with all home buyer rebate programs, you'll need to get approval from your lender.
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How much can buyers save with SimpleShowing?

SimpleShowing claims the average buyer who receives a refund saves about $5,000. However, your actual savings depend on your eligibility, price point, and how quickly you find the right home.

Assuming your purchase qualifies for a rebate, here's the maximum you could expect to save across different price points:

Because of SimpleShowing's $3,500 minimum commission, you have to buy a home worth at least $235,000 — or more if the buyer's agent commission rate is lower than 3% — to qualify for the full rebate.

And since the rebate applies only if your agent pockets at least $3,500, purchases below $120,000 won't be eligible for a refund at all.

» MORE: What company offers the best home buyer rebate?

Compare your options to find the right buyer's agent

SimpleShowing offers a pretty attractive commission rebate, but that doesn't automatically mean it's the best choice for your situation.

✍️ Editor's note

SimpleShowing's refund is tailored for buyers in less competitive markets who are comfortable making a purchase after touring fewer homes than the average person.

You won't qualify for SimpleShowing's maximum rebate if you tour more than five homes. But the average home buyer visits nine properties before finding the right one.[8]

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Other services — or even traditional realtors — may:

  • Offer comparable built-in rebates and savings opportunities
  • Provide more hands-on support throughout your entire purchase
  • Be better suited to your needs and priorities

That's especially true if you're not very familiar with the area where you're buying.

SimpleShowing's model supports buyers who are a bit further along in the home search. You're more likely to have a positive experience if you already have a good idea of the ZIP code, price point, and timeline at which you want to purchase a home.

If you think you'll need a realtor's help in figuring out a price range or which area is the best fit, you may be better off with a different brokerage.

Remember that it pays to shop around! As a buyer, you don't have to pay your agent's fee out of pocket. You have nothing to lose — and everything to gain — by taking the time to explore your options and find the best overall fit.

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SimpleShowing customer reviews

Customer reviews of SimpleShowing are generally very positive, with an average rating of 5.0 out of 336 total reviews.

As with any real estate brokerage, you should keep a few things in mind about SimpleShowing's customer rating.

  • Companies typically solicit reviews from happy customers — not ones who had negative experiences
  • Each reviewer's opinion is heavily influenced by the quality of their individual agent — not necessarily the company as a whole

That said, customer reviews can be extremely useful. Look for consistent trends among positive and negative reviews to learn about what people have generally liked — or haven't liked — about their experience.

So what are past customers saying about SimpleShowing?

What customers like about SimpleShowing

Common themes among positive SimpleShowing reviews:

  • Excellent experiences with individual agents
  • Big savings for buyers and sellers alike
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My SimpleShowing Agent was 'amazing'

Here's an example of a positive Zillow review from a home seller who was extremely satisfied with SimpleShowing.

They specifically called out the quality of their agent, who was "super professional" throughout the process.

I found John via the Simple Showing app! He has been amazing throughout the entire real estate transaction! He is super professional, knowledgable, nice, friendly, and genuine! He will communicate with you throughout the entire process and is readily available every step of the way. It was the best experience! Highly recommend using John for your real estate needs!

'No better way to buy'

This Trustpilot reviewer purchased a house in Atlanta with SimpleShowing. In addition to having an "awesome" experience with their agent, they received a commission rebate that saved them several thousand dollars.

I just bought my first townhome in Atlanta with SimpleShowing. Fred was an awesome agent who helped me negotiate almost all of my closing costs to be paid by the seller. In addition, I got several thousand dollars back with the Buyer Refund that I will be using to make renovations to my new place. There's no better way to buy!

What customers DON'T like about SimpleShowing

Common themes among negative SimpleShowing reviews:

  • Poor experiences with individual agents
  • Subpar communication
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We were 'extremely disappointed' with SimpleShowing

Here's an example of a negative Zillow review from a home seller who wasn't pleased with the support SimpleShowing offered during their sale.

The customer specifically mentioned feeling that SimpleShowing was so focused on buyers that it didn't provide enough service to its sellers.

As SELLERS, we were extremely disappointed in Simple Showing. Please be careful if you decide to sign on with Simple Showing AS A SELLER. We had our last showing then NO communications (Texts, emails or phone calls) again. We listed with them for less than 2 weeks, then luckily, we spoke to another seller who had a bad experience as well. Thank goodness we addressed the problems sooner instead of later. We dealt directly with the CEO of this company, and he made us doubt the professionalism of the company from the beginning. We went with a local realtor who gave us an honest price assessment and we got our house back on the MLS AND he followed up and negotiated with folks who came through to see our house THREE times (Simple Showing did nothing to negotiate with these people), we are now under contract and ready to close soon, but NOT with Simple Showing. Maybe this company is more geared towards buyers, but please, as a seller, be savvy about your property. Your truly do get what you pay for. There are too many options out there like Zillow Direct Offer, etc, and the way this was handled, we can see why people are going in that direction.

We had a great experience with one exception

Overall, this seller had a great experience selling with SimpleShowing. But they felt like their agent didn’t provide enough support when they were completing their seller disclosures, which cost them some money at the closing table.

Fred had our house under contract in 10 days after another agent had it for 3 months!  Great experience from start to finish with one exception - we were given an example from a prior sale in our neighborhood for the HOA disclosure form, so I filled it out exactly like that one.  In doing so, we were forced to pay the buyer's HOA initiation fee!  I felt let down that this was not reviewed and we were not made aware before it was too late.  Fred did say he would reimburse us for it, but a month after closing and we haven't received anything.  At this point, it's fine, but I want others to be aware you need to fill out a dollar amount for the initiation fee, even if you don't know what it is, just fill in a high dollar amount, otherwise you are forced to pay it for your buyer.

SimpleShowing app reviews

Rating # of reviews
Weighted Avg 3.9 21
Apple App Store 4 12
Google Play 3.8 9
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Although the SimpleShowing app has been around for several years, it hasn't gained much traction.

To date, it's only been reviewed 21 times, with an average rating of 3.9.

While reviewers have great things to say about SimpleShowing, the consensus is that the app is a bit clunky compared with the company's website.

not as intuitive as other real estate apps. although it saves your searches, the map needs to be readjusted everytime you close the app. better to use their website than the application.

Conclusion: Is SimpleShowing the right choice for you?

SimpleShowing is a totally legitimate real estate brokerage. Its agents have helped many home buyers and sellers save on realtor commission.

Whether it's the right choice to you ultimately depends on:

  • Your individual needs and priorities
  • Your price point
  • The quality of the SimpleShowing Agents in your area

Generally speaking, SimpleShowing offers solid savings for buyers and sellers alike. However, its commission rebate restrictions, high-volume approach, and limited service area mean that some consumers may find better value elsewhere.

We recommend interviewing 2–3 different realtors from different companies. Compare rates, experience, and personalities to find the perfect match.

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FAQs about SimpleShowing

How much does SimpleShowing cost?

SimpleShowing has no upfront fees for sellers. Homeowners who sell with SimpleShowing usually pay a 1% listing fee to their real estate agent, with a minimum of $3,500. They're also responsible for paying the buyer's agent commission (around 2.5–3% of the final sale price). Compare SimpleShowing's rates against other discount services to find the best low commission realtors in your area.

Is SimpleShowing's buyer rebate worth it?

SimpleShowing's buyer rebate is a good option for many buyers. You can receive up to 1.5% of the final sale price of the home as a rebate to be used toward closing costs. But the rebate comes with some unusual restrictions that can prevent you from earning a full refund. Don't be afraid to shop around and find out which real estate company has the best home buyer rebate.

Are SimpleShowing reviews positive or negative?

SimpleShowing reviews are mostly positive on Google, Trustpilot, and Zillow. They have an average rating of 5.0 out of 336 total reviews. Customers seem to have a good experience with SimpleShowing agents, and they're happy with their savings.

Locations and contact information

Corporate office contact info

Business hours Monday–Saturday: 9 am–7 pm ET
Phone (833) 500-7469
Email [email protected]
Office address 725 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
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SimpleShowing service area

As of 3/28/2023, SimpleShowing has in-house agents in the following markets.

State Service area
Florida Fort Lauderdale
Georgia Atlanta
Texas Dallas
Fort Worth
Show more

Note: if you're outside SimpleShowing's service area, the company may refer you to a local partner agent who works for another brokerage but has agreed to adhere to SimpleShowing's pricing model.

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