Average Real Estate Commission in Oregon: 2024 Data

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By Jon Stubbs Updated July 1, 2024


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📊 The data:

Our December 2023 survey of local agents found that the average real estate commission in Oregon is 5.03%, which is less than the national average of 5.49%. Calculate your estimated commission in Oregon.

The average total real estate agent commission rate in Oregon is 5.03% of the final sale price. Based on the latest median home sale price in Oregon ($503,811), that translates to a total cost of roughly $25,342.

Home sellers typically cover the total commission fee from their sale proceeds, which is split between the listing and buyer’s agents who handle the sale. In Oregon, the average listing agent fee is 2.61%, while the average buyer’s agent fee is 2.42%.

Real estate agent commissions make up a significant portion of the closing costs for Oregon home sellers. But you don't have to pay the full 5.03% to a traditional agent. If you're selling a home in Oregon, you can use a discount broker to save on realtor fees. In fact, depending on your situation and the agents you work with, you could save 32% on realtor fees, or about $8,111 on average.

Find top agents and save: Answer these five simple questions to get matched with the best local agents offering reduced commission rates. Compare agents from top brokerages like Keller Williams and RE/MAX, and get a discounted rate through Clever’s partner network.

How real estate commission works in Oregon

Average listing commission 2.61%
Average buyer's agent commission 2.42%
Total average commission 5.03%
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There are usually two real estate agents involved in the real estate transactions of a home sale:

  • The seller's agent (also called the listing agent), who represents the home seller
  • The buyer's agent, who represents the person buying the home

Based on our research, the average real estate commission paid in Oregon for listing agents is 2.61% of the final home price and 2.42% for buyer's agents, for a total of 5.03%.

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Real estate commission calculator for Oregon

Use this commission calculator to estimate how much you'll pay in realtor fees when you sell your home in Oregon. Enter an estimate of your home's sale price, and see how much you'll pay at different commission rates.

If you want to reduce your agent fees, Clever can connect you with a top local listing agent charging only 1.5% commission. This allows you to keep more of the sale proceeds.

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Who pays realtor fees in Oregon?

When selling a home in Oregon, the sales commissions for the listing agent and buyer's agent get taken out of the final sale price. The seller does not prepay these fees.  

The listing agent makes their share by supplying services such as market valuation and managing closing documentation. The buyer's agent earns commission by providing a qualified buyer who meets the purchase terms and closes on time.

The seller does not pay commissions out-of-pocket. Like with closing costs, the agents' fees come from the sale proceeds at closing.  

Why do sellers pay the buyer's real estate agent commission?

Offering to pay the buyer's agent commission can attract more potential buyers to your listing.  

Covering this fee increases appeal for buyers by removing this extra outlay atop the down payment and closing costs – a heavy financial load for many.

When you promote a competitive buyer's agent commission, real estate agents become motivated to showcase your property to their buyer network. This can boost odds of securing multiple bids. Experts suggest advertising a commission within 0.5% of the local norm, currently 2.42% in Oregon.

Will the NAR lawsuit change how real estate commission works?

On March 15, 2024, the National Association of Realtors agreed to pay $418 million in damages to settle a real estate commission lawsuit the industry group lost in November 2023. 

While the full impact of the settlement is yet to be determined, experts believe that the change will eventually lead to lower buyer's agent commissions and give buyers the ability to negotiate those commissions based on the services they need. 

The terms of the settlement are scheduled to take effect in mid-July 2024. But, the settlement hasn't been officially approved yet, and it could be delayed or changed by objections. We'll continue to monitor the status of the settlement and the effects it has on the real estate industry.


How to save on realtor fees in Oregon

Commission rates are not set in stone. In fact, we found that while 2.61% is the average listing commission in Oregon, rates typically fall between 2.20% and 3.50%. You can save money by negotiating a lower rate with your listing agent or by working with a discount real estate brokerage.

Listing commission range 2.20%– 3.50%
Buyer's agent commission 2.00%– 2.50%
Total commission range 4.20%– 6.00%
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Can I negotiate realtor commission in Oregon?

Real estate commission is always negotiable. In Oregon, the 11 agents we surveyed said these were their most common reasons for agreeing to lower their commission.

Would you lower your commission for…? Agents who answered yes
Homeowners with more than one property to sell 82%
Homeowners who also plan to buy with you 82%
Homeowners who are repeat clients 82%
Seller’s situation (e.g. divorce or death in the family) 55%
Higher property values 55%
High competition for clients 18%
Periods of low housing inventory 18%
Homes expected to sell quickly 9%
High buyer demand in the area 9%
Houses in excellent condition 9%
Highly experienced home sellers 9%
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Negotiating realtor fees in Oregon depends on two main factors: your situation and the housing market.

Factor You may have an easier time negotiating low rates if...
Your situation
  • You're selling a high-value home
  • You have a personal relationship with a realtor
  • You can offer a realtor repeat business
The Oregon housing market
  • Homes are selling quickly
  • There are relatively few homes listed for sale
  • Home values are rising
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While your situation is unique, real estate conditions in Oregon impact all sellers locally.  

In a seller's market with low inventory, listings sell faster so agents may reduce commissions more readily. The reverse is often true when buyers have the advantage.

Not comfortable negotiating with a realtor? Avoid the awkward conversation and let Clever pre-negotiate a lower rate with a top agent for you.

To assess market dynamics, examine:  

  • Months of inventory
  • Sale to list price ratio 
  • Home value trends

If Oregon exhibits seller's market traits, you may readily negotiate a lower commission. But in a buyer's or balanced market, getting an agent to accept a cheaper rate could be more difficult.

The current state of the Oregon real estate market

Factor Trends Indication
Months of inventory There's 1.78 months of housing inventory on the market Seller's market
Sale-to-list ratio Homes are selling for 99.90% of their listing price Seller's market
Home values Home values have fallen 17.13% year over year Buyer's market
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Low commission real estate companies in Oregon 

Negotiating a lower rate with a professional negotiator can be hard! In many cases, home sellers can save just as much (or more!) by selling with a low commission real estate company.

Discount real estate brokers typically offer full-service support for a reduced commission percentage or flat rate. How they create those discounts will depend on the company's model, with some creating more risks and trade-offs than others.

Best for most sellers

Clever Real Estate

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Listing Fee

1.5% ($3,000 min.)

Customer Rating

5.0 (2,627)







Overview: Clever emerges as an excellent choice for sellers in Oregon who aim to cut costs on realty commissions without giving up top-notch service. Teaming with established agents and enjoying significant savings, Clever is an alluring option.

✅ Benefits and features: Clever slashes standard realty fees with its competitive listing charge of just 1.5%. Home sellers can avail themselves of savings of up to 50% when compared to traditional agents. Clever is also the go-to platform for effortlessly exploring the finest brokers across Oregon to ensnare the most favorable terms.

🏠 How it works: Clever pairs sellers with distinguished real estate professionals from well-known companies such as RE/MAX and Compass. This helps you identify and select a suitable realtor while locking in the exclusive 1.5% listing fee that Clever promises – a perk you enjoy irrespective of your chosen agent.


  • Work with traditional agents from top brokerages at a great discount
  • Access high-quality agents and enjoy a 1.5% listing fee through Clever
  • Widest selection of leading realtors throughout Oregon


  • No guarantee you'll get to work with a specific preferred agent
  • Add-on services may require additional fees depending on the real estate agent you choose

Fee structure

  • 1.5% listing fee ($3,000 minimum) at closing
  • 2–3% buyer’s agent commission at closing
Weighted avg. 5.0 2,627
Trustpilot 5.0 2,402
Google 4.8 225

Website: listwithclever.com
Phone: 1-833-225-3837
Hours: 8 a.m.–8 p.m. EST, 7 days a week
Address: 6358 Delmar Blvd, Suite 300, Saint Louis, MO 63130

Redfin Oregon

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Listing Fee

1.5% ($5,500 min.)

Customer Rating








Overview: For those selling property in Oregon and looking to balance savings with reliable service, Redfin stands out with its attractive 1.5% listing fee plus the chance to save even more. However, it's important to remember that their minimum commission of $5,500 could eat into those savings for properties sold under a certain value.

✅ Benefits and features: Redfin's model presents an appealing 1.5% listing fee and offers a bonus savings of 0.5% if you sell and buy with them in the same year, strengthening the appeal of their established, nationally recognized brand. You'll have access to a wide selection of qualified agents under the Redfin umbrella.

🚩 Potential red flags: Keep in mind that Redfin's approach involves working with a distributed team, which could mean the high-touch, personalized agent experience may not be as prevalent. For those with homes valued under $366K, the $5,500 minimum fee might limit the attractiveness of Redfin's offering relative to Clever’s cost-effective structure.


  • 1.5% listing fees may contribute to strong savings
  • National brand that enjoys widespread recognition
  • Enjoy an extra 0.5% savings if you buy and sell within a 12-month period


  • Homes under $366K may see the actual listing fee exceeding the advertised 1.5% rate
  • Redfin's remote team model may result in a less personalized experience compared to a single-agent approach

Fee structure

  • 1.5% listing fee ($5,500 min. in Oregon) at closing
  • 2–3% buyer’s agent commission at closing
  • 0.5% listing fee refund if you also buy within 12 months

*Not enough available data at this time

Website: redfin.com
Phone:  1-844-759-7732
Hours: 8 a.m.–5 p.m. PST, 7 days a week
Address: 700 NE Multnomah St, #1550, Portland, OR 97232
Areas served: Beaverton, Bethany, Cedar Hills, Cedar Mill, Gresham, Happy Valley, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Oak Grove, Portland, Raleigh Hills, Salem, Tigard, Vancouver, and more

Change Oregon

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Very good

Listing Fee


Customer Rating

3.7 (18)







Our take: For those in Oregon seeking a cost-effective alternative that doesn't skimp on full-service benefits, Change Realty emerges as a hometown hero in the low-commission brokerage space. Sellers should be aware, however, that some aspects of service transparency could lead to unforeseen snags or additional costs. 

✅ Benefits and features:  Change Realty champions affordability with its appealing 1% listing fee at close of sale. This fee is significantly less than the usual 2.5–3% fee one expects from most agents offering comprehensive services.

🚩 Potential red flags: While Change Realty garners a moderately positive reputation with an average 3.7-star rating across 18 reviews, prospective clients should remain vigilant due to an ambiguous MLS listing duration that might introduce delays in the selling process.


  • Low 1% listing fee can lead to significant commission savings
  • Full-service brokerage services include MLS listings, showings, negotiations, etc.


  • No indication of MLS listing period length
  • Mixed customer reviews in Oregon
  • Minimal transaction data makes evaluating performance on the Oregon market difficult

Fee structure

  • 1% listing fee at closing
  • 2.5% buyer’s agent commission at closing
Weighted avg. 3.7 18
Google 3.7 18

Website: changerealtynow.com
Phone: (503) 622-8202
Address: 295 Durham St, Suite D, Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Areas served: Aloha, Beaverton, Bethany, Clark County, Downtown, Gresham, Lake Oswego, North Portland, Northeast Portland, Northwest Portland, Pearl District, Sherwood, Southeast Portland, Tigard, Troutdale, Tualatin, West Linn, and Wilsonville

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Next steps

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Start interviewing local agents

Set up some listing appointments, where an agent visits your home to discuss its estimated value, lay out their marketing strategy, and provide a quote for their fee.

Here's why it's smart to sit down with a few agents before signing with one:

It's completely free to meet with agents: There's no obligation or risk on your end. Just keep in mind that the agent is meeting with you to win your business, and will try to sell you on their service.

You can compare pricing and features: Shopping around helps you find the best fit for your specific needs – in terms of fees, experience, and services provided.

Learn more about your market from an expert: Realtors can provide local data, like how much nearby homes are selling for, how fast they sell, and other current market trends.

Learn about the home sales process: An agent can walk you through the sales process from start to finish, and provide tailored advice for marketing your property to home buyers.

To get started, check out our guide on the best ways to find real estate agents — or you can sign up for Clever’s free agent matching service below to connect with top realtors in your area right now (and save on commission).

Clever has pre-negotiated low commission rates of only 1.5%, with Oregon's top agents. Contact Clever today to find out how much you can save on commission!

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Clever can connect you with top local agents sell your house for a pre-negotiated low rate: just a 1.5% listing fee when your home sells (half the typical rate!).

You can interview your Clever agent matches, get free pricing estimates, and compare marketing plans — all with no strings attached.

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We gathered our commission rate data from a survey of 630 of our partner agents. The survey asked about standard local rates for both listing and buying agents. We also asked agents about when and why they're willing to negotiate real estate commissions. 

Additionally, we utilized the following data from Zillow and Realtor.com:

  • Home values, list prices, and sale prices: Based on Zillow data as of May 2024
  • Sale-to-list ratios: Based on Zillow data as of May 2024 (unless specified otherwise)
  • Months of inventory: Based on Realtor.com data as of May 2024

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