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By Trevor Wallis Updated January 4, 2023


The best MLS services | Other ways to save on your sale | FAQs about flat fee MLS companies

Whether you're selling a lake house on Lake Michigan or a split-level in the UP, paying 6% in real estate agent fees is a lot.

That’s why some sellers use a flat fee MLS company to list their home on the MLS — the main place where realtors find homes to show their clients — in exchange for a small one-time fee.

What’s the catch with flat fee MLS listings?

  • Less support: You’ll be managing almost the entire selling process yourself — without a full-service listing agent to handle pricing, photography, paperwork, and negotiations.
  • Lower sales price: For sale by owner (FSBO) homes usually sell for significantly less than homes sold by agents — 6% less on average compared to agent-represented properties.
  • You still pay a buyer’s agent fee: 88% of buyers work with an agent — who still needs to get paid. In Michigan, you’re on the hook for 2.50% to 3.00% of the final sale price.

If you want to save on fees but aren’t ready for a do-it-yourself experience, Clever can match you with full-service realtors who work for a low flat fee of 1.5%.

Clever is the best alternative to the full DIY approach if you're in Michigan! You'll save thousands on listing fees, while still getting the support you need to sell your home fast AND for top dollar.

» SAVE: List with a full-service agent for just 1.5%

If you’re still interested in finding flat fee MLS listing options in Michigan, read on! We’ve reviewed the best (and worst) services in The Great Lakes State.

The 5 best Michigan flat fee MLS companies*

Flat Fee Pros

Flat Fee Pros

Best For

Inexperienced sellers who need extra guidance

Price Range

Pros & Cons


  • You'll get a yard sign and a key lock box with every listing package. Most companies make you pay extra for those.
  • With every package except the Basic listing, you'll get a comparative market analysis to help you price your home.


  • You have to pay extra for contracts, addendums, and disclosures.
  • The basic plan doesn't come with any phone or email support.

Kermath Realty

Kermath Realty

Best For

Experienced sellers looking for a simple MLS listing

Price Range

Pros & Cons


  • All listings come with a color flyer than you print out for people at open houses or put in a flyer box on your yard sign.
  • If you go with the Deluxe listing package, you'll get a key lock box and access to ShowingTime, a software agents use to coordinate showings.


  • You won't get any additional support from the broker unless you sign up for a full-service plan.
  • They aren't clear if you can make changes to your listing after it's on the MLS.

Modern Way Realty

Modern Way Realty

Best For

Sellers who expect their home to take longer than six months to sell

Price Range

Pros & Cons


  • The basic listing term is 12 months.
  • You'll receive and sign all your paperwork digitally so you don't have to worry about mailing, faxing, or hand delivering your documents to the agent.
  • Buyers can schedule showings and submit offers online.


  • The basic package doesn't include a comparative market analysis or any other kind of pricing assistance.
  • You have to upgrade to full-service to be able to add open houses to your MLS listing.

Flat Fee Realty

Flat Fee Realty

Best For

Budget-conscious sellers who need a simple, affordable listing

Price Range

Pros & Cons


  • Your listing comes with all the state seller's disclosures that you'll need.
  • You can pay a little more to post up to 25 photos on the MLS instead of the standard six.


  • Flat Fee Realty doesn't offer any pricing or contract assistance.
  • The company won't be your listing broker. Instead, they'll refer you to a Michigan-based broker who will list your property. If you have problems or questions, you'll end up talking to two companies instead of just one.

Best For

Sellers who also want to list on a large FSBO marketplace

Price Range

Pros and cons

FSBO.com is a well-known FSBO website and one of the few that will also get you listed on Redfin.

But watch out: only its most expensive plan will actually get you an MLS listing. Chances are you can find a cheaper option with MLS access elsewhere.


  • Your home will appear in your local MLS and on FSBO.com. A lot of people shop directly for FSBO properties on their site.


  • FSBO.com refers you to a broker in your area instead of listing your property itself. Your experience could vary greatly dependin on the broker you're matched with.
  • You have to pay for seller disclosures, for sale signs, and lock boxes separately.

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Flat fee MLS Michigan companies by city

In Michigan, you'll also find some smaller flat fee MLS companies that specialize in particular cities. These uber-local companies are more likely to offer flexible flat fee listing packages and bring more area expertise than the big guys.

Every Michigan flat fee MLS service is different. Always make sure to read the fine print when evaluating offerings to make sure you're getting a fair deal.

Flat fee MLS companies in Detroit

We found a broad selection of flat fee MLS companies in Michigan's largest city. You can sign up for a basic listing for as little as $149 or spring for more comprehensive packages that cost as much as $1,499.

» EXPLORE: The Best Detroit Flat Fee MLS Companies

Hidden costs of flat fee MLS companies

Some companies claim to offer flat fee listing services but charge hidden fees at closing. We've even seen some companies that claim to offer a free MLS listing only to charge you a percentage of the sale price at closing.

These predatory practices could cost you thousands of dollars when you expect to pay only a few hundred.

Always make sure to read the fine print for any service. Look out for "closing fees" or "admin fees" that you'll owe the broker in addition to an upfront flat fee.

Further, some flat fee listing companies offer à la carte services like photography, paperwork help, and signage. These services can reduce some of your DIY work, but watch out. These add-ons can add up!

At a certain point, you may be better off finding a full-service agent who charges a clear and upfront discounted rate.

💰 Incredible savings, none of the DIY

Selling your home is difficult, even with a flat-fee MLS company to handle your listing. Add in hidden fees, a la carte services, and premium service tiers, and you'll save a lot less than you planned, but still be stuck with most of the work.

There's a better option. Clever pre-negotiates lower listing fees with top agents in your area. You still save on commission, while getting the support of a full-service agent.

  • Clever partner agents offer full-service support for a fraction of the traditional cost: a 1.5% listing fee instead of the typical 2.5-3%
  • Choose from the best local agents representing top regional and national brokerages, like Keller Williams and Century 21

Ready to find real estate agents who can help you save thousands on your sale? Enter your zip code below to get started!

What are the alternatives to using a flat fee MLS service in Michigan?

Discount and flat fee real estate agents

Discount real estate brokers will list your property for as little as 1% — but keep in mind that you usually still have to pay a 2.6–3% buyer’s agent fee.

We’ve reviewed four national and regional discount brokers that operate in Michigan.

Discount broker Review


Read more


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Show more

In Michigan, Clever offers low rates, with an added advantage: Clever lets you compare multiple agents from major brands like Keller Williams, Century 21, and RE/MAX.

Clever matches home sellers like you with pre-vetted, full-service agents for only a 1.5% listing fee. That's half the rate agents typically charge, letting you keep thousands more in your pocket when your home sells.

Your Clever agent will handle everything for you, helping you accurately price your home, get high-quality photography, negotiate with prospective buyers, and complete paperwork.

You'll pay only a little more than you'd pay a flat fee MLS service, but you'll save hours of effort by not having to do everything yourself!

💰 Get a lower rate with a top local agent!

Want to find a top local agent without overpaying on realtor fees? Clever negotiates 1.5% listing fees with top-rated realtors from trusted brokerages like Keller Williams, RE/MAX, and Berkshire Hathaway.

Get guaranteed full service for a fraction of the 3% rate agents typically charge. Schedule a free, no obligation consultation with a top local agent today!

Selling without an MLS listing

It's always possible to try selling your house by owner without listing on the MLS. While you’ll avoid getting locked into a listing agreement with a realtor, this option makes sense only if you already have a potential buyer lined up.

That's because not listing on your local MLS means not getting the most effective exposure for your property. MLS listings are posted to every major real estate website. Plus, real estate agents access MLS listings to find properties for their clients.

If you don't secure an MLS listing, you'll be limited to sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace and relying on a yard sign.

Frequently asked questions about flat fee MLS Michigan companies

How much do flat fee MLS services cost in Michigan?

Typically, you should expect to pay about $300-400 for a flat fee MLS listing in Michigan. However, we've seen basic plans for as low as $250 and more comprehensive services that charge as much as $1,500.

Do I still need to pay the buyer's agent commission?

We strongly recommend offering a commission to the buyer's agent. This will incentivize agents to bring their clients to your home. With a flat fee MLS service, you'll still save money by not paying commission to a listing agent (typically 2.50% to 3.00% of the sale price),

How much to offer a buyer's agent is up to you, but their commission in Michigan usually ranges from 2.50% to 3.00%.

» READ: Average Real Estate Commission in Michigan

How do I sell by owner in Michigan?

Michigan real estate laws require sellers to disclose all important information about their property, including:

  • Building and safety information
  • Utilities
  • Environmental information (like erosion, noise pollution, and whether it's in a flood plain)
  • Sewer and wastewater treatment

You'll need to fill out the Michigan Seller's Disclosure Statement and provide it to all potential buyers. If your listing broker doesn't give you this statement to fill out, you can download it directly from the Michigan Association of Realtors®.

» READ: How to Sell a House for Sale by Owner in Michigan

What is the best flat fee MLS listing service in Michigan?

We rank The Flat Fee Pros as the top flat fee MLS Michigan company. In addition to a flat fee MLS listing, it offers unlimited MLS listing updates, a for sale sign, and lockbox — items that many other Michigan flat fee MLS listing companies charge extra for. Kermath Realty, Modern Way Realty, and Flat Fee Realty are other good options for getting on the local multiple listing service. See more of the top flat fee MLS Michigan companies!

How do I get access to the MLS in Michigan?

The most common way to get your property on the local MLS is to hire a licensed real estate agent. However, you can also use a Michigan flat fee MLS listing service, which gets your property on the MLS for a flat fee. Most flat fee MLS listing companies also offer à la carte or premium services, such as downloadable legal forms, for sale signs, and assistance from a licensed real estate broker. Learn more about Michigan flat fee MLS companies!

What is a flat fee MLS company?

A flat fee MLS listing company posts your property to the multiple listing service in exchange for a one-time flat fee. This service is something you'd otherwise need to hire a real estate agent to do for you. While you'll typically get little broker support, most of these companies provide more than just flat fee MLS listings. For example, some flat fee services offer marketing materials, pricing assistance, and lockboxes — either for an extra fee or as part of a premium package — to help you sell your own property. Learn more about how flat fee MLS companies work.

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