Homecoin Reviews: Is This FSBO Service Worth it?

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By Steve Nicastro Updated March 8, 2024


Homecoin is a flat fee MLS service founded in 2011, providing homeowners a cost-effective way to list their properties on the MLS for a minimal fee of $95.

Known for its affordability and flexibility, Homecoin's model is designed for sellers comfortable with managing aspects of the sale process, allowing for significant commission savings.

Our analysis of its reviews found that customers appreciate Homecoin's straightforward approach and cost-saving opportunities, making it a notable option in the real estate market.

When we compared Homecoin to similar services, we found that it scored good marks for affordability and user autonomy in the selling process. However, its competitors offer better comprehensive support and additional services.

We recommend comparing Homecoin to a few alternatives to make an informed decision. Read on to decide if Homecoin is right for you.

Our Homecoin rating

Homecoin provides an affordable and straightforward platform for sellers to list their properties on the MLS without a realtor. It's known for its minimal listing fee and the autonomy it offers sellers to manage their sale process.

Customer reviews for Homecoin are generally positive, highlighting the company's efficiency, ease of use, and value for money, indicating high user satisfaction with the service.

Is Homecoin right for you?

HomeCoin is ideal for sellers comfortable taking a hands-on approach to their property sale. Here's why: 

  • It offers a cost-effective way to list on the MLS without needing full-service brokerage support.
  • The company's strengths lie in its straightforward listing process and affordable pricing model, allowing sellers to maintain control over their sale while benefiting from significant cost savings on real estate agent commissions
  • HomeCoin's user-friendly platform makes it accessible for sellers of all experience levels to navigate their real estate transactions efficiently.

However, HomeCoin's limited-service model may not be suitable for sellers who require extensive support and guidance throughout the selling process.

HomeCoin falls short in providing comprehensive services such as professional photography, staging advice, and in-person showings, often included in full-service brokerage offerings.

We found that HomeCoin's competitors typically do a better job of offering a more complete suite of services, catering to sellers who prefer a more hands-off approach and expect higher support and assistance throughout their sale.

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Homecoin vs. alternatives

When considering the best approach to listing and selling your property, HomeCoin presents an intriguing option, especially for those seeking a more hands-on role in the sale process without the high costs associated with traditional full-service brokerages.

As we review how HomeCoin stacks up against its competitors, it's important to weigh the unique benefits and limitations of its flat fee MLS listing service to determine the best fit for your needs.

Clever Rating
Listing Fee
Customer Rating
Cost savings
Our rating
$99 to $599 upfront + 1% at closing
4.6/5 (587 reviews)
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On listwithclever.com
User-friendly platform
Our rating
$0 to $599 upfront + 0.5% at closing
4.5/5 (111 reviews)
Learn More
On unrealestate.com
Wide range of service offerings
Our rating
$399 - $999+
4.9/5 (9,000+ reviews)
Learn More
On listwithclever.com

In-depth breakdown

Service quality

📊 Our rating: 4.0
  • HomeCoin offers an affordable and straightforward MLS listing service with a one-time fee of $95.
  • The package includes free features such as call forwarding, email forwarding, and state and federal disclosures.
  • HomeCoin provides valuable tools for sellers, including a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and pricing guidance.

HomeCoin provides a flat fee MLS listing service for sellers looking for a straightforward and cost-effective way to list their properties. The service includes:

  • A 12-month MLS listing.
  • Free cancellation.
  • Call forwarding.
  • Email forwarding.
  • State and federal disclosures.
  • A listing page.
  • The ability to make listing changes.

Listings are also featured on major real estate websites, and sellers can manage their listings online. HomeCoin offers pricing guidance through a CMA report and a valuation model, alongside essentials like a for-sale sign and lockbox.

However, HomeCoin's service doesn't include the following services: 

  • In-person consultations.
  • Professional photography.
  • Home staging advice.
  • Comprehensive marketing efforts. 

The service operates on a self-service model, lacking dedicated agent support for navigating inspections, appraisals, offer evaluations, and closing processes.

HomeCoin offers a rebate program for buyers but doesn't provide details on support for home showings or agent assistance during these showings.

Breaking down Homecoin's offerings

HomeCoin's offerings center around a flat fee MLS listing service priced at $95, providing sellers a cost-effective way to list their properties on the MLS.

This package includes a 12-month listing with the option for free cancellation, unlimited photos on the MLS, and listings on major real estate platforms such as Realtor.com and Zillow.

Additional features encompass free call and email forwarding, state and federal disclosures, a free listing page, and 10 free listing changes, ensuring sellers have the tools to manage their sale online.


📊 Our rating: 5.0
  • List on the MLS with a suite of self-service tools, including free call forwarding, email forwarding, and the ability to upload unlimited photos.
  • Free open house kits, signs, and visibility on major real estate platforms such as Realtor.com and Zillow.

HomeCoin offers a streamlined service that provides sellers a cost-effective way to list their properties on the MLS without the comprehensive support typically associated with traditional real estate agents.

This service is purely online, emphasizing self-service capabilities for sellers who prefer a hands-on approach to their sale.

The flat fee includes various tools designed to empower sellers, such as a 12-month MLS listing with the option to cancel anytime, free call forwarding, automatic email forwarding, and the provision of state and federal disclosures.

Additionally, HomeCoin facilitates unlimited photos on the MLS and visibility on major real estate platforms like Realtor.com and Zillow, enhancing the listing's exposure. HomeCoin also includes additional marketing tools, like free open house kits and signs, to assist in selling.

Customer experience

📊 Our rating: 3.5
  • Positive reviews across Google, Yelp, and Zillow
  • Customers laud HomeCoin for its straightforward platform and responsive service.
  • Some negative feedback mentions delayed responses and issues with service expectations.

HomeCoin has established a strong presence in the Flat Fee MLS sector, as evidenced by its excellent customer reviews: 5/5 on Facebook, 4.7/5 on Google, 5/5 on Yelp, and 4.9/5 on Zillow.

These ratings reflect the company's commitment to providing a user-friendly platform, exceptional service, and significant cost savings.

However, isolated service challenges remind the company of the continuous need for improvement.

Despite these minor critiques, the positive testimonials overwhelmingly support HomeCoin's value proposition, making it a recommended service for sellers.


📊 Our rating: 5.0
  • HomeCoin's flat fee of $95 for MLS listings is highly competitive.
  • Additional services may incur extra fees depending on the MLS or location.

HomeCoin offers a budget-friendly alternative to traditional real estate brokerage services, featuring a flat fee of $95 for MLS listings. This fee allows sellers to save significantly on real estate commission costs, reaching tens of thousands of dollars.

While the base package includes essential services, additional features are available for an extra cost, varying by location and MLS.

Despite potential add-ons, HomeCoin's competitive pricing and customizable options make it attractive for sellers seeking cost-effective solutions. However, sellers should carefully assess their needs and compare costs with other providers.

Homecoin history and background

Homecoin was founded in 2011 and is headquartered at 600 B Street, Suite 300, in San Diego, California. The company was established to create software that facilitates fast, easy, and cost-effective home sales. CEO Jon Minerick, a former captain in the U.S. Marine Corps with a BA from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Southern California, leads the company.[2]

Homecoin locations

Homecoin serves 22 states in total. It's a licensed brokerage serving the following states: 

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • North Carolina
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

If Homecoin serves your state but isn't a member of the local MLS, they can often place your home on a nearby MLS.

Next steps: Should I use Homecoin?

Your success with a flat fee MLS company depends on the package and services you select. Utilizing these platforms is cost-effective, and there's little downside to exploring your options. 

Exploring alternatives like low commission real estate agents might also be helpful. These companies provide a wide array of services at fees that are often more favorable than traditional rates.

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Is Homecoin legit?

Homecoin is a legitimate real estate brokerage. Established in 2011, it operates as a licensed brokerage in multiple states, offering homeowners a cost-effective option for listing their properties on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) without needing comprehensive support from traditional real estate agents.

How much does Homecoin cost?

Homecoin charges a minimal listing fee of $95, which grants sellers access to the MLS for 12 months. This fee covers the essential service of listing a property, but additional services may be available at varying costs depending on the MLS or geographic location. Sellers can customize their packages based on their specific needs and preferences.

What do Homecoin reviews say about the company?

Reviews of Homecoin are generally positive, highlighting its user-friendly platform, exceptional service, and significant cost savings for sellers. Customers appreciate the straightforwardness and support provided by Homecoin throughout the selling process. While there may be isolated instances of service challenges reported in some reviews, the overwhelming majority of feedback supports Homecoin's value proposition as a highly recommended service for sellers in the real estate market.


We evaluated each flat fee MLS (FFMLS) and for sale by owner (FSBO) listing service based on five core criteria and created a weighted score:

  • Quality and range of services (25% of final score)
  • Brand recognition and marketing methods (25%)
  • Customer reviews and experience (15%)
  • Cost value (25%)
  • User friendliness (10%)

Service quality

Essential services. We examine whether the FFMLS companies offer fundamental services such as local MLS listings, syndication to popular sites like Zillow and Trulia, maximum photo allowances, unlimited free listing changes, and continuous active listing until sale closure.

Value-added services. We identify and credit additional services that genuinely aid in selling and managing the sale, like unlimited listing changes, professional photography, or an efficient online dashboard. Superfluous offerings that don't substantially enhance the selling process aren't factored in positively.


Visibility and reach. We assess the effectiveness of each company's marketing strategies beyond the MLS baseline. This includes additional marketing efforts like social media promotion, digital advertising, and the company's own website traffic and visibility.

Customer experience

Our evaluation includes:

Review analysis. We aggregate and analyze customer reviews from various online platforms, creating a weighted average rating. A sentiment analysis program is employed to identify prevalent themes and insights.

BBB complaints. We check for any complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, considering how these might reflect on the company's customer service and reliability.


Pricing comparison. We scrutinize the actual costs of the company's services, comparing them against other brands and national averages to determine overall cost-effectiveness and value for money.

User friendliness

Ease of use. The user-friendliness of the company's app or portal is evaluated, focusing on the simplicity of uploading and managing listings and the overall user experience.

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