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SHARE is a real estate brokerage that offers homeowners a cost-efficient way to sell their properties using their flat fee MLS listing service.

The company allows sellers to choose between different service levels when listing their properties on the MLS. For those seeking more support, also connects sellers with full-service agents at discounted rates. is known for its flexible and cost-effective listing options, and customers praise its ease of use, significant savings on commissions, and responsive customer service.

When comparing to similar services, it scored good marks for cost efficiency and responsiveness to customer service. However, its competitors may offer better in-person agent support and more comprehensive services in their basic packages.

We recommend comparing to a few alternatives to make an informed decision. Read on to decide if is right for you.

Our rating offers homeowners a cost-effective and flexible way to list a home on the MLS without a realtor. Its services are renowned for their affordability and user-friendliness.

Customer reviews are generally positive, highlighting the platform's ease of use, effective customer service, and considerable financial savings on commissions, reflecting high satisfaction with's services.

Is right for you? is ideal for homeowners looking for a budget-friendly, flexible way to list their properties on the MLS and sell a house without a realtor. It's particularly suited for sellers comfortable handling some aspects of the sale process to save on real estate commission.


  • Affordable listing options starting at $299.
  • Mostly positive customer reviews.
  • Provides free online resources that can help you learn about selling FSBO.


  • Staging advice and negotiation support not included in the basic package.
  • Some customers complain that customer service operates almost entirely online.
  • Neither package comes with many free extras.

A major positive of is its cost-effective flat fee listing packages, which allow sellers significant savings on traditional real estate commissions. Additionally, the company has a user-friendly platform and a wide network of top-rated, local full-service agents offering discounted rates.

However, a downside is the limited scope of services included in the basic flat fee listing package, which may not meet the needs of all sellers.

Extra support - such as personal consultations and a comparative market analysis – sellers must opt for extra, more costly packages.

Best alternative offers savings through flat fee MLS listings, but Clever might better suit sellers seeking full service at lower costs. With Clever, sellers get matched with top-rated agents at a flat 1.5% listing fee, saving thousands while ensuring comprehensive, professional support.

⛔ Should you sell FSBO?

Selling a house without a realtor requires a lot of time and effort, and a recent study by Clever found that sellers who use an agent sell for nearly $50,000 more on average than those who don’t, negating any potential commission savings.[1]

Clever Real Estate negotiates with top-performing agents who provide full service for only 1.5% in listing fees. Save thousands in real estate agent commissions today! vs. alternatives

Choosing the right service to sell your home is crucial for a smooth and profitable transaction. offers a straightforward, budget-friendly solution with its flat fee MLS listings, catering to sellers comfortable taking a more hands-on approach to their sale.

Yet, the real estate market offers alternatives that may provide extra services or different pricing structures.

Clever Rating
Listing Fee
Customer Rating
Wide range of service offerings
Our rating
$399 - $999+
4.9/5 (9,000+ reviews)
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Cost savings
Our rating
$99 to $599 upfront + 1% at closing
4.6/5 (587 reviews)
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Additional marketing tools
Our rating
4.8/5 (112 reviews)
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User-friendly platform
Our rating
$0 to $599 upfront + 0.5% at closing
4.5/5 (111 reviews)
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In-depth breakdown

Service quality

📊 Our rating: 4.0
  • Excels in providing straightforward, cost-effective MLS listing services.
  • Wide range of service packages, from basic MLS listings to partnerships with top-rated local agents. caters to sellers with an array of services to simplify the home-selling process:

  • Professional photography. Capturing high-quality images of your property to highlight its best features.
  • Creating MLS listing. Crafting a compelling description of your property and ensuring it's listed on the MLS for maximum exposure.
  • For-sale signs and lockboxes (available for an extra fee). Essential tools to facilitate property showings and provide security.

For those seeking more than the basics, the "Top Local Agents with Negotiated Discounts" package offers expanded services like agent-hosted open houses to boost market visibility further.

Despite its comprehensive offerings,'s basic package doesn't cover everything. More personalized support, including agent consultations, market analysis, and due diligence assistance, is available through premium packages.

These upgraded options cater to sellers seeking detailed insights on pricing, staging, and comprehensive support through the closing process.

Breaking down's offerings provides homeowners with two main packages for listing their properties on the MLS:

  • The Get LISTED package is priced at $299. It's designed for essential exposure on major real estate platforms. 
  • The Get SOLD package is priced at $399. It includes extra features to help sell the property, such as enhanced listing visibility.

Both packages offer professional photography, listing creation, and MLS submission, with options for purchasing for-sale signs and lockboxes to help with property showings.

The platform offers the "Top Local Agents with Negotiated Discounts" package for those seeking a more hands-on approach from real estate professionals. It provides access to personalized consultations, market analysis, and staging advice.


📊 Our rating: 5.0
  • Listings placed on the MLS and popular real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, and
  • Utilizes social media and targeted online advertising to increase visibility.

The service by helps homeowners put their homes up for sale in a smart and budget-friendly way.

When you use this service, your home gets listed on the MLS, which is a big deal because it's where real estate agents find homes for their buyers. This means your home appears on popular websites like Zillow, Trulia, and, where most people look to buy homes.[2] also helps make your home look great in its listing by providing professional photos and helping you write an eye-catching description of your home.

On top of getting your home listed on important real estate sites, uses social media and online ads to tell more potential buyers about your place.

You can also add extras like a for-sale sign in your yard and a lockbox for your door. These features can make it easier to show your home to interested buyers and make everything look more professional.

All these efforts are about getting as many people as possible to see your home, increasing your chances of a successful sale while saving you money compared to traditional real estate agent fees.

Customer experience

📊 Our rating: 4.5
  • Significant commission savings, and highly responsive customer service.
  • A small subset of reviews point to isolated instances of dissatisfaction.
  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with an A+ rating.'s customer reviews are generally positive, emphasizing the platform's user-friendly interface and cost-saving benefits. Common praises from customers highlight:

  • Easy listing process. Many users found the platform straightforward, appreciating the simple steps to list their homes, which was especially beneficial for those not tech-savvy.
  • Responsive customer service. The company is often commended for its quick and effective support, addressing questions and concerns promptly, and positive overall customer experience.

However, there are a few areas where customer feedback suggests room for improvement:

  • Mixed reviews. While boasts high ratings on sites like the BBB (4.5/5 from 20 reviews) and Google (4.7/5 from 62 reviews), its Yelp rating stands at 1/5 from 3 reviews, indicating that some customers' experiences did not meet their expectations.
  • Limited services in the basic package. Some customers noted the basic FFMLS package's limitations, expressing a desire for more included services like direct agent consultations and comprehensive market analysis without upgrading to premium packages.


📊 Our rating: 4.5
  • Flat fee structure offers significant savings compared to traditional real estate commissions.
  • For those opting for full-service agents, the minimum commission starts at 3%. distinguishes itself in the real estate market with its clear, flat fee structure.

The service presents two primary packages: the "Get LISTED" package for $299 and the "Get SOLD" package for $399. Each package caters to different seller needs, from basic MLS listing to boosted marketing efforts for wider exposure.

This pricing strategy stands out for its affordability, especially compared to the traditional real estate commissions, which typically range from 5% to 6% of the home's sale price and average close to 6% nationwide.[1]

When positioned against other companies offering similar MLS listing services,'s flat fee packages and discounted full-service agent commissions provide a competitive edge. With the clear, flat fee packages, more sellers can enter the real estate market on their own terms or with limited assistance. history and news launched in 1997 and has sold over 100,000 homes, enabling homeowners to save $800 million in potential commissions.[3] With over 25 years in the industry, the platform provides an established alternative for selling properties. The company's headquarters are at 935 Main Street B3, Manchester, CT.

At the helm of and Get LISTED Realty is Kris Lippi, an entrepreneur and real estate broker. locations

Get LISTED Realty, the brokerage behind, offers licensed real estate services across the United States.

Directly licensed in Connecticut, Georgia, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont, the company ensures comprehensive coverage through broker-to-broker partnerships in all remaining states.

Next steps: Should I use

Your success with a flat fee MLS company depends on the package and services you select. Utilizing these platforms is cost-effective, and there's little downside to exploring your options.

However, considering low-commission real estate companies could be beneficial. These firms typically offer comprehensive services to sellers but at commission rates that are more competitive than the industry norm.

👋 Next Steps: Talk to an expert

If you're weighing your options for buying or selling a house, Clever can help!

Our fully licensed concierge team can answer your questions and provide objective advice on getting the best outcome with your sale or purchase.

When you enter your info below, we'll ask you a few questions about your situation via a short form. Then our concierge team will be in touch shortly to help.

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Is legit? is a legitimate online real estate platform operating since 1997. Since then, it claims to have sold over 100,000 homes, saving homeowners $800 million in potential commissions. It provides services to homeowners looking to sell their properties independently or with minimal assistance.

How much does cost? offers flat fee packages for listing properties on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The cost varies depending on the package chosen, with options starting at $299 for the "Get LISTED" package and $399 for the "Get SOLD" package. Learn more about its costs.

What do reviews say about the company? reviews are generally positive, with customers praising its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and responsive customer service. Many reviewers highlight the savings they achieved compared to traditional real estate commissions. However, like any company, there may be some negative reviews, so it's essential to consider various perspectives before deciding.


We evaluated each flat fee MLS (FFMLS) and for sale by owner (FSBO) listing service based on five core criteria and created a weighted score:

  • Quality and range of services (25% of the final score)
  • Brand recognition and marketing methods (25%)
  • Customer reviews and experience (15%)
  • Cost value (25%)
  • User friendliness (10%)

Service quality

Essential services. We examine whether the FFMLS companies offer fundamental services such as local MLS listings, syndication to popular sites like Zillow and Trulia, maximum photo allowances, unlimited free listing changes, and continuous active listing until sale closure.

Value-added services. We identify and credit additional services that genuinely aid in selling and managing the sale, like unlimited listing changes, professional photography, or an efficient online dashboard. Superfluous offerings that don't substantially enhance the selling process aren't factored in positively.


Visibility and reach. We assess the effectiveness of each company's marketing strategies beyond the MLS baseline. This includes additional marketing efforts like social media promotion, digital advertising, and the company's own website traffic and visibility.

Customer experience

Our evaluation includes:

Review analysis. We aggregate and analyze customer reviews from various online platforms, creating a weighted average rating. A sentiment analysis program is employed to identify prevalent themes and insights.

BBB complaints. We check for any complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, considering how these might reflect on the company's customer service and reliability.


Pricing comparison. We scrutinize the actual costs of the company's services, comparing them against other brands and national averages to determine overall cost-effectiveness and value for money.

User friendliness

Ease of use. The user-friendliness of the company's app or portal is evaluated, focusing on the simplicity of uploading and managing listings and the overall user experience.

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