FSBO.com Reviews: Pros, Cons, and Better Options

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By Craig Donofrio Updated March 9, 2023


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FSBO.com reviews

✍️ Editor’s take: FSBO.com will get you on the MLS for $399.95, which is a fair price but not the cheapest option. We don't recommend its $99.95 "FSBO package," which doesn't get you on the MLS.
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FSBO.com is a business that hosts its own for sale by owner (FSBO) listings and offers a competitively priced option for getting your home on the MLS.

FSBO.com's MLS service costs $399.95 and will get you 20 listing photos in most states, which is a fair deal. FSBO.com is available in every state except North Dakota.

Note that FSBO.com doesn't get you on the MLS directly — it connects you with a state-level broker. FSBO.com also offers a $99.95 option, but that won't get you on the MLS and isn't worth the cost.

FSBO.com offers a straightforward, no-frills way of getting on the MLS, but its upgrade options are state-specific and generally bare-boned. Plus, you'll still be doing all the work yourself. If you'd prefer having professional assistance during your sale, but still want to save money, a discount broker may be a better option.

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FSBO.com, at a glance
💲 FSBO.com and Redfin listing package $99.95
💰 MLS package $399.95
🎯 Locations Every state except North Dakota
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Should I sell my home with FSBO.com?

👍 What we like about FSBO.com

  • $399.95 listing service comes with 20 photos in most states
  • Available in 49 states
  • Can buy FSBO paperwork a la carte or through a package
  • FSBO Redfin listing
  • Good customer service
👎 What we don't like about FSBO.com

  • $99.95 option isn't worth the money
  • Additional services are limited or unavailable in some states
  • Additional services can be expensive, depending on the state
  • Can't vet brokers before signing up
  • Brokers may have extra fees, like for listing changes
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FSBO.com has been in business for over 20 years and offers a simple way of getting your home listed on its site or on the MLS without hiring a full-service agent.

If you're familiar with all the DIY aspects of FSBO, FSBO.com is a pretty good option. The site is easy to navigate — you don't have to be tech savvy to use it. FSBO.com also sells a bunch of state-specific FSBO paperwork like disclosure forms and contracts. Other than contracts, which can be purchased without signing up, FSBO.com offers sporadic, state-specific extras.

🔒What is the MLS?

There are hundreds of local multiple listing services (MLSes), and many of them feed into major home listing sites like realtor.com, Trulia, and Zillow. Listing a home on the MLS is the main way most sellers attract buyers' interest.

You can only get on an MLS with a real estate agent. Flat fee brokers provide FSBO sellers an MLS listing for a fee, but don't offer the full range of services of a traditional agent.

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How does FSBO.com compare to its competitors?

If price is your concern, there are cheaper options to get on the MLS. And honestly, most of those listing alternatives provide more comprehensive packages than FSBO.com. Even if you don't care about being on the MLS and just want your home listed online, there are less expensive websites.

Price Availability MLS Listing? No. of photos Listing term
FSBO.com $99.95–399.95 Every state except ND $399.95 option only 20 for most states 6 months
Houzeo $199–999+ All 50 states but some have limited coverage or automation Yes, all options 6-max allowed 3–12 months
Homecoin $95–3,000 CA, FL, GA, MI, NC, SC, TN, VA Yes, all options Max allowed 12 months
Flat Fee Realty $179–349 All 50 states Yes, all options 6-max allowed 6 months
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Houzeo: Most tech-savvy

Houzeo is a FSBO platform that is geared toward more tech-savvy sellers. Their dashboard includes several options, like an open house management system.

Houzeo's $299 Silver package comes with the maximum number of photos allowed by the MLS and a 6-month listing, which is cheaper than FSBO.com.

But for those who shy away from technology, FSBO.com or Flat Fee Realty may be better suited for them.

Homecoin: Most inexpensive

Homecoin offers the rock-bottom rate of $95 to get on the MLS. That option comes with a 12-month listing term, maximum photos, and 10 free listing changes.

The basic plan is a steal, but it's only available in CA, FL, GA, MI, NC, SC, TN, and VA. If it's available in your area, Homecoin is worth checking out and comparing prices.

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Flat Fee Realty: Most widely available

Flat Fee Realty is available in every state and offers very competitive rates of $179–349. However, not all areas in a state may be covered.

Flat Fee Realty offers no upgrades other than a $50 photo upgrade, although individual brokers may offer additional services.

If you're looking for the cheapest way to get on the MLS, in many states, Flat Fee Realty might be your best bet.

FSBO.com vs ForSaleByOwner.com

They're easy to confuse, but FSBO.com and ForSaleByOwner.com are two completely different businesses:

  • FSBO.com is independently owned and operates out of Atlanta, GA. It has its own listings and offers a flat fee MLS option for FSBO sellers.
  • ForSaleByOwner.com operates out of Chicago, IL, is owned by Rocket Companies, and does not offer flat fee MLS listings. It has its own listings and additional closing assistance services that are only available in a few states.
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How can I sell my house with FSBO.com?

FSBO.com offers two packages: the "FSBO package" and the upgraded "MLS package." The MLS package comes with everything the FSBO package has, plus an MLS listing.

$99.95 FSBO.com package

👍We recommend this package for sellers who want to get on Redfin's listing site on the cheap and have other home-marketing strategies.

👎 We don't recommend this package for home sellers who don't have other marketing strategies planned.

Pros Cons
Get a FSBO listing on Redfin FSBO.com buyer pool is limited
Unlimited photos and a video upload to FSBO.com listing No MLS listing
Relatively Inexpensive No refunds
Easy-to-use website You're not getting that much for your money
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The $99.95 FSBO package option gets your home on FSBO.com and a FSBO listing on Redfin.com. It's one of the only ways to get a FSBO listing on Redfin — you can't do it yourself. The video feature is nice and can help show off your property when sharing it on social media.

It's tough to say how many buyers regularly look at FSBO.com for listings, so there's no guarantee on how much exposure the basic package will get you. So while this is an inexpensive plan, it's non-comprehensive and won't get you the same amount of views as being on the MLS.

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$399.95 MLS package

👍We recommend this package for sellers who are familiar with the DIY work required to sell FSBO.

👎 We don't recommend this package for sellers looking for the best deal — do some comparison shopping with its competitors.

Pros Cons
Fair price point You have to work with an area-specific broker that you can't vet before paying
20 photos and 6-month MLS listing in most states Add-ons like lockboxes are state-specific, with no uniform pricing or availability
Widespread availability Not the cheapest option to get on the MLS
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The MLS package is a fair deal. For the price, you get a six-month MLS listing which could syndicate to major sites like Redfin, Zillow, and Trulia (FSBO.com does not guarantee it, as it's up to your local MLS feeding into those sites).

You'll also get 20 photos in most states. Some states have more or fewer photos — in Michigan you get 40 photos, while in Minnesota, you only get 15.

There are additional upgrades to purchase as well, like lockboxes and additional photos. But the type of upgrade and general availability is seemingly random.

For example, in North Carolina, you have to pay an additional $15 per photo if you want to add more than 20. In Vermont, you can get a same-day MLS entry for a $100 fee. Some states have no additional services at all.

However, understand that, like many flat fee MLS services, FSBO.com doesn't list your home itself. The company acts as a middleman that connects you to a local brokerage that will put you on the MLS.

FSBO.com doesn't show you what broker it's connecting you to before you pay, but you can email and ask who services your ZIP code. That way you can vet them before committing to a package since there are no refunds.

🔍 FSBO.com isn't a broker.

That means FSBO.com itself does not list your house on the MLS.

Instead, FSBO.com uses another company, MLSmart Realty LLC, to connect you to a local broker.

Once you pay for the MLS service, you will only be working with that assigned broker.

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What other services does FSBO.com offer?

FSBO.com has an online storefront that sells FSBO signs. It also sells state-specific paperwork like disclosures and contracts. Prices range from $10–30 for single forms to $60–70 for package deals.

For investors, FSBO.com offers a subscription-based foreclosure listing service.

🖐 Yard sign rules

When you list on the MLS, some states prohibit yard signs advertising "For Sale by Owner."

You might be able to use a generic "For Sale" sign, but be aware that some areas require those signs to list the broker's information.

If that's the case, you should ask your listing broker about sign options.

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FSBO.com refunds

MLSmart.com, which handles the MLS listings for FSBO.com's MLS package, does not offer refunds once you have submitted your listing to the MLS. That's pretty standard across flat fee MLS companies.

FSBO.com also says there "are no credits or refunds whatsoever" after you pay FSBO.com for its personal listing services. You can cancel your FSBO.com listing at any time by logging in and clicking on "modify your listing."

If you want to cancel your MLS listing, you have to notify your listing broker to cancel. They may charge a fee.

FSBO.com customer support

To get a better idea of how FSBO.com works with customers, we acted as secret shoppers considering its services. When we reached out, FSBO.com offered us helpful support via email, with responses made within a few business hours.

We were able to reach someone on the phone immediately, and they were both helpful and knowledgeable. Email may still be the best option since it recommends that when you call its initial automated answering service.

How much can I save with FSBO.com?

❗ You'll pay more in some states

Some states have minimum service requirement laws, which means flat fee brokers are required to do more work. That means higher costs for flat fee services.

For example, the Missouri listing broker from FSBO.com collects 0.5% of the sales price on top of $399.95 to cover additional services they're required to provide.

Competition, or lack of it, can also impact fees and a la carte pricing. Areas with many brokers offering flat fee services will probably be less expensive than areas where only one or a handful of brokers control the market.

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If you successfully sell your house with FSBO.com, you eliminate the seller's agent's commission, which is typically 2–3% of the sales price. On a $350,000 home, that's $10,500. While you don't get the same level of service, FSBO.com's prices are much lower than that.

However know that if the buyer has an agent, you still need to pay the buyer's agent commission. FSBO.com recommends offering the standard 2–3% fee.

While FSBO.com will save you money on an MLS listing, your overall takehome could be much less than hiring an agent. FSBO homes sell for significantly less than agent-assisted homes — about 5.5% less, according to research by Collateral Analytics. That wipes out commission savings twofold.

Instead, we recommend going with a discount brand like Clever. Clever's full-service agents will help get your home priced at maximum value for only 1.5%.

💰 Incredible savings, NONE of the DIY

If you're looking to walk away from your sale with the most money possible, selling your house by owner may not be the right fit.

Data shows that FSBO homes often sell for less — after all that hard work sellers put in, they end up with less profit, on average, than if they'd paid standard commission rates!

A better option for most sellers is hiring a low commission realtor. Clever pre-negotiates 1.5% listing fees with agents at top companies like Coldwell Banker and RE/MAX.

You'll avoid the hassle of a FSBO sale, and walk away from your sale with the most money possible. With Clever, sellers save an average of $7,000 per transaction and get offers 2.8x faster than the national average.

It pays to consider your options! Clever's agent matching service is free, and there's ZERO obligation — you can walk away at any time.

Customer reviews of FSBO.com

There are few online reviews of FSBO.com, and they're a mixed bag of positives and negatives.

That's probably because FSBO.com connects sellers with local brokerages. Once you pay FSBO.com, you work with a local listing broker — whose levels of service can vary.

✅ Great customer service, easy-to-use website

Both Chris C. and Ashley T. had a great experience with FSBO.com, noting that the website was very easy to navigate and that FSBO.com provided excellent customer service.

Chris C says: Excellent DIY site for selling property. Very straightforward, easy to use and works well. The customer service is also exceptional!

Chris C says: Excellent DIY site for selling property. Very straightforward, easy to use and works well. The customer service is also exceptional!

Ashley T says: Easy to navigate and helpful when setting up account!

Ashley T says: Easy to navigate and helpful when setting up account!

✅You could get a great listing broker

Tony A. noted that the broker they worked with was very helpful and provided support. Unfortunately, they don't say if they paid extra for those services or what kind of support they received.

Tony A says: A great team that provided support from beginning to end. I could not be happier with the people and process I worked with.

Tony A says: A great team that provided support from beginning to end. I could not be happier with the people and process I worked with.

❌You might get a bad broker

Josh W. had numerous complaints about the broker that FSBO.com connected them with. Citing errors in the listing, an unresponsive broker, and lack of showings, Josh ended up going with a discount real estate agent.

alt text

alt text

This review has been truncated and edited. You can read Josh's full review at Cool Computing.

❌ Agent spam

Michael says they received spam calls from real estate agents attempting to get their business. It's not clear if this is a negative review for a listing on FSBO.com's own site or if Michael listed on the MLS, but spam like this is a common complaint among FSBO sellers.

We listed with them for 3 weeks and all we received were calls from other real estate agents pretending to have buyers then they tell you they are really trying to become your listing agent.  If this service can not help you generate leads in a hot real estate market they have no ability of helping sell your house.

We listed with them for 3 weeks and all we received were calls from other real estate agents pretending to have buyers then they tell you they are really trying to become your listing agent.  If this service can not help you generate leads in a hot real estate market they have no ability of helping sell your house.

FSBO.com alternatives

Other flat fee MLS services

Does FSBO.com not seem right for you? Consider these options:

  • 🤓 Houzeo is good for tech-oriented sellers who want an online way of managing FSBO documents. Plus it has MLS options that are less expensive than FSBO.com.
  • 🏠 Flat Fee Realty is good for sellers who want to get on the MLS on the cheap. However, while it's in most states, it might not cover your county.
  • 🏅 Homecoin is the cheapest option for sellers, but only available in CA, FL, GA, MI, NC, SC, TN, and VA.

You can also skip the middleman by finding a local MLS service in your area. Find a few flat fee services in your state and compare options.

Discount brokers

Discount brokers offer built-in deals with local agents to cut down on commission rates for home sellers. There are two kinds of discount brokers:

Limited-service discount brokers offer low fees but don't provide a lot of support.

Full-service discount brokers offer the same basic services you get from a traditional realtor while offering low fees.

Limited-service discount brokers don't provide enough support to justify their cost, which is why we recommend going with a full-service discount broker.

  • 🔍 Redfin charges a 1.5% fee. It has a strong reputation and good remote showing technology, although it's more expensive than the competition for what you get.
  • 🏡 Ideal Agent uses experienced agents but charges a 2% listing fee, which is high for this space. It also has a small agent network which means less coverage in smaller markets.
  • Clever offers a low fee of 1.5%, making it one of the most affordable full-service discount brands. Clever matches you with top-rated local agents with no upfront fees, hidden costs or obligations.
👋 Find top agents, sell for a 1.5% listing fee

Clever can help you keep more money in your pocket at closing!

With Clever:  

 ✅ Sellers pay only 1.5% in listing fees

 ✅ Buyers earn cash back on eligible purchases

 ✅ You'll work with a local realtor from top brokers, like RE/MAX and Keller Williams

Clever's service is 100% free, with zero obligation. You can interview as many agents as you like, or walk away at any time. Enter your zip code to find a top local agent today!


Is FSBO.com legit?

Yes, FSBO.com is a legit company based out of Atlanta, GA, and has been in business for over 20 years. While the company is not a real estate broker, it will list your FSBO home on its own site and connect you to a local brokerage for an MLS listing.

Should I use FSBO.com to sell my house?

FSBO.com offers a fair price for its services. While we don't recommend it's $99.95 option, the $399.95 package will get you on the MLS with 20 photos. The company also provides additional services like yard signs and paperwork. Compare FSBO.com alternatives here.

How much does FSBO.com cost?

FSBO.com has two options: the FSBO package, which costs $99.95, and the MLS package, which costs $399.95

The FSBO package will get you listed on FSBO.com and Redfin if it is available in your area. The MLS package will get you listed on Redfin, FSBO.com, and the local MLS.

Will FSBO.com list my house on realtor.com?

Most likely. FSBO.com does not guarantee that your listing will get on realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, or Redfin because that depends on whether or not your local MLS feeds into those sites. However, in most cases it will. For a guaranteed way to get on realtor.com, work with a full-service, low commission broker instead.

Better real estate agents at a better rate

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