Fizber Reviews: Is This FSBO Service Worth it?

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By Steve Nicastro Updated April 11, 2024


Fizber is an online real estate platform that provides limited-service options for sellers looking to list their homes on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) without full agent assistance. Sellers can choose from various flat fee MLS listing packages tailored to their needs and budget.

Fizber allows sellers to select a package, upload property details and photos, and then post their listings on the MLS for potential buyers to view.

Customers appreciate Fizber's cost-effective solutions and straightforward listing process, although some have raised concerns about aggressive sales tactics and delayed services.

When we compared Fizber to similar services, it scored good marks for affordability and ease of use. However, its competitors may offer more comprehensive services and better customer support.

We recommend comparing Fizber to a few alternatives to make an informed decision about your real estate needs.

Our Fizber rating

Fizber provides cost-effective options for sellers to list their homes on the MLS without a realtor, offering straightforward listing packages and online tools.

The company is known for its user-friendly platform and competitive pricing, making it an option for budget-conscious sellers.

However, customer reviews are mixed. Some highlight positive experiences with the platform's affordability and ease of use. In contrast, others express frustration with aggressive sales tactics and delayed services.

Is Fizber right for you?

Fizber might be a good fit for homeowners who:

  • Are seeking a cost-effective alternative to traditional real estate agents.
  • Are comfortable managing their own home sale process.
  • Want an intuitive online platform with competitive pricing.


  • Affordable flat fee MLS listing options
  • User-friendly online tools
  • Streamlines the listing process


  • Mixed reviews regarding customer service quality and aggressive marketing tactics
  • Lacks transparency of its pricing structure

We found that Fizber's competitors typically do a better job of providing comprehensive support throughout the home-selling process and offering more transparent pricing options.

Clever Real Estate, for example, offers low-commission real estate agents who provide full-service support at competitive rates, making it a better fit for sellers seeking professional assistance without high fees.

⛔ Do you really want to sell FSBO?

Selling a house without a realtor requires a lot of time and effort, and a recent study by Clever found that sellers who use an agent sell for nearly $50,000 more on average than those who don’t, negating any potential commission savings.[1]

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Fizber vs. alternatives

Deciding between Fizber and its competitors involves weighing various factors to find the best fit for your home-selling needs.

Clever Rating
Listing Fee
Customer Rating
A basic, no-frills option
Our rating
4.8/5 (112 reviews)
Learn More
Best for user friendliness and customer experience
Our rating
$399 - $999+
4.9/5 (9,000+ reviews)
Learn More
Best range of plans
Our rating
$0 to $599 upfront + 0.5% at closing
4.5/5 (111 reviews)
Learn More
Best for affordability
Our rating
4.7/5 (60 reviews)
Learn More

In-depth breakdown

Service quality

📊 Our rating: 4.0
  • User-friendly platform simplifies the home selling process.
  • Excellent customer support, offering guidance and assistance throughout the listing process.
  • Comprehensive packages offer various features, including virtual tours, and open houses.

Fizber offers various services to assist sellers in listing their properties on the MLS and reaching potential buyers.

These services include:

  • MLS listing packages with different features and pricing options.
  • Virtual house tours.
  • Advertisements for open houses.
  • Social media sharing to maximize property exposure.

While Fizber excels in providing MLS listing services and essential marketing tools for sellers, it may not offer additional services such as professional photography, staging advice, or in-person consultations with real estate agents.

Sellers looking for comprehensive support beyond MLS listing may need additional assistance from third-party providers or traditional real estate agents.

Breaking down Fizber's offerings

Sellers can choose from three packages: 

  • Digital Boost for $95.
  • MLS Boost for $270.
  • Premium MLS Boost for $295. 

Each package includes MLS listing services, virtual tours, open house advertisements, and social media sharing.

The Premium MLS Boost package also offers additional features like priority listing placement and a featured property banner on the Fizber website, providing enhanced visibility for listed properties.


📊 Our rating: 4.5
  • Range of packages available, catering to diverse seller needs.
  • Provides sellers with a comprehensive set of tools and resources to effectively market their properties.

Marketing is a strong suit for Fizber. The platform provides cost-effective solutions for sellers, with affordable listing fees starting at $95. Fizber also offers a range of packages to suit sellers' needs, from basic MLS listing to premium options with enhanced features.

Fizber's marketing strategies are geared toward maximizing exposure and reaching potential buyers effectively. With its MLS listing service, Fizber lists properties to a wide audience of buyers searching on popular real estate platforms.

The platform also utilizes advanced marketing techniques such as virtual tours and open house advertisements to attract buyers and generate interest in listed properties, increasing your odds of a successful sale.

Customer experience

📊 Our rating: 3.5
  • Praised for its user-friendly platform, making it easy for sellers to list their properties and manage their listings.
  • Some users express frustration with the customer service experience, citing issues with responsiveness.

Fizber has garnered mixed reviews across various platforms. 

  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB) website holds a low rating of 1.33 out of 5 based on 12 reviews, with customers expressing dissatisfaction over frequent email spamming and aggressive sales tactics. 
  • On Trustpilot, it maintains a higher rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars from 100 reviews, with some users praising the company for its helpful and cost-effective service. However, negative reviews highlight delayed listing postings, unresponsiveness to customer concerns, and attempts to upsell additional services.

In summary, Fizber's online reviews present a mixed picture. Some customers report positive experiences, particularly regarding cost savings and ease of use. Yet others highlight issues such as poor communication and aggressive sales tactics.

Consider these factors and conduct further research before deciding whether Fizber suits your needs. 


📊 Our rating: 5.0
  • Competitive pricing for its FFMLS packages.
  • No hidden fees associated with these packages, providing transparent pricing to sellers.

Fizber's pricing to other companies offering similar FFMLS services stands out for its straightforward and transparent fee structure.

While some competitors offer slightly lower initial package prices, they may compensate with hidden fees or upsell additional services. Fizber's commitment to transparent pricing and affordability could make it an attractive option for sellers seeking to maximize savings.

Digital Boost$95
MLS Boost$270
Premium MLS Boost$295

Fizber history and news, headquartered in Ladera Ranch, California, was established in 2007. The company is privately held and employs less than 50 people.[2] Despite no recent news or activities reported for Fizber, the company maintains an active status, offering its services to homeowners across the United States. 

Next steps: Should I use Fizber?

Your success with a flat fee MLS company depends on the package and services you select. Utilizing these platforms is cost-effective, and there's little downside to exploring your options.

However, considering low-commission real estate companies could be beneficial. These firms typically offer comprehensive services to sellers but at average commission rates that are more competitive than the industry norm.

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Is Fizber legit?

Fizber is a legitimate real estate platform that empowers home sellers to market and sell their properties without a realtor. With over a decade of experience and a presence in the real estate market, Fizber is a trusted platform for homeowners looking to take control of their home sale.

How much does Fizber cost?

Fizber offers various packages with different pricing options for sellers, providing flexibility to choose the services that best fit their needs. Prices range from $95 for the Digital Boost package to $295 for the Premium MLS Boost package. These packages offer a range of features and benefits, providing flexibility to sellers.

What do Fizber reviews say about the company?

Reviews of Fizber are mixed. While some customers praise its helpfulness and cost-effectiveness, others express dissatisfaction with issues such as delayed listing postings, unresponsiveness to customer concerns, and attempts to upsell additional services. Prospective users should carefully consider these reviews and conduct further research to determine if Fizber fits them.


We evaluated each flat fee MLS (FFMLS) and for sale by owner (FSBO) listing service based on five core criteria and created a weighted score:

  • Quality and range of services (25% of final score)
  • Brand recognition and marketing methods (25%)
  • Customer reviews and experience (15%)
  • Cost value (25%)
  • User friendliness (10%)

Service quality

Essential services. We examine whether the FFMLS companies offer fundamental services such as local MLS listings, syndication to popular sites like Zillow and Trulia, maximum photo allowances, unlimited free listing changes, and continuous active listing until sale closure.

Value-added services. We identify and credit additional services that genuinely aid in selling and managing the sale, like unlimited listing changes, professional photography, or an efficient online dashboard. Superfluous offerings that don't substantially enhance the selling process are not factored in positively.


Visibility and reach. We assess the effectiveness of each company's marketing strategies beyond the MLS baseline. This includes additional marketing efforts like social media promotion, digital advertising, and the company's own website traffic and visibility.

Customer experience

Our evaluation includes:

Review analysis. We aggregate and analyze customer reviews from various online platforms, creating a weighted average rating. A sentiment analysis program is employed to identify prevalent themes and insights.

BBB complaints. We check for any complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, considering how these might reflect on the company's customer service and reliability.


Pricing comparison. We scrutinize the actual costs of the company's services, comparing them against other brands and national averages to determine overall cost-effectiveness and value for money.

User friendliness

Ease of use. The user-friendliness of the company's app or portal is evaluated, focusing on the simplicity of uploading and managing listings and the overall user experience.

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