Coldwell Banker Commission Rate: How Much Will I Pay My Agent?

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By Clever Real Estate Updated March 28, 2023


coldwell banker commission rate|Coldwell Banker Commission Model (& How to Save with Clever)

Founded in 1906, Coldwell Banker is one of the oldest and largest real estate brokerages in the country.

If you're thinking about working with one of its agents, it's important to know how much your agent's commission rate will be. As the seller, you'll be responsible for paying the realtor fees.

Read on to learn more about Coldwell Banker's commission model and what you can expect to pay your agent.

How much will I pay my Coldwell Banker real estate agent?

To learn exactly what local agents charge, contact your local Coldwell Banker office.

Typically, national brokerages charge a listing commission of 2.5–3% of the home's sale price. You should also expect to pay 2.5–3% to the buyer’s agent, bringing the total commission to around 6%.

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How do Coldwell Banker real estate agents get paid?

Coldwell Banker agents get paid commission, which is based on a percentage of the home's final sale price. The seller pays the commission for both the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent, usually out of the proceeds of the sale.

But agents don’t get to keep their entire commission. Most Coldwell Banker brokerages follow a 60/40 split model, meaning the agent keeps 60% of their commission and the brokerage gets 40%.

The actual commission split may vary by location. Each Coldwell Banker office is independently owned and operated, and each sets its own commission rates and structure.

» MORE: What is Coldwell Banker's commission split for agents?

What does the seller get in return?

Your listing agent is your go-to expert throughout the transaction. Their commission covers services like:

  • Setting a list price
  • Lining up professional photography
  • Listing and marketing the property
  • Handling showings and open houses
  • Walking you through the appraisal and inspections process
  • Negotiating price and terms with the buyer
  • Ensuring all necessary paperwork is completed

You’ll also want to offer a competitive buyer’s agent commission. This fee motivates realtors to show your property to potential buyers, which can help your home sell quickly and for top dollar.

Can I save money on Coldwell Banker realtor fees?

Yes, you can save money on realtor fees. Instead of working directly with Coldwell Banker, you can work with an agent matching service that offers discounts.

For example, Clever Real Estate matches you with top local realtors from major brokerages (including Coldwell Banker) — and pre-negotiates lower listing fees on your behalf.

With Clever, you'll pay a 1.5% listing fee, a fraction of the 2.5–3% you'd pay through the brokerage. The average Clever seller saves $7,000 in realtor fees. Find out how much you can save today!

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Why pay more in commission fees for less service? Clever offers you bigger savings without sacrificing the service you expect from a traditional realtor.

With Clever:

 ✅ You'll only pay 1.5% to list your home

 ✅ You'll work with a full-service realtor from a top broker

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Saving on realtor fees doesn't have to mean sacrificing service. Find a top local agent today!

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