What Is Coldwell Banker's Commission Split for Agents?

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By Ben Mizes Updated March 8, 2023


As a real estate agent, you don’t get to keep all your commissions. Rather, part of your earnings go to your brokerage to cover admin fees, marketing, and other expenses. How much you pay depends on your brokerage. Here’s a closer look at the Coldwell Banker commission split.

What Is Coldwell Banker's Commission Split for Agents?

Choosing a brokerage isn’t a decision to take lightly. The name itself could be enough to keep your sales funnel full, which is one reason Coldwell Banker is such a popular choice among agents. But another major consideration is how you’ll split your commissions with your broker.

Real estate commission split plans will vary by franchise, and sometimes plans can vary by branch of the same franchise. It’s important to do your research in your local market to ensure you get enough value from the brokerage to justify what you pay them out of pocket.

Read on for a closer look at the Coldwell Banker commission split and how it affects your success as a real estate agent.

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What is the Coldwell Banker commission split?

Coldwell Banker commission splits can vary between offices, but many agents have freely disclosed that the splits are low. Some offices offer a 55/45 split, where agents keep 55% of their commissions while the brokerage gets 45%. Others provide a 60/40 split, which is still a high cost to the agent compared to other franchises.

The portion the brokerage keeps is used to cover marketing costs, technology, office overhead, franchise fees, and salaries of the office workers.

Coldwell Banker is known as one of the most tech-forward franchises in the industry. It invests in tools that increase lead generation and streamline transactions. Plus, it purchases national media coverage to increase brand awareness, which helps its real estate agents make more money.

But agents largely bear the cost of these tools. Granted, it’s cheaper than paying for these things on your own, but they still eat into your bottom line. And if you don’t know how to take advantage of these tools to increase your income, you won’t be getting your money’s worth.

How does Coldwell Banker's commission split work?

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What other agents are saying about Coldwell Banker commissions

Career site Glassdoor.com provides more insight from agents about what it’s like to work for Coldwell Banker. Like many other franchises, the reviews are mixed, but many of the company’s agents or former agents say the commission split is one of the worst they’ve seen.

On the plus side, agents love the ongoing investments the franchise makes in its agents. It provides educational opportunities to help agents stay competitive in the market and plenty of growth opportunities. New agents can take advantage of its top-rated training programs and real estate technology to scale up quickly.

But on the downside, many agents mentioned that Coldwell Banker keeps too much of their paychecks, especially when they first started with the company. Agents note that they can make more money at other real estate companies and that Coldwell Banker's rates aren't competitive.

For some, the training, tools, and marketing are enough to offset the lower commission splits.

How Clever’s commission plan compares to Coldwell Banker

Clever offers a lucrative opportunity without complicated commission splits, whether you're starting a new career in real estate or you're looking for a fairer commission split.

As a Clever Partner Agent, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on desk fees, marketing, admin, and other expenses charged by your brokerage. Instead, Clever sends you qualified leads and pays you a flat-rate commission fee when you close the deal. This system means less guesswork and lighter costs on your end, so all you have to do is win the sale and collect your pay.

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