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Wondering what makes a house sell quickly?

Even if you do not need to move in a rush, the convenience of a quick home sale is highly appealing.

But not every home sells right away. There are a few things you need to do first.

What Makes a House Sell Quickly? Here are The Top 10 Reasons

Want to sell your house ASAP? Here is what you need to have on hand:

An Attractive and Realistic Price

If you want to sell your home quickly, you need to price it right. One of the best ways to arrive at an attractive and realistic price is to work with your Realtor and a professional home assessor.

Your Realtor and the assessment agent should both have knowledge of the local market and the condition of your home – which makes them the ideal candidates to create a fair and competitive price tag for your property.

As your home is your biggest asset, you should never lowball your price; however, set the bar too high and stagnation is likely.

An Effective Real Estate Agent

A professional and driven Realtor is one of the most important factors in a home selling quickly. An agent's personality, professional connections, and work ethic can create an overnight sale – or drag a listing on for months.

When selecting an agent, it's a good idea to ask about his most recent sales. This way, you can get a good idea of his methods (and the speed of the local market!), so you can make an informed choice about whether or not he will be a good fit for what you want.

Well-staged Rooms

One of the easiest ways to sell a home quickly is to completely depersonalize it and stage all of the rooms.

This means that you should take out anything that could remind a potential buyer that someone else currently lives in the home – like family photos, pet toys or kennels, and if possible, things like clothing and statement furniture.

The more neutral, the better.

For a quick sale, you should also consider painting the walls a nice, neutral color and adding small touches around the house, like fresh flowers in the entryway.

A Tidy Exterior

First impressions are important! Make sure that your property's exterior looks tidy. Curb appeal is still an essential part of what makes a house sell quickly.

Trees should be trimmed up so that any wayward branches are under control. The lawn should be nice and short, as well as edged properly. The mailbox should be repainted and the driveway power washed.

Try to make it look as though dirt and grime do not occur on your property.

High-Quality Photos

Once you have ensured that your home looks good in person, you need to make sure that it comes across well online as well. This is because the majority of homebuyers spend most of their time looking at online listings.

If you would like someone to even consider coming out to look through your home in person, you need to have well-lit, high-quality photos of each room online.

It is worth it to hire a professional real estate photographer if you would truly like to sell your home quickly. Simply popping up a few smartphone photos typically doesn't come across as well to interested buyers.

Good Advertising

You've set your price. You've staged your home. You have photos of each room that are to die for. Now what? If you truly want to sell your house quickly, you need to advertise it!

Work with your agent to ensure that your home's listing is available in as many places as possible. Online databases tend to be the most effective way to get the word out about a new listing – but circulars, social media, and your Realtor's own website are also great options.

Effective of Open Houses

If you would like offers on your home, you need to get people in to see it in person. Showings and open houses are a great way to do this – however, it is important to not host too many.

For example, if you have an open house each Saturday for a month, maybe 10 people will trickle into each.

But, if you only have one open house, those 40 people will likely be there at the same time, creating a competitive buzz around your listing.

Updated Repairs

Once you receive offers on your home, an easy way to get it sold quickly is to preemptively fix anything that might come up during the inspections process.

Do you already know your water heater is on the fritz? Replace it. Is the back patio cracked? Patch it up. Negotiations around repairs are often the most time-consuming part of the closing process.

If you have the budget, fixing these things beforehand can save you quite a bit of time.

The Right Time of Year

It is usually a good idea to sell your home around the beginning of summer because this is when many people choose to move as to cause minimal disruption to their children's school schedules.

While timing your sale with this uptick in the market could cause a fast closing, it's always a good idea to speak to your Realtor to discuss any particulars about your local market.

A Sign Out Front

The last, but certainly not least, way to guarantee a quick home sale is a good ole'-fashioned sign in the front yard. This way, anyone driving by will know exactly which home is for sale.

A sign in the yard makes it easier for people stopping by to attend an open house to locate your home. It also lets those interested in purchasing in your particular neighborhood or area that your house is a viable option.

Just be sure that all relevant contact information (like your agent's name and number) is easy to see from the road.

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