3 Proven Strategies to Sell My House Fast in Jacksonville

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By Jon Stubbs Updated February 6, 2023


Selling your house fast in Jacksonville is very doable. Whether you’re starting a new job in another state, inheriting an unwanted property, or going through a divorce, you can speed up your Jacksonville home sale in three ways:

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What to expect when selling a home in Jacksonville

In Florida, homes typically sell fastest during May and slowest during October.

To set expectations for your selling timeline in Florida, look at two factors:

  • Median days on market: Number of days before a seller accepts an offer
  • Average time to sell: Number of days on market until offer, plus the average number of days to close

Average time to sell a house in Florida

In Florida, the current average time to sell is 4.8% faster than than the national average.

» LEARN MORE: Average Time to Sell a House in Florida

How to sell my house fast in Jacksonville

Best option: Sell your house quickly with an agent

⚡ Quick facts: Selling with an agent

  • Percentage of market value you’ll earn: 90–95%
  • Average time to sell: 65 days
  • Fees you’ll pay:
    • Average listing commission: 2.70%
    • Average buyer agent commission: 2.70%
    • Average closing costs: 3.22%

If you want to get the most money possible out of your home sale, consider selling with an experienced real estate agent.

An agent can use the market to get you the absolute highest price possible for your house. The only drawback is that it’ll take a little while. The average Florida home sale takes 79 days, so even if your agent is able to cut that in half, you’re still looking at several weeks.

However, there are a lot of strategies an agent can use to speed up your home sale.

Selling with an agent is best for…

  • People with homes in good condition
  • People with at least 30 days to sell
  • People who want to sell fast while making the most money

Tips to sell fast with an agent

An experienced real estate agent can use a number of strategies to speed up your home sale. They might:

  • Try an aggressive pricing strategy. Listing your home at or slightly below market value can quickly bring in a lot of interest. Just don’t list too far below market value, or buyers may assume there are hidden problems.
  • Solicit cash offers. Many agents know local real estate investors who’ll pay cash for properties that meet their standards. If your agent gives them a preview of your listing, you could close a sale before your home even hits the market.
  • Offer seller concessions to entice potential buyers. Because mortgage rates are historically high, the most effective concessions are ones that reduce the buyer’s mortgage rates, such as helping the buyer buy down points, etc. Other effective concessions are financing or inspection contingencies, option periods, or a price reduction.

💸 Negotiating a cash offer on a home

Cash offers are the fastest path to closing because the buyer doesn't need to get a loan. The financial institution doesn't have to spend time checking the buyer's financials (known as the underwriting process). There's also less risk of the buyer's financial situation changing in a way that puts the sale at risk.

When listing with an agent, you can state your preference for cash offers. Keep in mind, though, that this might limit the number of offers.

💰 Clever can help you sell fast and net more money!

Cash buyers can be a good option if you need to unload an unwanted, distressed property fast. However, if you want to sell quickly without sacrificing a ton of equity, Clever is one of your best alternatives.

Clever sellers typically get offers 2.8 times faster than the national average AND save an average of $7,000 in realtor fees.

Option 2: Sell to an iBuyer

⚡ Quick facts: Selling to an iBuyer

  • Percentage of market value you’ll earn: 90%
  • Average time to sell: 14 days
  • Fees you’ll pay:
    • Service fee: 5%
    • Average closing costs: 3.22%
    • Repair costs: 1-2%

iBuyers are large-scale tech-driven buyers backed by millions in investor money. They use data analytics to determine what properties they buy and how much to offer.

These companies extend very fast offers — sometimes within 24 hours — and pay cash, so they can close a deal very fast. However, the typical iBuyer offer is usually less than what you'd get on the open market. That makes it a good compromise: You’ll get more than you would from a We Buy Houses company, and sell faster than you would if you used an agent.

iBuyers have a pretty high standard for which properties they’ll buy. Typical iBuyer purchase criteria include:

  • 🏠 Built after 1930
  • 💰 Valued at $100,000–600,000
  • 🌲 Located on 1.5 acres or less
  • 👤 Owner-occupied

And they only operate in certain larger markets so, depending on where you are, you may not even be eligible to receive an iBuyer offer.

If you haven’t heard of an iBuyer before, don’t be embarrassed. Only 27% of homeowners fully understand what they are.

iBuyers are best for…

  • People with homes in good condition that meet iBuyer criteria
  • People who are willing to sacrifice about 10% of the sale price for a guaranteed fast sale
  • People who don't want to show their homes or conduct open houses

iBuyers available in Jacksonville, Florida

Several major iBuyers operate in the Jacksonville market. Three of the most dependable are:

  • Opendoor. This huge iBuyer operates across the U.S. and extends some of the best offers of any iBuyer out there.
  • Offerpad. This iBuyer offers great flexibility, with closing times that can range from 8 to 90 days, depending on how much time you need. It can also give you an offer within 24 hours.
  • Keller Offers. This company is the iBuyer arm of well-known national brokerage Keller Williams Realty. While it delivers fast offers, some reviews suggest it has high service fees, so read the fine print.

Option 3: Sell to a We Buy Houses company in Jacksonville

⚡ Quick facts: Selling to a We Buy Houses company

  • Percentage of market value you’ll earn: 50–70%
  • Average time to sell: 3–21 days
  • Fees you’ll pay: None

We Buy Houses companies are local cash buyers, often franchisees of national chains like "We Buy Ugly Houses," that will pay cash for nearly any property, in any condition. While some of these companies may have questionable reputations, most are legitimate.

This is likely the fastest option to sell your house. A We Buy Houses company will often send a representative to your home within 24 hours, extend an offer on the spot, and can close in days. The only catch is that their offers are typically very low — a maximum of 70% of market value.

However, they’ll buy almost any house, even if it’s abandoned, dilapidated, or seriously damaged. If a more conventional sale isn’t an option, you can almost always fall back on a We Buy Houses company.

We Buy Houses companies are best for…

  • Sellers who need to sell as fast as possible and don’t care about price
  • Sellers with houses that are in need of serious repairs
  • Sellers in markets with no iBuyer option, or who don’t qualify for an iBuyer sale
  • Sellers who unexpectedly inherited a home (for more info, see our Stress-Free Guide to Selling an Inherited House)

How to choose a We Buy Houses for Cash company in Jacksonville

Most areas have several cash buyer companies available to buy homes. Start your search by looking at our Top 6 We Buy Houses for Cash companies in Florida. Look at customer reviews when choosing any cash buyer company.

The biggest difference between companies — beyond their reputation — is how quickly they can close. Some cash for homes companies in Jacksonville will need several weeks, while others promise to close in a matter of days.

Many people wonder if We Buy Houses companies are a ripoff. The majority of cash buyer companies are legit, but some companies may try to take advantage of sellers. Don't sign anything before seeing the offer price in writing, and walk away if you feel uncomfortable with the process.

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Why trust us

Jon Stubbs has spent hundreds of hours researching ways to sell homes quickly. This research includes interviewing real estate agents and representatives from iBuyers and cash buyer companies. The author has written dozens of articles on selling homes with a listing agent as well as non-traditional selling methods.


How can I sell my home fast in Jacksonville?

There are three main paths to selling your home fast in Jacksonville: selling with a real estate agent, selling to an iBuyer, or selling to a We Buy Houses company. Each option has unique advantages and drawbacks. Learn more about which approach is best for you.

How fast are homes selling in Jacksonville?

The average home sale in Florida takes 79 days, compared to 83 days nationally. That said, the speed of home sales varies widely among local markets. Learn strategies you can use to speed up your home sale.

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