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Andrew Whytock


Andrew Whytock

May 25th, 2023
Updated May 25th, 2023


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Who is Clever Offers for? | Competitors | How it works | FAQs

Clever Offers is Clever Real Estate's cash offer service for home sellers.

With Clever Offers you can get fair cash offers from top institutional buyers, local and regional real estate investment firms, and more. A Clever Concierge will learn more about your home to make sure you get the best possible offers.

You'll also get connected with a top local realtor who can give you an estimate of your home's actual value on the open market. If you decide to sell your home the traditional way — your Clever agent will only charge 1.5%. By comparison, listing agents typically charge 3% when you sell your home.

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Who is Clever Offers for?

Clever Offers can be used by home sellers nationwide in a variety of situations, but it might be a good fit for you if you're:

  • Relocating and need to sell quickly
  • Selling a home that needs lots of repairs
  • Trying to avoid the hassle of a traditional sale (showings, staging, etc.)
  • Looking for ways to save money when you sell

Unlike other cash offer services, Clever Offers gives you a trusted local agent and a Clever Concierge who will find cash offers for you. You can choose between selling with an agent (which might net you more money in the end, even if it takes a bit longer), and accepting a competitive cash offer with a fast closing.

Key benefits

  • Flexibility: You can accept a cash offer, or change your mind and list your home at half the usual commission cost.
  • Maximum value: Your realtor will provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) so you know what your home is really worth and have the option to list for its full value.
  • Concierge support: A Clever Offers Concierge stays involved in the process from start to finish to explain your cash offers to you and walk you through each step of your sale.

Clever Offers vs. the competition

Clever Offers competitors include similar cash offer services we've reviewed like HomeLight Simple Sale and eXp ExpressOffers.

Save on listing fees
Full home valuation
Clever Offers

While there's some overlap between these services, Clever Offers is the only one of the three to offer a lower commission fee for sellers who choose to list on the open market.

HomeLight's Simple Sale program connects home sellers with pre-vetted buyers in HomeLight's network to source instant offers. You can get offers in just 24 hours, and investors in the network are pre-vetted by HomeLight, so you can be confident that you won't be scammed if you choose to sell to one of these buyers.

However, unlike Clever Offers, HomeLight doesn't pair you up with an agent who will help you save on commission if you decide to list. You'll work with a HomeLight "home consultant" who may give you some insight into local sales prices, but not a full comparative market analysis. In fact, when you use Simple Sale, HomeLight only pairs you with an agent who can give you pricing advice if you request one during the process.

Like Clever Offers, eXp's ExpressOffers service connects home sellers with a full-service real estate agent. eXp agents who are certified with ExpressOffers have access to eXp's national network of institutional buyers, which means you could receive multiple offers.

However, eXp agents charge a full listing fee (3%) whether you sell your home to a cash buyer or list it on the open market. If the cash buyer you sell to charges any fees, that means you'll end up paying your agent on top of your other selling costs.[1]

With Clever Offers, you can save on realtor commission and you could possibly avoid paying commission if you accept a cash offer.

How Clever Offers works

  1. Fill out the online form with information about your home.
  2. Tell a Clever Concierge more about your home. A dedicated Clever Offers team member will learn more about your home and connect you with multiple cash buyers.
  3. Talk to an agent. Get connected with a top local realtor.
  4. Review your offers. Your Clever Offers Concierge will present you with offers from cash buyers.
  5. Review your home valuation. Your realtor will explain the fair market value of your home (what it's worth if you decide to list).
  6. Decide how you'd like to sell. At this point you'll have all the information you need to either (1) accept a cash offer OR (2) list your home on the open market.
  7. Sell your home. If you accept a cash offer, the closing date will likely be up to you and you may be able to close in as little as one week. If you list on the open market, you'll have to negotiate the closing date when you find a buyer.


Clever Offers is available in all 50 states and Washington, DC.

You won't pay any fees to Clever when you use Clever Offers and sell to a cash buyer. If you list your home, you'll pay your agent 1.5% ($3,000 minimum) of the home's sale price.

If you're not interested in any of the cash offers that Clever presents to you, there's no obligation to proceed. Your agent can list your home on the open market and help you get better offers from traditional buyers.

Clever Offers works with institutional buyers, regional investors, and other cash buyers across the country.

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