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By Michael Warford Updated April 8, 2024
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We Buy Ugly Houses (also known as HomeVestors of America) is a nationwide cash buyer with more than 1,000 offices across the U.S. Its franchisees make all-cash offers on homes and can close in as little as three weeks, but final sale price will be well below fair market value.

We Buy Ugly Houses' broad availability and willingness to purchase homes in any condition make it a convenient choice for some home sellers, but the company frequently falls short of alternatives due to several red flags.

We Buy Ugly Houses at a glance

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We Buy Ugly Houses offers a convenient solution for some sellers in difficult situations, like having a distressed house that's hard to sell. Many local offices provide professional, high-quality service. However, the company suffers from several problems and red flags.

Because it’s a franchise, individual We Buy Ugly Houses offices operate independently, and some offices have been accused of unethical behavior, lowball offers, and high-pressure sales tactics. These issues have gotten so bad that members of the US Senate have called for action against We Buy Ugly Houses and similar companies.[1]

That said, the majority of We Buy Ugly Houses reviews online are positive, and most sellers don’t have any issues with the company. But the few complaints tend to be serious. While We Buy Ugly Houses says it's changing its policies to better protect consumers, it's still too early to know if these changes will be effective.

We recommend shopping other companies that buy houses for cash and getting an estimate of your home’s fair market value before making a decision. A good realtor may be able to help you sell your home just as quickly and for a much higher dollar amount.

You can compare options on your own or through a free service like Clever Offers.

Get fair offers from leading cash buyers

Compare offers from top cash buyers in your area. Plus, get an expert realtor's opinion of what your house is really worth.

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Is We Buy Ugly Houses right for you?


  • You get an offer quickly — sometimes on the spot after a home inspection.
  • You can close in as little as three weeks after accepting an offer.
  • Almost any property will qualify for an offer, no matter its condition.


  • You'll get much less than your home's fair market value.
  • Similar companies offer even faster closings.
  • Service quality can vary depending on the local franchise owner.
  • Some We Buy Ugly Houses franchises have been accused of unethical practices.

We Buy Ugly Houses may make sense for you if you need a quick sale or have a home that few other buyers will consider. Some examples include:

  • Your house needs repairs you can’t carry out
  • You inherited a property and need to sell quickly
  • Local problems (e.g., crime, flooding, pollution) make buyers hard to find
  • You have a distressed property or teardown
  • You’re dealing with problem tenants
  • You're facing foreclosure

But We Buy Ugly Houses won’t pay nearly as much as you’d get on the open market with a real estate agent. Plus, there are red flags with the way at least some We Buy Ugly Houses franchises operate, including deals falling through, changed closing dates, and predatory sales tactics.

Before taking an offer from a cash home buyer, make sure you compare it to what other cash buyers are willing to offer. That way, you’ll better protect yourself and increase your odds of getting a fair deal. You should also get a comparative market analysis (CMA) to understand your home’s true value and the trade-offs of selling to a cash buyer. Many realtors are willing to offer this for free.

We Buy Ugly Houses vs. alternatives

Other cash buyers

We Buy Ugly Houses is similar to other companies that buy homes for cash, such as local real estate investors and iBuyers. Like these companies, We Buy Ugly Houses rarely pays fair market value. But its 3-week timeline to close is a bit long compared to some cash buyers, such as We Buy Houses, which can close in as little as 72 hours.

Compared to iBuyers, such as Opendoor and Offerpad, We Buy Ugly Houses may not offer quite as much for your home sale, but it's far more flexible with the types of homes it’ll buy. iBuyers typically only buy properties in relatively good condition in major metropolitan areas, whereas We Buy Ugly Houses operates nationwide and buys homes in almost any condition.

Cash offer networks, such as Clever Offers, are a good way of comparing the many companies and investors who may want to purchase your home. With Clever Offers, you can compare offers from multiple cash buyers, allowing you to choose the deal that gets you more money and better terms.

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Regional cash buyer
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Best overall

Clever Offers

Compare Offers
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Service Fee


Time to Close


Why We chose it

Pros and cons


Clever Offers helps you find and compare offers from leading cash buyers in your area — all with a proven track record of ethical dealings with home sellers. 

Because Clever's network includes local/national investors, iBuyers, and agents with experience listing homes as is, you get a range of offers to choose from — including alternative deal types that deliver a higher payout over time. 

The 5-star rated company gets top marks for helping you make an informed decision without pressuring you to move forward. See our full Clever Offers review.


  • Multiple competing cash offers
  • Vetted investors with proven success/funding
  • Explore alternate offer types that may fetch a higher price


  • Legal review of contracts still advised
  • Some deal types have longer timelines
  • Cash offers may still be below market value

Offer Process: After a brief discussion about your property, Clever walks you through your options and reaches out to buyers who can offer a solution. Buyers contact you directly with offers, which you can accept or reject without obligation. Clever provides full support through closing to resolve any concerns or questions. Learn how Clever Offers works.

Closing Timeline: Most cash buyers can close in 1–3 weeks, but will work with you if you need longer. Some deal types may have longer closing timelines.

Fees and Costs: Clever's service is free for sellers - investors pay Clever a small percentage of the final sale price if a deal closes. If you opt to list your house instead, you can save on realtor commissions through Clever's top-rated agent network.

Purchase Criteria: Almost any property is eligible, since Clever works with multiple types of cash buyers.

Locations: Clever Offers is available nationwide, but offer selection may be limited in more rural areas.

Fast sales, professional service

We Buy Houses

Learn More
On listwithclever.com
307 reviews

Service Fee


Time to Close

7–14 days+

Why we chose it

Pros and cons


We Buy Houses is a solid choice if you need to sell fast or have a home that’s difficult to sell. You don’t need to worry about repairs and can close extremely quickly, sometimes in just a week.

The company has been around since 1997, carefully vets its investors' reputations, and is available in most of the U.S. 

Franchise owners have a high degree of independence when it comes to the types of offers they can make. While the customer experience may vary between locations, most offices maintain above-average ratings. See our full We Buy Houses review.


  • Fast offers (24–48 hours) and closings (7-14 days)
  • No commissions, fees, or closing costs
  • Vetted, reputable investors


  • Pay below market value
  • Offer is typically take it or leave it
  • Customer experience may vary location

Offer process: Submit information about your property and a company rep will come to your house. You’ll receive a no-obligation cash offer within 24-48 hours following the inspection, which you're free to accept or reject. Learn how We Buy Houses works.

Closing timeline: You can close in as little as seven days and you can choose your own closing date. Money will be deposited in your account in as little as ten days from signing the purchase agreement.

Fees & other costs: Typically there are no fees, closing costs, or realtor commissions. However, if you already have a realtor, you’ll likely need to pay their commission (typically 2.5–3%).

Purchase criteria: Franchise licensees can make offers on nearly any property, regardless of the condition, but most will not purchase mobile homes.

Locations: We Buy Houses has 200 offices across 30 U.S. states and Washington, DC.

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Fair offers, hassle-free sales


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On listwithclever.com
3,801 reviews

Service Fee


Time to Close

14–60 days

Why we chose it

Pros and cons


Opendoor is for home sellers who want to skip the hassles of a traditional home sale — without sacrificing too much on price.

You can get an initial offer within 24–48 hours, choose your closing date, and skip repairs and showings. The company also pays much closer to market value than traditional house flippers.

Opendoor does charge a 5% service fee, and some customers complain that final offers are lower than initial estimates. See our full Opendoor review.


  • Pays closer to market value than flippers
  • Convenient selling process and quick inspections
  • Flexible closing windows


  • Repair costs can significantly reduce offers
  • 5% service fee, on par with realtor commissions
  • Strict purchase criteria

Offer process: Submit your property info online and get an initial offer within 48 hours. Following a brief virtual/exterior inspection, you’ll get a final offer, which may be lower. You can accept your cash offer, choose to list it with an Opendoor agent, or walk away. Learn how Opendoor works.

Closing timeline: You can choose a closing date 14–60 days after receiving your final offer. On your move-out day, you’ll need to provide photos of the property.

Fees & other costs: Opendoor charges a 5% service and closing costs of ~1%. Repair estimates will be deducted from your offer and can vary a lot, from less than 1% to over 5%.

Locations: Opendoor is currently available in 53 major markets in AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, IN, KS, MA, MI, MN, MO, NV, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, and Washington, DC.

Purchase criteria: Only single-family homes, townhomes, certain condos built after 1930, valued between $100,000 and $600,000 (up to $1.4 in some markets), and on a maximum lot of 1 acre (2 in some markets). Must be owner-occupied without any serious issues.

Did you use Opendoor? Leave a review for the chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card.
Firm, fast cash offers


Learn More
On listwithclever.com
135 reviews

Service Fee


Time to Close

7 days

Why We chose it

Pros and cons


If you’re in a hurry to sell, HomeGo’s same-day cash offer and 7-day closing window make it a compelling option. It also stands out for its leaseback program, which lets you stay in your property after closing if you need extra time.

While HomeGo’s offers, like all cash buyers’, are below market value, online reviews suggest that they’re often better than the competition’s. Many reviews also praise the company for its customer service.

But if you own a house in good condition, you’ll likely find a better deal elsewhere. See our full HomeGo review.


  • Firm same-day offers, flexible closing dates
  • Reviews suggest offers are higher than competitors'
  • Leaseback option to stay in your house after closing


  • Homes in good condition may get more on open market
  • Single cash offer, no competing bids provided
  • Leaseback option comes with a daily fee

Process: Provide your address and schedule a walkthrough. You’ll receive an offer on the spot, which you can accept or reject. If you accept, you can choose any close date you want. Learn how HomeGo works.

Closing timeline: HomeGo claims the closing timeline is up to you and can range from 7 days to three months. If you still need to stay after closing, you can do so through HomeGo’s leaseback program.

Fees & other costs: There are no fees or closing costs to sell directly to HomeGo. If you take advantage of the leaseback program, you will have to pay extra (varies depending on the length of stay).

Purchase criteria: Homes, townhomes, condominiums, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, and mobile homes in any condition.

Locations: HomeGo operates in 32 local markets across 23 states, including AL, AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, MA, MD, MO, NV, NC, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, and WA.

» MORE: Looking for more cash buyers near you? Check out the best companies that buy houses for cash to see our comprehensive guides for all 50 states. 

Traditional realtor listing

We Buy Ugly Houses almost never pays as much as you’d get in a traditional sale with a real estate agent. Some home sellers are willing to lose money in exchange for a quick all-cash sale with no contingencies. But it’s a big sacrifice, since real estate agents can help you sell for close to twice as much.

If you sell with a realtor, you’ll have to pay more upfront by fixing up your house before you list it. But you’ll also attract buyers and increase competition, resulting in a higher sale price. If you’re concerned about the cost, consider a discount real estate broker who offers the same services as a traditional real estate agent, just at a much lower rate.

Even if you're looking to sell your home as is on a tight timeline, a good real estate agent can adjust their strategy to sell quickly, and they may even know a local real estate investor who'd be interested in your property. At the very least, you should always talk to a real estate agent to find out your home’s market value before making a deal that leaves money on the table.

How We Buy Ugly Houses measures up

Service quality

📊 Our rating: 4/5

  • Many customers felt that the service suited their needs and was delivered professionally
  • The three-week closing timeline is slower than many competitors offer
  • Some locations have been accused of unethical and heavy-handed sales tactics

We Buy Ugly Houses generally provides decent service to customers. The majority of online We Buy Ugly Houses reviews said that company representatives were professional and that the entire home sale process was quick and easy. But there are some red flags to watch out for.

The company falls short of its competitors in some important ways. For example, its closing timeline of three weeks or longer is not as fast as that of some competitors, which can close in as little as a week.

Some We Buy Ugly Houses reviews also noted that the local franchise either canceled the contract at the last minute (sometimes on closing day itself) or tried to lower the offer after a second inspection.

While these issues may not be common to all or even most locations, the We Buy Ugly Houses franchise model gives each location a lot of independence. That independence can lead to some offices providing subpar service.

For example, the company has been accused as recently as 2023 of allegedly unethical behavior, such as preying on elderly homeowners with dementia and using heavy-handed legal tactics to trap sellers into unfair contracts.[2]

How does We Buy Ugly Houses work? 

  1. You can request an offer by filling out a form on the We Buy Ugly Houses website or by calling directly.
  2. After your details have been confirmed, your local We Buy Ugly Houses franchisee will schedule a walk-through of your house.
  3. You’ll get a cash offer after the walk-through, usually within 24–48 of your initial contact. You’re under no obligation to accept this offer.
  4. Before accepting, ask if the investor is wholesaling the property, if they can back out before closing, and if they can change the closing date. Read over the proposed purchase agreement and have a professional, such as an attorney or certified public accountant (CPA), review it.
  5. If you accept the offer, you should have three days to change your mind and back out. Otherwise, you can close in as little as three weeks or take more time if needed.

Offer quality

📊 Our rating: 3.5/5

  • Almost any type of property is eligible for purchase
  • The company only offers cash deals, not alternative strategies like seller financing or wraparound mortgages
  • It heavily relies on wholesaling, which can increase risks for sellers

Most customers seem pleased with the offer they got from We Buy Ugly Houses. The offers are typically nowhere near fair market value, which is something you need to be aware of before considering an offer.

The main advantage the company has over selling the traditional way is that almost any home in any condition qualifies. That can make We Buy Ugly Houses a useful option if you have a property that no other buyer will consider.

However, We Buy Ugly Houses’ offers fall short in some important ways. A representative told us that the company only makes cash offers and doesn't offer alternative strategies, such as wraparound mortgages or seller financing. Some competitors offer more flexible options, which may be better suited to your situation.

Also, according to ProPublica, We Buy Ugly Houses "encourages its franchises to only rehab one house at a time, while wholesaling other properties they buy."[2] In a wholesale, the investor doesn’t actually buy your house. Instead, they resell their rights in the contract to another investor for a higher price and pocket the difference.

Wholesaling isn’t necessarily bad as long as the wholesaler is upfront about what they’re doing and able to find a final investor quickly. But if the company can’t find a final buyer for the contract, then the deal can fall through at the last minute — which is something that happened to a number of We Buy Ugly Houses reviewers.

Other cash buyers focus less on wholesaling and more on buying and renovating properties themselves. These buyers tend to have a better track record of closing quickly and not canceling deals.

How much does We Buy Ugly Houses pay?

As a rule of thumb, cash investors pay up to 70% of a home's market value, minus estimated repair costs. However, in practice, the actual offer can vary substantially depending on factors such as:

  • Amount of time needed for repairs
  • Local buyer or tenant demand
  • Liens or title issues
  • Problem tenants
  • An in-person walk-through not being possible

Also, each We Buy Ugly Houses franchisee has its own investing strategy, which will affect your offer amount. For example, investors who plan to hold a property long-term and rent it out generally pay more than house flippers.

Keep in mind that you won’t pay closing costs. You also won't pay real estate commission unless you decide to have a realtor represent you, which isn't common in a sale to a cash buyer company like We Buy Ugly Houses.

Get competing cash offers — zero fees or commissions.

What types of homes does We Buy Ugly Houses buy?

Despite its name, you don't necessarily need an "ugly house" to sell to We Buy Ugly Houses. The company can buy almost any type of property, including those in difficult situations or otherwise hard to sell. These homes can include:

  • Distressed properties
  • Homes in high-crime neighborhoods
  • Homes on a floodplain
  • Foreclosures
  • Inherited houses
  • Homes with divorced homeowners
  • Vacant properties
  • Rentals with problem tenants

We Buy Ugly Houses is much more flexible about the properties it buys than iBuyers and some other cash buyers, which have strict criteria for homes they purchase.

Customer reviews

📊 Our rating: 4/5

  • We Buy Ugly Houses has good online reviews, which highlight its speed and ease of use
  • The most common complaint is for unsolicited marketing and junk mail
  • A few sellers claimed the company canceled or changed deals at the last minute
  • Some sellers felt offers were fair, but others thought they were lowballed

We Buy Ugly Houses reviews are generally positive, with an average customer rating of 4.5/5 based on 1,996 reviews across the Better Business Bureau and Google.

While most reviewers were happy with the speed and convenience of the service, the We Buy Ugly Houses complaints we found were troubling, especially regarding the company’s aggressive marketing, lowball offers, and last-minute changes.

✅ Most reviews say the service is fast and convenient

Many We Buy Ugly Houses reviewers commended the service for being fast and easy to use. Customers especially appreciated how convenient the fast cash sale was, with some saying the process provided a good alternative to selling with a realtor.

For example, Lori C. wrote in 2023, “I needed my home sold quickly and I did not want to go the 'normal' route of hiring an agent and showing my home to interested buyers. I did not have the time to do updates; painting and minor repairs. My home was in good condition, just needed a few tweaks to get it in tiptop shape. I found G** H***** with HomeVestors and he handled the rest! He put my mind at ease, we worked out a sale amount that I was pleased with, and the rest is history!”

Others similarly noted that We Buy Ugly Houses was a good option in difficult situations, such as a recent divorce, the death of a loved one, or financial problems.

For instance, Ashley R. said in March 2024, “During this unfortunate difficult time in our life we were in need of selling a home. P*** made the process so convenient and seamless I would recommend them to friends and family 100%. He was very communicative and went out of his way to help fit our needs with our situation. We are very happy with the services provided.”

❌ Numerous complaints of unsolicited marketing

The most common complaint about the We Buy Ugly Houses brand concerns its unsolicited marketing. Many people said they got unwanted mail from the company.

For instance, Dan H. complained in 2023, “This company sends mail that is unmarked to trick me into opening junk mail. I can only imagine how deceptive they will actually be with their customers. Leave me alone.”

Likewise, Tom R. said in a 2023 review: “I am so sick of receiving unsolicited mail from these guys. Please stop!”

And in late 2023, Joseph B. complained, “This company is PERSISTENT and WILL NOT STOP with the calls or mail on wanting to buy my home. I keep getting told that they will remove me from every list but it still continues! I consider this harassment!”

We Buy Ugly Houses’ aggressive marketing fits into a broader pattern of heavy-handed tactics that the company has been accused of implementing. If you decide to get an offer from this company, be on guard against pressure to accept a deal. You have no obligation to accept any offer We Buy Ugly Houses makes.

❌ Offers sometimes fall short of expectations

Customers had mixed reactions to We Buy Ugly Houses’ offers. Some We Buy Ugly Houses reviews said that offers were fair given the need to sell quickly.

For example, Rita L. said in late 2023, “D*** made a fair offer during that meeting. He explained the process, went over the contract and I never felt pressured. If anyone finds themselves in a bind financially and realize selling home is your only option (especially if you can’t repair issues with your home as I was in that position) I do recommend HomeVestors as one of your best options to consider.”

However, not all sellers were happy with the offers they received. Steve D. said in early 2024 that We Buy Ugly Houses was “not as flexible as they claimed and they take advantage of your situation and low-ball you on the price. I had to take a huge loss even though the house wasn't at all ugly.”

Reviewer Todd T. said in March 2024 that he was “very disappointed in their attempt to lowball me on my house with unreasonable and inaccurate repair costs.”

Similarly, Guillermo F. said in 2023, “Everyone that works for this company are con artists. Needed to sell my house and they they offered me an amount where I'd still still owe and asked for additional funds for repairs. Ended up going with a realtor and sold my house for 50X.”

Some We Buy Ugly Houses investors have been accused of taking advantage of people in difficult situations. While the company says it has addressed this issue, make sure you compare offers to ensure you get a fair deal for your home.

❌ Complaints of last-minute changes and cancellations

We found some reviews complaining about We Buy Ugly Houses making last-minute cancellations, which put sellers in incredibly difficult situations.

For instance, Rickey L. said in early 2023, “Home Vestors [We Buy Ugly Houses’ parent company] made an offer on our home and assured us they wouldn't back out and at 5 pm the day before closing they called and cancelled the contract. Their reason was they couldn't find financing. Home Vestors motto is 'Our firm cash offer will not change before closing'. Thats a lie.”

Similarly, some reviewers complained that We Buy Ugly Houses tried to change the closing date or even reduce their offer amount.

For example, Delaina M. wrote a review in late 2023 saying that after her son accepted an offer from We Buy Ugly Houses, “they never called to update him on the progress. He called them several times and left voice-mail that were never returned. The day of closing, they finally called, after he had arranged for the day off, to tell him the date had changed to 15 days later. The next day they called and reduced their amount by over $20,000! They claim it is in their contract that they can do a second inspection and redo their offer. Now he has missed loan payments on the house, no one to live there, no utilities on, and no idea what he is going to do.”

While these complaints are somewhat rare, we found enough of them to consider last-minute changes and cancellations as a potential risk of working with We Buy Ugly Houses. A reputable cash buyer should never have trouble securing financing and shouldn’t surprise you with a reduced offer so close to closing.


📊 Our rating: 3.5/5

  • The company has been accused of predatory practices and heavy-handed sales tactics
  • Recent scandals have instigated potential government action
  • The company says it has since improved its policies and training materials

The We Buy Ugly Houses company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Dallas. While it's one of the most recognizable cash buyer brands in the country, its reputation has suffered considerably following a series of investigations by ProPublica in 2023.

ProPublica found that a number of We Buy Ugly Houses franchises were using predatory tactics. The investigation accused some franchisees of deceiving elderly, disabled, and financially distressed homeowners into selling properties far below market value. It also found that some franchisees frequently file lawsuits against sellers to prevent them from backing out of deals.[2]

While We Buy Ugly Houses claimed that the issues were the result of only a few bad apples, former franchise owners claimed that the issues were pervasive and systemic.

The resulting scandal led to CEO David Hicks' resignation and calls by some US senators for more consumer protections against predatory real estate practices.[3]

We Buy Ugly Houses has recently introduced new measures to address these issues, including revised training materials, more audits, a platform for franchisees to anonymously report issues, and the addition of a three-day opt-out period for consumers.[4] While these changes are encouraging, they’re still new, and we’ll wait and see if they improve the credibility of the company before revising our rating.

We Buy Ugly Houses locations

We Buy Ugly Houses is available nationwide, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The company claims to have 1,100 franchises across the United States.

Frequently asked questions

Is We Buy Ugly Houses legit?

Yes, although the We Buy Ugly Houses brand has suffered thanks to recent accusations of unethical behavior by some franchisees. It is a trademark of HomeVestors, a national brand with over 1,100 franchises in 47 states. The company buys distressed properties for cash. Learn how to avoid getting ripped off by a 'We Buy Houses' company.

Is WeBuyUglyHouses.com a scam?

We Buy Ugly Houses has been accused of predatory practices and heavy-handed sales tactics. The company says that it is addressing these problems and has introduced measures to protect sellers. The site is owned and operated by HomeVestors, and it connects home sellers with local cash buyers who run We Buy Ugly Houses franchises.

Is We Buy Ugly Houses a good deal?

It depends on your situation and how much work your house needs. When you sell to We Buy Ugly Houses, you'll likely get less than fair market value. If you need to sell quickly, it may be worth it. But you should compare We Buy Ugly Houses to what you can get with a real estate agent or from another cash buyer.

Does We Buy Ugly Houses pay market value?

In most cases, We Buy Ugly Houses pays less than market value. Most We Buy Ugly Houses franchisees purchase houses in order to repair them and sell for a profit, so they aim to pay 55–70% of a home's after repair value, minus repair costs.

Where can I read We Buy Ugly Homes reviews?

The www.WeBuyUglyHouses.com review page has testimonials from happy customers, but we've sourced both positive and negative We Buy Ugly Houses reviews from various sites to give a more accurate picture of what the company is like.

Can you negotiate with We Buy Ugly Houses?

Most offers made by We Buy Ugly Houses are non-negotiable. While there’s no harm in trying to get a better price, you’re unlikely to have much success. However, you’re under no obligation to accept We Buy Ugly Houses’ offer. You are always free to reject a We Buy Ugly Houses offer and to try to get a better price elsewhere. We recommend trying an alternative to We Buy Ugly Houses if you want to sell for more.

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We evaluate each company that buys houses for cash based on four core criteria and create a weighted score:

  • Service quality (30% of final score)
  • Offer quality (20% of final score)
  • Customer reviews (30% of final score)
  • Credibility (20% of final score)

Service quality

Customer experience. We rely on secret shopping and fact-checking interviews with company representatives to look for indicators that the company is professional, communicative, customer-focused, and ethical in its dealings with customers. We verify this information against customer reviews and interviews with past customers or professionals (realtors, former employees) who have had direct experience working with the brand. 

Offer quality

Price. While nearly all cash buyers pay less than market value for homes, we look at how competitive the company's offers are compared to similar companies.

Purchase criteria. We also look at the company's purchase criteria to see how flexible and accommodating they are in making offers. Companies that offer a fair price for homes that other buyers won't purchase can still get a high rating for offer quality.

Customer reviews

Review analysis. We perform an in-depth analysis of all the available customer reviews to determine trends. We break down the reviews by customer type and sentiment, and we filter out spam reviews to determine our rating.

Company responsiveness. Negative reviews are part of doing business; however, we take note of whether a company is actively involved in resolving customer complaints.


Trust signals. We look at how long the company has been in business, the number of verified customer reviews it has, how willing the company was to answer questions about its business model when we contacted it, and how easy it is to find detailed information on its website — including the names and contact details of specific team members. We also look at customer reviews to determine whether the company acts with honesty and integrity in its business dealings.

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