3 Proven Strategies to Sell My House Fast in Los Angeles

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By Jon Stubbs Updated January 31, 2023


If you have a home you need to sell quickly in Los Angeles, you have a few options:

No matter which option you use, you'll likely need to sacrifice some money if you're focusing on speed. However, if you're under pressure to sell quickly — whether for a new job or other life change — giving up some money for a faster sale can be worth it.

Below, we've outlined your best choices for selling your house fast in Los Angeles.

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What to expect when selling a home in Los Angeles

In California, homes usually sell the fastest during May and slowest during January.

To set expectations for your selling timeline in California, look at two factors:

  • Median days on market: Number of days before a seller accepts an offer
  • Average time to sell: Number of days on market until offer, plus the average number of days to close

Average time to sell a house in California

In California, the current average time to sell is 8.1% faster than than the national average.

» LEARN MORE: Average Time to Sell a House in California

How to sell my house fast in Los Angeles

Best option: Sell your house quickly with an agent

⚡ Quick facts: Selling with an agent

  • Percentage of market value you’ll earn: 90–95%
  • Average time to sell: 40 days
  • Fees you’ll pay:
    • Average listing commission: 2.75%
    • Average buyer agent commission: 2.63%
    • Average closing costs: 2.71%

One strategy to maximize your home's sale price and speed up the selling process is to hire a real estate agent. While you may need to lower the price slightly to sell your home faster than the average 79 days in California, an agent can help you get the best price possible.

However, keep in mind that there may be additional costs to consider, such as the agent's commission, the buyer's agent's commission, and closing costs. You can learn more about the costs involved in selling a house in California here.

If you need to sell your home quickly, you may consider alternative options like iBuyers or We Buy Houses for Cash companies. These can often close the sale in a matter of weeks since they pay with cash rather than requiring financing like an individual buyer might.

Selling with an agent is best for…

  • People with homes in good condition
  • People with at least 30 days to sell
  • People who want to sell fast while making the most money

Tips to sell fast with an agent

One benefit of using an agent is their knowledge of the local market, which is very valuable when seeking a quick home sale. Along with your own agent's advice, here are some other tips to sell your home quickly in Los Angeles from Ken Sisson, Realtor and Associate Broker with Coldwell Banker Realty in LA.

  • Make sure your agent has a detailed digital marketing plan. "List your property with an experienced local agent that utilizes a detailed and proven marketing plan leveraging digital marketing," Sisson says. "The more eyes an agent can have seeing your property as an available option, the better results you’re going to have."
  • Before listing, clean, unclutter, and highlight your property's best features and attributes. At least some staging is highly recommended.
  • Be realistic when setting your listing price. To sell quickly for the highest possible sales price, your pricing strategy should be more aggressive than "testing the market".
  • Use a comparative market analysis to decide how far below market value you want to list. "When a detailed CMA market analysis is completed and we look at comparable sales that have closed along with pending sales and active listings, we can see and make decisions based on the most current information available pertinent to your specific home," says Sisson. "Maybe it’s 5% below the competitive, active comparable listings that makes your property the obvious choice to go after it; Maybe it’s 15%. This is case by case."
  • Offer perks to entice cash buyers. "Offering buyer concessions or a mortgage rate buy-down can be a significant way to draw prospective buyers to consider your property over another," says Sisson.

💸 How cash offers work

Cash offers are the fastest path to closing because the buyer doesn't need to get a loan. The financial institution doesn't have to spend time checking the buyer's financials (known as the underwriting process). There's also less risk of the buyer's financial situation changing in a way that puts the sale at risk.

When listing with an agent, you can state your preference for cash offers. Keep in mind, though, that this might limit the number of offers.

💰 Clever can help you sell fast and net more money!

Cash buyers can be a good option if you need to unload an unwanted, distressed property fast. However, if you want to sell quickly without sacrificing a ton of equity, Clever is one of your best alternatives.

Clever sellers typically get offers 2.8 times faster than the national average AND save an average of $7,000 in realtor fees.

Better option: Sell to an iBuyer

⚡ Quick facts: Selling to an iBuyer

  • Percentage of market value you’ll earn: 90–95%
  • Average time to sell: 8–60 days (customer preference)
  • Fees you’ll pay:
    • Service fee: 5%
    • Average closing costs: 2.71%

An iBuyer is a real estate company that leverages technology to put an all-cash offer on your home. They can usually close in two weeks or less.

Usually, iBuyers purchase homes in good condition, so if you have major problems with your home, you likely won't qualify. Typical iBuyer purchase criteria include:

  • 🏠 Built after 1930
  • 💰 Valued at $100,000–600,000
  • 🌲 Located on 1.5 acres or less
  • 👤 Owner-occupied

iBuyers are still a relatively new way to sell a house – only 27% of homeowners fully understand what they are. Before you consider using one, research how iBuyers work and familiarize yourself with the top iBuyers across the U.S.

Selling to an iBuyer is best for…

  • People with homes in good condition and meet iBuyer criteria.
  • People who are willing to sacrifice about 10% of the sale price for a guaranteed fast sale.
  • People who don't want to show their homes or conduct open houses.

Sell to Opendoor in Los Angeles

Avg. rating 4.2/5 across 3,419 reviews
Service fees 5%
Closing date window As little as 14 days
Show more

Expect to pay about 0.5–1.8% in closing costs, 1–2% in deductions for repairs requested by Opendoor, and 5% for Opendoor's service fee. In our review of Opendoor, we noticed some customers complained about what they saw as expensive repair costs, while others praised the service for its fast, seamless transactions.

Sell to Offerpad in Los Angeles

Avg. rating 4/5 across 2,656 reviews
Service fees 5%
Closing date window As little as 8 days
Show more

You'll pay about 0.5–1.8% in closing costs along with Offerpad's 5% service fee. When looking into customer opinions for our Offerpad review, we saw many customers who liked Offerpad's excellent communication and customer service. However, some customers were dismayed with reductions in their offer price after the home inspection.

Keep in mind that there is a 1% cancellation fee if you back out of the deal beyond four days after the inspection.

Good option: Sell to a We Buy Houses for Cash company

⚡ Quick facts: Selling to a We Buy Houses company

  • Percentage of market value you’ll earn: 50–70%
  • Average time to sell: 3–21 days
  • Fees you’ll pay: None

Selling to a We Buy Houses company is the fastest way to sell your home in Los Angeles. These companies, backed by investors, can pay cash for homes and close within a week or two.

However, these companies typically offer only about 70% of a home's market value due to the need for repairs before reselling.

Working with a We Buy Houses company in Los Angeles typically involves contacting the company and having a representative visit the home, after which it'll provide a cash offer. It's a good idea to compare offers from multiple companies to make the best decision for your situation. Keep in mind you aren't obligated to accept any offer.

We Buy Houses companies are best for…

How to choose a We Buy Houses for Cash company in Los Angeles

LA has many cash buyer companies — you can begin your search by taking a look at our top We Buy Houses for Cash companies in Los Angeles.

When choosing We Buy Houses companies to get offers from, look at their customer reviews and how quickly they can close on your home. Some cash-for-homes companies in Los Angeles can close in a week, while others might need up to a month.

Because of the low offer price, many homeowners wonder if We Buy Houses companies are a ripoff. Most cash buyer companies are serious investors who want to make money renovating and reselling your home. Because they factor the cost of improvements into the price, their prices may seem like lowball offers. Remember, you can always turn the offer down and walk away if you don't feel comfortable with the deal.

Get fair cash offers today with Clever Offers!

Use Clever's free, no-obligation service to compare cash offers from top local companies with the help of a local real estate agent. You'll get a professional home valuation so you know what your home is worth, and an agent can negotiate on your behalf to make sure you get the best deal.

Why trust us

Author Jon Stubbs has spent hundreds of hours researching ways to sell homes quickly. This research includes interviewing real estate agents and representatives from iBuyers and cash buyer companies. The author has written dozens of articles on selling homes with a listing agent as well as non-traditional selling methods.


How can I sell my house fast in Los Angeles?

You can sell your home in Los Angeles in just a few weeks using a We Buy Houses company, but you'll likely only make about 70% of the home's market value. You can also try selling to an iBuyer or with an agent with a plan to sell quickly. Learn more about selling your home quickly in Los Angeles.

Is now a good time to sell a house in Los Angeles?

 In Los Angeles, homes typically sell the fastest during May and slowest during January. Learn more about what to expect when selling a home in Los Angeles.

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