72SOLD Reviews: Costs, How It Works, and Alternatives

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4.5 star review of 72SOLD. Customer reviews, pros & cons, top alternatives. Sell your house fast.

72SOLD reviews | 72SOLD vs. alternatives | Is 72SOLD legit? | How it works | FAQs

72SOLD is a real estate company that aims to sell your home fast (within just 72 hours), using an aggressive marketing strategy to create a sense of urgency among potential buyers.

While its high-pressure approach may sound appealing, its program is not the best fit for everyone. There's no guarantee that you'll sell at your desired price within just a weekend, and its approach may not work well in markets where buyers have the advantage.

72SOLD has a near 5-star rating across more than 1,500 online reviews, but most of its positive reviews come from its realtor partners – not customers. Actual customer reviews we read complain about lower-than-expected sales prices, unresponsive agents, and lengthy or delayed closings.

Finally, 72SOLD likely won't save you money on your home sale. It charges an average commission rate of 5.4%, which is in line with the national average. [1]

The bottom line: You can sell your house fast and pocket more money with Clever Real Estate. Our handpicked network of top-rated agents provides multiple options to choose from, giving you the power to make the best choice for your situation. Clever agents also charge a lower listing fee (1.5%) compared to 72SOLD (2.5-3%), which could save you thousands.

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What is 72SOLD?

72SOLD is a network of affiliated brokers across the U.S. that aim to list and sell your home over the course of one weekend.

In practice, selling with 72SOLD is very similar to selling your home the traditional way: a licensed real estate agent lists your home on the MLS (a database of homes for sale in the local market), Realtor.com, and Zillow.

The average cost is 5.4% of the sale price, which is the same you could expect to pay using a traditional agent.

What's the 72SOLD business model?

The difference between 72SOLD and other brokerages is the short window of time your home is on the market. Because your home is only available for showings during a single 90-minute window on a Saturday, buyers won't get an impression that the home has already been rejected by others.

According to 72SOLD, buyers brushing shoulders with other buyers during the Saturday showing creates a fear of missing out on the home — leading to more competitive offers.

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Do I have to sell?

There is no obligation and no fees if you decide not to sell. Even if a prospective buyer makes a good offer and meets your terms (such as a specific closing date), you can refuse the offer.

Do I have to move out quickly?

Like most traditional home sales, you can ask buyers for a closing date up to 60 days out.

If you need to stay in your home longer than 60 days, 72SOLD will market your home to investors at lease-back companies instead of the open market. Selling your home to an investment company will allow you to stay in the home and pay rent for up to six months.

Is 72SOLD a scam or legit?

72SOLD is a legitimate company founded in 2018 by Arizona realtor Greg Hague, who also founded its parent company (Hague Partners) in 1998.[2]

Hague Partners is the fastest growing real estate firm in Arizona. It's now achieving almost an 8% market share, 400% higher than just 12 months prior.[3]

For over three years, 72SOLD Affiliate Hague Partners has been the number one Arizona brokerage in listings taken, sold and closed.[4]

In June 2022, Keller Williams announced a strategic partnership with 72SOLD that will give KW agents access to the 72SOLD program.[5]

Who should use 72SOLD?

72SOLD is ideal for sellers who want: 72SOLD is ideal for homes that are:
An aggressive strategy to sell their home quickly In good condition and not in need of extensive repairs
The ability to list the home to maximize the price without continued showings Ready to be shown to prospective buyers with minimal staging
A flexible timeline that would allow a closing date up to 60 days away In a competitive market, where homes are selling quickly
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72SOLD vs. alternatives

The main difference between selling with 72SOLD and with a traditional real estate agent is the marketing style. If your home is market-ready (in good condition and ready to be shown) but the 72-hour buying window isn't appealing to you, consider using a traditional agent.

To save even more, you could get matched with a real estate agent who can help you sell on time and for top dollar. With Clever, you'll pay just 1.5% in listing fees, helping you save thousands!

You have other options to sell your home beyond 72SOLD and a traditional agent — such as iBuyers, home trade-in services, and cash buyers.

iBuyers: Good for a fast sale

You're more likely to sell your home for a higher price with 72SOLD or a traditional agent. But if you want to avoid the listing and showing process altogether, look into selling to an iBuyer company.

iBuyers (companies like Offerpad and Opendoor) buy homes in relatively good condition directly from sellers, but they tend to pay less than the open market, about 1–2% lower. Both companies charge 5% to buy your house.

Both Offerpad and Opendoor also offer flexible closing dates, so you can choose a date months down the road if you need more time in your home.

If you're trying to choose between 72SOLD and an iBuyer, a Clever agent can help by requesting offers from local iBuyers on your behalf. Your Clever agent can then present the offers and even negotiate with the iBuyers for you. And if you decide to sell on the open market, your Clever agent can work with you to get the best price for your home.

Compare cash offers now!

Compare offers from top companies like Opendoor to the sale price you'd get with an agent.

Buy-before-you-sell companies: Good for trading homes

A buy-before-you-sell company (such as Knock or Orchard) will front you cash to buy and move into a new home before you sell your current one.

Also called home trade-in companies, these services are a good option if your priority is moving into a new home rather than selling. Plus, you can still list your old home on the open market, likely netting more than you'd get from an iBuyer.

Buy-before-you-sell services charge 1–6% of your home's sale price, with some companies offering a discount if you use their in-house mortgage service to pay for your new home. Keep in mind: you'll likely need to pay rent on your new home if you move in before your old home sells.

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Cash buyers: Good for selling homes as-is

If your home needs expensive repairs that you don't want to complete before selling, a cash buyer can offer a quick and easy way to sell.

Cash buyers (like We Buy Ugly Houses) typically purchase properties in any condition, making them ideal for selling homes with major problems, like foundation issues. You can usually get an offer from a cash buyer within 24 hours and close in under two weeks.

You'll pay a steep price for the convenience of a cash buyer, though — it might offer as little as 50% of the fair market value for your home. But you won't need to invest any time or money getting the home ready for the open market.

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How 72SOLD works

Buyers will have only 72 hours to make an offer, but 72SOLD's entire process takes about a week.

Here's how the 72SOLD marketing plan comes together:

  1. Submit your home's details. Visit 72SOLD.com, and answer a few questions about the condition of your home and how soon you want to sell.
  2. Set a price. The company will determine a price for your home based on market data, comparable homes, and other information you provided.
  3. Set your terms. You can choose a closing date and move-out date ahead of time.
  4. Advertise. 72SOLD will create a marketing plan for your home and get potential buyers excited about your home.

Once the weekend arrives, the 72-hour process kicks off.

🏡 Saturday Prospective buyers tour the home during a 90-minute window on Saturday ONLY. According to 72SOLD, squeezing all of the showings together creates a competitive environment and sense of urgency in buyers.
❓ Sunday You answer questions from prospective buyers.
📋 Monday This is the hard deadline for all offers. You review the offers and choose the best one.
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Sellers can opt to provide a video tour of the home instead of an in-person showing. In this case, the successful bidders will have a chance to do an in-person walk-through of the home on Monday.

72SOLD reviews from customers

With 4.9 out of 5 stars across 1,065 reviews on Google, 72SOLD is highly rated. The handful of negative reviews focus on customer experiences outside of what the company could control.

Good customer service

Many reviewers mention their 72SOLD agent by name and speak highly of their professionalism. Customers say the agents at the company are knowledgeable, responsive, and happy to answer questions.

Knowledgeable marketing

Several customers mentioned in reviews they were happy with the way their home was marketed and that the agency knew how to generate interest in the home before the day of the showing.

Higher prices

Another common theme among customers was delight with how much they sold their homes for. Many reviews state that they received offers of tens of thousands over the initial listing prices.

Where is 72SOLD available?

72SOLD is available nationwide. Affiliate brokers operate in 38 U.S. markets, Guam, and parts of Canada.

In June 2022, Keller Williams announced a partnership with 72SOLD that will enable KW and KW Worldwide agents to use the 72SOLD program to sell listings.

List of affiliated brokerages

Frequently asked questions about 72SOLD

Where is 72SOLD based?

72SOLD is based in Scottsdale, AZ, but the company has affiliated agencies in 38 markets throughout the U.S. See where 72SOLD is available.

Does 72SOLD work?

The company claims that houses sold using its 72-hour selling model go for 8.4% more than the average price of homes listed on the MLS. Find out more about how 72SOLD works.

Why is it called 72SOLD?

The name refers to the company's business model of putting a home on the market for just 72 hours. The company claims that the shortened availability of the home on the market drives up the price. Learn more about 72SOLD.

Contact 72SOLD

Website https://72sold.com/
Email No email listed on website
Phone (844) 990-7272
Address 7333 E. Doubletree Ranch Road, Ste 100B, Scottsdale, AZ 85258
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