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What is a flat-fee real estate agent?

A flat-fee real estate agent or flat-fee realtor will list your home for a flat fee, saving you up to 50% of the traditional cost of selling a home.

There are several options you can choose from when you’re looking for a flat-fee real estate agent:

  • Flat-fee real estate brokerages are real estate brokerages that specialize in flat-fee listings with limited service.
  • Flat-fee agents providing partial service simply list your home on the MLS with no additional service.
  • Flat-fee, full-service agents provide the same service as they would a traditional buyer. Many of these agents still run a traditional business and take flat-fee listings on the side if they are referred from Clever.

Clever only works with agents that fit the full-service, flat-fee model. These agents generally work for name-brand brokerages and provide the exact same full service to all their clients at a flat rate.

Here’s how Clever stacks up against the competition:

flat fee vs traditional agent

If you’re looking to list your home with a local, full-service agent for a flat fee, Clever can help.

Clever Partner Agents still provide full service. That includes professional photos, marketing on the MLS and hundreds of other sites, showings, open houses, and everything you need to get to closing. They understand that even though they are working at a discount, their business is growing due to the volume of sellers Clever sends them. Our Partner Agents also know that if they do a great job and receive good reviews, sellers are likely to use them to buy, therefore making them more commission over time.

Call us at 1-833-2-CLEVER or complete our online form to get connected a top rated local real estate agent that will list your home for a flat fee.

Is there a difference between a flat-fee real estate agent and a traditional agent?

Flat-fee real estate agents are licensed agents or brokers, just like their traditional counterparts. However, not all flat-fee agents provide the same service that a traditional agent charges.

Some agents will simply list your house on the MLS and won’t help you with marketing, pricing, photos, inspections, or other crucial aspects of the transaction.

It’s important to ask your agent exactly what services they will provide before you sign with any flat-fee real estate agent or broker.

Because of the flat fee, many agents will slash the services they provide to their clients. However, there are agents that use technology to streamline their process, work with more customers, and provide an outstanding service at the same rate no matter the price of the home. When it comes to selling your home, make sure to do your research so that you pick an agent who will provide you the most value possible.

The bottom line when comparing traditional agents versus Clever flat-fee agents is savings:

flat fee agents vs traditional agents


How is Clever different than other flat-fee real estate companies?

Clever partners with agents around the country who agree to list your home for a flat fee, in addition to their traditional business.

They provide the exact same service to Clever customers that they provide to their traditional customers, including the use of their branding when listing your home. That means the “for sale” sign in your yard won’t have Clever branding. Instead, potential buyers will have no idea that you saved on commissions when you listed your home.

When prospective buyers don’t know that you listed your home for less, they can’t take that information into account and submit a lowball offer.

That said, we believe that saving money on commissions is great, but only if you still receive the high-quality service and seamless experience that results from the traditional commission. To ensure that you will have a stress-free sale, Clever is very careful about which agents we allow on our partner network.

Why do agents work with Clever for a flat-free commission?

One of the biggest costs for a real estate agent is marketing to find new customers.

Agents who partner with Clever receive a constant stream of buyers and sellers without having to spend time prospecting.

Working with Clever provides additional income, new connections, and increases their brand around town. Our Partner Agents know that they will only receive clients from Clever if they maintain a high standard of service and provide the exact same services they do to their traditional customers for this reason.

Clever looks to partner with agents in the top 5% in their local market and who want to make it into the top 1% for the recognition and awards that it brings. These agents understand the importance of their reputation, and provide the same great service to all of their clients, regardless of how much they are paid in commission.

What services do Clever’s flat-fee Partner Agents provide?

Our partner agents and realtors provide the following services:

  • Comparative market analysis
  • Professional price opinion
  • Provide staging tips and professional photos
  • Listing on the MLS, Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, and many other real estate marketplaces
  • Leading negotiations when an offer comes in
  • Coordinating inspections, the title, escrow, and closing
  • Offering advice every step of the way

Sound like a full service listing? That’s because it is.

Clever Partner Agents provide the exact same experience as a traditional agent—for a flat fee.

What are home sellers saying about Clever flat fee agents?



Clever Flat-Fee Real Estate Agent FAQs

How does Clever make money charging only $3,000?

Clever is able to charge a small flat fee and remain profitable because we’ve created a system that streamlines the process of connecting buyers and sellers of real estate with great agents. Our low rates allows us and our agents to achieve a significant volume while keeping costs down.

At Clever, we spend our time assisting potential sellers and buyers. When the time is right, we connect these individuals with our agents. This helps our partner agents by not having to focus on looking for new clients, which means they can spend more time helping you buy or sell a home.

Why do agents love working with Clever? Because they know that if they provide high-quality service that receives good reviews, we will send them a constant stream of business, so they never have to worry where their next deal is coming from.

How does the flat-fee listing process work?

The flat-fee listing process works exactly the same way as a traditional listing. Your agent will be with you every step of the way from listing to close doing everything they can to make your sale simple and stress-free, while netting you the most cash at closing as possible.

The process starts when Clever connects you to one of our Partner Agents, whom you can interview by phone or in-person. Your agent will assess your home, provide a comparative market analysis (CMA) that lets you know how your home compares to others in the area, and recommend a listing price.

If you decide to move forward, the process is the same as working with any other agent. Your agent will coordinate photos, marketing, showings, open houses, and everything you need to get through to closing.

The only difference? When you get to the closing table, you’ll save thousands on commission!

Does a Clever flat-free real estate agent provide a lockbox and sign in the yard?

Yes. Your local agent will provide a lockbox on your front door and sign in the yard with the branding of their local brokerage.

The only people who will know that you listed for a discount are you, your agent, and Clever.

Does a flat-fee listing look different than traditional listing?

Most listings that aren’t led by a full-service agent will look different, which makes buyers and their agents suspicious that you’re saving on seller commission.

Clever is different.

Because we match you with a local real estate agent in your community who mostly does traditional listings, your listing will look identical other homes for sale in your market.

We believe that this is important. If prospective buyers know how much you’re saving on commission, they might factor that into their offer.

Does a Clever listing include photos?

Yes, your Partner Agent will either take photos or hire a professional photographer. Some Partner Agents will even include a 3D virtual home tour.

When is payment due?

With Clever, you only pay if your home sells.

If your home doesn’t sell, you don’t owe us a dime.

We don’t charge anything upfront because we’re confident that our partner agents will do a great job getting your home sold!

Why are flat-fee agents better than for sale by owner?

According to the National Association of Realtors, only 8% of homes sell for sale by owner. Of those, they sell for an average of $50,000 less than homes listing with an agent.

Clever allows you to receive the price increase that comes with a full service agent, while enjoying some of the savings on commission that comes from selling FSBO.

Are there any additional fees?

Clever has no hidden fees.

In addition to the fee to your Clever partner agent, you still must pay the typical buyer fee that will be recommended by your agent. And regardless of who you list with, you will still need to pay closing costs. Closing costs are usually substantially lower when you sell compared to when you buy.

Case Studies

The Situation

Brian and Sarah found out they were having a daughter and wanted to sell their small home to buy a larger one where they could raise their family. Money was tight, and they needed all of the proceeds from the sale of their house to use as down payment on a new, bigger house.

They couldn’t afford to pay 6% to a real estate agent and afford the down payment on the home they needed to raise a family.

Brian and Sarah began looking at homes but weren’t sure what they would be able to afford, or which areas would have the best school districts for their children.

The Solution

Brian and Sarah contacted Clever Real Estate and got connected to a local agent who listed their home for a flat $3,000 fee.

Their home sold quickly! The extra $7,000 they saved on commission helped them fund their down payment on a new, larger home.

Their Clever Partner Agent also showed them which areas have the best schools and were close to public transportation.

When buying their new home, their Clever Partner Agent also provided them a small commission rebate, which allowed them to buy points on their mortgage, made their new home more affordable, and helped them save money on their monthly mortgage payments.

The Result

  • Brian and Sarah were able to buy their dream home.
  • They avoided high commissions and preserved their equity.
  • Brian and Sarah were able to afford a large home in a better school district for their new baby.
  • They saved money on both selling the old house and buying their new home.


The Situation

Joe bought a home at the peak of the real estate bubble in 2007 and was concerned that he was still underwater on his mortgage. Then Joe took a new job in another state and had to sell his home so he could move.

Joe didn’t have the cash saved up to pay for the down payment on a new home and he didn’t want to bring capital to the closing table when he sold his old one.

Joe was very concerned that the commission from selling his home would mean he couldn’t afford a similar home in his new town.

He began to search for other ways to sell his home and save on commission.

The Solution

While Joe was researching, he discovered Clever Real Estate and decided to give us a shot. He got connected to a fantastic local agent who visited his home, gave him a better idea of what his home was worth, and calculated how much he could expect to walk away with at close.

Joe liked what he heard and decided to list with a Clever Partner Agent.

Joe’s agent sold his home quickly, and the $9,000 he saved in commission actually provided a small profit at the closing table.

The Result

  • Joe was able to buy a new home in another state.
  • Joe didn’t have to bring cash to the closing table.
  • Joe used the profit from selling his home to help pay the down payment on his new home.

How can Clever help me find a flat-fee agent?

Clever has local flat-fee partner agents nationwide! To get connected with a full-service, local agent who will list your home for a flat fee, fill out our simple form or call us at 1-833-2-CLEVER.

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