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Jamie Ayers


Jamie Ayers

May 16th, 2023
Updated May 16th, 2023


What is Assist-2-Sell? | Assist-2-Sell fees | How the savings work | Other discount brokerages | Buyer rebates | Locations | Find Assist-2-Sell reviews from real customers

Assist-2-Sell reviews

✍️ Editor’s take: Assist-2-Sell's low fees offer potential savings. But a flawed business model makes it a riskier choice than other discount options.

Assist-2-Sell is a real estate franchise with 126 offices nationwide.

All Assist-2-Sell offices offer discounted fees for home sellers, but rates and service quality may vary significantly by location. Assist-2-Sell reviews from past customers show that the company's general business model creates substantial trade-offs in terms of customer service and agent quality.

Overall, most sellers will find better savings, agents, and service with a different discount brand.

For example, Clever Real Estate connects you with top local agents from well-known brokerages such as Keller Williams and Century 21. Sellers pay a listing fee of just 1.5% — and you can interview as many agents as you want or walk away with no obligation.

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Read on for an in-depth breakdown of Assist-2-Sell. Learn how it works, how much you can really save, and what real customers have to say about their experience.

Assist-2-Sell, at a glance
N/A (ratings vary by location)
126 U.S. offices in 35 states
*Recommended rates for Assist-2-Sell's "MLS for Less" package; actual rates vary by home price and franchise location.
**Compared with a 3% listing fee at four different price points.

What is Assist-2-Sell?

Assist-2-Sell is a discount real estate brokerage with 126 offices across 35 U.S. states. There are also six Assist-2-Sell offices in Canada.

Importantly, Assist-2-Sell is a franchise. That means each local office is independently owned and operated — the same model used by major brands like Century 21 and Keller Williams.

Listing fees and service quality will vary by location

The big difference from a traditional brokerage is that Assist-2-Sell has built its brand around offering discounted fees for home sellers. But exactly how much you stand to save depends on where you’re selling.

✍️ Editor's note

While Assist-2-Sell encourages franchisees to use its “proven” flat fee pricing model, each office sets its own rates and terms of service.

In fact, some of the locations we reached out to don’t follow a flat fee model at all — they charge a percentage-based rate.

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Service quality and scope also vary by location. Assist-2-Sell recommends offices offer a standard set of services and support, but this is ultimately up to the local owner-operator.

The takeaway is that selling with an Assist-2-Sell broker in, say, Boise, ID will likely be very different from one in Florence, SC in terms of:

  • Price
  • Service offerings and quality
  • Overall experience

Just remember to do your due diligence and shop around for the best rates and service. If you're considering listing with an Assist-2-Sell agent, it's a good idea to interview 1-2 others and see who offers the best combination of savings, service, and support.

Some companies can get you even lower fees with fewer trade-offs when it comes to key factors like agent experience and service quality.

Clever Real Estate, for example, negotiates flat 1.5% listing fees with top realtors from major brokerages like Keller Williams and RE/MAX. Get the full-service agent experience for a fraction of the typical price!

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Who should use Assist-2-Sell?

Assist-2-Sell is worth considering if…
  • You value hard savings over personalized customer service
  • Your selling situation is relatively straightforward and you have a flexible timeline
  • You don’t live in an area where many other discount services are available
You may want to avoid Assist-2-Sell if…
  • Personalized customer service is a top priority
  • Your selling situation is complicated and requires more dedicated support
  • You’re looking for a tech-driven process

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Is Assist-2-Sell legitimate?

Yes, each Assist-2-Sell broker is fully licensed in the state it operates in. The original Reno, NV, office launched back in 1987, and the company has been franchising since 1993 — over 27 years.

But there is something you should know:

The franchise has been experiencing a steady decline for the past decade. At its peak in 2006, there were upwards of 630 Assist-2-Sell offices in North America. Today, there are less than 130 offices across the U.S. — an approximate 79% drop.[1]

The Assist-2-Sell franchise has been on a steady decline for the past 15 years.

Source: Entrepreneur Franchise Hub, 2020

Assist-2-Sell is hemorrhaging local offices, which suggests its business model and approach isn’t working.

This is a potential red flag for you as a prospective customer. Struggling, unprofitable businesses often go hand-in-hand with poor service quality and outcomes.

💡 Why isn't Assist-2-Sell's business model working?

The two simplest explanations are:
  1. It’s being displaced by newer, sleeker discount brands offering better technology and customer service
  2. Its compensation model isn’t competitive enough to attract and/or retrain talented agents — they’re jumping ship for greener (i.e., more lucrative) pastures

How does Assist-2-Sell work?

According to Assist-2-Sell, it offsets its discounted rates by handling a higher volume of real estate deals than the average brokerage.

Assist-2-Sell's high-volume approach may impact service quality

What’s unclear is how local Assist-2-Sell offices manage to handle that higher volume of business without it negatively affecting their service quality or customer experience.

  • Assist-2-Sell HAS NOT invested in technologies that boost efficiency and/or capacity (in contrast with other discount brokers like Redfin and Door Real Estate)
  • Assist-2-Sell DOES NOT rely on a centralized, back-office team to support its agents (in contrast with other discount brokers Redefy and REX Real Estate)

Watch out for overextended agents!

It’s possible some Assist-2-Sell offices have found some alternative means for balancing savings and service. But if not, your agent may be overextended, which could jeopardize your experience and outcome.

In other words, we’re not saying you should automatically disqualify Assist-2-Sell; just be aware of the risks inherent to its business model when comparing it with other options.

How much are Assist-2-Sell fees?

Listing fee
Buyer's agent commission
*Actual rates vary by home price and franchise location.
**Typical rate for "MLS for Less" sales; sellers who opt for the "Direct to Buyer" program won't pay buyer's agent commission.

Because it's is a franchise, Assist-2-Sell's fees and service offerings vary by location. That said, Assist-2-Sell recommends its offices follow two general pricing models, and many of them do.

MLS for Less

Assist-2-Sell’s “MLS for Less” program is similar to a traditional sale. But you’ll pay Assist-2-Sell a flat listing fee between $2,995-$8,995, depending on your home’s value, instead of the typical 2.5-3%.

You’ll also pay 2.5-3% of the final sale price to the buyer’s agent for bringing their client to purchase your home. This isn’t unique to Assist-2-Sell; in most real estate transactions, the seller covers the buyer’s agent commission with the proceeds from their sale.

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Direct to Buyer

If you opt for the “Direct to Buyer” program, Assist-2-Sell will not list your home on the MLS and, instead, try to find you a buyer who is not working with an agent.

The potential upside is that if you find an unrepresented buyer, you don’t have to cover the 2.5-3% buyer’s agent commission. You just pay Assist-2-Sell the flat $2,995-$8,995 fee.

📢 Why Assist-2-Sell's "Direct to Buyer" package is risky

The "Direct to Buyer" package offers big savings — but it also comes with major risks:
  • About 90% of home buyers work with an agent
  • By not offering a buyer’s agent commission or listing on the MLS, your pool of prospective buyers shrinks significantly
  • This could make it incredibly difficult to sell your home, resulting in a longer timeline, lower sale price, or outright failure to sell

Typical pricing model

Most Assist-2-Sell offices follow the same tiered pricing structure for both MLS for Less and Direct to Buyer. The difference is whether you have to pay the buyer’s agent commission or not.

For example, if you list a home for $300,000 with Assist-2-Sell and opt for the MLS for Less package, you’ll pay $3,995 to Assist-2-Sell and 2.5-3% to the buyer’s agent.

If you sold the same house via Direct to Buyer, you’d only pay the $3,995 to Assist-2-Sell.

Here’s an example of the fee structure for an Assist-2-Sell office in Denver, CO, which is typical for many A2S offices:[2]

Home price
Flat listing fee*
*Actual pricing structure may vary by location.

While many Assist-2-Sell offices follow the above flat fee pricing model (or something similar), other offices charge a reduced listing commission fee — for example, 1.5% of the home’s final purchase price.[3]

While the savings and actual terms of service will vary by location, you’ll generally pay a 1-2% listing fee.

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Assist-2-Sell offers "for sale by owner" services too

Many Assist-2-Sell offices also offer a “Paperwork Only” package to “for sale by owner” (FSBO) sellers — essentially a transaction coordinator service — in the range of $1,495–$1,995.

The Paperwork Only offering is designed for people who already know their buyer — i.e., if you’re selling to a family member or friend — and just need help with the contracts and legal documents.

If you are considering hiring Assist-2-Sell for a “Paperwork Only” transaction, compare their prices with real estate attorneysin your area.

A real estate attorney typically only costs $500–$1,500, depending on your situation and the complexity of the sale, and can provide roughly the same set of services.

Assist-2-Sell customers save an average of $6,755

Based on the standard flat fee pricing model outlined in the section above, Assist-2-Sell customers save an average of $6,755, compared with a 3% listing commission fee.

Home price
Effective rate
*Compared with a 3% listing fee.

Compare multiple agents to get the best value

If you’re considering a discount broker like Assist-2-Sell, it’s important to know the average commission rate in your area so you can compare the savings on offer against a baseline and shop around for the best value.

Also, choose the agent or service that will get you the best price for your home — not just charge you the lowest commission. Saving 1.5% on realtor fees is nice, but not if your home sells for 15% below its fair market value!

» SAVE: Sell with a top local realtor for just 1.5%

How good are Assist-2-Sell Agents?

All Assist-2-Sell agents are fully licensed and will provide the same general range of services you’d expect from a traditional realtor.

That said, there are a few key differences you should be aware of.

You may get less hands-on service and support

As was discussed in previous sections, Assist-2-Sell’s business model depends on its agents handling a higher volume of customers to offset the discounted rates.

This increases the chances you may experience:

  • Limited attention and hands-on guidance
  • Gaps in communication
  • Disorganization, mistakes, and delays

At best, these kinds of issues will add undue stress to an already stressful process. At worst, they could adversely affect your sale or even derail it entirely.

Agents don't have a competitive compensation structure

Compared with other discount and traditional brokerages, Assist-2-Sell’s compensation structure is not very competitive. This is a potential red flag from an “agent quality” perspective.

Unlike other discount brokers that hire agents as salaried employees, Assist-2-Sell uses the same general “commission split” model as traditional brokerages like RE/MAX and Keller Williams.

💡 How do commission splits work?

When an agent gets paid for closing a deal, they must split a predetermined amount of their fee — typically a percentage — with their broker.

» MORE: How real estate agents get paid

While commission splits aren’t intrinsically problematic, remember that Assist-2-Sell charges less than traditional brokers. That means Assist-2-Sell agents earn less per individual sale because they’re splitting a smaller pot.

The agents make up for this by taking on more customers, but Assist-2-Sell doesn’t offer any sort of technology or support to help them effectively manage the heavier workload.

Assist-2-Sell may not attract top-notch agents

Assist-2-Sell's compensation structure has negative implications for the quality of service on offer. It also suggests Assist-2-Sell is probably not attracting top-notch agents.

With most traditional brokerages offering more competitive splits — and other discount brokerages offering stability with salaries, benefits, and bonuses — it’s hard to imagine why a talented agent would choose to work harder and earn less with Assist-2-Sell…

This might help explain the 79% drop in Assist-2-Sell offices over the past decade we mentioned earlier in this review.

Agent quality and experience is mixed

Just like with realtors from traditional brokerages like Keller Williams or RE/MAX, quality will vary considerably from office to office — and agent to agent.


You’re hiring an individual, not a brand!

Interview your Assist-2-Sell agent along with several others from different brokerages and services. Compare key factors like price, relevant experience, approach, and personality.

Selling a house is a high-stakes, high-stress endeavor. It pays to shop around not only for the best rate but also the best fit for your situation and goals.

How does Assist-2-Sell compare to similar services?

Avg customer rating
4.9 (1,995 reviews)
3.7 (301 reviews)
Listing fee

1.5% (min. $3,000)
1.5% (min. fees vary)
Avg Savings*


*Average fee compared with a 3% commission at four price points: $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, $750,000.

Assist-2-Sell's savings are real — but not the best

While Assist-2-Sell is considerably cheaper than a traditional realtor, its savings compared with other discount servicesare average at best.

If hard cost savings are your top priority, you can definitely find better rates elsewhere.

✍️ Editor's note

Remember that Assist-2-Sell’s savings are by no means guaranteed!

Because of its franchise model, the actual amount you stand to save depends on your location. You’ll need to contact your local Assist-2-Sell office to verify its pricing and terms of service.

Other discount brokers offer TRUE flat fee pricing

Assist-2-Sell has a tiered pricing model, which means the fee increases alongside the home value. Some other discount brokers, such as Redefy and Houwzer, offer true flat fee models(at least up to a certain price), which offer better savings at higher price points.

Agent-matching services may offer better overall value

In terms of overall value — i.e., cost-savings and service — Clever’s agent-matching service is probably your best bet. Clever pre-negotiates low rates on your behalf (lower than Assist-2-Sell’s flat fees) with top local agents from traditional brokerages like RE/MAX and Century 21.

» MORE: How can Clever help me save on realtor fees?

Service quality and scope varies by location

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: every Assist-2-Sell office is independently owned and operated, which means customer experiences and service quality will vary by location.

Some offices have stellar reviews — others, not so much

As you’ll find in Assist-2-Sell reviews, many Assist-2-Sell offices seem to provide consistently stellar, 5-star service and support — others, not so much…

✍️ Editor's note

While it’s difficult to make sweeping statements about any franchise (the Wendy’s near your house might make a better burger than the one across town), we can point out inherent risks with the overall business model that could affect service quality.

Don't hire any realtor without shopping around

If you’re thinking about hiring an Assist-2-Sell agent, compare them to other discount services and traditional agents in your area based on the following criteria:

  • Experience in the specific neighborhood and price range you’re targeting
  • Past customer reviews and testimonials
  • Communication style and responsiveness
  • Their estimate of your home’s value
  • And finally, the fees they charge, too!

Selling and/or buying a house may be one of the biggest financial transactions of your life — it pays to take your time and find the right person for the job.

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Assist-2-Sell is NOT a tech-forward brand

One look at Assist-2-Sell and its franchisees’ websites makes one thing extremely clear: this is not a tech-forward brand. In particular, the websites for local Assist-2-Sell offices are a bit dated, which makes them difficult to navigate and understand.

Most discount brokers embrace technology

Buying and selling property has become an increasingly technology-driven process. Most discount real estate brands are tech start-ups that emerged to capitalize on this fact. As an older company, Assist-2-Sell is a bit of an outlier in this regard.

Assist-2-Sell's dated tech could put you at a disadvantage

Choosing to sell with a brand that has struggled to keep up with the times could put you at a competitive disadvantage — or simply be a frustrating experience, considering our collective expectations surrounding seamless, tech-driven services these days.

In short, there are plenty of brands out there that are more tech-focused with comparable savings and service.

Selling with Assist-2-Sell

Biggest benefits of selling with Assist-2-Sell…
  • You’ll likely pay considerably less than selling with a traditional agent, though actual savings will vary by location
Biggest risks of selling with Assist-2-Sell…
  • High-volume approach could negatively impact service quality
  • Less-than-competitive compensation may impede its ability to attract and incentivize top agents
  • Could get lower initial offers because buyers and their agents know you’re listing with a discount brand

If you opt for the "MLS for Less" package, you’ll get the same general range of services as you’d expect from a traditional realtor. That includes:

  • Pricing recommendations
  • Yard sign
  • Professional photos
  • Your listing on the MLS and other real estate websites
  • Help with offers, contracts, and negotiations
  • And more

With the "Direct to Buyer" program, you’ll get the same services mentioned above with the exception of the MLS listing.

Service trade-offs may be greater than with other discount brokers

But remember: because Assist-2-Sell agents are typically handling a lot of customers, they may have less time to provide hands-on guidance and support throughout your sale.

While this will be true of any discount brokerage to some extent, because of Assist-2-Sell’s business model, it may be more pronounced.

Exactly how pronounced will depend on the specific office and customer load the team is carrying at any given moment, but it’s an inherent risk of the service you should just be aware of when weighing it against other options.

Buying with Assist-2-Sell

You wouldn’t know it from the name, but you can also buy a home with Assist-2-Sell.

Assist-2-Sell provides the same general services as a traditional buyer’s agent, and it won’t cost you anything. This is because in real estate transactions, the seller typically covers the commission fee for the buyer’s agent.

Assist-2-Sell offers commission rebates to *qualifying* buyers

In terms of benefits, some Assist-2-Sell offices may offer commission rebates — also known as home buyer rebates — to qualifying buyers. This is when an agent agrees to kick you back a small percentage of their fee as an incentive to work with them.

📢 An important note about commission rebates:

There are a TON of rules and restrictions surrounding commission rebates. This is why you’ll almost always see conditional language in advertisements — i.e., “Get up to X%” or “$X on average.”
  • They typically require approval from your mortgage lender
  • There may be limitations on how you can receive the rebate (i.e., to buy points on your mortgage or cover closing costs, instead of as a check or cash at closing)
  • Certain states don’t allow them: AK, KS, IA, LA, MO, MS, OK, OR, TN
» MORE: What is a home buyer rebate?

Always hire the agent — not the brand

Aside from the possibility of a rebate — which only some offices will actually offer — there aren’t many advantages to buying with Assist-2-Sell, unless you really hit it off with an individual Assist-2-Sell agent.

Remember, as the buyer, you don’t have to worry about paying your agent’s fee. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection!

If you’re considering Assist-2-Sell as an option, make sure you’re shopping around and comparing it to the very best-of-the-best in your area.

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Assist-2-Sell reviews from real customers

Because each Assist-2-Sell office is independently owned and operated, customer reviews and ratings may vary considerably by location.

For example, the Assist-2-Sell office in Idaho Falls, ID, has an average rating of 5.0 on Google, whereas the office in Reading, PA, has a 3.7.

We recommend looking up Assist-2-Sell reviews specific to your local office via tools like Zillow, Google, Yelp, and Facebook for the most accurate representation of customer experiences and outcomes.

What positive Assist-2-Sell reviews say

Broadly speaking, Assist-2-Sell reviews for local offices and agents are generally positive, albeit a bit few and far between. Many offices have few if any reviews, which makes it difficult to summarize any key takeaways about the service as a whole.

Common themes among positive Assist-2-Sell reviews:

  • Good communication and quality service from individual agents
  • Smooth transaction experience

'Amazing job on both my sale and purchase'

Here's an example of a positive Facebook review from a seller who has worked with the Assist-2-Sell Utica office twice.

They were represented by Assist-2-Sell as both a buyer and a seller.

Thank you to my Assist-2-Sell agent and the Assist-2-Sell team for doing an amazing job on both my sale & purchase!
I highly recommend Assist-2-Sell for anyone looking to purchase or sell a home. This is the second time I’ve worked with this team and they are always honest, upfront, and do anything they can for their clients!

They were 'very professional'

This seller felt like the agents at Assist-2-Sell Idaho Falls had their best interests in mind, and they were happy with the final sale price of their home.

The two Assist-2-Sell agents were great to work with. They got our home listed and sold quickly and had our best interests
in mind throughout the decision making process. We ended up getting more money than we thought we could get for our home. We've worked with different realtors in the past but these guys were top notch. They were very professional and made us their
number one priority. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.

What negative Assist-2-Sell reviews say

Common themes among negative Assist-2-Sell reviews:

  • Lack of support and individual attention from agents
  • Poor communication and unreliability

Very little support from my agent

This negative review is from a seller in Florida who was disappointed in the lack of support from their agent.

They said their agent didn't provide high-quality pictures of the home or help with negotiations, and the seller felt that they would have been better off selling by themselves.

The agent used his cell phone to take the pictures for the listing. They looked awful. He said that houses in my
sales bracket would sell without professional pictures. When I did get an offer, he didn't want to give advice about a counter-offer. In general, he didn't want to be bothered with anything and was curt when I called to ask him about the progress
of the sale or any other question. The only thing he really did at all was list my house on MLS. Other than that I would have saved a lot of money and had the same level of service just working with a title company and selling the house on my own.

The 'worst experience' with a realtor I've ever had

This customer in Pensacola, FL had a less-than-stellar experience with Assist-2-Sell.

They specifically called out their agent's inexperience, lack of communication, and unreliability as major problems throughout the process.

Absolute worst experience with a Realtor/Broker I have ever had. If you want someone to put a brand new realtor that
is non-responsive and doesn't do their job, then work with Assist-to-Sell. Multiple expired contracts, lack of communication, dishonestly, unreliability, and unavailability are only a few of the things that come to mind.

The bottom line is that your experience with Assist-2-Sell will depend on the quality of the franchise in your area.

ALWAYS read local reviews and interview multiple agents — from Assist-2-Sell and other brokerages — to compare rates and find the best option for you.

» LEARN: How Clever’s free Concierge service helps you compare top agents

Conclusion: Is Assist-2-Sell the right option for you?

Assist-2-Sell is a totally legit brokerage with offices across the country that have helped many people sell or buy their home successfully. Whether it’s the right choice for you really comes down to:

  • Your personal preferences (and tolerance for risk)
  • The situation surrounding your sale
  • The quality and pricing of the Assist-2-Sell office and/or agents in your area

Importantly, there is never an obligation to move forward or sign with an agent or service when you interview them.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by shopping around and comparing rates, experience, and personalities to find the perfect fit!

👋 Next Steps: Talk to an expert!

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FAQs about Assist-2-Sell

Assist-2-Sell listing fees typically range from $2,995-8,995, depending on your home price. However, actual pricing varies by location. In addition to your agent's fee, you'll also be responsible for buyer's agent commission, which usually costs around 3% of the sale price. Compare Assist-2-Sell's rates against other discount brands to find the best low commission realtor near you.

Assist-2-Sell is worth considering if you value savings over hands-on support from your agent, or if there are no other discount brokerages near you. But most home sellers will find better overall value with another discount company. See our full rankings of the top low commission companies in 2022.

Each office is independently owned and operated, so Assist-2-Sell reviews vary quite a bit depending on the location. On the whole, customer reviews tend to be positive. But many locations have few reviews or none at all.

You can browse Assist-2-Sell listingson the company's website. The listings are broken down by state, and you can filter homes by price, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, and property type.

Assist-2-Sell locations and contact info


Contact info
Fairhope, AL
Office website
Mobile, AL
Office website


Contact info
Burlingame, CA
Office website
Carlsbad, CA
Office website
Modesto, CA
Office website
Palmdale, CA
Pleasant Hill, CA
Office website
Santa Clarita, CA
Office website


Contact info
Arvada, CO
Office website
Berthoud, CO
Office website
Broomfield, CO
Office website
Colorado Springs, CO
Office website
Colorado Springs, CO
Office website
Denver, CO
Office website
Denver, CO
Office website
Denver, CO
Office website
Evergreen, CO
Office website
Highlands Ranch, CO
Office website
Lakewood, CO
Office website
Loveland, CO
Office website
Parker, CO
Office website
Thornton, CO
Office website


Contact info
Groton, CT
Office website


Contact info
Apopka, FL
Office website
Brandon, FL
Office website
Clermont, FL
Office website
Coconut Creek, FL
Office website
Coral Springs, FL
Office website
Deland, FL
Office website
Fort Myers, FL
Office website
Jacksonville, FL
Office website
Jacksonville, FL
Office website
Lake Mary, FL
Office website
Largo, FL
Office website
Merritt Island, FL
Office website
Miami, FL
Office website
Miami Lakes, FL
Office website
Orange Park, FL
Office website
Orlando, FL
Office website
Orlando, FL
Office website
Pensacola, FL
Office website
St. Augustine, FL
Office website
St. Cloud, FL
Office website
St. Johns, FL
Office website
Tallahassee, FL
Office website


Contact info
Acworth, GA
Office website
Cataula, GA
Office website
Columbus, GA
Office website
Loganville, GA
Office website
Warner Robins, GA
Office website


Contact info
Boise, ID
Office website
Chubbuck, ID
Office website
Idaho Falls, ID
Office website
Lewiston, ID
Office website
Meridian, ID
Office website
Mountain Home, ID
Office website


Contact info
Brookfield, IL
Office website


Contact info
Fishers, IN
Office website
Indianapolis, IN
Office website
New Albany, IN
Office website


Contact info
Ashland, KY
Office website


Contact info
Gorham, ME
Office website
Saco, ME
Office website


Contact info
Eldersburg, MD
Office website


Contact info
Revere, MA
Office website


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Cadillac, MI
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Hudsonville, MI
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Menominee, MI
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Janesville, MN
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Ballwin, MO
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Springfield, MO
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St. Louis, MO
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Las Vegas, NV
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Reno, NV
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New Hampshire

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Nashua, NH
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New Mexico

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Alamogordo, NM
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Las Cruces, NM
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New York

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Utica, NY
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North Carolina

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Durham, NC
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New Bern, NC
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Pinehurst, NC
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Springfield, OH
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Waterville, OH
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Tulsa, OK
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Bend, OR
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Eugene, OR
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Jacobus, PA
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Northampton, PA
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Pottstown, PA
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Reading, PA
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South Carolina

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Florence, SC
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Fort Mill, SC
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Greenville, SC
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South Dakota

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Rapid City, SD
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Gallatin, TN
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Greenbrier, TN
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Amarillo, TX
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Austin, TX
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Katy, TX
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League City, TX
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Plano, TX
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San Angelo, TX
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Orem, UT
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Salt Lake, UT
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St. George, UT
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Charlottesville, VA
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Richmond, VA
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Virginia Beach, VA
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Waynesboro, VA
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Washington State

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Clarkson, WA
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Kent, WA
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Seattle, WA
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West Virginia

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Scott Depot, WV
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Altoona, WI
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Marinette, WI
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Menasha, WI
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Middleton, WI
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Muskego, WI
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Sparta, WI
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Trempealeau, WI
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Weston, WI
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Cheyenne, WY
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