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5 Questions to Ask Your Buyer's Agent After Viewing a Home

You’ve seen a home you love and you’re excited to put in an offer. But wait. Before you pull the trigger, you need to make sure you understand important factors about the home. Here are five questions to ask your buyer’s agent before you put in an offer.
You’ve seen a home you love and you’re excited to put in an offer. But wait. Before you pull the trigger, you need to make sure you understand important factors about the home. Here are five questions to ask your buyer’s agent before you put in an offer.

Many people find that the most fun part of house hunting is viewing various homes. However, in today’s seller’s market, it’s vital to make an offer right away if you find one you love. There are a lot of buyers, and you don’t want to miss out!

Having a buyer’s agent on your side is essential to find a great home you can afford. If you’d like a full-service buying experience from a top-rated agent, contact Clever today.

Once you’ve seen a home, there are some questions you should ask before you make an offer. Here are five questions to keep in mind.

1. Is the price reasonable?

Remember that not every seller and seller’s agent is skilled at setting an appropriate price. Ask your buyer’s agent if the price is reasonable given what you saw at the property.

An experienced agent will be an expert in your local market and will review comparable properties for you. They’ll know if the price for the home makes sense.

Remember, your mortgage company will only approve the amount they come up with on their appraisal. If you offer more than that, you have to make up the difference yourself.

2. Did you notice any repairs that are needed?

Having another set of eyes looking at the property can be very important, especially if you get excited about certain features you love. You may have noticed some important repairs, but ask your buyer’s agent as well.

Things like paint and wallpaper may be easy to fix yourself, but other repairs take a lot more effort. Don’t assume all repairs cost thousands of dollars but definitely watch out for any water damage. It usually means there’s a bigger issue and it’s very hard to fix.

3. How is this area or neighborhood?

If you aren’t familiar with the city or area you’re buying in, it’s important to have a buyer’s agent who can help you understand how things stack up.

You might find a great deal, but if it’s in a bad area you’ll have a hard time maintaining that value and selling it later yourself. You also want to be sure you and your family will be safe wherever you choose to live.

Finding a great neighborhood where prices are reasonable can be a challenge, but that’s why having a great buyer’s agent is so important. They can help you get viewings of properties as soon as they hit the market so you have the best chance at finding a great property.

4. Is there a homeowners association?

A homeowners association (HOA) can make or break a neighborhood. Many areas have them and you want to make sure it’s a good association run by good people.

Ask your buyer’s agent what the rules are in the HOA, and find out from other neighbors (who aren’t selling) how strict the board is. It’s possible that there’s a bad apple or two making life difficult, or it could be very well-run.

Also, be sure you understand what the normal fees are and if there are any current assessments in place where you have to pay more for a period of time.

An HOA can be great or terrible. You won’t know unless you ask!

5. Are there nuisance factors?

Sometimes it’s the small things that matter most. Whether it’s the road being impossible at rush hour or the neighbor’s barking dogs, you want to know about all nuisance factors before you commit to a home.

Some of these your buyer’s agent may know, such as current or planned construction in the immediate area. Other things you’ll need to ask neighbors about, and you’ll also want to visit the property at different times and days.

By being in the neighborhood during rush hour, on weekends, and after dark, you can get a better feeling of whether you’d be able to enjoy living there.

Connect With a Great Buyer’s Agent for Your Home Search

Asking these questions will only help you get a house you love if you have a highly-qualified buyer’s agent. Choosing someone who works part-time or doesn’t truly understand your market can result in making a purchase you later regret.

Instead of taking the chance, choose to work with a Clever Partner Agent. Our Partner Agents are top-rated in their markets and have a great deal of experience helping buyers like you find the perfect home. You’ll get a professional, full-service experience and your realtor will be able to answer all of your questions.

Best of all, when you work with a Clever Partner Agent, you may qualify for money toward your closing. In many states you can get a $1,000 cash rebate toward your closing costs.

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