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How does a 1% listing fee help save on home seller fees?

When a real estate agent agrees to list your home for only 1% commission, that can save you nearly 50% of the traditional cost of selling a home. (The typical buyer fee still applies.)

There are two options you can choose when you’re looking for a 1% listing. There are discount brokerages that only do 1% listing fees, and there are some agents who run a traditional business, but will also take a 1% commission listing if they are referred from Clever.

If you’re looking to list your home with a local, full-service real estate agent with a 1% (or less!) listing, Clever can help. Clever charges a flat fee of $3,000 for homes less than $350,000, and a 1% fee for more expensive homes.

Call us at 1-833-2-CLEVER or complete our online form to get connected a top-rated, local real estate agent who will list your home for 1% commission.

Is there a difference between a 1% listing and a traditional listing?

Some real estate agents that offer discounted listing fees will just list your house on the MLS, and won’t help you with marketing, pricing, photos, inspections, and other aspects of the transaction.

Other agents (like Clever Partner Agents) will provide full service for 1%. That means they’ll give you the exact same service as a traditional listing—all at a major discount.

It’s important to ask your agent exactly what services they will provide before you sign with any 1% commission real estate agent or broker.

How is Clever different than other 1% listing fee companies?

Clever works with local real estate agents across the country who also have a traditional business with higher commission rates.

This means that potential buyers will have no idea that you saved on commissions listing your home and won’t be able to use that information in their offer.

Why do real estate agents work with Clever and discount their commissions?

One of the biggest costs for a real estate agent is marketing to find new customers. Agents who partner with Clever receive a constant stream of buyers and sellers without having to spend time prospecting.

Working with Clever provides additional income, new connections, and an increase in brand awareness around town. Our Partner Agents know they will only receive clients from Clever if they maintain high quality service and provide the exact same service that they would provide to their typical customers for this reason.

What services do Clever’s Partner Agents provide?

Our Partner Agents provide full-service, end-to-end real estate services:

✔️Comparative market analysis

✔️Professional price opinion

✔️Staging tips

✔️Professional photos

✔️Listing on the MLS, Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, and hundreds of other sites

✔️Help negotiating when an offer comes in

✔️Coordinate inspections

✔️Coordinate title

✔️Coordinate closing

✔️Help with any unexpected bumps along the road.

If this sounds like a full-service listing, that’s because it is.

Clever partner agents provide the exact same experience as a traditional agent for only 1%.

Clever FAQs

How does does Clever charge such a small commission fee and still make money?

Clever is able to charge a 1% listing fee and remain profitable because we’ve created a successful system that streamlines the process, and provides a constant stream of clients who are looking for help buying or selling a home.

Offering a 1% listing allows us to achieve a significant volume, which keeps costs down.

How does the 1% commission listing process work?

The 1% commission listing process works exactly the same way as a traditional listing. Your agent will be with you every step of the way to close, and do everything they can to make your sale simple and stress-free while netting you the most cash at closing as possible.

Does a Clever Partner Agent provide a lockbox and "for sale" sign in the yard?

Yes. Your local agent will provide a lockbox and sign in the yard. The sign will only have the logo of their local company. The only people who will know that you listed for 1% commission are you, your agent, and Clever.

Does a listing with a Clever Partner Agent look different than a traditional listing?

Most 1% listings look different, so it’s obvious to everyone that you’re saving on seller commission.

Clever is different.

Because we match you with a local real estate agent in your community who mostly does traditional listings, your listing will look identical to a normal, 6% listing.

Does the listing include photos?

Yes, your partner agent will take photos or bring out a photographer.

When is payment due?

With Clever, you only pay if your home sells.

If your home doesn’t sell, you don’t owe us a dime.

Why is listing with an agent better than for sale by owner?

For sale by owner (FSBO) is often unsuccessful: 93% of FSBOs don’t sell! Those that do often sell for less than they would have with a licensed real estate agent.

Clever lets you save on commissions like for sale by owner, but you’ll get an expert real estate agent who will help you sell your home for more.

Are there any additional fees?

Clever has no hidden fees.

Outside of our $3,000/1% fee cost, however, we do recommend that you offer commission to a buyer’s agent to incentivize them to bring qualified buyers.

Case Studies

The Situation

Spencer and Alyssa were having another child so they wanted to sell their first home and move across the city to a bigger house in a better school district. Their desired neighborhood was expensive, and it would’ve been a challenge to come up with the down payment. They needed every dollar from the sale of their home to be able to buy a home big enough to support their growing family.

They couldn’t afford to pay 6% to a real estate agent and still have the cash for a down payment on a larger home.

Alyssa and Spencer began looking at homes but weren’t sure what they would be able to afford.

The Solution

Alyssa found out about Clever Real Estate after reading our blog online and decided to get connected to a local agent who listed their home for only 1%.

Their home sold quickly. The extra $7,000 they saved on commission allowed them to pay their down payment, getting them a new home in their desired neighborhood.

Their real estate agent also provided them a small commission rebate, allowing them to buy points on their mortgage.

The Result

✔️Spencer and Alyssa were able to buy their dream home.

✔️They avoided high commissions.

✔️ Spencer and Alyssa were able to afford a home in a better school district for their children.


The Situation

Elliot bought a beautiful new home last year and spent thousands renovating it exactly how he wanted. Unfortunately, he got a new job across the country and had to sell his home in order to move. Elliot put a lot into the home and was worried that paying high commissions would destroy his equity.

Elliot also had to buy a home in his new state. He didn’t want to bring cash to the closing table in order to sell his old home because he needed that capital for the down payment on his new house.

Elliot was worried that paying high commissions to a real estate agent would have been the difference between selling his home for a profit and having to bring cash to the closing table.

The Solution

Elliot gave Clever Real Estate a call and got connected with a local real estate agent who works for just a 1% fee.

Elliot’s agent sold his home quickly, and the $10,000 he saved in commission was enough to provide a small profit.

The Result

✔️Elliot was able to buy a new home in another state.

✔️Elliot didn’t have to bring cash to the closing table.

✔️Elliot used the profit from selling his home to help renovate his new home.

How can you help me find an agent that will list my home for 1%?

Clever has local 1% commission Partner Agents nationwide!

To get connected with a local agent, just fill out a simple online inquiry, or call us at 1833-2-CLEVER.

Now That’s Clever.

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