Average Time to Sell a House in Utah


Jamie Ayers


February 17th, 2020


Getting ready to sell your Utah home? Here's how long you can expect it to take — and some tips on how to speed things up (and still get a great price).

Updated February 17, 2020

  • In 2020, the average time it takes to sell a home in Utah — from listing through closing — is approximately 72 days. That’s 37 days to get an offer, plus the typical 35-day closing period.
  • Key factors that impact Utah home sale timelines include local market conditions (e.g., buyer demand, job market, rising home values, etc.), time of year, and your property’s type and condition.
  • Your agent’s listing strategy (pricing, marketing, networking, etc.) and the buyer’s financing situation — i.e., the amount of time it takes for them to secure loan approval — will also influence how long your sale ultimately takes.

Read on to learn more about how long it takes to sell a house in Utah — and get some pro tips on how to speed up your sale, get better offers, and save thousands in the process.

What’s the average time to sell a house in Utah?

Average Time to Sell* Average Price**
National 80 days $307,750
State 72 $342,833

*Redfin Data Center (average of median days on market in 2019)
**Redfin Data Center (average of median price in 2019)

The average time it takes to sell a house in Utah in 2020 is 72 days — 37 days to get an offer and an additional 35 days to close. This is approximately 10% faster than the national average. Keep in mind that these are annual averages and the numbers will vary by month and/or season.

Best time to sell a house in Utah

In addition to the average days on market and list price data, we’ve compiled data on the BEST (and worst) time to sell your Utah house based on what’s most important to you:

  • Fastest Time to Sell: When should you list your home if you’re looking to sell quickly?
  • Highest Sale Price: What month should you list in to get the best possible price for your home?

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Best month to sell a house fast in Utah

Month* Days on Market*
Best Month June 25 days
Worst Month January 50 days

*Redfin Data Center (median days on market by month in 2019)

The best month to sell a house fast in Utah is June. The median time it takes for Utah homes listed in June to get an offer is 25 days, which is 12 days faster than the annual average.

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Best month to sell a house in Utah for price

Month* Median Price*
Best Month December $364,000
Worst Month March $322,000

*Redfin Data Center (median sale price by month in 2019)

The best month to sell a house in Utah in terms of sale price is December. The median sale price in December is $364,000, which is 6.17% — or $21,167 — more than the annual average.

5 tips to get your Utah home sold

1. Do a deep clean and declutter

Buyers will notice the stains on the carpet and the piles of laundry on the floor. You want buyers to easily visualize themselves living in your home and to start imagining where they would put all of their own belongings. If your possessions are strewn everywhere and your home has a layer of dust or weird stains, buyers will have trouble picturing themselves in that space.

2. Spruce up curb appeal

Sprucing up your curb appeal is a relatively inexpensive home improvement that makes a big impact. Simply trimming trees, mowing the lawn, planting flowers, and cleaning up any chipped paint can make all the difference.

The outside of your home is the first thing buyers see and you want to make a good impression. Buyers will assume if the outside of your home is in disrepair, the inside won't be any better.

3. Add energy-efficient and smart technology

An easy way to up the value and desirability of your home is to make it both more energy-efficient and compatible with new technology. Utah can get cold in the winter. Consider installing energy-efficient windows or adding more insulation to help cut down energy bills. For smart technology, a video doorbell or smart thermostat is an easy and inexpensive addition.

4. Competitively price your home

Knowing how much to price your home for can be tricky. Price too high and you'll scare off buyers, price too low and buyers will think there's something wrong with your home. Work with your agent to set a price that draws in multiple offers.

5. Time the market

Try to put your home on the market when Utah home sells fastest (May) or when Utah homes sell for the best price (June). Your agent can help you time the market so your house is ready to go when the majority of potential buyers start house hunting.

Next steps for Utah home sellers

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