How to Sell My House Fast in Buffalo (2024 Update)

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We recommend two options if you’re looking to sell your house fast in Buffalo, NY:

  • #1: ⚡️ Sell with a cash home buyer or iBuyer: They can make you an offer extremely quickly — sometimes in less than 24 hours — and you can close on your sale in about two weeks or less. However, you’ll likely make less than market value on your home.
  • #2. 💵 Sell with a top real estate agent: An experienced agent can help you sell your home quickly and get more cash in your pocket, but you’ll likely have to wait longer than you would with a cash buyer.

Sell my house fast with a cash home buyer

🔎 Key takeways: Selling with a cash buyer

  • 🏠 Median home value: $266,993[1]
  • 💵 Cash offer on typical Buffalo home: $155,529
  • Average time to close with cash buyer: 7 to 14 days (Traditional Buffalo home sale takes around 56 days)[2]
  • 📈 Percentage of homes bought with cash in US: 34.5%[3]

If you need to sell your house as fast as possible, we recommend working with a vetted cash home buyer. A cash buyer can sell your home quickly, often closing within two weeks or less. These home sales are best for sellers who have distressed properties, are facing foreclosure, or just need to sell fast.

The median home value in Buffalo is $266,993. On average, homes on the open market are selling for $228,733, which is 23.7% less than the average listing price of $299,900. 

When you sell with a cash buyer, you can expect to make less than 70% of your home’s value. If your property requires repairs, the cash buyer will factor in the cost of those repairs after the inspection, which will be taken out of your cash offer. 

For the typical Buffalo home with a value of $266,993, the average cash offer would be around $155,529. This factors in the average repair costs of $31,366 and the reduction of 30% of the home’s estimated value. 

Since the cash buyer doesn’t need to secure financial lending, the closing period is much faster than a traditional sale. Generally, houses on the open market take around 56 days to close, but when you sell with a cash buyer, it could take just 7 to 14 days. 

How does selling to a cash home buyer work?

Cash home buyers are typically real estate investors who buy distressed properties that they can flip for a profit after making repairs and updates. 

The process generally works like this: 

  • #1: Request an offer: Submit basic information about your home through an online form or over the phone with the company. Within a few days, you should receive an initial estimate of your cash offer.

  • #2: Complete inspection: A company representative or a third-party inspector examines your property’s condition. After the inspection, the cash buyer will adjust your offer based on estimated repair costs.

  • #3: Accept the offer and close: If you accept the company’s final offer, you can quickly sign the purchase agreement and choose a closing date. If all goes well, you can expect to close and receive payment within 1 to 2 weeks. 

Pros and cons of selling with a cash home buyer in Buffalo


  • You can sell fast and close quickly, sometimes within a week.
  • Cash buyers are more likely to buy your home as is (no repairs required).
  • Good option if you’re facing foreclosure or another difficult circumstance.
  • You generally won’t have to worry about managing open houses or showings.


  • You’ll likely sell for less than you’d make on the open market.
  • Some real estate investors use high-pressure negotiating tactics.
  • iBuyers may require expensive repairs before closing on a sale.

If you decide to sell with a cash home buyer, we recommend getting multiple cash offers before you accept one. The best cash buyer companies offer initial offers in less than 48 hours, allow flexible closing dates, and vet their investors.  

You should also consult a couple of real estate agents (preferably from brokerages that offer low commission rates) to see what your house could sell for as is.

Compare cash offers with Clever

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Clever Offers

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Clever Offers helps you find and compare offers from leading cash buyers in your area — all with a proven track record of ethical dealings with home sellers. 

Because Clever's network includes local/national investors, iBuyers, and agents with experience listing homes as is, you get a range of offers to choose from — including alternative deal types that deliver a higher payout over time. 

The 5-star rated company gets top marks for helping you make an informed decision without pressuring you to move forward. See our full Clever Offers review.


  • Multiple competing cash offers
  • Vetted investors with proven success/funding
  • Explore alternate offer types that may fetch a higher price


  • Legal review of contracts still advised
  • Some deal types have longer timelines
  • Cash offers may still be below market value

Offer Process: After a brief discussion about your property, Clever walks you through your options and reaches out to buyers who can offer a solution. Buyers contact you directly with offers, which you can accept or reject without obligation. Clever provides full support through closing to resolve any concerns or questions. Learn how Clever Offers works.

Closing Timeline: Most cash buyers can close in 1–3 weeks, but will work with you if you need longer. Some deal types may have longer closing timelines.

Fees and Costs: Clever's service is free for sellers - investors pay Clever a small percentage of the final sale price if a deal closes. If you opt to list your house instead, you can save on realtor commissions through Clever's top-rated agent network.

Purchase Criteria: Almost any property is eligible, since Clever works with multiple types of cash buyers.

Locations: Clever Offers is available nationwide, but offer selection may be limited in more rural areas.

Clever Offers is available nationwide.


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The best cash home buyer companies in Buffalo

Customer Rating
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40 reviews
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Not accredited, A
35 reviews
🟣 Safe to consider
15 reviews
🟣 Safe to consider
Accredited, A+
25 reviews
🟣 Safe to consider
9 reviews
🟡 Use caution

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💡 Another option: Sell with an iBuyer

If you have a home in fairly good condition, an iBuyer can help you sell your home in under two weeks and generally pay a lot closer to market value than a cash buyer. 

Currently, iBuyers only operate in about half of the US. They specialize in buying residential homes in big cities that aren’t in distressed conditions and are comparable to other houses that are selling on the market. The best iBuyers offer flexible closing timelines, advances for repairs or moving expenses, and have consistent positive reviews. 

An offer from an iBuyer is typically higher than one from a cash home buyer, but they may ask for repairs. Additionally, most iBuyers charge a 5-10% service fee, depending on how long they think the property will take to resell. 

Sell my house fast with a real estate agent

🔎 Key takeways: Selling with a realtor

  • 🏠 Average listing price: $299,900
  • 💵 Average sale price: $228,733[4] (23.7% less than listing price) 
  • 🛠 Average repair costs: $31,366
  • 🗓 Average days on the market: 21 days
  • ✅ Average time to close: 56 days[2]

If you want to sell your home quickly and receive market value, we recommend working with a top real estate agent in Buffalo.

In the past 12 months, the average home sale price for a Buffalo home has been $228,733. This is 23.7% less than the average listing price of $299,900. 

Meanwhile, homes have been on the market for an average of 21 days. In May, listings have been on the market for the least amount of time, averaging just 21 days. However, in January, houses were on the market for the most amount of time, averaging 68 days. 

Typically, it takes about 56 days to close on a home in Buffalo. This period can fluctuate depending on the time of year, housing inventory, the buyer’s financial situation, and more. 

No matter when you sell your home, an experienced real estate agent can help you navigate the Buffalo housing market and make the most out of your situation. The only downside is that it might take more time than selling with a cash buyer. 

If selling your home quickly is a must, talk to your agent about strategically lowering your listing price. In a hot market, a lower-than-average listing price could grab the attention of eager buyers and reduce your timeline considerably. You’ll still likely make more money on your sale than selling to a cash home buyer.

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Pros and cons of selling with a realtor in Buffalo


  • You'll likely receive more money for your home than you would with a cash buyer.
  • If it’s a hot market, you still can sell your home fairly quickly.
  • Your agent will represent you in negotiations.
  • You’ll get a free home evaluation so you’ll know how much your house is worth.


  • Your home could take longer to sell on the open market.
  • You’ll pay 4-6% in realtor commissions.
  • You may need to pay for repairs or cleaning to get your home market-ready.

To save money on real estate commissions, consider working with a discount real estate broker in Buffalo. These realtors offer full-service and limited-service packages for lower commission rates, letting you keep more money in your pocket. 

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💰 Clever can help you sell fast and net more money!

Cash buyers can be a good option if you need to unload an unwanted, distressed property fast. However, if you want to sell quickly without sacrificing a ton of equity, Clever is one of your best alternatives.

Clever sellers typically get offers 2.8 times faster than the national average AND save an average of $7,000 in realtor fees.

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