New York Seller Closing Costs in 2021: How Much Will You Pay?

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March 8th, 2021
Updated March 8th, 2021


New York home sellers should expect to pay 1-3% of their home’s sales price in closing costs, plus both the listing and buyer’s agents’ commissions. Here, we’ll go over these expenses to help you better budget, find ways to save, and prepare for your home sale.

How Much Are Closing Costs for Sellers in New York?

When a home sale finishes up, or “closes”, both the buyer and seller need to pay closing costs that cover the expenses related to transfer of ownership, loan origination, inspections, and more.

Closing costs for sellers in New York typically range from 1-3% of their home’s closing price, and are paid in addition to the typical 6% realtor commission fee, meaning that you should budget for 7-9% in total home selling costs.

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In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know about seller closing costs in New York.

What are closing costs?

Before we discuss closing costs, let’s clarify what closing means.

At the end of your home sale, you will sign the final paperwork, receive money from the buyer, pay any applicable real estate taxes, pay off your mortgage, and transfer ownership to the buyer.

This process is referred to as closing, and it’s typically facilitated by an escrow agent, attorney, and/or real estate agent.

Buyers and sellers both have to pay closing costs to cover these services, but the expenses are different for each. Buyer closing costs generally revolve around securing a loan and taking out insurance, while a seller’s fees focus on paying transfer taxes, clearing the title, and paying off any outstanding balances.

How much are closing costs in New York?

Sellers will typically be on the hook for 1-3% of their home’s sales price in closing costs.

But this doesn’t include the realtor commissions the seller will also pay at closing. Usually, sellers will pay 6% in commissions, which covers both the listing agent’s and the buyer’s agent’s fees.

In some cases, the seller will offer to pay some of the buyer’s closing costs in an effort to entice them to make a purchase. This is referred to as seller concessions, and it raises the total amount the seller will need to pay in closing costs.

How to Calculate Your Closing Costs in New York

Let’s take a look at a real world example to get a better idea of how this all plays out in practice.

As of November 2020, the median list price for New York homes is $331,459. If you sell your home for this price, you’ll need to pay between $3,315 (1%) and $9,944 (3%) in closing costs.

To reiterate, this does not include realtor commission fees. You will need to pay an additional $19,888 (6%) in commission fees for a home sold at this price, bringing your total costs on closing dat to $23,203-$29,832.

Buyers will also be on the line for 2-5% in closing costs ($6,629-$16,573), but they will not need to pay any commission fees.

What’s included in New York closing costs?

Let’s take a closer look at each of the typical closing costs in New York. Since a buyer might ask you to cover some of their closing costs, it’s crucial you understand all closing costs and how much they can affect your bottom line.

Title Search: $300-$600

Title searches check for any outstanding liens on the property being sold. This makes sure that the seller can legally sell the property. A typical title search will cost sellers $300-$600, according to

Title Insurance: $1,000

Title insurance works backwards, not forwards like most insurance policies. It protects buyers and lenders against title issues, such as liens, that they weren’t aware of at the time of the purchase.

According to, title insurance typically costs around $1,000 at closing time.

Home Inspection: ~$500

A home inspection checks for any problems with the house or its systems. A home inspection typically costs $278-390, according to HomeAdvisor.

Appraisal: $300-$1,500 (depending on sale price)

Lenders ask for buyers to perform an appraisal to verify whether the home is worth the amount the buyer is attempting to borrow. If an appraiser determines that the home is worth less than the desired mortgage amount, the lender will decide that it’s insufficient collateral, and won’t provide the buyer with the loan.

A typical appraisal in New York will cost $300-$1,500 depending on the sales price, according to

Survey: $350-$600

Surveys are conducted to determine the legal boundaries of a property. A survey typically costs $350-$600.

Credit Report: $10.10-$15.20

Buyers need to pay for a credit report to prove their credit worthiness to a lender.

In New York, a single report costs $10.10 and a joint report costs $15.20.

Loan Payoff Costs: 0.5-1.5% of the closing price

When taking on a mortgage, buyers will need to pay application, loan origination, assumption, and prepaid interest fees.

These fees will typically cost 0.5-1.5% of the closing price, according to Money Crashers.

Mortgage Payoff/Prepayment Fees: Variable

Before closing on your home sale, you’ll need to pay off your remaining mortgage balance. Some lenders charge a penalty for paying off your loan before the end of its term. Every lender charges a different fee, so check with mortgage lender to find out if you’ll need to pay this expense.

Outstanding Amounts Owed on the Property: Variable

Any outstanding balances for property taxes, homeowners insurance, utility bills, or HOA fees will be prorated to the closing date, and you’ll need to pay them before finishing up your home sale.

Transfer Taxes: 0.4-1.425% of the closing price

New York state has very complex real estate tax regulations. Throughout most of the state, sellers are required to pay 0.4% of their home’s closing price. In New York City, the rate is 1% for homes sold for under $500,000 and 1.425% for properties that sell above this threshold.

> Learn more about New York real estate taxes.

Recording Fees: $41, plus $5 per page

Recording fees cover the cost of filing the property deed with the local municipality. The fee is typically $41, plus $5 for each additional page beyond the first.

Settlement or Attorney Fee: $250 per hour

If you have an attorney assist you with closing, you’ll need to pay their fees. These vary greatly across New York. On average, an attorney's fees are around $250 per hour.

New York City Mansion Tax: 1% of purchase price

If you purchase a home for over $1,000,000 in New York City, you will need to pay the New York City Mansion Tax. Buyers will be charged 1% of the purchase price for this tax.

UCC-3 Filing Fee: $100

The UCC-3 form is filed to terminate your mortgage. The cost of filing this form in New York is $100.

New York State Equalization Fee: $75

The New York State Equalization fee is paid to assess how close a municipality’s property value assessment is to the real value of the property. This costs $75.

Pickup/Payoff Fee: $250-$500

The title closer charges this fee to handle bank payoff. This fee ranges from $250-$500 in New York.

New York City Mortgage Tax

If you are taking out a mortgage in New York City, you will need to pay the New York City Mortgage Tax. Rates are currently 1.80% for mortgages under $500,000, 1.925% for mortgages on one-to-three family homes over $500,000, and 2.80% for all other mortgages over $500,000.

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Other Home Selling Costs in New York

When selling a house in New York, you’ll also need to pay for presale renovations, repairs that crop up during the inspection, and realtor commission fees.

Depending on the condition of your home, you may or may not need to perform any repairs or renovations. If your home is well-maintained, you may get lucky and save big on repair costs.

Commission fees in New York are 6% on average. These fees are split between the buyer’s and seller’s agent, but sellers typically pay the entirety of these fees to entice a buyer to make a purchase.

> Learn more about how much it costs to sell a house in New York.

Who pays closing costs in New York?

Buyers and sellers each have to pay different closing costs. Here’s a list of who typically pays what costs:

Typical Seller Closing Costs

Costs for sellers revolve around taxes, fees related to ownership confirmation, property transfer, and getting rid of outstanding balances. These include:

  • Transfer taxes
  • Title search
  • Loan payoff costs
  • Mortgage prepayment penalties
  • Outstanding amounts owed on the property
  • Attorney or settlement fees
  • UCC-3 filing fee
  • New York State Equalization fee
  • Pickup/payoff fee

Typical Buyer Closing Costs

Most costs for buyers are focused on securing a mortgage and taking out an insurance policy. These costs include:

  • Title insurance
  • Home inspection
  • Appraisal
  • Survey
  • Credit report
  • Recording fees
  • Settlement or attorney fees
  • Mortgage origination fees
  • Mortgage tax (New York City only)
  • Mansion tax (New York City only)

Should you pay the buyer’s closing costs?

In some markets, sellers may offer to pay some or all of the buyer’s closing costs to convince the buyer to make a purchase. A seller can accept a higher final sale and use some of the money to pay the buyer’s closing costs.

This allows buyers who don’t have enough money for closing costs to finance the expenses as part of their mortgage and gives sellers a wider pool of buyers to draw from.

However, in a hot market like New York, this is generally not necessary. New York is currently in a seller’s market, which means sellers hold all the cards and have more power at the negotiation table.

That said, every situation is different, so it’s a good idea to speak with your realtor if you think it may be worthwhile to pay some of the buyer’s closing costs.

Key Takeaways for New York Home Sellers

In New York, sellers must pay 1-3% of their home’s sales price in closing costs. For a typical New York home, this comes to $3,315-$9,944.

These costs must be paid in addition to realtor commission fees, bringing the total fees associated with closing a home sale to $23,203-$29,832 (7-9%) of the final price.

Luckily, you can save big on realtor commission fees and lower the overall amount you pay on closing day by as much as 28% if you know where to look.

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