When selling a house in Nebraska, as with selling anywhere, always keep in mind that many factors are at play. As a seller, be thoughtful of the change in demand due to seasonal changes, job market, and of the way that market values rise and fall annually.

These fluctuations affect the selling price and selling time. So, being aware and approaching decisions with that knowledge in mind will yield the best results.

Also, if your aim is to sell fast, the simple fact is, you need an experienced local real estate agent who knows all about your neighborhood and its real estate market. However, doing some basic research is always a good idea.

Best Time to Sell in Nebraska

In Nebraska, on the whole, there is a very apparent swing in the housing market that you should take into account.

While the market is on the rise at the beginning of the year, it begins to take a downturn in the summer months, bottoming out during late summer and early fall, until it starts to rise again in the winter.

Nationally, rising interest rates will have some negative effect on buyer confidence, but with the help of a local real estate agent, you can navigate those waters with ease. It’s just a matter of finding a buyer who can afford your property without any trouble and any good agent should know where to spot them.

The job market in greater Nebraska is on the rise, and thus the housing market is due to see some increase. Also, with a reputation for livability on the upturn, Nebraska’s housing market is healthy incline for the foreseeable future.

So when’s a great time to sell a house in Nebraska? Taking market trends into account, the answer is late winter to early spring.

Now, for many places in the United States, selling in warmer weather can bring about a lot of competition among sellers — but in Nebraska, you could have an advantage due to lower population density in many areas across the state.

However, if you happen to live in a more densely-populated area of the state, there’s no need to worry. Spring is a time when people are more likely to get out and explore housing and therefore, Nebraskan weather will also help to fuel a rise in sales during that time.

Key Factors That Help Nebraskan Homes Sell Faster

Mostly, the homes up for sale in Nebraska are large, old houses. Making a sale is going to depend on how you can differentiate your house from an average seller’s listing. The idea is to show the buyer that your house represents value for money.

There are a few simple steps that you can take to achieve that. Older and younger buyers alike will be looking for more amenities in these older homes, with modern updates included in pre-sale.

They’re looking for proximity to work and school, with some wiggle room, as most people in the state do not rely on public transit. Traffic would typically be an issue in other places, but not so much for Nebraskan roads.

As far as features that will help a particular home stand out, invest in the usual upgrades; quartz and stone countertops, fancy tiled bathrooms, and a nicely manicured yard. These aren’t super-expensive updates, but they increase the value of your home significantly.

Consider Your Specific Market

If the home is situated in a more densely-populated area, take note of amenities offered nearby. If you can offer a nice laundry room and a short trip to a fancy restaurant, your home is more attractive.

Since winters generally stay in the mid-twenties and summers average in the mid-seventies, buyers will love outside gathering spaces to maximize on the fair weather. So, try and maximize the space outside. Clear all the junk and keep the lawn areas clean and trimmed.

Most importantly, always get an accurate valuation (CMA) of the property and set an optimal listing price. This should be based on current market conditions and trends of performance for other local properties.

Make Impactful Repairs and Renovations

As with every market, a buyer is looking for the best bang for their buck. So, when selling, make renovations that will cater to the buyer.

Necessary renovations like kitchen and bath upgrades are expected of any property for sale and usually, they are required as well.

But the idea here is to go beyond that and there’s one important point to note. When making any repairs or renovations, be sure that the cost put into them is less than the potential increase in value post-repair.

Pick and choose which renovations best suit your budget as well as best maximize your market value. The renovation budget isn’t always directly proportional to returns. Understand what buyers want. Prioritise those renovations, and you’ll get a much better return for your investment.

For example, remove all the furniture from your home and take a walk. You’ll spot small, yet glaring defects. Have the windows cracked? Do all the lights work? Is there a particular part of the house where the paint seems rather dull and worn?

It’s different with every house, but you get the idea. Each of the above repairs is inexpensive and you can fix most of them yourself. The advantage of doing these small renovations is that your house is now flawless and that adds value.

Find a Great Real Estate Agent

This is perhaps the most effective step that you can take towards ensuring that you get top dollar for your home. For all the research that you conduct on your own, there are some specific trends that’ll always be unique and important in your neighborhood.

These trends and insights are best known to an experienced real estate agent in your area. Listing your home on various websites isn’t why you should hire a real estate agent. You can do that on your own.

The advantage of hiring a real estate agent, more than anything, is that they know how to get clients who will pay top dollar for your property. Your home, with a few modifications, could be an ideal match for someone and those buyers will pay more than the others.

What’s more, if your real estate agent is any good, you won’t have to worry about any of the operational details of the transaction. Your agent will take care of the paperwork, negotiation, and marketing.

A good agent will also suggest the exact modifications and renovations that you could make to maximize profits. In conclusion, a good real estate agent will not only take the burden of a transaction off your shoulders but will also ensure that your home brings in the price that it deserves.

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