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By Jessica Johansen Updated April 11, 2024


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✍️ Editor's take: MyAgentFinder's free service can help you find a real estate agent fast. But some competitors offer better technology and value, like built-in savings.

What is MyAgentFinder?

MyAgentFinder is a nationwide service that matches you with local, full-service realtors from conventional brokerages like Berkshire Hathaway and Century 21. The service is free, and there’s no obligation to use the agents it recommends.

In October 2020, MyAgentFinder became part of the Home & Money network. This network of services includes a tool to find mortgage lenders, a tool to find agents that specialize in short-sales, and affordability, mortgage, and refinance calculators.

Should I work with MyAgentFinder?


  • The service is fast and easy to use.
  • The Concierge Team is helpful and responsive.
  • Agent matches are solid in higher-population areas.


  • There are no built-in savings for sellers or buyers.
  • The company isn’t transparent about the criteria for agents in its network.
  • The company may struggle to match you with agents in rural areas — some may be an hour or more away from your submitted address.
  • Similar services offer a better tech experience.

MyAgentFinder is a fast and easy way to find a local real estate agent compared to a DIY search.

There's no risk in giving this company a try. It’s free, and there’s no obligation to move forward with the agents it recommends. If you don’t like the agents, you can just walk away.

However, we always advise comparing your options to find the best value.

Several alternative companies — like Clever and Ideal Agent — can also help you find a great real estate agent. But unlike MyAgentFinder, they can help you save thousands on realtor fees, too.

If you want to try MyAgentFinder, we suggest interviewing a couple of the agents it suggests alongside agents from top alternative companies. That way, you can see how the agents stack up and pick the best one for your transaction.

Is MyAgentFinder legit?

Yes, MyAgentFinder is a legitimate company that helps home sellers and buyers find real estate agents in all 50 states. According to its website, the company has matched over 315,000 customers with agents since launching in 2012.

The company doesn’t employ its own agents, but it's a licensed real estate brokerage in South Carolina. Holding this license allows MyAgentFinder to collect fees from the agents it partners with for referring them business, which is how it makes money.

Avg. customer rating 4.8/5 (802 reviews)
BBB rating N/A — not accredited
Year founded 2012
Agent network size 40,000
Show more

Generally, customers seem pleased with MyAgentFinder. However, all of its reviews appear on Shopper Approved, which excludes reviews from people who didn’t end up working with an agent they found through the service. Some negative experiences likely aren’t being captured.

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How does MyAgentFinder work?

  1. You sign up by entering some basic info about your sale or purchase on the MyAgentFinder website.
  2. Within minutes, you get an automated text message to confirm your cell phone number.
  3. MyAgentFinder uses the information you provided at sign-up to find agents nearby who seem like a good fit for your sale or purchase.
  4. As each agent confirms they’re available to take you on as a client, MyAgentFinder will introduce you via text message.
  5. You’ll get 1–3 agent matches, depending on your preferences and the coverage in your area.
  6. Once you’ve been introduced, you can set up interviews to compare your options.
  7. You can choose to sign with one of the agents, request additional Agent Matches, or simply walk away — there’s no obligation.

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📱 You can’t use MyAgentFinder without a cell phone

MyAgentFinder’s realtor matching process is managed entirely via SMS text message, which means you can't use the service without a cell phone.

Unlike some of its competitors, MyAgentFinder offers no online customer portal or dashboard where you can view your agent matches, manage communications, and track your progress.

In fact, we struggled to find a customer service number to call on MyAgentFinder’s website, which made it difficult to get phone support when we needed it.

How does MyAgentFinder make money?

MyAgentFinder makes money by taking a portion of the commission its partner agents earn on customers that found them via MyAgentFinder’s platform. This is called a "referral fee" and is how every major agent matching service operates.

This type of referral fee-based business model works in your favor!

First, it allows MyAgentFinder to not charge you for its service.

Second, it incentivizes the company to match you with a great agent. MyAgentFinder doesn't get paid if you decide not to sign with one of its partner agents, so it’s in MyAgentFinder’s best interest to present you with quality agents who are a good fit for your needs.

Why do agents work with companies like MyAgentFinder?

Agents invest a lot of time, energy, and money into finding new clients. A service like MyAgentFinder helps make that process less expensive and time-consuming.

MyAgentFinder uses digital marketing to attract prospective customers, then passes them along to the agents. That’s work that agents would otherwise have to do themselves.

The agents get a steady stream of new business at zero upfront cost (they only pay a referral fee if a deal actually closes). And they just have to agree to share a percentage in exchange for that introduction.

Now, instead of spending time and money searching for new clients, the agent can focus more of their energy on the thing that actually makes them money: closing deals.

How much does MyAgentFinder cost?

MyAgentFinder’s service is completely free. But the agents you get matched with are not.

If you use MyAgentFinder to find an agent to sell your home, chances are you’ll still have to cover the full realtor commission fee at closing. Rates vary, but 5–6% of the final price is typical. (Note: Buyers typically don’t have to worry about realtor commission fees).

Unlike some of its top competitors, MyAgentFinder doesn’t negotiate discounted rates on your behalf. That's a big drawback.

With a low-commission real estate agent, your total commission could be 4–5%. Here's how that could break down for a $500,000 home sale:

MyAgentFinderLow-cost agent
Listing fee$15,000*$7,500**
Buyer's agent fee***$15,000$15,000
Show more
*Traditional 3% listing fee. **Discount 1.5% listing fee. ***Traditional 3% buyer's agent fee.

You can find low-cost agents through a company like Clever Real Estate. You'll still get a top-rated local agent and full service, but you'll pay just a 1.5% listing fee.

🏡 Find a better agent, get a lower rate!

Try Clever today! Compare top local agents, list your home for just 1.5%. Our service is free with no obligation. Get your matches in minutes.

Our review of MyAgentFinder

Our Team found that most of MyAgentFinder’s matches were on point, its Concierge Team was helpful and responsive, and the process was fast and easy.

On the other hand, several similar services can also match you with top local real estate agents — but objectively offer more built-in benefits than MyAgentFinder.

In particular, MyAgentFinder falls short in three important areas:

  • It has a subpar user experience and mediocre technology
  • Any agent can seemingly join its network
  • There are no built-in savings as part of its service

We recommend checking out some of its top competitors to get more value out of the gate. But if you’re interested in finding out a little more about MyAgentFinder’s service, we’ve got you covered.

Our Team read through hundreds of customer reviews, did extensive research, and mystery shopped the service ourselves. Here’s what we discovered — good and bad.

👍 Quick and easy agent matching process

After we signed up on the MyAgentFinder website, we got our confirmation text within minutes and the first Agent Match usually came through in a matter of hours.

While the tech didn’t blow us away — it’s an entirely text message-based system — the whole thing ran smoothly. It was pretty easy to figure out and manage the process.

Our take? Definitely faster and easier than finding a real estate agent on your own.

👍 Customer service was fast and responsive

We found MyAgentFinder’s Concierge Team to be very helpful and responsive throughout the agent matching process. When we had questions or concerns, they responded quickly during normal business hours and addressed them fully.

This type of proactive Concierge support is definitely a plus. Some competitors run an entirely automated agent matching process with no proactive customer support — or at least not from a human. It was definitely nice to have someone checking in and answering our questions promptly as they came up.

👍 MyAgentFinder uses your data carefully

With MyAgentFinder, you decide how many agents you get matched with. MyAgentFinder only shares your info with an agent once they’ve accepted you as a potential new client. And once the number of agents you’ve requested have confirmed, they stop sharing your info.

In other words, you probably won't get hit by a tidal wave of unsolicited emails, phone calls, and texts from agents (and other real estate service providers) trying to win your business.

In our experience, many other companies share your information with agents — and third-party providers — almost immediately after you sign up.

These annoying and relentless phone calls tend to be the biggest customer complaint for several similar services, like Zillow Premier Agents and HomeLight.

👎 Technology lagging behind other similar services

We weren’t a fan of MyAgentFinder’s text message-only process. Some other agent matching services offer intuitive online dashboards where you can view your Agent Matches as they come in, which is a little easier to manage.

It also struck us as odd that we had a hard time getting through to someone from MyAgentFinder on the phone when we wanted to talk to someone in person. Most agent matching services offer multiple channels for customer support, like text, email, phone, and chat.

MyAgentFinder also didn’t send through any useful info to help us choose between agents. Most brands will share performance stats, links to profile pages, short bios, specializations, etc. This saves you time when it comes to narrowing down your options.

👎 Lack of quality control for agent network

Not all agents in MyAgentFinder’s network are necessarily top-performing agents.

MyAgentFinder claims to have a network of over 40,000 agents. However, it doesn't list any minimum qualifications for agents to join its network.

Our research shows that agents only need to have a valid real estate license and their broker's permission to join. So, it's likely that the company's agent network contains both inexperienced and underperforming agents.

MyAgentFinder’s lack of quality control for agents struck us as a bit of a red flag. This is a key benefit of most agent matching services!

At least MyAgentFinder considers some metrics when matching agents with sellers and buyers. For example, agents who close more deals with MyAgentFinder customers are more likely to get matched with new ones. This may explain why our mystery shoppers were matched with agents who seemed legit and experienced.

👎 Spotty agent coverage can yield bad matches

When we mystery shopped MyAgentFinder, we received multiple agent matches with realtors who were based more than 30 miles away from our properties.

We signed up with two different properties: one in a Midwestern city and the other in a smaller suburb on the East Coast. And we saw similar results for both.

Some of our recommended agents were relatively close. But when we checked the agents' Zillow profiles, we found several hadn't handled any transactions in our target markets, specifically.

Remember, don’t assume MyAgentFinder — or any service, for that matter — will match you with the best agents in your area or for your specific situation 100% of the time.

We recommend using multiple agent matching services (they’re free, after all) to give yourself the best chances of finding a good fit.

👎 No built-in commission savings

MyAgentFinder will match you with some local realtors for free — but the value stops there. Some of its top competitors offer that same service, but they also negotiate commission savings on your behalf.

Two examples are Clever and Ideal Agent. Both companies will match you with top-rated local agents from major brokerages, but you’ll pay a pre-negotiated reduced listing fee.

Ideal Agent offers 2% listing fees. Clever offers full-service agents for 1.5%. Clever buyers can also get cash back after closing.

All other things being equal, we recommend working with the brands that can find you a great agent and net you the most possible value. If savings are important to you, opt for the brands that offer them as a built-in part of their service.

MyAgentFinder reviews from real customers

Platform Avg rating Total reviews
Shopper Approved 4.8/5 802
Show more

MyAgentFinder reviews are generally positive. It has an average customer rating of 4.8/5 based on 802 reviews.

🚨 Online reviews can be misleading

Shopper Approved — which houses all of MyAgentFinder's online reviews — is a platform companies use to solicit reviews from "verified customers." Importantly, this excludes people who may have signed up but didn't end up working with a MyAgentFinder agent because of a poor match or negative experience.

While that doesn't mean that the reviews on Shopper Approved aren't legit, it does mean that many negative customer experiences probably aren't being represented here.

What customers like about MyAgentFinder

Most MyAgentFinder reviews from real customers are overwhelmingly positive. Customers especially praised their agents' professionalism and level of service.

"I never felt rushed or silly when asking questions"

A lot of customers talk about the great experience they had with the MyAgentFinder concierge team. This customer's concierge made them feel comfortable asking questions and helped them better understand the process.

Within the year I have learned so much about the home buying process and have been supported through each step by M****. She connected me with J** S***** at P**** B*** and he helped me understand where I was in terms of my financial health and was open, available and honest throughout the entire process. It was a pleasure working with M**** and her team and I never felt rushed or silly when asking questions. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in buying a home and needs someone who is going to break things down and be honest. And I would like to add that this purchase is happening in the middle of a pandemic and yet has still been a smooth transition.

"Professional and honest plus realistic"

Many customers also refer to their agents' professionalism. This customer used MyAgentFinder to find an agent who walked them through the marketing plan and made sure they were "100% happy with (the company's) level of service and attention to (their) needs."

Agents who contacted me were professional and honest plus realistic. Our conversations ended with me knowing how their approach to selling my condo would work. I am 100% happy with your service and attention to my needs.

"My agent got in touch with me right away"

MyAgentFinder confirms that agents are interested and willing to take you on as a customer before sending you any matches. For this customer, it led to their agent communicating quickly and being ready to jump right in to help them find their next home.

My Agent Finder provided me with an agent who worked hard and diligently with me to find the perfect home for my family. My agent got in touch with me right away and after a few months got me relocated into the home I wanted. Thank you!

MyAgentFinder complaints from real customers

We didn't find many negative reviews for MyAgentFinder. However, one recent negative review claims the company didn't help them find a new real estate agent after having a bad experience with their original match.

Horrible first time home buying experience. The agent was rude and not experienced. Will never use them again. When I asked for a new agent I was told there's nothing that can be done so I was stuck with horrible service while buying my home.

Top MyAgentFinder alternatives

After 1,500+ hours of research on real estate companies, our team feels confident recommending these three companies as top alternatives to MyAgentFinder. These companies can connect you with top full-service agents, and all of them are free to use with zero obligations.

Listing Fee
Customer Rating
5/5 (3,180 reviews)
Find Agents
Good agents, but limited choice
4.9/5 (7,007 reviews)
Large agent network, but no savings
2.5–3% (market rates)
4.6/5 (1,178 reviews)

Clever Real Estate: Overall, Clever offers better value than MyAgentFinder. With Clever, you can get a full-service real estate agent for a 1.5% listing fee, compared to the 2.5–3% you’ll likely pay an agent you find through MyAgentFinder. Clever also gives qualifying buyers cash back after closing, which MyAgentFinder doesn’t offer. This alternative also stands out for its strict quality standards for agents. Read the full Clever review.

Ideal Agent: Like Clever, Ideal Agent negotiates built-in discounts for sellers. You’ll pay a 2% listing fee instead of the typical 2.5–3%. Ideal Agent’s biggest selling point is the quality of its agent network. It claims to only work with the "top 1%" of local agents in terms of sales numbers. However, unlike MyAgentFinder and most other agent matching services, it only connects you with one agent.

HomeLight: HomeLight is a well-established company. Like MyAgentFinder, it has a large agent network but offers no built-in savings on realtor commission. One major benefit of HomeLight is its user-friendly online dashboard, which makes it easy to compare your agent recommendations. MyAgentFinder doesn't have an online dashboard.

Best overall

Clever Real Estate

Find Agents

Listing Fee


Customer Rating

5/5 (3,180 reviews)

Editor's Take



Clever Real Estate is the best option for most sellers looking for an agent. The company matches you with multiple full-service agents from local brokerages, including top brands like Keller Williams and RE/MAX. It offers a low 1.5% listing fee no matter which agent you choose.


  • Get matched with top-producing local agents in minutes.
  • Guaranteed 1.5% listing fee (half the usual rate).
  • Free agent matching service with no obligation to commit to any realtor.
  • Large agent network offers great selection compared to similar services.


  • No guarantee you’ll get matched with a specific agent or brokerage.
  • Add-ons like professional home staging and drone photography may cost extra.

What it is: Clever Real Estate offers a lower commission without sacrificing quality. Through its free service, you can find top-rated agents in your area and sell for just a 1.5% listing fee (much lower than the average realtor commission rate).

How it works: You take a short online quiz (five questions) to help Clever understand your situation and preferences. Then Clever matches you with vetted, top-performing agents in your market who are a good fit, including realtors from major brands like Compass, Century 21, and Coldwell Banker. If you don’t like the agents Clever recommends, you can request more matches until you find the right fit — or simply walk away.

Customer reviews: 5/5 (3,180 total reviews)

Locations: Clever is available nationwide.

Clever is available nationwide.

Good agents, but limited choice

Ideal Agent

Learn More

Listing Fee


Customer Rating

4.9/5 (7,007 reviews)

At a Glance


What is it: Ideal Agent is a real estate brokerage that matches buyers and sellers with real estate agents.

How it works: Ideal Agent has strict performance criteria for the agents it lets into its network. This vetting process means you're more likely to be matched with a top agent, although it also means there are fewer agents overall to choose from.

Ideal Agent also has a cash buyer program where it solicits cash offers for your home from various investors.

Customer reviews: 4.9/5 (7,007 total reviews)

» Read our full Ideal Agent review

Locations: Ideal Agent is available nationwide.

Ideal Agent is available nationwide.

Did you use Ideal Agent? Leave a review for the chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card.
Large agent network, but no savings


Learn More

Listing Fee

2.5–3% (market rates)

Customer Rating

4.6/5 (1,178 reviews)

Editor's take



If you want to quickly find a local real estate agent, HomeLight is worth trying thanks to its large agent network. But if you’re concerned about agent quality or savings, there are better options.


  • You get a list of real estate agents in minutes.
  • The large agent network means there’s usually an agent available near you.
  • You can get matched with a cash buyer through HomeLight Simple Sale.


  • There's no guarantee you’ll get a top realtor.
  • There are no savings on realtor commission.
  • Offers through HomeLight Simple Sale are lower than market value.

HomeLight is an online platform that offers a range of real estate services, like home listings and a home value calculator. It’s best known for matching buyers and sellers with real estate agents.

To find an agent with HomeLight, you enter some basic info about your property on the company website. Then HomeLight sends you a list of agents to choose from, but unlike other services, it doesn't vet the agents for you.

The service is free to use. But it doesn't save you money on commission. You still have to pay traditional realtor commission, usually 5–6%.

HomeLight also offers Simple Sale, a service that matches sellers with cash buyers. This service is designed for homeowners who want a fast sale and don’t want to invest in repairs. However, the offers are lower than what you’d get selling on the open market.

HomeLight is available nationwide.

Did you use HomeLight? Leave a review for the chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card.
👋 Next Steps: Talk to an expert

If you're weighing your options for buying or selling a house, Clever can help!

Our fully licensed concierge team can answer your questions and provide objective advice on getting the best outcome with your sale or purchase.

When you enter your info below, we'll ask you a few questions about your situation via a short form. Then our concierge team will be in touch shortly to help.

This service is free, and there’s never any obligation to move forward with us.

How does MyAgentFinder work for agents?

Referral fees | Sign-up requirements | Lead quality

MyAgentFinder is a low-risk way to get a steady stream of pre-vetted buyer and seller leads at zero upfront cost. Unlike other referral services — for example, Zillow Premier Agents or Ramsey Endorsed Local Providers — MyAgentFinder doesn’t charge a monthly or per-lead fee to use its service.

Like many of its competitors, MyAgentFinder’s fee is only due if and when a referred customer deal actually closes. Instead, you'll only pay for the referral when you close a transaction with a MyAgentFinder customer. Overall, MyAgentFinder can help you increase your transaction volume or fill in gaps without having to spend money upfront on dead-end leads.

MyAgentFinder referral fees

MyAgentFinder’s referral fees depend on the value of the deal. If a referred customer ends up closing, it will collect:

  • 35% of your gross commission on deals over $150,000
  • 25% of your gross commission on deals below $150,000

Fees are due within 10 days of the close of escrow. If you don't pay on time, you also have to pay a late fee of 5% of the gross commission. If you handle multiple transactions with a MyAgentFinder customer, you'll have to pay the fee on all transactions within the first two years of receiving the referral.

MyAgentFinder requirements and support

Any agent can join MyAgentFinder as long as they have a valid real estate license and their broker’s permission. If you do join, you shouldn't expect much support from MyAgentFinder, at least not right away.

You'll receive a welcome email detailing their referral process and fee structure, as well as access to an online account. You'll fill in details about your business online, including memberships, specializations, certifications, and coverage areas.

A few days later, you'll receive an agent onboarding email with a survey allowing you to set price and property type restrictions. Based on our research, MyAgentFinder won't contact you until you receive your first lead. If you accept, they'll check in regularly with you and the client throughout the process.

How does MyAgentFinder generate and qualify leads?

MyAgentFinder generates its leads by running pay-per-click ads on search engines like Bing and Google. The company primarily targets high-intent, location-specific searches — "real estate agents in Illinois," for example.

When leads come in, MyAgentFinder's customer service team talks to every new lead before sending it out to agents. They ask the customer questions to make sure they are both qualified and interested in buying or selling a home.

Unfortunately, MyAgentFinder doesn't provide many details about how many leads you can expect from them, but they do say that they prioritize agents who respond quickly to new leads.

👋 Looking to grow your real estate business?

Are you a top agent? Join thousands of realtors growing their business with Clever.

  ✅ Qualified clients ready to buy or sell.

  ✅ Grow your brand with more listings.

  ✅ Clever is free to join — never pay for a lead up front.

Ready to see if you qualify to join Clever's partner network?

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Clever and its mystery shoppers spent nearly 1,500 hours researching real estate agent matching services to deliver the best reviews in the industry. Our reviews are continuously updated to ensure you have the latest information to inform your decisions.

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