HomeLister Reviews: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

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By Steve Nicastro Updated April 11, 2024


HomeLister is a legitimate flat fee MLS listing company that lets you list your home on major real estate sites without using an agent.

While this service can save you 2.5–3% on traditional real estate commission, homes sold without an agent typically fetch about 6% less than those sold with agent assistance, according to Collateral Analytics.[1] This significant potential loss in sale price raises questions about the net financial benefit of using such services.

HomeLister provides various add-ons, including lockboxes, disclosure forms, and access to ShowingTime. Customers have praised the ease of use of the website and the overall quality of service.

However, the cost of HomeLister's service packages may deter some users, especially since some plans require payment before closing.

One of HomeLister’s higher-tier plans includes phone-based agent support throughout the selling process but comes at a steep price of $3,000. At this cost, you might consider a full-service discount realtor who could offer more comprehensive support and potentially better financial outcomes.

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Should you use HomeLister to sell your house?


  • Easy-to-use website and listing portal.
  • Great customer service.
  • Offers a variety of à-la-carte services.


  • Its plans are overpriced.
  • You pay an up-front fee.

High upfront costs 

Selling your home without a realtor through platforms like HomeLister can save on realtor commissions, but it often requires a substantial upfront investment.

HomeLister’s plans, ranging from $99 to $699 upfront, are costlier than other flat fee MLS services. Notably, while comprehensive, their Premium and Platinum plans are priced higher than similar offerings in the market. 

For example, a yard sign alone costs $149 through HomeLister, compared to less than $100 with competitors.

Easy-to-use website and listing portal

HomeLister offers an easy-to-use listing portal that simplifies the selling process by breaking it down into manageable steps, complete with FAQs and progress tracking.

This user-friendly approach can make the daunting task of selling your home without a realtor more manageable and even enjoyable. Additionally, HomeLister is known for its responsive customer service, with positive reviews across Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau, Google, and Zillow.

On its listing portal, HomeLister breaks down the process into easy and quick steps, with some pages including FAQs in case you have trouble understanding what info you need to provide or why that info is necessary in the first place. You can also see your progress and estimate how much you'll save on realtor commission.

Homelister UI

Great customer service

HomeLister has great customer reviews on Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau, Google, and Zillow.

While mystery shopping, we also found HomeLister has a highly responsive staff through phone, email, and chat feature.

Still, HomeLister loses a point for how it portrays itself to customers. It's honest about how much you would save vs. selling with an agent. BUT HomeLister frames its services as unique among flat fee MLS companies to justify how expensive some of their services are. In turn, you end up paying way more for MLS accesssomething all HomeLister's competitors offer at a lower cost.

Variety of à-la-carte services

HomeLister offers add-on services so you can customize your plan. You can add professional photography, a comparative market analysis (CMA), a 3D interactive video tour, and help with paperwork.

The cost of these services can add up quickly, so consider that when choosing whether to use HomeLister, another flat fee company, or a real estate agent.

Transparency and marketing claims

While HomeLister is transparent about the potential savings compared to traditional agent sales, it tends to justify its higher pricing by portraying its services as unique in the market. This marketing strategy might lead customers to pay more for MLS access and additional services generally available at lower costs elsewhere.

Should you use HomeLister? The bottom line

If you’re evaluating whether to use HomeLister or another service, consider the upfront costs and the potential savings on realtor commissions. Compare these factors with the value of services offered by traditional real estate agents and discount realtors, who provide comprehensive support and expertise that could result in a higher sale price.

Consider Clever Real Estate as a cost-effective alternative. Clever connects you with top-rated local agents from major brokerages for just a 1.5% listing fee, combining the savings of a flat fee MLS service with the full support of traditional real estate agents. Maximize your sale price and streamline the selling process with expert guidance.

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HomeLister pricing and services

HomeLister has three price plans for customers that offer varying degrees of service. All of these plans, including HomeLister's cheapest one, are more expensive than the plans competitors offer.

Basic Premium Platinum
($99 due at listing, $500 at closing)
($599 due at listing, $1,100 at closing)
($699 due at listing, $2,300 at closing)
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Basic plan: $599

HomeLister's basic plan gets you on the MLS and major real estate sites like Zillow and Redfin and a few extra services:

  • Access to ShowingTime, an app that helps you schedule showings for your home
  • The Virtual Tours app
  • A yard sign

While these aren't "nothing," you're overpaying for this plan when considering you'd get much of this with other flat fee MLS companies at a lower price.

With HomeLister's basic plan, you pay $99 upfront and $500 when you close on the sale. However, if you pick any of the add-on services (e.g., a CMA report, marketing assistance, or professional photography), you're charged for these when you list.

Premium plan: $1,699

With this plan, you pay $599 upfront, BEFORE your listing is posted on the MLS and other sites. You pay the remaining $1,100 at closing.

Along with all the stuff included in the basic plan, HomeLister's premium plan adds other services:

  • Professional photography of your listing
  • Seller's paperwork management services
  • A custom flyer for marketing
  • Offer review and counteroffer prep provided by HomeLister's experts

It's important to note what's NOT included in this plan: a CMA that will give you the most accurate estimate of how much you could make from this sale. CMA's are invaluable tools offered (with no extra cost!) by agents; with HomeLister, you're paying $1,699 and STILL not getting a CMA and other services.

Platinum plan: $2,999

To get HomeLister's full suite of services, you need to shell out $2,999 — $699 when you list and $2,300 at closing.

In addition to all of the stuff offered in HomeLister's basic and premium plans, the platinum plan includes services that are much closer to what you'd get with an agent:

  • Offer negotiation assistance
  • A CMA
  • Staging consultation
  • Email marketing of your listing
  • Support from HomeLister's agents during a "welcome call" and advice when you get an offer and reach closing

Choosing HomeLister means you don't have to work with an agent, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. BUT your buyer will probably still have an agent.

You'll still need to offer commission to the buyer's broker, and HomeLister recommends offering 2.5%, the industry standard.

With any of these plans, HomeLister offers to refer you to a local agent if you decide to cancel your listing.

HomeLister's cancellation policy

If you cancel your listing within 30 days of posting it, HomeLister charges you $99. If you cancel after 30 days, you aren't charged unless the state MLS requires a fee.

All listings on HomeLister last for six months.

How does HomeLister work?

HomeLister's process is arguably its strongest asset. The site's listing portal is incredibly intuitive, making listing your home easier than on other sites.

Enter your address on HomeLister's site and make an account. This will give you access to your account dashboard and listing portal.

The listing portal (below) is easy to navigate and displays everything you'll need to post on the MLS.

HomeLister portal

Let's have a quick look at the portal's key components:

  1. On the left-hand side is a list of all of the steps you need to take before your listing is live. You can follow the steps as listed, or jump ahead to other steps.
  2. At the top is an estimated range of what you would save on realtor commission when you close. If you click on the info icon, you'll see an explanation on how this is calculated.
  3. A progress bar showing how far along you are is at the top.
  4. At the top right corner, you can leave the listing portal and go to your dashboard, which lets you manage your profile and any other listings.
  5. At the bottom right corner is HomeLister's chat feature. A chat bot will share FAQs and articles based on your questions, or connect you with a HomeLister rep.

On the portal, HomeLister will ask for info on your home, like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the home's condition, and details on your neighborhood. You can also share photos and write a description of the listing to be posted on the MLS.

After providing these details and setting a price, you set the terms of the future purchase agreement (like setting contingencies) and ownership terms. Then, just pick a price plan and review your listing before submitting.

Your listing should be posted on the MLS and other major sites within 72 hours.

HomeLister reviews and complaints

Review site Average customer rating
Trustpilot 4.6/5 (206 reviews)
Better Business Bureau 3.9/5 (11 reviews)
Google 3.7/5 (12 reviews)
Zillow 4.9/5 (200 reviews)
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HomeLister has positive customer reviews, with an average rating of 4.8/5 across 429 reviews on Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Google, and Zillow.

After analyzing the reviews, we found these themes:

Intuitive website and listing process: "This technology and service works exactly as advertised. … The entire listing process was very easy thanks to their website and we saved tens of thousands of dollars in commissions." — Vishal, Trustpilot

Real savings: "Our home went into contract within a week of listing and we saved over $25,000 compared to if we had used a normal realtor." — Stephanie Y., BBB

When reading these reviews of HomeLister and other flat fee MLS companies, take each anecdote about savings with a grain of salt. Yes, you'll likely pay more to sell your home if you work with an agent. BUT you're also much more likely to sell your home for a better price.[1]

Good customer service: "Our assigned agent was responsive, knowledgeable, and personable. The team who handled our paperwork and forms were attentive to details and helpful when we had questions. We felt supported and guided throughout the listing and selling process." — Tina C., Trustpilot

Unexpected listing cancellations: "I listed with HomeLister and paid the fee up-front plus a reactivation fee of $69 to extend my agreement to 10/18/2023. … I was advised on 6/8/2023 ‘Due to current market conditions and overall lack of demand in your area, we are canceling your listing effective 6/9/2023.'" — Mark G., BBB

HomeLister vs. competitors

Clever Rating
Listing Fee
Customer Rating
User-friendly platform
Our rating
$0 to $599 upfront + 0.5% at closing
4.5/5 (111 reviews)
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On unrealestate.com
Wide range of service offerings
Our rating
$399 - $999+
4.9/5 (9,000+ reviews)
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On listwithclever.com
Easy listing process
Our rating
4.7/5 (60 reviews)
Learn More
On listwithclever.com
Additional marketing tools
Our rating
4.8/5 (112 reviews)
Learn More
On listwithclever.com
Cost savings
Our rating
$99 to $599 upfront + 1% at closing
4.6/5 (587 reviews)
Learn More
On listwithclever.com

HomeLister offers more services than many competitors, and all of its services are available à la carte. However, HomeLister is more expensive than other flat fee MLS companies, and it's not as widely available.

Unreal Estate scores well in customer satisfaction and ease of use, but it may not offer as extensive marketing options and personalized support as some competitors.

Houzeo is known for its ease of use, as evidenced by largely positive online feedback and a high rating on Trustpilot. However, the total costs of its packages can accumulate, potentially leading to higher overall expenses compared to other flat fee MLS services or full-service realtors.

ISoldMyHouse.com is available nationwide. The service is praised for its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and responsive customer service. But, it may lack the in-person agent support and comprehensive service options found in competitors’ basic packages.

Homecoin offers one basic MLS listing plan for a low flat fee. This plan may work for experienced sellers who don’t want additional support. Like HomeLister, Homecoin also offers add-on services. But the cost of these services can add up quickly, and they're not available in all locations.  

Beycome stands out because it doesn't set a time limit on your listing. Its entry-level plan is cheaper than HomeLister’s and has similar service quality. But Beycome has fewer service areas.

Best HomeLister alternatives

The best alternative to HomeLister may be a discount real estate brokerage instead of another flat fee MLS company. With a discount broker, you pay less than the standard 2.5–3% listing fee, but you still get all the perks of working with a top local agent.

Clever Rating
Listing Fee
Our rating
Find Agents
On listwithclever.com
Great savings, but some risks
Our rating
26 states (select markets)
Learn More
On listwithclever.com
Good agents, but limited choice
Our rating
Learn More
On listwithclever.com

Clever Real Estate charges a 1.5% listing fee and connects you with multiple top agents in your area. Getting matched with agents is free, and there's no obligation to move forward.

Redfin is another well-known brand that charges a 1.5% listing fee. It has great tech and some highly regarded agents, but its team-based approach doesn't work for everybody.

Ideal Agent charges a 2% listing fee and matches you with a top seller's agent. The company has some of the strictest criteria to determine which agents can join its network.

💰 Incredible savings — none of the risk

Selling your home DIY is challenging, even with support from a limited-service agent. Add in hidden fees and premium service charges, and you'll save WAY less than you planned — but still be stuck with most of the work.

There's a better option. Clever pre-negotiates lower rates with the top agents in your area. You pay just 1.5% in listing fees, while getting the support of a full-service agent.

Where is HomeLister available?

HomeLister is available in these locations:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Washington, DC
  • Wisconsin
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How to contact HomeLister

Website homelister.com
Email [email protected]
Phone (855) 400-8566
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FAQ about HomeLister

What is HomeLister?

HomeLister is a flat fee MLS company that lets you list your home without an agent. Using HomeLister helps you avoid paying a listing fee, which can be thousands of dollars. But you won't get help from an agent (unless you pay extra), and you might sell your home for less than you'd get with an agent.

How does HomeLister compare to other flat fee MLS companies?

HomeLister has great customer reviews and an intuitive website that makes listing your home easy. However, HomeLister's price plans are more expensive than most of its competitors.

Where is HomeLister available?

Currently, HomeLister is available in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin as well as Washington, DC.

How quickly can I sell my home on HomeLister?

HomeLister lists your home within 72 hours of receiving all the necessary information about your home. The company says its listings are on the market for an average of 11 days.

Article Sources

[1] Collateral Analytics – "Saving Real Estate Commissions at Any Price".

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