Dave Ramsey Reviews — How Does it Compare to Clever?


Jamie Ayers


December 1st, 2020


Dave Ramsey has undoubtedly helped thousands — if not hundreds of thousands — of people get out of debt and stay on top of their personal finances. It's only reasonable that, when it comes to making the biggest financial decision of your life, you'd seek out his advice. His ELP service is based on referring people to investors, realtors, and financial advisors that he trusts.

Dave Ramsey is a personal finance expert who has written books about money management ranging from The Total Money Makeover to How to Have More Than Enough. He also offers an “ELP program” on his website that might help you find a realtor to work with.

Is it worth checking out? Let's find out.

What Does Dave Ramsey Do?

Dave Ramsey helps people out of credit card debt, teaches college kids about the dangers of taking on excessive student loans, and advises hundreds of small business owners. His advice is clear, direct, and accessible. His brand has reached millions of people.

In fact, as of this writing, his Youtube channel has close to one million subscribers — and it'll probably break that threshold sometime soon. There's no doubt that Dave Ramsey is a popular guy. He's pretty much a household name at this point.

While searching for realtors, you might have found a link to his Endorsed Local Provider search function for homebuyers and sellers. How does it work and will it help you find a great agent?

The Benefits to Dave Ramsey's ELP Program

Dave Ramsey's “Endorsed Local Providers” (or ELPs from here on out) are realtors, financial advisors, and investment experts that Dave personally endorses. He holds his ELPs to a “higher standard of excellent.”

According to his site, the ELP program provides support from Dave's team, a client-centered mentality, trustworthy professionals, and expert advice. If you've always wanted to work with Dave Ramsey, now might be your chance — even if it's only by proxy.

Even if you simply value and trust Dave Ramsey's opinion and brand, it might be worth it to check out his ELP service.

The online form doesn't cost anything to fill out, either. The worst that can happen is you waste a few minutes of your day, but you can probably fill out the form while waiting for the bus.

Quick Tip: List with the Best Local Agents — Pay One-Third of the Price

Clever negotiates discounted rates with top-rated, local agents across the country from major brands like Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, and RE/MAX. You get full service and support — i.e., all the benefits and help you’d expect from a traditional agent — but for a fraction of the typical cost, saving you 66% (or more) on listing fees.

Full service includes pricing strategy, MLS listings, digital marketing, professional photography, showings and open houses, help with negotiations, paperwork, and more! Clever sellers save an average of $9,000 per transaction — and get offers 2.8x faster than the national average.

Want to learn more? Fill out the form below to get in touch.

The Drawbacks to Dave Ramsey's ELP Program

In order to become an ELP, realtors, financial advisors, and investment experts must pay a fee. Ramsey claims that his ELPs only pay that fee to “cover website maintenance and employment costs,” but the exact amount isn't clear, nor is it listed anywhere on his site.

This, of course, doesn't mean that ELPs are simply buying their way into the program, but it also doesn't mean that the service is entirely transaction-free. If, for example, Ramsey wanted to recommend someone and they were unwilling to pay the fee, they wouldn't become an ELP.

Also, when Ramsey recommends a realtor to a homebuyer or seller, and that buyer or seller works with that realtor, Ramsey receives a broker-to-broker payment.

This might be a drawback to anyone who just wanted Dave's advice, but when it comes down to it, it isn't any different than how most brokerages work. Dave Ramsey is always interested in monetizing his expertise. Getting paid to recommend realtors isn't any different from getting paid to write books -- and those books still contain valuable information.

If you value Dave Ramsey's brand and services, it's worth checking out. Again: you don't have a whole lot to lose.

Why Is Clever The #1 Alternative to Dave Ramsey?

The average commission rate in real estate is 6%, no matter who refers your real estate agent. Conversely, the average seller who lists with Clever saves at least 1-2%, the equivalent to a few thousand dollars, depending on the value of your house. That's because we only charge a flat-rate fee of $3,000 on houses under $350,000 and a 1% fee on houses over $350,000.

Virtually all other traditional realtors charge the standard 3%, but by using Clever, you can get a lot of that money back.

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