Average Time to Sell a House in Hawaii in 2021

Jamie Ayers


Jamie Ayers

October 3rd, 2021
Updated October 3rd, 2021


Getting ready to sell your Hawaii home? Here’s how long you can expect it to take — and some tips on how to speed things up (and still get a great price).

Time to sell a home in Hawaii

  • In 2021, the average time it takes to sell a home in Hawaii — from listing through closing — is approximately 100 days. That’s 65 days to get an offer, plus the typical 35-day closing period.
  • Key factors that impact Hawaii home sale timelines include local market conditions (e.g., buyer demand, job market, rising home values, etc.), time of year, and your property’s type and condition.
  • Your agent’s listing strategy (pricing, marketing, networking, etc.) and the buyer’s financing situation — i.e., the amount of time it takes for them to secure loan approval — will also influence how long your sale ultimately takes.

Read on to learn more about how long it takes to sell a house in Hawaii and get some pro tips on how to speed up your sale, get better offers, and save thousands in the process.

Editor’s Note: The data in this article may be slightly skewed because of COVID-19’s disruptive effect on 2020 real estate trends. See the table at the end of this article to compare data from 2020 and 2019 and see how drastically trends were affected in your state.

What’s the average time to sell a house in Hawaii?

Average Time to Sell*
Average Price*
86 days
*Based on Realtor.com Data (December, 2020)

The average time it takes to sell a house in Hawaii in 2021 is 100 days — 65 days to get an offer and an additional 35 days to close. This is approximately 16.3%slower than the national average. Keep in mind that these are annual averages and the numbers will vary by month and/or season.

Best time to sell a house in Hawaii

In addition to the average days on market and list price data, we’ve compiled data on the BEST (and worst) times to sell your Hawaii house based on what’s most important to you:

  • Fastest Time to Sell: When should you list your home if you’re looking to sell quickly?
  • Highest Sale Price: What month should you list in to get the best possible price for your home?

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Best month to sell a house fast in Hawaii

Days on Market**
Best Month
46 days
Worst Month
93 days
*Based on Realtor.com Data (December, 2020)
**Days on market doesn't include the amount of time it typically includes to close (about 35 days)

The best month to sell a house fast in Hawaii is September. The median time it takes for Hawaii homes listed in September to sell is 46 days, which is 19 days faster than the annual average.

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Best month to sell a house in Hawaii for price

Average Price*
Best Month
Worst Month
*Based on Realtor.com Data (December, 2020)

The best month to sell a house in Hawaii in terms of sale price is September. The median sale price in September is $725,000, which is 8.2% — or $55,254 — more than the annual average.

Tips to get your Hawaii home sold

1. Use your initial listing price to attract interest

Just as a high price can scare off potential buyers, a low price can kindle massive interest. Listing your home for a bargain price can help your property distinguish itself from the rest of the market, and attract multiple highly motivated buyers. If multiple buyers decide that your home is their dream home, you could find yourself the beneficiary of a bidding war.

2. Tailor your home to local tastes

Everyone has their idiosyncratic tastes, but when it comes to selling your home, you want to appeal to a wide audience. That means staging your home in a simple, appealing manner. Use soft, neutral colors, move as much clutter as possible out of the house, and consider updating flooring or wall treatments if they’re dingy or outdated.

Experts agree that a fresh coat of paint is the easiest, most cost-effective way to boost the appeal and eventual price of your home, so get out your ladder and drop cloths!

3. Make repairs around the house

Every home picks up dings and bumps over the years, and now is the time to fix them. Buff scratches out of floors and surfaces, fill in gouges and holes in the walls with filling compound, and replace broken light fixtures, doorknobs, and woodwork. You want your home to look as close to perfect as possible, so nothing is too small.

At the same time, always keep in mind that you’re doing all this work to boost the price of your home. If you spend $10,000 on a new roof but only boost the eventual sale price of your home by $8,000, you’ve lost money. Consult with your agent before undertaking major repairs, to make sure it’s worth it.

4. Presentation is vital

When potential buyers look at your home online, they’ll see your listing photos, and read your listing description. Make sure your photos are of professional quality. Hire an experienced real estate photographer who’ll know how to show off your home in the most flattering light.

Work with your agent to craft a compelling, warm listing description. Don’t use too many acronyms or abbreviations; the goal here is to write something engaging, and that paints a vivid picture of your home. At the same time, don’t exaggerate; keep the descriptions realistic.

5. Let your agent conduct after-hours showings

Many people aren’t available during traditional open house time windows but might have an interest in viewing your property. If your agent is amenable to the idea, consider using a lockbox so they can conduct on-demand showings of your home. This will significantly expand your pool of potential buyers and isn’t as intrusive as you might think, as long as you and your agent coordinate.

Next steps for Hawaii home sellers

If you’re looking to sell your home fast in Hawaii and get a great price, Clever can help.

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Importantly, home sellers who list with Clever get their first qualified offer in an average of 24.1 days* — that’s 41 days faster than the average time to offer in Hawaii.

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*Average time to offer for Clever home sellers in 2020

Average time to sell in 2019

Average Time to Sell in Hawaii:
121 days
100 days
National Average:
80 days
86 days
Average Sale Price in Hawaii:
National Average:
Best Month for Speed:
July, with an average of 81 days on market
September, with an average of 46 days on market
Best Month for Price:
September, with an average sale price of $584,000
September, with an average sale price of $725,000
*Based on data gathered from Realtor.com and Zillow Data Center

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