5 Best Places to Live with Low Humidity: The Ultimate Guide


Jamie Ayers


January 19th, 2021


For some, beating the heat is what's most important. But for others, it's the humidity they'd rather avoid. Whether for health reasons or personal preference, if you're looking for the best places to live with low humidity, this is the ultimate guide for you. Here's where to look.

For many people, deciding where to buy a house involves considerations from the neighborhood and the people to proximity to good schools and the job market. While most people take weather into consideration when deciding where to live, there are some who seek a particular climate is based more on health than on a simple preference.

Among the climates that some might find beneficial to their health is one that has a relatively low humidity.

There are many reasons someone may need to live in a low humidity climate. One reason is that they have asthma triggered by moist, humid air. Some people with arthritis or chronic pain conditions find that humid weather makes their pain worse.

Regardless of the reason, if you require low humidity to live a healthy life, you're in luck. You may think your only choice is to live in the middle of the desert, but that's not true.

Here are five of the least humid cities in the United States.

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Las Vegas, NV

It might be known as Sin City, but Las Vegas is also known for being one of the least humid cities in the country. The average relative humidity here is 30.3%.

Besides having low humidity, Vegas also offers attractive home prices and a competitive housing market. According to Zillow Research, the median home value in Las Vegas is $275,500. Home values have risen by 9.4% in the last year and are expected to rise another 3.4% in the coming year.

The median listing price in Las Vegas is $299,900, and the median sale price is $264,100.

Besides the attractive housing market in Las Vegas, there's also an active nightlife scene, gorgeous hiking trails and paths, a strong job market, and good options for education.

About 62,1662 people call Las Vegas home, according to Niche, but the larger metropolitan area contains a far larger population. Las Vegas keeps a suburban feel and individual neighborhoods tend to feel like close-knit communities rather than crowded urban areas.

The median household income in Las Vegas is $53,159, and while that falls below the national average, the cost of living in Las Vegas is also fairly low. For those who love the arts, entertainment, and the ability to find something to do no matter what time it is, Las Vegas has much to offer.

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona is another city that has low humidity. The average relative humidity here is just 36.6%. Like Las Vegas, Phoenix has an attractive and affordable housing market.

The median home value in Phoenix is $242,600. Home values have risen by 6.2% in 2018 and are expected to rise another 2.7% in 2019.

The median listing price is $285,000, and the median sale price is $229,700. The rates of homes with negative equity and delinquent mortgages are far below the national average, which speaks to the general affordability of Phoenix homes.

According to Niche, 1,574,421 people call Phoenix home. It's a diverse area with great weather, a strong job market, an array of outdoor activities, and excellent schools.

Phoenix, while large, still has a suburban feel. The median household income is $197,800, and 53% of residents own their home. There's a relatively even split between age ranges here, and the unemployment rate is only 4.6%.

Residents describe Phoenix as family-oriented, diverse, and progressive. If you need to live somewhere with low humidity and you enjoy diverse communities with active arts centers and access to outdoor activities, Phoenix is a great option for you.

Denver, CO

When you think of low humidity, Colorado might not seem like an obvious front runner. But Denver has some of the lowest humidity in the country with an average relative humidity of just 52%.

It's higher than some other areas, but for those who aren't interested in the desert and who can handle a slightly higher rate of humidity, Denver is a great option.

Like the other locations on our list, Denver also has a promising housing market. Currently, the median home value in Denver is $424,700. Home values have risen by 2.8% in 2018 and are expected to rise another 0.5% in 2019.

The median listing price is $490,000 with a median sale price of $409,200. The average home spends just 49 days on the market.

Denver is a diverse city with a promising job market, desirable weather, good public schools, and a wealth of opportunities for people who love the outdoors. About 678,467 people call Denver home, 38% of whom are between the ages of 24 and 44 years old.

The median household income is $60,098, and the median individual income is $35,129.

If you're an outdoorsy person who likes the best of both the city and the mountains and low humidity is a priority for you, Denver, Colorado is a great choice.

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque has an average relative humidity of 44%, a rate that is relatively consistent throughout the entire state of New Mexico. The housing market has been healthy and growing for many years and doesn't seem to be slowing.

The median home value in Albuquerque is $201,800. Home values have risen by 5.7% in 2018 and are expected to rise another 2.4% in 2019. The median listing price is $229,900.

Albuquerque has some great public schools and is a desirable place for families. The job market is stable, the unemployment rate is just 4.2%, there's a thriving art community, and parks are easy to find.

Currently, 556,718 people live in Albuquerque, 60% of whom own their homes and are evenly distributed across all age groups. However, young professionals and retirees make up a slightly higher percentage of the population, but just barely.

Albuquerque is diverse and those who value rich cultural experiences will love it here.

The median household income is $49,878 and the median individual income is $27,631. Most residents say there's a strong sense of community, making it a great option for people who share those values.

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City has an average relative humidity of 55.3%. It's a little higher than some other places on this list, but it's still relatively low compared with much of the country.

The median home value in Salt Lake City is $397,600. Home values have risen an impressive 11.5% in 2018 and are expected to rise another 4.5% in 2019. The median listing price is $435,000, and the average home spends just 46 days on the market.

Nicherates Salt Lake City in the top 50 cities for young professionals in America. It's also popular with families given its above-average public schools.

Currently, 194,188 people call Salt Lake City home. The unemployment rate is only 3.3%, and residents describe the city as friendly, diverse, and having a strong sense of community.

The median household income is $54,009, and the median individual income is $127,858. About 35% of the population falls between the ages of 25 and 44, and even though the median household income is $54,009, around 40% of the population earns between $50,000 and $150,000.

Making the Best Choice

There are many more cities to choose from if you're looking to find a home in an area with low humidity. In fact, some states are consistently low in humidity, such as Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.

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