5 Best Places to Live for Adults with Autism

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By Jamie Ayers Updated October 20, 2021


Whether you are an individual living with autism or the caretaker of an adult living with autism, finding the right home is essential. Living with autism doesn't mean you can't live in an amazing city. We've narrowed down the 5 best places to live for adults with autism.

5 Best Places to Live for Adults with Autism

When looking for an ideal place to live as a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or as a parent of someone with the condition, there are several important factors to consider easy access to and availability of services and resources are essential.

If a child in the household has autism, educational services tailored to your child's needs are paramount to their ongoing development. Flexible employer policies, access to clinical/medical care, and recreational opportunities are facets that play a role in just how livable a city is for those with autism.

Most U.S. cities are not necessarily autism-friendly, but there are some that are highly aware of the needs of individuals with ASD and go to great lengths to create programs and opportunities.

A flat-rate Clever Partner Agent can help to get you into the home of your dreams without compromising care. We have compiled 5 cities that satisfy these needs and are great communities to join when you need special provisions.


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Los Angeles

One-third of ASD diagnosed Californians live in Los Angeles County. The prominent and growing presence of the Autism Society of Los Angeles may have contributed to that growth. The organization places a focus on the integration and inclusion of those with autism in the general community.

Los Angeles has extraordinary public and private schools that offer tailored services to those with ASD, medical programs, therapies, and camps. For adults are in the workforce, Los Angeles has many job availabilities in autism-friendly environments and a robust tech sector.

Expert healthcare professionals are in proximity, and there are many living facilities and support groups to join. If you live in Los Angeles, your problem will never be a lack of accessibility or choice.


Those with autism can make a comfortable home in Philadelphia. The city has made consistent efforts to expand programs, medical care, educational provisions, and community integration for those diagnosed with ASD.

In 2018, City Hall featured an exhibit of artwork only created by those with autism. There are many support groups, professional networks, and groundbreaking research being conducted in Philly.

The strong presence of community-based groups dedicated to maximizing the personal development of those with autism shows the high awareness and variety of resources that the city offers.


The city of Chicago has no shortage of programs for people with an ASD diagnosis. The city features early intervention programs, clinical counseling, uniquely designed summer camps, and medical therapy support systems. Chicago has a robust offering for children with autism and is dedicated to their personal development.

The Discovery Center hosts "Mornings of Fun," inviting children with disabilities and their families to view exhibits for free before the museum is open to the public. Better yet, Chicago offers movie nights for those with ASD that are sensory friendly. The lights remain turned on, they lower the volume, and those who need to move around may do so.

The city has a plethora of resources that accommodate the needs of those with autism and places high importance on healthcare and recreational provisions. These continual efforts to serve those with autism places Chicago as one of the best destinations for those in need of these services.

New York City

Just like the other cities mentioned previously, New York has a wide range of public and private schools, speech, language, and occupational therapies, and also has a strong presence of Nest programs.

Nest programs allow those on the spectrum to study along with children are not on the spectrum. New York City has an abundance of museums, sensory gyms, playgrounds, and cultural programs that are specially designed for those with autism.

The city doesn't just focus on the more serious aspects of an ASD diagnosis—such as continual therapy, or a need for special accommodations. Instead, New York values providing venues for those with autism and their families to have fun.


Boston boasts tremendous healthcare for those with autism. Some of the best autism specialists in the world have practiced there. The community is known for being accepting and respectful of those on the spectrum.

One of the educational resources that stand out is Massachusetts's School Choice program, allowing students to take their pick of school that can provide the best resources for their needs.

Massachusetts also signed legislation that offers state coverage for most facets of autism care, including applied behavioral analysis and no limits apply to the number of services needed. There is high community awareness of the needs of individuals with autism, making Boston a great place to integrate and get the care you need.

Looking for an Autism-Friendly City?

An experienced local real estate agent will have invaluable knowledge of a city's offerings for adults with autism. Living with autism shouldn't mean you are limited to residing in one place.

Clever wants to help you buy your dream home. Clever Partner Agents know this and will work hard to get you situated in a home located in an autism-friendly city. Connect with Clever today via our online form or call us so we can help you find the perfect property and city for you.

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