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What is Door Real Estate? | How it works | listing fees | Door vs. other discount brokers | Find reviews from real customers

Door Real Estate reviews

✍️ Editor’s take: Door Real Estate's fees are too high to justify the hands-off support. Other discount options offer better service for the same price or less.
Show more is a discount real estate broker available to home sellers and buyers in Texas.

Selling with Door is cheaper than listing with a traditional agent. But it costs less for a reason.

Door manages the entire process remotely. That means you'll get zero in-person support throughout your sale or purchase, which is a huge drawback!

The bottom line: Door's model is risky and doesn't offer great value. Other low commission brands offer better service and fewer risks for the same price or less. Compare discount realtors from a few local companies to find the best fit for your needs and budget!

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What is Door Real Estate?

Door Real Estate is a discount real estate brokerage in Texas that can help you sell or buy a home. Somewhere else? Find discount brokers near you.

Unlike traditional agents and full-service discount brokers, Door handles the entire process remotely via its web platform and a team in-house, salaried agents.

Door doesn't provide in-person support, which allows it to handle a higher volume of customers and charge lower prices than traditional brokerages.

But if your sale gets complicated, the lack of hands-on service could set you up for additional stress and a poor outcome.

📢 Why we DON'T recommend Door Real Estate

Door Real Estate hoped to leverage its online platform to disrupt the home-selling process.

But major changes to its business model, unsuccessful expansion plans, and a shrinking geographic presence suggest its approach isn't working.

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How much can you save with Door Real Estate?

Selling with Door will cost you up to 25% less than listing with a conventional real estate brokerage.

You'll pay 4.5% of the home's sale price in total commission fees: a 1.5% listing fee to Door and 3% to cover the buyer's agent fee. Selling with a traditional brokerage typically costs 5-6%.

However, since Door offers limited service, there's a greater risk you'll struggle to sell your home for the best price possible. If you fail to maximize your home's potential value, that could wipe out what you "saved" on realtor commission.

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Is Door Real Estate legitimate?

Yes, Door Real Estate is a legitimate licensed brokerage. But it appears to be facing some major business headwinds:

  • Door tried to raise up to $30 million from investors, but the funding fell through.[1]
  • Door planned to expand into all 50 states by mid-2020. Instead, it shrunk its operations from nine states to one — Texas.[2]
  • After at least one round of layoffs, Door's workforce size declined by more than 50%.[1]
  • Door made major changes to its business model, including completely overhauling its pricing structure.

All of this corporate instability should be a red flag for potential customers. It suggests Door is struggling to turn a profit and provide value to its customers. That makes it riskier than other discount services, many of which have proven business models.

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How does Door Real Estate work?

Selling with Door is up to 25% cheaper than listing with a traditional realtor. So why is Door able to charge so much less than the other guys?

Currently, Door cuts costs in two ways:

  • Managing home sales via an online platform and offering no in-person agent support
  • Handling a MUCH higher volume of customers per agent than most brokerages

💡 Why Door's service model misses the mark

Door is one of several discount brokers looking to move the entire home sale process online.

The problem is that real estate transactions aren't like selling a pair of jeans — they're complex, high-stakes affairs. Navigating stressful negotiations, confusing contracts, and local regulations is a tall order for the average home seller.

Going with a high-volume, low-cost brand increases the risk of a bad outcome. In most cases, you'll find the best overall value with an experienced local expert who offers personalized support.

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You won't meet your Door agent in person

Although Door agents are available to answer phone calls, texts, and emails, you'll NEVER meet them in person. They won't even come to your home to help you decide on a listing price or give advice on how to get your home ready to hit the market.

Door's hands-off customer service model is the crucial factor in why it's able to offer discounted rates.

By limiting the amount of time they spend with each customer, Door agents can theoretically handle a higher volume of sales. According to Door's website, their agents manage "10x more home sale transactions" compared with a traditional realtor.

💰 Flat fee MLS services offer MUCH better savings than Door

If you're comfortable selling your house without white-glove support from an agent, you could likely save even more money by using a flat fee MLS listing company and purchasing other services a la carte.

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Door agents outsource tasks to a back-office team

Another reason Door agents can handle more sales than the average realtor is that they outsource many day-to-day tasks to other team members.

When you list with Door, you'll interact with three types of Door employees:

  • A market advisor
  • A listing agent
  • Back-office staff members

Before you list your home for sale, you'll consult with a virtual "market advisor." The market advisor will provide guidance on pricing and home prep during a video chat — but they won't tour your home in-person.

📢 Door's approach is NOT normal

Door's approach to pricing homes is unusual. Most realtors will tour your home to ensure they help you price it accurately.

Door's strategy might not be a major issue if you're selling a cookie-cutter home in a red-hot market. But handling the process entirely online could increase the risk that your list price doesn't reflect your home's true fair market value.

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Your listing agent will oversee the actual sales process. They'll support you as you evaluate offers, negotiate with buyers, and prepare contracts — all via the company's online portal, of course.

Other staff members will handle your home's marketing strategy. Their responsibilities include scheduling a professional photographer to take pictures of your home and advertising your listing on the MLS, Zillow, etc.

How much does Door Real Estate cost?

Service Fee
Door listing fee 1.5% (min. $5,000)
Buyer's agent commission 3%
Total 4.5%
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When you sell a home with Door Real Estate, you'll be responsible for covering two different fees:

  • Door's listing fee: 1.5% of the sale price
  • Buyer's agent commission: 3% of the sale price

Note that Door charges a minimum fee of $5,000, which means the advertised 1.5% listing fee doesn't actually apply unless your home sells for $335,000 or more.

As with a traditional agent, you don't have to pay these fees until after your sale is complete.

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Door sellers may overpay on buyer's agent commission

Be aware that depending on where you're selling, you may overpay on buyer's agent commission if you list with Door.

Although most brokerages allow sellers to choose what buyer's agent commission rate to offer, Door mandates that sellers offer 3%. This is higher than the average buyer's agent commission rate in Texas, which is closer to 2.8%.

While offering an above-average buyer's agent fee will incentivize realtors to show your listing to their clients, it might not be necessary if you're selling in a hot market.

💡 Why did Door change its pricing model?

Door used to charge a flat $5,000 listing fee, regardless of sale price. An agent told us the company changed its pricing model to be more competitive with fellow discount broker Redfin.

However, since Redfin offers more hands-on service for the same price — and lower minimum fees — Door's new pricing model doesn't seem all that competitive!

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Door sellers pay about $4,800 less

Door sellers generally pay quite a bit less compared with selling with a traditional realtor, unless they're selling a cheaper home.

Here's how much less you could expect to pay in listing fees, depending on your home's sale price:

Note that although Door's pricing compares favorably to old-school real estate brokerages, the overall value is relatively middling compared with other discount services.

Depending on where in Texas you're selling, it's likely that you can find a better option.

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How good are Door agents?

Every Door agent is fully licensed. With the support of a back-office team, they'll provide many of the same basic services as traditional realtors.

But there are several key differences that could affect your experience and outcome.

Door agents can't provide much hands-on service

If you list with a Door agent, you should be aware that you'll receive less hands-on service than with a traditional realtor.

📢 Door agents juggle WAY more clients than most realtors

Door brags that its agents handle 10x more sales than the average realtor. It frames this as a positive — Door agents close more deals, which means they have more expertise. But there's another side to this story…

An agent who handles 10x more customers than their peers — and never meets their clients in person — can't provide the same level of personalized customer service. This means they likely won't be as familiar with the ins and outs of your situation as a full-service realtor.

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Door's approach might be OK for straightforward sales in a hot market. But if your sale is more complex or you encounter problems, there's a greater risk you'll experience miscommunications, delays, and mistakes that could cause you to have a bad outcome.

Salaried agents have less direct incentive

Compared with realtors at a conventional brokerage, Door agents have less direct incentive to hustle to get you the best deal AND deliver first-class customer service.

💰 Realtor incentives may impact service quality!

Most agents work for commission. They get paid if and only if they close a deal. This keeps them motivated to go above and beyond for their clients.

By contrast, Door agents earn a base salary and benefits. They do receive performance-based bonuses, but the reality is that they get paid whether you have an optimal outcome or not.

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In addition, traditional agents rely on reviews and referrals from past customers to generate future business. If they provide poor customer service, they'll struggle to get new clients.

That's not necessarily the case at Door. The brand advertises and attracts new customers for its agents, meaning they don’t rely on their own individual reputation to generate business.

Always compare multiple agents

Door may end up being a fit for your needs and budget. But it's worth taking a look at other options — especially considering Door's baked-in risks. Interview agents from at least 2-3 different companies to compare rates, experience, and service offerings.

Selling a house is a high-stakes, high-stress endeavor. It pays to invest the time to find the BEST choice for your situation and goals.

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How does Door compare to top alternatives?

Door offers WAY less support than other discount brokers

Door isn't the only discount broker to use a team-based approach to close a higher volume of transactions with a smaller team.

However, to put it bluntly: Door takes this to another level with its 100% online customer service experience and lack of hands-on support.

Many discount brokers rely on back-office staff members to increase efficiency. But most of them still provide sellers with a dedicated agent who provides in-person guidance for crucial home-selling steps like pricing and negotiations.

Save thousands without sacrificing service!

Match with top agents for free, sell for just 1.5%.

Door is cheap — but you'll find better value elsewhere

Door is about $4,800 cheaper than a traditional real estate brokerage. But depending on your price range and priorities, other discount services likely offer much better bang for your buck.

Door could be MORE expensive than a traditional realtor

If you're selling a less expensive home, Door could end up costing more than listing with a conventional, full-service realtor.

Although Door advertises a 1.5% listing fee, it charges all sellers a minimum of $5,000. Unless your home sells for $165,000 or more, your effective commission rate will actually be larger than the 3% traditional realtors often charge.

This means you could end up overpaying on realtor commission and STILL getting limited service.

Sellers with expensive homes will find better savings elsewhere

Door doesn't offer the best savings if you're selling at higher price points, either.

Redefy, for example, offers a flat $3,500 listing fee for homes worth less than $1 million. So, if you're selling a $750,000 home in Texas, Redefy offers an additional $7,750 in savings compared with Door.

Additionally, several discount services will list more expensive homes for just 1.5%, plus they come with fewer service-level trade-offs.

» SAVE: List with a top local realtor for just 1.5%

Flat fee MLS listing services offer MUCH greater savings

If you're comfortable selling your house without hands-on support from an agent, you should consider going the DIY route and using a flat fee MLS listing service.

For a few hundred dollars, one of these companies will:

  • List your home on the MLS
  • Give limited pricing support
  • Provide downloadable contracts and other documents

Service Door Flat fee MLS
Local MLS Listing
Agent Support Limited
In-home Consult
Negotiation Additional fee
Yard Sign
Open House
Cost $5,000 or 1.5% $45-495
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Door does offer a few services that most flat fee MLS companies don't.

But considering that going with a flat fee MLS service will likely cost thousands of dollars less than Door, you'll still come out WAY ahead if you purchase any extra services you need a la carte.

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Selling a house with Door Real Estate

👍 Biggest benefits of selling with Door…

  • Door's 1.5% listing fee is cheaper than selling with a traditional agent
👎 Biggest risks of selling with Door…

  • Most sellers can save more with other discount services
  • No in-person support hinders your ability to price your home accurately
  • Team-based service model increases risk of mistakes, delays, and miscommunications
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Door agents offer many of the same basic services as traditional realtors, with two big exceptions:

  • They don't provide in-person support
  • They won't host open houses

Door's assembly-line sales process may jeopardize your experience

The biggest trade-off with hiring Door is that the lack of in-person support could jeopardize your customer experience.

Door treats the home sale process a bit like an assembly line. Rather than provide you with a single point of contact who oversees all aspects of your transaction, Door "guides" you through the various steps using an online dashboard.

The company also divides tasks between different team members. While your listing agent will manage steps that require a real estate license, you'll work with other employees for activities like:

  • Choosing a listing price
  • Getting your house ready to sell
  • Marketing your listing
  • Various administrative tasks

In theory, Door's approach increases efficiency since each employee can specialize in one particular area.

However, selling a house is not like assembling a car. Every real estate transaction is unique. It's normal to encounter problems and other surprises that don't have an easy solution.

When issues arise, who do you want in your corner — someone who only handles part of your sales process and juggles 10x more clients than their peers, or a full-service realtor who's intimately involved in every step of your transaction?

» SAVE: Compare top local agents, save thousands on commission

Buying a house with Door Real Estate

Although Door's business model is currently focused on sellers, their agents can also help you buy a home in Texas.

Practically speaking, buying with Door should be a relatively similar experience to using a traditional realtor. If you buy with Door, your agent will accompany you on home tours.

But unlike many other discount brokers, Door does NOT currently offer a home buyer rebate.

💡 What is a home buyer rebate?

Many discount real estate services attract buyers by offering to refund a portion of the buyer's agent commission. Savings vary between companies — and numerous restrictions apply — but qualifying buyers can get some percentage of the home's sale price back at closing.

» MORE: Learn how to get a home buyer rebate

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While Door doesn't offer buyers any built-in advantages over conventional realtors, it does present them with unnecessary risks:

  • The company has undergone major changes recently
  • Door agents handle 10x more customers than their peers, limiting the personalized attention they can provide

Consequently, there's little reason to hire Door to help you purchase a home, unless you just happen to really hit it off with an individual agent.


As a buyer, you DON'T pay your agent's fee out of pocket! If dedicated, in-person support is important to you, your best bet is to choose one of the top buyer's agents in your area.

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Door customer reviews

Customer reviews of Door are generally positive, with an average customer rating of 4.8 out of 438 total reviews.

However, you should keep in mind that Door has undergone quite a bit of upheaval since many of these reviews were written:

  • The company has completely changed its pricing model
  • The company has shrunk dramatically — both in terms of its geographic presence and the size of its team.

As a result, what one customer loved (or disliked) about Door in 2019 may no longer apply in 2022.

So, what are past customers saying about Door Real Estate?

What customers like about Door Real Estate

The most common themes among positive Door reviews are:

  • Good support from agents
  • High-quality photography for listings
  • Savings compared with traditional realtors
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My Door agent was an 'absolute pro'

Here's an example of a positive Facebook review from a home seller who says they had a "great experience" using Door.

They particularly called out the quality of their agent, who they said made every step of the process feel "easy."

Using door was a great experience. The highlight for us was the friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable staff. Jeff (our agent) was an absolute pro. Every step of the process felt easy. We will absolutely recommend door to anyone looking to sell.

Door helped us sell for 'top dollar'

This Google reviewer also had a positive outcome selling their house with Door. She said she was pleased with Door's ability to price her home remotely.

And although it took a bit longer to sell her house than she would have liked, she said the experience was "relatively painless."

We love that we were able to save money on the sale of our home and that we could do pretty much everything virtually. They priced our home well so we could get top dollar. We had to wait a bit longer for it to sell because of the location, but it sold for full price and the process was relatively painless. Another plus was the fantastic photos they took - having a professional do it rather than using an iPhone or even a standard camera. Thanks, Door!

What customers DON'T like about Door

The most common themes among negative Door reviews are:

  • Lackluster communication
  • Poor service quality
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You get what you pay for when you list with Door

Rodney L. had such a poor encounter with Door that he said he would "NEVER recommend them to anyone" looking to buy or sell a home.

He specifically mentioned that he was not impressed by the service quality. He concluded that Door is one instance in which you get what you pay for.

If I could give door zero stars I would. They were very unprofessional and zero knowledge of the real estate transaction process. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone looking to purchase or list your home. They promise a savings but you pay for what you get. Terrible service. Find yourself a knowledgeable realtor with credibility and pay the fee you will be much happier in the end.

Door is a 'chaotic mess'

This Facebook reviewer came away from his experience with Door feeling like the company was a "chaotic mess."

After a series of problems, he ended up selling his house via a flat fee MLS listing service, which saved him thousands of dollars more than if he'd stuck with Door.

Door is a chaotic mess. You are shuffled from one employee to another, none of whom know what's been transpiring. They uploaded my photos to the MLS and paid no attention to how they weren't fitting in the website template so they were cut off. Looked ridiculous. I had to point this out. Then they blamed me for providing my photos like they don't know what to do to fit photos in a template. Hint: take down the pixel resolution. Then, when I fired them, they wouldn't release my house from the MLS. I finally was able to hire Creekview Realty in TX for $800, to sell it myself, and they did an amazing job and saved me $24k in realtor fees.

Just remember: as with any company, reviews can only tell you so much. That's especially true considering how much Door has changed over the past few years.

Your best bet is to reach out to Door directly — as well as a few other agents and discount services — to find the best fit for your situation.

Conclusion: Is Door Real Estate a good option for you?

Door Real Estate launched in 2015 with the goal of leveraging technology to disrupt the real estate industry. That's a pretty noble mission. But unfortunately, there's little evidence that it's succeeding.

Consequently, in its current state, we can't recommend that anyone use Door.

For the most part, its prices are comparable to other discount brokers — except many of those competitors have much fewer service-level risks.

Door's sweeping business model changes give us pause too. The company hoped to expand into all 50 U.S. states by mid-2020. Instead, it shrunk its presence and currently only services Texas.

Until Door can reach some level of operational stability, we believe it offers way too much baked-in risk relative to its run-of-the mill savings.

Selling a home is one of the biggest — and most complicated — financial transactions you'll ever make. Take the time to explore your options. We recommend interviewing agents who have experience and knowledge in your area — and at your price point — to find the perfect fit.

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FAQs about

Is Door Real Estate worth it?

Door Real Estate isn't worth it for most home sellers. The discounted listing fees look good on paper, but aren't low enough to justify the trade-offs — especially a complete lack of in-person support. Other discount companies provide better service and lower fees. Compare Door Real Estate's rates against other low commission companiesto find the best agents in your area!

Does buy homes for cash? is often confused with Opendoor, a company that buys homes for cash. However, does not buy houses. It is a discount real estate brokerage that will sell your home for a lower listing fee than realtors typically charge.

Contact information

Business hours Monday-Thursday: 9 am-8 pm CST
Friday-Saturday: 9 am-6 pm CST
Sunday: 9 am-7 pm CST
Phone (888) 840-3667
Email [email protected]
Corporate office address 5960 Berkshire Ln.
Dallas, TX 75225
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