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Redefy Real Estate: Reviews, How it Works, Top Alternatives

Redefy will help you sell your home for a low, flat fee — but service quality and scope may vary by office due to its franchise model.

Redefy will help you sell your home for a low, flat fee — but service quality and scope may vary by office due to its franchise model.

Redefy Real Estate, at a glance

  • Redefy is a multi-state real estate franchise that offers flat-fee listing services for home sellers and standard services for home buyers.
  • Redefy is currently available in select cities in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia — see locations here.
  • When you sell with Redefy, you'll pay a nonrefundable $500 fee up front, then $3,000 at closing, for a total fee of $3,500.
  • You should also expect to pay a buyer's agent commission. Rates vary, but 2.5-3% is typical nationwide.
  • When you buy with Redefy, you'll get full service and support, but unlike some other discount services, Redefy doesn't offer built-in savings or rebates.
  • As of May 20, 2020, Redefy's main Denver office has an average rating of 4.3/5 based on 115 customer reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook — see more reviews here.
  • Note: Each Redefy office is an individual franchisee, so experiences may vary considerably by location. Look up reviews specific to your local office for an accurate gauge of customers' experiences.

What is Redefy Real Estate?

Redefy is a flat-fee real estate franchise that has local offices and/or agents (franchisees) in select cities in 9 U.S. states.

If you're selling a home, Redefy provides similar services to that of a traditional agent — e.g., pricing, listing, marketing offers / counteroffers, negotiations, paperwork, closing, etc. — for a low, flat fee.

Key differences between selling with Redefy and a traditional agent include:

  • Non-refundable $500 fee up front
  • No open houses
  • You typically work with a team, not a single dedicated agent

If you're buying a home, Redefy will provide standard buyer's agent services — e.g., help with house hunting, offers, contracts, inspections and negotiations, closing, etc. However, unlike many other discount brokerages, Redefy does not provide savings or rebates for buyers as a built-in part of its service.

Does Redefy charge a fee?

Yes. When you sell with Redefy, you'll pay a non-refundable $500 fee up front and an additional $3,000 at closing for a total listing fee of $3,500.

In the past, Redefy has also stipulated a 1% fee for homes valued over $1 million; however, this messaging no longer appears on its website. If you're selling a high-value property, you may not be eligible for the flat $3,500 fee. Check with your local Redefy office.

Redefy sellers should also expect to pay a buyer's agent commission. These fees are negotiable and vary based on the market and property, but 2.5-3% is common nationwide.

The table below breaks down typical Redefy fees for sellers along with cost estimates based on a $350,000 home.

Fee typePercentageCost*
Redefy listing fee$3,500$3,500
Buyer's agent fee2.5-3%$8,750-10,500
Total fee$3,500 + 2.5-3%$12,250-14,000
Estimated savings**1.5-2.5%$5,250-$7,000

*Based on a $350,000 home.
**Compared to the standard 5-6% commission rate.

Keep in mind that you'll owe $500 of that fee regardless of whether your home sells or not. On the bright side, that $3,500 flat fee stays the same as the price of the home goes up — which means, theoretically, the savings does as well.

Pros and cons of using Redefy

Redefy ProsRedefy Cons
Full service for a flat $3,500 listing fee*Charges $500 non-refundable fee up front
Work with a team, not one dedicated agent — though some sellers have cited this as a drawback of the serviceFranchise model means service quality and/or experience may vary considerably by location
No-obligation comparative market analysis (CMA)Redefy doesn't do open houses for its sellers

Limited availability — locations in only 29 U.S. cities (as of 4/10/2020)

No built-in commission rebates for buyers

*Homes valued over $1 million may pay a 1% listing fee — check with your local Redefy office.

Redefy reviews

Review SiteRatingLink
Yelp*4.5/5 (30 reviews)See Yelp reviews
Google*4.5/5 (59 reviews)See Google reviews
Facebook3.8/5 (26 reviews)See Facebook reviews
Better Business Bureau*A+See Redefy's BBB profile
Weighted Average
4.3/5 (115 reviews)

*These reviews are for Redefy's main Aurora, CO office. Reviews vary considerably by location. We recommend conducting your own research for customer reviews specific to your area.

Redefy has an average rating of 4.3/5 rating based on 115 customer reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook. Redefy has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, but no customer reviews.

That said, Redefy is a franchise and does not take responsibility for its local offices.

According to its Terms of Use page, Redefy “cannot be responsible or liable for [local offices'] actions or omissions In assisting you with the listing and sale of your home. We do not guarantee any results you may achieve by participating in the Service or by listing your home with a Franchisee.”

In other words, seller experiences and/or service quality may vary significantly from location to location. Before signing up with Redefy and paying the $500 non-refundable fee, be sure to conduct research and look up reviews for your local office, specifically.

Selling a house with Redefy

Redefy's primary offering is discount listing fees for home sellers. When you sell with Redefy, you'll get full service and support from its in-house team of agents and staff for a flat $3,500 fee.

Note that unlike many other discount real estate services, Redefy charges a portion of this fee — $500 — up front, which is non refundable, regardless of whether Redefy sells your home or not.

Here's a basic overview of how selling a house with Redefy works:

  1. Sign up by entering your information on Redefy's site or calling one of its local offices — view locations here.
  2. Get a free in-home consultation and comparative market analysis (CMA) from Redefy's team to help determine listing price.
  3. If you want to move forward, you'll sign a listing agreement and pay a non-refundable $500 fee
  4. Redefy's team will provide full service and support, including professional photography, a Redefy sign in your yard, lockboxes, MLS listing, and marketing.
  5. Your Redefy team will coordinate private showings (note: it does not do open houses) and help you field offers and negotiate.
  6. Once you've accepted an offer, Redefy will help coordinate inspections, paperwork, and closing.
  7. At closing, you'll pay Redefy $3,000 — the remainder of the $3,500 listing fee — in addition to any other typical seller closing costs and the agreed upon buyer's agent commission fee.

Redefy sellers don't work with a single agent, but a team. In most states, you'll have both a field agent and a contract agent who will help you manage your sale. If you value centralized communication, consistency, and personal connection, this could be a drawback.

Redefy agent vs traditional realtor

ServiceRedefyTraditional realtor
Listing commission fee$3,500*2.5-3%
Buyer's agent commission**2.5-3%2.5-3%
Professional home valuation
Listing on MLS,, Zillow, etc.
Professional photos
Sign in yard
Marketing (digital + print)
Open houses & showingsX
Negotiation support
Help with closing

*Non-refundable $500 fee paid up front — remaining $3,000 due at closing.
**Typical nationwide rate — buyer's agent commissions are negotiable and vary based on location and property.

Buying a house with Redefy

Redefy offers standard services and support for home buyers. That means you'll get help with house hunting, offers and counteroffers, inspections, negotiations, paperwork, and closing.

Redefy does not charge home buyers a fee, as the buyer's agent commission is paid for by the seller.

Unlike many discount real estate services, Redefy does not offer a built-in home buyer rebate — which is when an agent gives a portion of their commission fee to their client, which they use to cover closing costs, buy points on their mortgage, etc. If that's something you're interested in, you'll have to negotiate with Redefy.

>> LEARN more about home buyer rebates.

Redefy locations

As of April 13, 2020, Redefy is available in the following U.S. cities:

Atlanta, GAJacksonville, FL
Augusta, GAKnoxville, TN
Austin, TXMemphis, TN
Charleston, SCMiami, FL
Charlotte, NCNashville, TN
Chattanooga, TNNorfolk, VA
Chesapeake, VANorthern Colorado
Chicago, ILOrlando, FL
Colorado Springs, CORaleigh, NC
Columbia, SCRichmond, VA
Dallas, TXRock Hill, SC
Denver, COSan Antonio, TX
Fort Mill, SCTampa, FL
Greenville, NCVirginia Beach, VA
Houston, TX

Compare Redefy to top alternatives in 2020

Redefy may be a viable option for some home sellers; however, it's worth looking into several services before making a final decision — especially considering the non-refundable $500 fee.

To help you compare your options, we've gathered some basic info on similar services that offer discounted and flat listing commission rates. We recommend reading the full reviews, via the links below, and reaching out to these companies directly to learn more.

BrokerageListing feeBuyer rebate*
Redefy (back to top)$3,500 (non-refundable $500 due up front)N/A
Clever Real Estate1% — $3,000 flat fee for homes under $350,000Up to 1%
Redfin1-1.5% — minimum fees vary by marketAverage $1,500
REX Real Estate2% — $9,000 min fee for homes under $450,001-1.5% (only if buying a non-REX home)

*In states where buyer rebates are legal.

>> LEARN more about discount real estate brokers here.

Additional resources

You should also consider other home selling approaches before committing to listing with a discount brokerage. We've gathered some additional resources to help you understand more options and make choose the best for you.

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Top FAQs about Redefy

How does Redefy make money?

Redefy makes money by charging sellers using its services a flat $3,500 listing fee — or collecting a buyer's agent commission when it helps someone purchase a new home. By streamlining the listing process with a team of specialized agents, Redefy claims it can reduce the costs to its customers. The company employs specialized field agents and contract agents, which it claims helps the company close more transactions in a given year than a normal agent. The company also reduces its costs by not offering open houses and charging a non-refundable portion of its fee up front.

Do you get open houses with Redefy?

No, Redefy does not offer open houses with its field agents. Redefy sellers must promote and run their own open houses.

Do you still have to pay the buyer's agent commission with Redefy?

Yes, if you sell a home with Redefy, you should expect to pay a buyer's agent commission. Buyer's agent commission is negotiable and varies by market, but typically ranges from 2.5%-3% of the selling price of the home. A competitive buyer's agent commission incentivizes buyer's agents to show their clients your property and subsequently make an offer.

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