Average Cost to Sell a House in Florida

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By Jessica Johansen Updated May 1, 2024


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Find out the average cost of selling a house in Florida

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If you're wondering how much it would cost to sell your Florida home, the answer is it varies depending on sale price and location (among other things). But, the average cost to sell a house in Florida is about 11.60% of the home's final sale price. This includes preparation costs, realtor commissions, closing costs, and more.

Many of these home sale costs are required, but fortunately the largest expense — realtor fees — are negotiable.

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Average cost to sell a house in Florida

Many of the costs to sell your Florida home will vary depending on the condition of your house, the state of the market, and how much you spend on voluntary costs like home prep and professional movers.

The average Florida home seller spends about 11.60% of the sale price on all of the expenses related to selling their house. If you sold a house for $399,807, that would come to about $46,374 in total costs to sell.

That said, selling a waterfront property in Palm Beach would likely involve different expenses than selling a condo in Miami.

Check out our home sale calculator below to get a more specific answer to how much it will cost to sell your house in Florida.

Common expenses for home sellers in Florida

Home selling expenses in Florida can vary quite a bit, so you should talk to a realtor to get a better idea of which apply to your specific situation and how much you can expect to pay.

Closing costs are generally out of your control, whereas moving expenses and home prep offer a little more flexibility with how much you spend. That said, agent commissions are by far the best opportunity for most home buyers to save money when selling a house.

You can bring this cost down by selling for sale by owner (FSBO) or hiring a discount real estate broker. While FSBO might sound like the best way to save money, it might not be the best option if you've never sold a home before or don't have experience in real estate transactions.

Your best option is to work with a company like Clever that negotiates lower commissions with full service, local agents on your behalf. That way you can save money while getting the same level of service as someone who pays full price!

How much will I make selling my Florida house?

If you're lucky enough to owe nothing on your house, you'll get the entire sale price minus the cost to sell it. On average, Florida home sellers spend 11.60% of the sale price on sale-related costs. So, you could make $353,433 if you sell your home for the median price of $399,807.

That said, most Florida homeowners have a mortgage with an average balance of $195,549. In this case, you'd have to subtract the mortgage balance from the proceeds to know how much you actually made selling your home.

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Your real estate agent should also provide you with a seller's net sheet, which will give you a custom tally of expenses and how much you could walk away with.

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Part of my listing presentation includes a seller's net cost sheet, so they are never blindsided by hidden expenses and have a pretty clear idea of how much they will make on the sale. I always strive to keep my clients informed and in-the-loop through every step of the process.

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Cost of selling a house calculator

Use this home sale calculator to get a better idea of how much you have to spend to sell your home — and how much you'll take home after!

👉 Real estate agent commission is the single biggest expense for most sellers. Clever can help you save thousands by matching you with an agent who will list your home for 1.5%. On the average Florida home worth $399,807, that's a savings of $7,276!

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Home selling costs in Florida: An in-depth breakdown

🚨 Disclaimer: We’ve compiled an overview of some of the most common home selling costs in Florida. This guide is not 100% comprehensive, and actual costs will vary from one house to another. Talk to your real estate agent and lender for the most accurate sense of how much it will cost to sell your home.

Preparing your home for sale

It's usually a good idea to do some kind of prep work to your home before selling, unless you're selling "as is" or to an iBuyer.

iBuyers purchase homes in their current condition with no required improvements, saving you time and money. The downside is they tend to offer below market value in exchange for convenience.

If you're interested in how much an iBuyer would offer for your house, fill out the form below to compare offers from top cash buyers.

Get cash offers today!

Compare cash offers from Opendoor, Offerpad, and others to the sale price you'd get with an agent.

Get Cash Offers

If you prefer to list the traditional way, you'll need to decide what kind of preparation your house needs to sell for the highest price possible. If there's a lot of competition for your house and it's already in good shape, you may just need to declutter, deep clean, and list it.

However, not everyone has such an easy time. Replacing old appliances, painting, and updating outdated elements of the house are common examples of larger projects some sellers undertake before listing their home to make it more desirable.

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Your agent is an invaluable resource when deciding what preparation will best position your home to sell fast and for a high price.

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I always recommend my clients focus on minor repairs or preparation methods that don't cost much and get the best return on investment. This can include decluttering, painting, and enhancing curb appeal. Even a few bags of mulch can go a long way to improving a buyer's first impression of a house.

I also recommend sticking to white or neutral colors, especially in rooms that were originally extreme colors — ultimately, a buyer wants a blank slate so they can imagine what it will look like with their paint colors and furniture.

  • Nayda Reyes, Lifestyles Luxury Living

Realtor fees in Florida

Since realtor fees are such a large percentage of the total cost to sell your house, it's important to understand who gets that money and who pays it.

In a standard real estate transaction — one involving two traditional, full-price agents — you'll likely be on the hook for covering the full commission fee for both agents.

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The average Florida home seller spends about $21,470 on realtor fees — that could be more than half of your total home selling expenses!

But it's not necessary to spend that much.

Clever negotiates discounts with top listing agents that can save you thousands of dollars when you sell your home!

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Closing costs

Closing costs are the various fees and expenses both buyers and sellers pay at the close of a real estate transaction. Check out the table below to estimate closing costs you may have to pay — note that closing costs don't include realtor commissions.

Some closing costs are negotiable, as is who pays for them. If you're selling a high-demand house in a hot market, you may be able to negotiate for the buyer to cover most of the closing costs.

However, in a buyer's market where there is less demand for your home, you may need to offer incentives, agree to split closing costs, or in some cases cover all of them (up to a certain amount, depending on the buyer's financing).

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Moving expenses

If you're selling the house you live in, you'll need to budget for moving expenses. This could include paying movers, renting a truck, or paying for storage.

You should also consider the timing of your move. If your new house is not ready to move in, you'll have to move all your possessions twice, as well as have some place to store them.

The average cost to move in Florida is $490 locally and $4,430 for 1,000 miles or more — which accounts for packing supplies, movers, and carrying costs.

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How to avoid losing money on your Florida home sale

It doesn't matter if you're selling a condo in Miami, a townhouse in Jacksonville, or a single family home in Orlando. There are always things you can do to minimize expenses and maximize your home sale proceeds.

1. List with a low commission real estate agent

Since the majority of your selling expenses go toward paying realtor commissions, a great way to cut down on costs is to work with a quality agent with a discounted rate.

Clever matches you with local full-service agents from well-known brokerages like RE/MAX, Keller Williams, and Century 21. But, instead of paying the typical 2.82% listing fee, you'll only pay 1.5%.

With Clever, you can compare multiple Florida agents to find the one that best fits your needs. Even better, finding an agent through Clever won't cost you a dime, and there's no obligation to move forward until you find the perfect agent.

Work with a full service agent for only 1.5%!

Clever negotiates discounted listing fees with top agents to help you save money when selling your home!

2. Time your sale to get top dollar for your Florida home

It’s best to sell your Florida home between the end of spring to the start of summer. June, in particular, is the best month to sell if you’re after a higher profit, as homes historically sell for about 15% more than the average. Meanwhile, May is the month where listings sell faster, when the average days on the market is about 25% shorter than usual.

This is usually because of the onset of summer break, as the weather is more comfortable and families can attend open houses and settle in before the school year starts. However, take care not to let your listing sit for too long, as July is the worst month to sell — listing prices typically plummet during this period, as it becomes too warm for potential buyers to want to tour homes.

If you plan on selling during this high demand period, price your home properly and indicate the nearest school districts in your listing. This can attract buyers’ and put you ahead of some of your competitors.

However, each local market’s trend varies, so consult with an experienced realtor to find out the latest news on your area’s market. They can also make sure you've listed the correct school districts if you're unsure.

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3. Negotiate like a pro

Getting the best price and terms of sale for your house requires strong negotiating skills. There's a lot more to it than listing for a high number and refusing to meet any of the buyer's requests. The best negotiators know how to meet their buyer's needs without sacrificing their own.

» MORE: Negotiate so both the seller and buyer get something they want

A great agent comes in handy here, because this is what they do for a living. They can handle the back-and-forth of negotiating without taking anything personally, and they know all the tricks of the trade to get you everything you want (or almost everything) without chasing potential buyers away.

If the buyer insists on you making some repairs before they are willing to close, we recommend letting HomeAdvisor connect you with top local professionals so you can compare quotes and get the best possible price.

4. Save on repairs and upgrades

If you need to upgrade or replace items in your home, you can save some money by purchasing items in bulk or with a discount. For example, companies like Whirlpool may give you 10% off when you buy two or more full-priced appliances.

You can also cut down on labor costs by using services like TaskRabbit. Whether it be cleaning, landscaping, installing appliances, or moving, TaskRabbit can connect you with people in your area who will help for less than a full-time professional would charge.

FAQs about costs to sell in Florida

How much are closing costs for sellers in Florida?

Closing costs in Florida are usually about 3.23% of the sale price, or $12,906, on average. That said, this doesn't include realtor commissions, which make up the largest portion of your expenses and run about 5.37% of your sale price.

How much does it cost to sell a house in Florida?

The average home seller in Florida spends about $46,374, or 11.60% of the sale price. This can vary widely depending on the state of the market and condition of your home, but working with an agent who offers a discounted rate will be a great help in keeping this cost down.

How much money will I make when I sell my house?

The average Florida home seller makes about $353,433 on their home sale before paying off their existing mortgage, if they have one. For a more specific idea of what you can expect to walk away with, check out our home sale proceeds calculator.

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