Georgia Seller Closing Costs in 2021: How Much Will You Pay?

Bailey Peterson


Bailey Peterson

March 3rd, 2021
Updated March 3rd, 2021


Closing costs for home sellers in Georgia are around 0.42% of the sale price, according to our research. In relation to the median home value of $208,833, that amounts to $869.

Below, we cover what closing costs sellers typically cover, how much they are, and which fees are usually split with the buyer.

How much are seller closing costs in Georgia?

Closing costs are paid at the completion of a home sale. They’re the fees and expenses that accrue during the closing process and often cannot be avoided.

In Georgia, closing costs usually amount to around 0.42% a home’s sale price, not including realtor fees. With a median home value of $208,833, sellers can expect to pay around $869 at closing.

This is a general estimate, however, and it should be noted that while closing costs need to be paid, it’s often negotiable who pays them.

Below, we break down the major closing costs that sellers can expect to pay at closing in Georgia:

Title service and closing fees: Varies

These fees are for the settlement agent who handled the search and transfer of title and other closing services. In our research of Georgia, we found that these fees are often paid by the buyer, but don’t expect this for every sale. In many areas, these fees are split between the buyer and seller.

Owner's title insurance: 0.30% (~$635)

An owner's title insurance policy protects a buyer in case a problem arises regarding previous ownership of a title. This includes anything from clerical errors in the paperwork to full disputes over ownership. The policy covers any fees for legal representation or to reimburse the value of a home.

The owner's title insurance policy is sometimes paid by the seller in Georgia, other times the buyer covers this cost.

Transfer taxes and recording fees: 0.11% (~$234)

After you transfer ownership of your home, the state, county, and/or city where your home is located will charge you transfer taxes and recording fees. It’s common for the seller to cover these costs, but you can negotiate a split with your buyer.

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Property taxes: Varies

Property taxes are charged in arrears, meaning the bill comes after the pay period. Because of this, sellers often credit buyers a prorated amount to cover these costs up to the day the home is sold. It wouldn't be fair for a buyer to pay a full year’s worth of property taxes for a home they’ve only owned for a few months.

Other closing costs

As a seller, you may encounter other closing costs besides the primary expenses listed above. Each situation is unique, and different costs apply to different situations or locations. Some additional costs can include:

  • Home Owner’s Association (HOA) fees
  • Settlement or attorney fees
  • Property appraisal fees
  • Mortgage payoff and/or prepayment penalties

Other home selling costs in Georgia

In addition to closing costs, sellers also pay the realtor commission fees of both the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. Georgia’s average commission rate is 5.75%, which means your realtor fees are likely going to be your biggest cost as a seller.

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Who pays closing costs in Georgia?

Buyers and sellers share the burden of paying for closing costs at the end of a home sale, but they won’t pay for the same things. Here’s a breakdown of who typically pays what in Georgia:

Closing costWho typically paysAmount
Owner's title insuranceSeller$635
Lender's title insuranceBuyer$490
Transfer taxSeller$209
Closing feeBuyer$100
Recording feesVariesApprox. $25-50

How to calculate your closing costs in Georgia

At a national level, any home seller should expect and budget to pay for 1-3% in closing costs, but each location and situation will be different. In Georgia, costs tend to be much lower — about 0.42% — but again, this number can vary depending on your specific situation, home value, and negotiations.

For a typical Georgia home, here's how the closing cost calculation breaks down:

Home sale price$208,833
Title Insurance (0.3%)$635
Transfer Taxes and Recording Fees (0.11%)$234
Total closing costs$869

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