Zillow is trying something new in the real estate marketplace. It’s called the “Make Me Move” tool and is meant to revolutionize the way people sell their homes.

Is it a good idea? You’re about to find out.

Here is everything you need to know about Zillow’s new Make Me Move tool:

What is the Zillow Make Me Move Tool?

Zillow is doing something a little different in real estate.

Sometimes, you might be considering making a big move, but certain factors are standing in your way. Maybe you are too emotionally attached to your current house.

You could be unsure about the market that you are getting yourself into, so you don’t know if it would be worth it to sell your home. Maybe you are apprehensive about the about the kind of buyer who would be interested in your property.

Enter: Make Me Move by Zillow

The tool aims to solve a very specific problem in the real estate market: indecisive potential sellers. A Make Me Move listing is a way for homeowners to test the market and gauge potential interest without officially listing their home for sale.

It’s also exactly what it sounds like: a way for potentially interested buyers to contact the would-be seller and convince them to list their house.

When you list your home this way, it is almost like you are issuing a challenge. “Make me move!” you say. And the buying community then gives it their best shot.

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Breaking Down the Make Me Move Tool’s Features

One of the main benefits of the Make Me Move tool is its anonymity. When you list your home, you can keep your identity as a homebuyer completely secret for as long as you choose.

Here’s how it works:

You log onto your Zillow account.

From your home screen, you can click “sell” and then “Make Me Move” from the drop-down menu that will appear.

From there, it’s easy to enter your address. You may be asked to verify its location, just in case.

Now comes the fun part. You can upload a few photos of your home (all listings require at least one photo) and add in a few fun facts about it. You can add a contact phone number if you wish. Then, you set your price.

The final step is to sit back, relax, and wait for the offers to come rolling in.

What are the benefits of using the Make Me Move tool?

The main pros of using a tool like Make Me Move is that it is very low commitment and costs absolutely nothing to use. You should think of using a tool like this as dipping your toes into the water or casting some bait into the lake.

If you don’t like it, you can get right back out again. If nothing bites, you have not wasted any money on staging or real estate agents.

It is also a good way to see how you feel about the possibility of selling your home. Since listing it in this sort of way is not technically putting your home on the market, it’s an easy way to gauge your reaction to the whole thing.

But there are still a few drawbacks to consider:

What are the drawbacks of using the Make Me Move tool?

There is always the possibility that you could get a bigger response than you were anticipating from your listing. Interest could come pouring in and then suddenly you are in over your head. The worst part would be that, since you technically made the listing yourself, you would be without an agent.

Selling your home without an agent is possible, but not ideal. This is because agents invest tremendous time and energy into their original qualifications and most deepen this investment with ongoing education and professional development.

They are a great resource and advocate to have on your side as you try to sell your home. Especially since your house is likely the most expensive asset that you own.

If you were feeling a little hesitant about even listing your home, then you definitely don’t want to get thrust into a for sale by owner situation without actually meaning to.

Another drawback is that you’ll need to set your own price. Without the help of a Realtor, pricing your home could easily turn into a shot in the dark.

What’s a good alternative to Make Me Move?

A flat fee agent!

It’s easy to work with a flat fee agent to sell your home. When you list with a company like Clever, you are guaranteed an experienced, professional Realtor, typically for just $3,000.

It’s a win-win.