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As fall presents its wreaths and wood, many people turn their thoughts to designing their house for the new year. Interior design trends of 2018 brought a lot of contrast: From the bubblegum hues of millennial pink and John Lewis-esque geometric designs to the wood tone and rose gold accents.

If you're like the rest of us who are scouring Pinterest for design ideas and wondering what interior design trends from 2018 are here to stay, we've taken the guesswork out of it for you. So here it goes—your interior design trends for 2018 to try in 2019.

Jewel Tones

While Native American patterns were all the rage in 2018, it's time for them to make way for the jewel tones. Quite different from the pastels and grays of years past, bold pinks and turquoises proudly stand apart as dramatic focal points.

Use these colors as accents: a piece of art, a vase, or a pillow, for example. Not to be confused with the accent wall, however. To make a statement, these jewel tones should have a neutral-colored backdrop.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns accented by natural elements continued in interior design trends 2018, and will continue through 2019 as well. These patterns will be found in statement pieces such as coffee tables or a wall hanging. Careful not to use them too much, though! Using geometric elements throughout an entire room can be overpowering and stiff.

Soft Living Area

While mid-century modern brought furniture with straight edges, furniture trends at the end of 2018 are leaning toward the softer curves of the Victorian era. This involves curved couches and chairs that add a hint of femininity to a masculine room

Don't go overboard with this trend, however! Too many curved pieces of furniture in one room can quickly make the space feel dated rather than on-trend.

Buh-Bye, Brass!

The 2018 love affair with brass is officially over—and combinations of subtler metals are in. Sweet copper, rich golds, and a sliver of nickel throughout the room make for a satisfying combo. The kicker: Don't try to combine more than three types of metal decor in the room, or you'll create a bit of a clash.

Beyond that, don't overdo metal elements in any room, period. A copper-framed coffee table with copper shelving and copper hanging lights might seem like a great use of a color palate but can make the space feel gaudy and overwhelming.

Natural Aspects

Eco-friendly pieces such as faux-leather furniture, jute, and clay pieces are in coming into 2019 as more people turn to urban cities and intentional living. These natural elements help those living there feel closer to nature and get in touch with their roots.

Retro Living Spaces

Current trends are saying "peace out" to mid-century modern and welcoming comfort. Rather than styling an entire room straight from the Brady Bunch, try layering different types of decor and living tastes of mid-century modern.

The end of interior design trends 2018 and the start of 2019 design trends brings a combination of styles, eras, and decor.

Bold Focal Point

Black made a comeback in 2018 with entire walls doused in the dark hue. And 2019 will see more of the same, just with other bold colors added into the mix. Rather than making it into an accent wall, however, the trend is to paint the entire room one bold color, while having stark contrasts in color throughout the room.

Beyond bold colors, floral wallpaper is also taking trends by storm and will continue to rise in popularity (pushing out art deco) throughout 2019.

Budget-Friendly Wall Art

No Van Gogh here, trends are leaning toward a more budget-friendly alternative. Street art is making a comeback as a more affordable alternative to classier art pieces of years past.

Along with street art, including natural elements like a wood tone and house plants add depth and comfort to living spaces. Need an accent color to go with these more neutral tones? Consider adding a splash of paint to a planter for a cheap-but-effective focal point.

Kitchen Design

The white and gray kitchen cabinet trends bit the dust in 2018 and are making way for deeper colored cabinets in 2019. Deep colors combined with rich dark wood countertops are adding a more robust feeling to the kitchen.

Rather than dragging the space down, however, two-toned cabinets (with the lighter colors on top) add character and class to the white cabinets of 2018.

A Place to Call Home

No matter what interior design trends are leaving 2018 and what new ones are being introduced in 2019, remember you're decorating your home. Bold colors and metal accents will only get you so far.

As you shop for decor, picture yourself sitting around the dining room table with some family or friends and hosting a game night in the living room. What do you want people to remember about the space? How do you want to feel when you spend time in that space? You're the one who will live with the furniture, art and color schemes, so you might as well like them.

Decorating to Resell in 2019

If you're decorating to up the resell value for later in 2019, make sure to stick to the basics and not go too far in one trend direction. Trends like accent walls of 2018 became the black rooms of 2019—a single year can make a big difference, and you don't want to offend someone's taste in decor by being a trendsetter in your house.

For more design tips and tricks when selling your house, check out this post.

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