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Average Time to Sell a House in Massachusetts

It’s turning out to be a good time to sell homes in Massachusetts. They’re being snatched up just weeks after being put on the market. Here’s more on the average time to sell a house in Massachusetts.
Average Time to Sell a House in Massachusetts

If you’re thinking about putting a For Sale sign up in your front yard, it won’t take long for you to sell your home in Massachusetts. The state is one of the country’s hottest real estate markets and it’s been giving home sellers excellent returns quickly.

On average, a homeowner who lists his home today can expect to accept an offer within three weeks. But it’s important to note that closing on the sale may take an additional five weeks. Here’s what you need to know to quickly sell a house in Massachusetts and how to make the biggest profit.

How Long Does It Take to Sell a House in Massachusetts?

Most homeowners want to sell their home quickly and for as much as possible. A good real estate agent who knows how to market your home effectively can help you achieve both of these goals.

However, there isn’t just one single factor that determines how quickly your home will sell in Massachusetts. High interest rates can keep buyers out of the market. On the other hand, low interest rates, like we’ve had for the past few years, bring more first-time and low-to-moderate income earners into the market. That means greater demand and homes selling more quickly.

Other factors that can determine how quickly your home sells include unemployment rates and the local economic outlook. Your realtor will know the current market and can tell you what you can expect as you go through the home selling process.

They will also know how to price your home so that it sells quickly. Home sellers will not have to wait long before they start seeing bids come in.

According to data from Redfin, the average time it takes to sell a home in Massachusetts is only is 22.75 days. That is significantly less than other states.

A good realtor can help you sell your home faster no matter where you live in Massachusetts. The right marketing, pricing, and staging strategies can help you get the most for your home as quickly as possible.

What’s the Fastest Month to Sell a House Massachusetts?

The time of the year can also be a factor when selling your Massachusetts home. There is usually a slowdown in the housing market in the winter. There are fewer buyers house hunting in the state’s cold weather. Fewer buyers mean listings generally go stale and sell for less.

Massachusetts homes stay on the market for an average of 34 days in the winter. That’s more than two months longer than in the summer when they stay on the market for only 14 days. They may also not get as much for their home in the winter and late fall compared to the spring and summer.

Homes sell in about three weeks on average in the spring and in 22 days on average in the fall.

What’s the Most Profitable Month to Sell a Home in Massachusetts?

June and July are not only the best months for home sellers in terms of how quickly their homes sell. Homes also sell for the most amount during these months. The median sales price in Massachusetts in June is $467,000. That’s $22,000 more than the previous month.

In January, the median sales price in Massachusetts is $407,000 and in February it’s even lower at $399,000.

Five Things You Can Do to Sell Your Massachusetts Home Faster (and for More)

Price It Right

If you want to sell your home quickly and for the best price, then price it right. But that’s often easier said than done. Let’s face it, determining what a home should sell for isn’t a small task.

It could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars if you undervalue your home. If you overvalue it, the property may stay on the market for much longer than you anticipate.

To price your home right, you need up-to-the-date statistics and market analysis for Massachusetts. A professional realtor has the latest data on home sales in your neighborhood and can precisely tell you what you can expect for your home.

According to the National Association of Realtors, sellers who work with real estate agents get 33% more (on average) than sellers who don’t work with an agent. By assessing your home value accurately, you can be confident you won’t sell your home for less than it is worth.

Clever Partner Agents are professionals who buy and sell homes in Massachusetts on a daily basis. They know what buyers are looking for and how to market your home so that it sells quickly and for its peak price no matter what time of year you decide to sell.

Make Repairs

Fix everything that you can, within reason. Make sure that the repairs help you get a higher sales price. Renovating a bathroom that is only a few years old will cost thousands of dollars, and will likely not make a big impact on your return. It’s best to concentrate on other parts of the house.

Make repairs with that in mind. How much more will your home be worth with additional repairs or renovations? And make as many simple fixes as possible. For example, give the interior and exterior walls a new paint job.

Don’t underestimate the value of bright and clean walls. Also, make repairs to any light fixtures, faucets, or windows. This is key because more than a few home buyers are turned off by a property if they see that it needs many small repairs.

Sellers are often surprised that minor paint touch-ups, shampooed carpets, and clean rooms can often help clinch the sale.

Stage Your Home

A good realtor will help you attract the most qualified buyers. They will be able to help you stage your home to reel in buyers once they see your home. You can add thousands of dollars to your selling price by renting furniture and adding modern or updated décor.

Know that empty homes sell for less. So do homes that appear out-of-date. That’s why you should create an environment that looks modern and inviting. That may include renting furniture, curtains, and lighting that make marketing the home easier.

Find a Top Negotiator

Sellers should remember that a buyer will have a professional realtor working with them. They understand the latest market trends, statistics, and home valuations in your area. That’s why you need to have a tough negotiator on your side. Clever Partner Agents are masters at the art of real estate deals.

They have access to the latest statistical information and market data to help you when it comes to pricing your home. They will also be able to help you determine if an offer is too low or appropriate for the market in your area. Most importantly, they can effectively help you make a counter offer.

They understand the dynamics of negotiations. With their help, you can be confident about accepting or declining an offer based on an informed decision.

How to Sell Your Massachusetts Home Quickly and for Top Dollar!

A Clever Partner Agent can help you market your home through various listing services, launch a social media campaign, and negotiate on your behalf. They will also walk you through the entire sales process from putting up the For Sale sign to topping it off with a Sold marker.

They can help give you staging ideas, determine what renovations and repairs are needed, and help you highlight the best features of your home. They will also be able to help you sell your home much faster than you thought possible.

Clever Partner Agents have been shown to get offers in an average of 12 days. If you factor in an average 30 to 40 day closing period that’s still less than the average days on the market for a Massachusetts home (34 days).

Their insight into Massachusetts neighborhoods will help you price your home so that it sells quickly and for a premium price.

Clever Partner Agents are full service, so you get all of the benefits of a professional realtor at a much lower cost. They are top-real estate agents from major companies like Keller Williams, Century 21, and RE/MAX. You can feel confident knowing that you are working alongside a professional who will make the sale fast and for top dollar.


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