There’s no doubt about it. Charlotte, North Carolina is growing. In fact, the Charlotte Observer reported that 109 people come to the region each day.

Who’s moving into the city? It seems as if younger, college graduates are attracted to the presence of finance and tech jobs in the region. They are also moving to Charlotte for the lower-than-average cost of living that the south offers over the rest of the country.

Charlotte has a lot to offer besides jobs and affordable homes. Sports fans will have plenty to cheer for when moving to Charlotte. It is the home of the Carolina Panthers, the Charlotte Motor Speedway, and the Hornets. North Carolina is also home to several college basketball powerhouses.

If you and your young family is moving to Charlotte soon, here are five neighborhoods you may want to consider.


Davidson is a lovely community north of Charlotte. The average home value is over $400,000, so it is not necessarily a starter-home community. The average household income is around $120,000.

Davidson is known for its good schools. It is also home to Davidson College, whose most famous alum is Steph Curry.

Foodies will love all the highly-rated restaurants in Davidson. The town helps parents make better food choices by banning all drive-thrus in the vicinity.

Although Davidson is 22 miles from Charlotte, young professionals don’t seem to mind. With the prevalence of telecommuting, it matters less and less how close you are to the city center these days.


Almost 95% of the residents of Marvin own their own homes, and pricey homes they are. Be prepared to look at homes in the mid to low $600,000 in this community.

The public schools are highly rated in this suburban area. Those trying to hold onto their youth may be frustrated by the lack of nightlife in the area, but the tradeoff is that you and your family will feel safe at home.

Marvin has a population close to 6,000 and the median age is 37.

Tega Cay

Located in the southwestern corner of the city, Tega Cay is actually in South Carolina. It has highly-rated schools and an average home value in the $340,000s. The home value is expected to rise in this suburb of Charlotte.

Residents of Tega Cay enjoy excellent golf courses and parks. This is a place where kids can ride their bikes to school, and there are plenty of restaurants.


You will also find Weddington on many of the “Best of North Carolina” lists. Although the average home value is close to $500,000, the market is rather cool right now in this suburban area. You may be able to find an affordable piece of property if you find a motivated seller.

The average age in Weddington is 46, and the schools are highly rated.


Near Davidson, Cornelius is a growing community north of Charlotte. Residents enjoy living along Lake Norman. Your kids can attend one of their great public schools during the week and frolic on the Lake Norman beaches on the weekends. The median income is $85,900 in the area.

The population of Cornelius is growing. Right now it is around 28,000, with an average age of 40.

How do you choose a community? Spend some time driving around Charlotte. Make appointments to tour some of the public schools and look at their rankings online. Determine which neighborhoods will fit your income level and lifestyle.

When you are choosing a home to buy, you should try to find the least expensive house in the best neighborhoods. Other home buyers will be doing the same thing. That’s why you need to work with an aggressive buyer’s agent who has your best interests at heart.

Find a Clever Partner Agent in the Charlotte area who knows and understands the market. Your buyer’s agent also will be able to direct you to first-time home buyer programs that will assist you in obtaining a home in one of these neighborhoods.