Opendoor Fees vs. Realtor: The True Cost of Selling

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By Andrew Whytock Updated June 14, 2023


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Opendoor offers an iBuying service and a listing service. Through the iBuying service, Opendoor will buy your house with cash. Through the listing service, Opendoor will list your home on the open market with one of its agents.

Opendoor's iBuying service is best if you want a quick, predictable sale with minimal hassle. Working with a realtor is best if you prioritize getting top dollar for your home over convenience.

Here are a few key points to know about Opendoor's fees:

  • You can sell to Opendoor for a 5% service fee.
  • You can list with Opendoor for a 5% commission fee.
  • Opendoor fees can be 7–12% when factoring in closing costs, repairs, and concessions.
  • Opendoor fees are slightly less than traditional realtor fees, but a realtor may be able to sell your home for a higher price.

How much are Opendoor fees?

Fees when you sell to Opendoor

When you sell directly to Opendoor, you’ll pay a 5% service fee, plus closing costs and repair costs. Here's how that breaks down:

💰 Service fee 5%
📁 Closing costs 1–3%
🛠 Repair costs 1–2%
👍 Seller concessions N/A
Total 7–10%
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Opendoor splits all closing costs 50/50 with the seller, so your portion could range from 1–3%, as it would in a traditional sale.

Opendoor also deducts repair costs from its final offer. The repair costs are different for every property, but they can be as high as 2% of your home's fair market value.[1]

Opendoor claims that when you sell to them you won't have to pay seller concessions. However, repair credits are a common element of seller concessions. Since Opendoor deducts money for repairs, it technically does request seller concessions without calling them that.

If you're not sure whether to sell to Opendoor or what your other options are, you can try using a free service like Clever Offers. A Clever Concierge will learn about your home, then gather multiple cash offers from reputable companies in your area, including Opendoor. You can compare your options and see which company offers the best deal.

You'll also get connected with a top local agent who can provide a professional estimate of your home's actual value on the open market. If you decide to sell your home the traditional way, you'll pay a reduced 1.5% listing fee (compared to the 2.5–3% that most realtors charge).

Compare cash offers today!

Compare offers from Opendoor and other top cash buyers to the sale price you'd get with an agent.

Fees when you list with Opendoor

When you list with Opendoor, the company lists your home on the open market instead of buying it. You’ll pay a 5% commission fee, plus closing costs, repairs, and seller concessions.

💰 Commission fee 5%
📁 Closing costs 1–3%
🛠 Repair costs 1–2%
👍 Seller concessions 0–2%
Total 7–12%
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The fees are essentially the same as selling to Opendoor, except you might pay seller concessions. You would pay concessions only if they were part of your negotiations with the buyer. Opendoor claims these fees are 0–2%, but in reality you could pay as much as 6%.

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Opendoor vs. realtor fees

Fee Estimated total cost
Opendoor (selling or listing) 5% 7–12%
Traditional realtor 6% 8–13%
🏆 Low commission realtor 4.5% 6.5–11.5%
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Compared to a traditional realtor, Opendoor charges slightly lower fees — whether you sell to the company directly or list with it.

Opendoor also deducts your repair costs from your offer instead of charging them upfront. If you sell with a realtor, you'll have to pay for repairs out of pocket.

However, Opendoor may not buy your home for as much money as a realtor could get you on the open market. The company notes on its pricing page that you could get almost 3% more by selling with a realtor.

So with Opendoor, you may save some money on fees but net less money in the end.

If you want to save on fees and sell for top dollar, a good option is working with an agent who charges a reduced rate.

For example, Clever Real Estate can match you with realtors who charge a low 1.5% listing fee. Including a 3% buyer's agent commission, your total rate will be 4.5%, which is lower than Opendoor's rate.

Before you decide how to sell, your realtor can give you a professional home valuation to determine what your home is worth. Then you can compare your Opendoor offer with what your house could sell for on the open market.

Compare top agents in your area for free, save thousands on realtor fees.

Opendoor cost comparison

Here’s an example of how selling to Opendoor would compare to selling with a traditional real estate agent.

In this scenario, the seller owes $200,000 on their mortgage, and all costs (except the service fee and commission) are equal.

Opendoor Traditional realtor
Sale price $300,000 $300,000
Remaining mortgage balance $200,000 $200,000
Fee 5% service fee 6% commission
Repair costs 2% 2%
Seller closing costs 1% 1%
Net profit $76,000 $73,000
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The seller nets $3,000 more when they sell with Opendoor, if all factors besides the fee are equal. But all factors are rarely equal. Consider the sale price and predictability.

Opendoor might not be willing to pay as much as a motivated private buyer in a competitive market. In that case, you could net more listing with an agent.

However, if you list with an agent, the process won’t be as predictable as it would be with Opendoor. Selling on the open market averages 83 days from start to finish. With Opendoor, you can close when you want within 14–60 days.

Does Opendoor have hidden fees?

Opendoor doesn't have hidden fees. The company prides itself on transparent pricing.

However, repair costs might be significantly higher than you anticipated — resulting in a final offer that’s much lower than your original estimate. This situation is mentioned in several Opendoor customer complaints.

To avoid surprise repair costs, document all maintenance issues with your home as accurately as possible in the estimate form online.

In some situations, Opendoor may recommend that you list with one of its agents instead of selling directly to the company. This happens when the repair costs are so high that Opendoor won't make a profit.

✍️ Editor’s note: There’s no penalty for walking away from an Opendoor offer. If the final offer isn’t what you were expecting, you can say no and find a listing agent instead.
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Does Opendoor pay closing costs?

No — if you sell to Opendoor, you still have to pay 50% of the closing costs.

Opendoor’s pricing page assumes that seller closing costs will be only 1%, but they're typically 1–3% of the sale price.

These costs include:

  • Title fees
  • Transfer taxes
  • Prorated property taxes

FAQ about Opendoor fees

How much does Opendoor charge to sell a house?

When you sell to Opendoor, the company charges a 5% service fee. When you list with Opendoor, the company charges a 5% commission rate. Read our in-depth Opendoor review to learn more!

Is Opendoor more expensive than selling with a realtor?

Opendoor's 5% service fee and 5% commission rate are about the same as standard realtor commission rates. But you can pay a lot less in fees with a discount brokerage. The best low commission realtors match the service and support of a traditional agent, but they charge a fraction of the price.

Can you negotiate fees with Opendoor?

No, Opendoor’s service fee and commission rate are non-negotiable.

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