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4.5 star review of Seller's Advantage. Customer reviews, pros & cons, top alternatives. Sell your house fast for cash.

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Seller's Advantage is a company that pays cash for houses in Southern California. Like other cash buyers, the company will buy homes in any condition.

Cash buyers are a convenient way to sell a home that's in disrepair or a property with financial issues, such as foreclosure. But the downside is they'll pay only 50–80% of the home's real value.

If you think you'll have trouble selling your home on the open market, a cash buyer like Seller's Advantage could be a quick and easy way to get cash. You can get a quote in 24–48 hours by filling out an online form. Positive customer reviews suggest company reps are attentive without being too pushy.

To make sure you get a fair offer, we recommend comparing Seller's Advantage to other local cash buyers. With Clever Offers, a local agent can present you with fair cash offers from the best cash home buyers in your area. You'll also get a FREE home valuation so you know what your home is worth on the open market.

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Who should use Seller's Advantage?

🏚 People with homes in bad shape

If your home is in disrepair, and you don't have the time or money to fix it up, a cash buyer is a fast way to turn your home's value into cash.

Major structural problems like foundation issues would mean making a huge investment to get the home market ready. In some situations, it might make sense to take the money and leave that investment to someone else.

💸 People in financial trouble

Seller's Advantage buys homes in foreclosure and from people who have fallen behind on payments.

It's also a source of fast cash for those who are experiencing financial hardships, like medical bills, divorce, and other major life circumstances.

🎁 People who have inherited properties

If you have inherited a property that you can't maintain or fix up before listing on the open market, Seller's Advantage can quickly buy the home from you.

This can help you avoid ongoing expenses like maintenance, utilities, and property taxes.

Alternatives to Seller's Advantage

If your home doesn't have severe structural or financial problems, you have other options that will probably net you more money than Seller's Advantage.

Sell to an iBuyer

iBuyers like Offerpad and Opendoor also pay cash for homes, but they pay much more than cash buyers like Seller's Advantage — almost as much as you'd get on the open market.

iBuyers are pickier than cash buyers, choosing only to buy homes that meet their criteria. iBuyers also have more flexible closing dates. For example, Offerpad lets you choose a date up to 90 days after you sign your contract. This could help you ease the transition into a new home.

If you're considering selling to an iBuyer, Clever can match you with an agent who can help. Your Clever agent can request offers from local iBuyers for you, review the offers with you, and even negotiate on your behalf. Plus, if you decide to sell on the open market, your Clever agent can help you maximize your home's selling price.

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Compare offers from top companies like Opendoor to the sale price you'd get with an agent.

Sell with a real estate agent

Listing your home with an agent on the open market gives you the best opportunity to earn the most money. If your home isn't in complete disrepair and if you have some extra time and money, consider listing before selling to a cash buyer like Seller's Advantage.

An experienced local real estate agent can help you determine which home improvement projects are likely to give you the most return on your investment. An agent can also tell you how much money the home is likely to sell for on the open market.

Even if you don't want to list your home in the end, a local agent is in the best position to tell you what your home is actually worth right now because of their knowledge of the local market and access to local sales data.

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Before putting your home on the market, it's important to know your home's true value. Our licensed concierge team will connect you with top-rated realtors to perform a free professional CMA on your property — from a trusted brand like Keller Williams and RE/MAX.

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Seller's Advantage vs. the competition

Nearly all cash buyers will give you a free, no-obligation offer on your home, so we recommend getting a few offers to choose from.

Cash buyers like Seller's Advantage all have pretty much the same business model: they don't charge a service fee and pay all closing costs, but you'll net less money because of the relatively low offer price.

Some cash buyers may be able to close faster than others. For example, Seller's Advantage can close in as little as 14 days, but others can close in just one week.

We Buy Ugly Houses: National trusted brand

We Buy Ugly Houses

Full review

Time to offer


Minimum closing time

3 weeks

Closing costs

No cost for seller
✍️ Editor's take
Pros and cons

We Buy Ugly Houses has a better reputation than most individual cash buyers, but your experience can vary based on the quality of the local franchise. While We Buy Ugly Houses can close in as little as three weeks, it pays far less than fair market value.


  • Trusted, nationally recognized brand
  • No need to worry about repairs
  • Close in just three weeks


  • Quality of service may vary between franchises
  • Pays far less than fair market value

We Buy Ugly Houses has over 800 independently owned and operated franchises across 47 states and Washington, DC.

As of October 2022, We Buy Ugly Houses's parent company, Homevestors, has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. No other third-party reviews are available at this time.

This rating is based on overall national data. Research local franchises for specific reviews that reflect their quality of service.

We Buy Ugly Houses typically provides offers in 24–48 hours and a minimum closing time of three weeks, which is a bit slower than Seller's Advantage. The company has overall high ratings at the national level, but you should search online for local franchise-specific review pages before requesting an offer.

Express Homebuyers: Fast offers and closing

Express Homebuyers


Phone Number


Time to Offer

7 minutes

Time to Sale

7 days
Why we chose it

Express Homebuyers is really fast: it provides offers in just minutes and can close in just a week in many circumstances. Plus, the company has mostly positive reviews on Google.

Express Homebuyers is a national service that has partnered with local investors across the country to buy houses for cash.

Steps to sell with Express Homebuyers:

  1. Submit your home's information to receive an initial "as is" offer
  2. Meet with the local investor to assess your property and answer any questions
  3. Discuss the local investor's final cash offer and, if you're willing to sell, sign a sales agreement then and there
  4. Choose a closing day on your schedule
  5. Show up on the day of the sale to sign the paperwork and receive cash within hours

Express Home Buyers received an average of 3.7 stars from 261 customer reviews. It's accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and it has a B+ rating.

Google: 4.2 stars/122 reviews
Facebook: 4.6 stars/113 reviews
Yelp: 2.5 stars/26 reviews

Another national brand with local investors, Express Homebuyers strives for speed. You can get an offer online in just a matter of minutes and close in as little as a week, which is a little faster than Seller's Advantage.

Premier Property Buyers: Local SoCal investor

Premier Property Buyers


Phone Number

(949) 356-6763

Time to Offer

24 hours

Time to Sale

7 days
Why We Chose It

Premier Property Buyers provides fast offers and has excellent reviews from many satisfied past clients.

Premier Property Buyers is a local, Southern California property investor that buys homes for cash in select cities across the state. To sell your home to Premier Property Buyers you can:

  • Fill out their online form providing house details
  • Meet with a representative at the property to evaluate the home’s condition and receive a final cash offer
  • Close on your own schedule

Premier Property Buyers serves exclusively Southern California.

Premier Property Buyers received an average of 4.96 stars from 97 customer reviews. It's accredited by the Better Business Bureau and it has an A+ rating.

Google: 5 stars/21 reviews
Facebook: 4.9 stars/21 reviews
Yelp: 5 stars/1 review

Like Seller's Advantage, Premier Property Buyers is also based in Southern California. It can make an offer within 24 hours and can close in as little as one week. The company has an A+ rating and 5 out of 5 on their BBB page.

How Seller's Advantage Works

Seller's Advantage works much like other cash buyers — you start by filling out an offer request form on the company's website.

  1. Request an offer. You can fill out the online request form or call 800-208-3243 to let the company know you're interested in an offer.
  2. Initial phone call. Company reps will ask you details about your home as well as how soon you'd like to close.
  3. Home inspection. You'll schedule a meeting with a company rep to do an onsite inspection of the home, as soon as 24–48 hours after your initial request. You'll get your offer the same day as the inspection, but there's no obligation to accept at that time.
  4. Review the offer. Take your time to review the offer and compare it against other cash buyer offers and selling options, such as an iBuyer or listing the home. The company says the offer won't technically expire, but if enough time passes, you may need to do another inspection to get an offer in line with market conditions.
  5. Accept the offer. Seller's Advantage will take care of all the details, such as setting up escrow and title to complete the transaction. The company will pay all closing costs and you'll get cash as stated in the offer.

Once you accept the offer, Seller's Advantage can close as soon as 14 days.

Seller's Advantage reviews from customers

Seller's Advantage is highly rated by customers, with an overall rating of 4.7 across 415 reviews.

Yelp 4.5 out of 5 across 48 reviews
Google 4.6 out of 5 across 187 reviews
BBB 4.91 out of 5 across 180 reviews
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Overall, the reviews for Seller's Advantage show many satisfied customers. Some negative reviews complain about the offer being too low, but this is typical for cash offer companies. You can always walk away from an offer you don't like.

Why you shouldn't be worried the BBB complaints

The Better Business Bureau page for Seller's Advantage includes two complaints, but they don't seem to reflect typical business transactions. Seller's Advantage responded to both complaints to explain its side of the story.

  • One complaint stems from a canceled transaction during April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Seller's Advantage acknowledges the frustration this caused the seller but points out that it is not typical of its service.
  • The company also responded to another complaint they said is not factual and was made by an individual who also made violent threats against company reps, requiring law enforcement intervention.

Process was fast without surprises

Many positive customer reviews say the process went just as they had been told it would with no delays or surprises.

Customers talked about how Seller's Advantage stuck to the closing date they had promised when presenting the offer.

Reps are responsive and eager to answer questions

Many customers said that it was always easy to get their rep on the phone, and several reviews mentioned that reps were happy to answer questions.

Reps are patient, not pushy

Customers said in their reviews that company reps took time to thoroughly answer questions.

Lots of reviews we found mentioned the no-pressure style of the company and that reps explained the offer and left the decision up to the homeowner.

While the final decision is always yours no matter which cash offer company you choose, other cash buyers have been known to pressure sellers into accepting an offer. The space that Seller's Advantage gives you to decide for yourself is a refreshing change.

Where does Seller's Advantage operate?

Seller's Advantage is based in Irvine, CA and buys houses in the Southern California area, including:

Arcadia Oxnard Sylmar
Costa Mesa Pasadena Temecula
Corona Rancho Palos Verdes Whittier
Lomita Riverside Ventura
Los Angeles San Dimas
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Seller's Advantage also has affiliates who purchase homes in the greater Chicago area, greater Phoenix area, and the greater Philadelphia area.

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  • Conducting a spreadsheet analysis of each service provider's terms
  • Interviewing Seller's Advantage employees

FAQs about Seller's Advantage

Is Seller's Advantage legit?

Yes, Seller's Advantage is a legitimate cash buyer that pays cash for as-is homes. Like other cash buyers, Seller's Advantage doesn't charge a fee, but its offer will likely only be about 50–80% of the home's fair market value. Learn more about how Seller's Advantage works.

Where is Seller's Advantage available?

Seller's Advantage buys homes in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. The company also has partnerships with companies that buy homes in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Phoenix. See where Seller's Advantage is available.

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