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5 star review of House Heroes. We buy houses in Florida company. Customer reviews, pros & cons, top alternatives. Sell your house fast for cash in Florida.

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House Heroes is a house-flipping business that buys homes in South Florida. Just like other cash buyers, House Heroes pays a discounted price for hard-to-sell homes.

This could be a good option if your home is in poor condition or you're dealing with difficult financial circumstances like impending foreclosure.

The downside is that you'll make much less money selling your home to a company like House Heroes —these types of investors typically pay only 50–80% of a home's market value. But House Heroes won't ask you to make repairs to your home or pay any back taxes before buying — it will take these costs into account when making the offer.

If your home is in relatively good condition, however, you'd make more money selling to an iBuyer (another type of cash buyer that only buys homes that meet certain criteria) or selling your home on the open market with an agent.

If you're not sure which path is best for you, our team at Clever Offers can help you compare up to 10 competing offers from leading cash buyers in your area. You can also request a pricing opinion from a top local realtor to determine how these offers compare to your home's potential sale price.

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Why you should trust us

The research process for this review included:

  • Mystery shopping cash buyer companies
  • Interviewing real estate experts
  • Conducting a spreadsheet analysis of each service provider's terms

From the author: I've written dozens of reviews of major home buyers across the U.S. and have spoken to real estate investors, realtors, and reps from cash buyer companies to learn more about how these services work.

Jon Stubbs
Content Writer, Clever Real Estate

What is House Heroes?

House Heroes is a Florida cash buyer like other "We Buy Houses" companies that advertise across the U.S. After buying the home, House Heroes then makes the necessary repairs to flip and sell the house for a profit.

The company provides details on its website about some of the houses they have flipped, including:

  • Rental properties with problem tenants
  • Properties with tax liens
  • Properties in danger of foreclosure

House Heroes is smaller than many other cash buyers, buying only 150 houses in the past five years. (Larger cash buying companies may have purchased thousands of homes in that time.)

In our opinion, House Heroes' relatively small size might work to your advantage as a home seller. According to the company's many positive customer reviews, sellers appreciated the one-on-one, personalized service and attention House Heroes was able to provide throughout the process.

Are there other House Heroes?

You may see more than one "House Heroes" company when searching online.

The company reviewed here is House Heroes LLC of Sunny Isles Beach, FL. It's a "We Buy Houses" company that pays cash for homes in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and surrounding areas.

Another company, Monument Realty, is an Orange, CA real estate brokerage doing business as The House Heroes. The two companies are not related.

Who should use House Heroes?

People with houses in financial trouble

If you're facing a foreclosure because you're behind on mortgage payments, selling to a cash buyer can help you cut your losses. You can also sell for cash to stop delinquent taxes and city code violations from piling up, resulting in liens on the property.

People who need cash fast

Selling your home to House Heroes can get you fast cash for mounting debt, medical expenses, or other financial troubles. House Heroes can close in just 14 days, meaning you will have cash in a matter of weeks.

People with homes in poor condition

If you have a home that needs a new roof, new air conditioning, or complete updates that might be too costly to fix up for listing, cash buyers like House Heroes will buy it.

House Heroes specializes in these kinds of repairs, so they're happy to buy these types of homes in as-is condition, make the necessary renovations, and resell for a profit.

Alternatives to House Heroes

Sell to an iBuyer

If your home is in good physical condition and doesn't have any financial problems, selling to an iBuyer can net you more money. Cash buyers typically pay anywhere from 50–80% of the home's value, but iBuyers pay close to 100% of the home's fair market value.

iBuyers pay cash for homes, but they have stricter purchase criteria than cash buyers. Not all homes will qualify.

Typical iBuyer purchase criteria:

🏠 Built after 1930
💰 Valued at $100,000–$600,000
🌲 Located on 1.5 acres or less
👤 Owner-occupied
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Each iBuyer has its own requirements, which may vary from one market to the next. Getting offers is free, so we recommend checking with top iBuyers like Offerpad and Opendoor to see if your home qualifies.

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List with an agent

Listing with an agent gives you the best chance to make the most money on your home sale — especially when you work with a brokerage offering lower-than-average commission rates.

If your home needs only minor repairs or just some minor projects to enhance curb appeal, you should consider contacting an agent to learn more about your options.

An agent with experience in the local market can provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA), which looks at the selling prices of nearby homes to determine what your home may earn on the open market.

Even if you decide to go with a cash buyer or an iBuyer instead, it's worth it to speak with an agent first — just so you're fully aware of your options.

👋 Get a free CMA from a top local agent!

Before putting your home on the market, it's important to know your home's true value. Our licensed concierge team will connect you with top-rated realtors to perform a free professional CMA on your property — from a trusted brand like Keller Williams and RE/MAX.

Compare top local realtors until you find the perfect fit, then pay just 1.5% in listing fees when you sell your home. Or walk away at any time with no obligation. Find a top local agent today!

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House Heroes vs. the competition

Like all reputable cash buyers, House Heroes will give you a free, no-obligation offer. Some companies may pay more than others, so we recommend getting a few offers to compare your options.

South Florida Cash Home Buyers: Local experienced team

South Florida Cash Home Buyers


Phone Number

(305) 458-8826

Time to Offer

24 hours

Time to Sale

7 days
Why We Chose It

South Florida Cash Home Buyers is a fast local buyer with excellent reviews from past clients.

South Florida Cash Home Buyers is a local, Florida property investor that buys homes for cash in Miami-Dade county. To sell your home with South Florida Cash Home Buyers:

  • Fill out their online form or call them directly
  • Set up a physical appointment and receive your offer after the walkthrough
  • Expect to close in 7 days or on your own schedule

South Florida Cash Home Buyers is based in Miami Beach, and buys homes throughout Miami/Dade county.

South Florida Cash Home Buyers received an average of 5 stars from 9 customer reviews.

Facebook: 5 stars/9 reviews

South Florida Cash Home Buyers is a local company operating in the Miami-Dade and Broward County area. It can provide an offer in just 24 hours and can close in as little as one week, faster than House Heroes' 14-day closing.

The company doesn't have as many reviews as House Heroes, but the few reviews found on Google are all positive.

Express Homebuyers: National brand with quick turnaround

Express Homebuyers


Phone Number


Time to Offer

7 minutes

Time to Sale

7 days
Why we chose it

Express Homebuyers is really fast: it provides offers in just minutes and can close in just a week in many circumstances. Plus, the company has mostly positive reviews on Google.

Express Homebuyers is a national service that has partnered with local investors across the country to buy houses for cash.

Steps to sell with Express Homebuyers:

  1. Submit your home's information to receive an initial "as is" offer
  2. Meet with the local investor to assess your property and answer any questions
  3. Discuss the local investor's final cash offer and, if you're willing to sell, sign a sales agreement then and there
  4. Choose a closing day on your schedule
  5. Show up on the day of the sale to sign the paperwork and receive cash within hours

Express Home Buyers received an average of 3.7 stars from 261 customer reviews. It's accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and it has a B+ rating.

Google: 4.2 stars/122 reviews
Facebook: 4.6 stars/113 reviews
Yelp: 2.5 stars/26 reviews

Express Homebuyers is a national cash buyer company with local affiliates in South Florida. The company can give you a fast offer within just a few minutes online, like House Heroes. They can also close in seven days, which is a bit faster than House Heroes' 14 days.

We Buy Houses: Vetted local investors

We Buy Houses

Full review

Time to offer

24–48 hours

Minimum closing time

7–14 days

Closing costs

No cost to seller
✍️ Editor's take
Pros and cons

Working with We Buy Houses is more likely to be positive than working with a local private real estate investor. We Buy Houses vets all of its investors and gives them an exclusive license to operate in its territory, so investors who use the brand name have an incentive to work hard in order to maintain their advantage.

While We Buy Houses doesn't exercise control over how much its investors offer, it does reserve the right to rescind licenses if investors don't meet its ethical standards.


  • Offer in 24–48 hours
  • Vetted, reputable real estate investors
  • No need to worry about repairs
  • Close in just seven days


  • Little to no room for negotiation
  • Individual investors have different strategies, so they may value your home differently
  • Licenses are exclusive, so there's only one We Buy Houses option in your area

We Buy Houses operates in 200 markets in over 30 states.

Reviews online are available only for local franchises.

The vast majority are positive, with customers saying that the We Buy Houses investor they worked with was fast and professional.

We Buy Houses is a national brand that licenses vetted local investors to operate in various locations throughout the U.S. The company is a little slower than House Heroes to provide offers, taking 24–48 hours, when House Heroes can give you an offer within 24 hours.

How House Heroes Works

  1. Request an offer. Fill out the online form or call (954) 676-1846 and provide details about your home.
  2. Receive the offer. Within 24 hours, get a free, no obligation cash offer for your as-is home.
  3. Schedule a home walkthrough. Someone from House Heroes will meet with you at the home to go over the details about the property.
  4. Choose the closing date. House Heroes can close within two weeks, or set a closing date for weeks out.
  5. Get cash. Once you close on the home sale, the cash is yours.

House Heroes Reviews from Customers

House Heroes has excellent reviews from customers, with an average score of 4.9 across 64 reviews. The company has an A+ rating and zero complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

Google 4.9 across 52 reviews
BBB 5 across 12 reviews
Show more

Customers appreciated transparency

Many reviews mention the company's honesty from the beginning of the selling process. Customers liked the way company representatives explained the process and how they arrived at the offer.

No surprises

House Heroes says on its website that it makes the appropriate offer the first time and won't lure sellers with high offers only to reduce them later — a common tactic that cash buyers use. The customer reviews support this, with sellers saying they knew exactly what the offer would be from the start with no changes later.

Flexible closing dates

Sellers said that House Heroes could accommodate their closing dates, whether they needed to sell quickly or if they required a few weeks before closing to move out.

Where is House Heroes available?

House Heroes buys homes in Southeast Florida communities, including:

  • Delray Beach
  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Hialeah
  • Hollywood
  • Miami
  • Pembroke Pines
  • Tamarac
  • Titusville
  • West Palm Beach

Frequently Asked Questions about House Heroes

Is House Heroes legit?

Yes, House Heroes is a legitimate company that pays cash for homes in any condition. The company has been in business since 2017 and has paid cash for over 150 properties. Find out more about House Heroes.

Where does House Heroes buy houses?

House Heroes buys homes for cash in South Florida, including Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Hollywood. See where House Heroes operates.

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