When Is the Best Time to Sell a House in Mississippi?

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By Jamie Ayers Updated May 24, 2022


If you’re thinking of selling your Mississippi home in 2020, here are the best (and worst) times of year to do it, by the numbers.

best time to sell Mississippi

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When selling a home in Mississippi, timing isn’t everything; however, it can certainly influence how long it takes and the price you’re ultimately able to get.

If you have some flexibility with your sale, it’s worth doing some market research to boost your chances of getting the best outcome possible.

In terms of price, the best month to sell a house in Mississippi is April. The median sale price for Mississippi homes in April is $239,000, which is $41,917 more than the annual average.

The best month to sell a house fast in Mississippi is October. Mississippi homes sold in October are on the market for an average of 16, which is 25 days faster than the annual average.

Of course, this is just a small piece of the overall picture. Below, we’ve compiled some of the most important data to consider before deciding when to sell your Mississippi home, including monthly inventory, sale prices, sale-to-list ratios, days on market, and more.


The best time of year to sell a house in Mississippi

Determining the "right" time to sell your house is somewhat subjective, as it really depends on your specific goals and circumstances. That said, if you’re like most sellers — i.e., your top priorities are selling high and fast — here’s when you should list your Mississippi house.

Best month for: Month Typical sale price premium* Days sold faster than average*
Price April $41,917 -19 days
Speed October -$113,083 25 days

Source: Redfin Data Center, Jan-Dec 2019

*Negative values indicate when a month is best for one priority (speed or price) but below the annual average for the other

For the purposes of this article, we define:

  • Sale price premium as the difference between the median sale price in a given month and the annual average median sale price in Mississippi
  • Days sold faster than average as the difference (in days) between the median days on market (DOM) for listings in a given month and the annual average DOM in Mississippi

Importantly, these trends can vary from region to region. The table below shows the most lucrative months to sell for five major cities in Mississippi.

City Best month to sell Typical sale price premium
Jackson May $11,850
Biloxi February $20,358
Gulfport December $8,892
Tupelo December $1,620
Hattiesburg December $2,495

Source: Zillow Research, Jan-Dec 2018

Don’t let the calendar determine your time on market. Time on market is more than location and season. It comes down to how, when, and who sells your home. See how you can sell your home 2.8x faster than the national average, no matter where you live.

Zooming back out to the national level, housing market activity — that is, the number of active listings and sales — is cyclical, peaking in late spring and hitting its annual low towards the end of the year.

Active listings and volume of home sales since 2016

Seasonal Housing Trends

Source: Realtor.com, Jul 2016-Feb 2020

As you can see above, the overall volume of pending sales — which is a good gauge of buyer demand — reliably spikes in May. So is listing in late spring always going to be the best move? Not necessarily.

That corresponding spike in inventory (number of active listings) also means more competition. Depending on factors like your property’s age, condition, location, etc., this could actually make it more difficult and/or expensive to sell.

Seasonal Considerations:

  • Spring: Buyer demand typically peaks, but so does inventory, which means more competition with other sellers
  • Summer: The level of competition remains high, but buyers with families will be highly motivated to move before the school year begins
  • Fall: Real estate activity typically starts to taper, but the level of competition among sellers drops off as well
  • Winter: This is the slowest time of year for many markets, but off-season buyers also tend to be more qualified and serious

Moreover, these trends vary considerably on state, regional, and local levels. To provide a more comprehensive picture of seasonal housing market trends in Mississippi, we’ve compiled some of the most important data points below, along with some simple definitions and advice.

Quick Tip: The right time to sell can even vary by neighborhood. And the best local advice is free!

The best time to sell isn’t just based on broader, constantly changing economic factors (interest rates, job growth, financial markets, etc.). It depends on micro-level, local market activity too. If you want advice on the best time to sell in your area specifically, talk to an experienced real estate agent who works there.

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Median sale price in Mississippi by month

Month with highest median sale price Median sale price Premium over annual average
April $239,000 $41,917

Source: Redfin Data Center, Jan 2019-Dec 2019

Median sale prices can help you understand when home sale prices for Mississippi homes are typically at their annual high and low. When you zoom out and look at median sale prices over the course of a larger span of time — say, several years — it can also indicate broader trends, like home value appreciation and increasing buyer demand. The graph below shows median sale price trends in Mississippi during 2019.

Month Median sale price in Mississippi
January $225,000
February $163,000
March $204,000
April $239,000
May $223,000
June $201,000
July $209,000
August $218,000
September $178,000
October $84,000
November $186,000
December $235,000
Annual average sale price in Mississippi $197,083

Source: Redfin Data Center, Jan 2019-Dec 2019

Median sale-to-list ratio by in Mississippi month

Month with highest sale-to-list ratio Sale-to-list ratio Average annual sale-to-list ratio
October 99.90% 98.49%

Source: Redfin Data Center, Jan 2019-Dec 2019

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Sale-to-list ratio is a home’s final sale price divided by its list price, typically expressed as a percentage. If the number is above

100%, that means the home sold for more than its initial list price. Conversely, numbers below 100% mean the home sold for less than asking price.

When you look at the median sale-to-list ratio across a given market, it helps illustrate the degree of competition or demand among buyers in that area. This can tell you a lot about current market conditions — i.e., whether it’s a buyers or sellers market — and give you a sense of how much leverage you’ll have when it comes to offers and negotiations.

Month Median sale-to-list ratio in Mississippi
January 97.20%
February 99.40%
March 97.30%
April 97.80%
May 98.20%
June 98.60%
July 98.20%
August 98.90%
September 98.60%
October 99.90%
November 99.10%
December 98.70%
Average annual sale-to-list ratio in Mississippi 98.49%

Source: Redfin Data Center, Jan 2019-Dec 2019

Median days on market (DOM) in Mississippi by month

Fastest month to sell in Mississippi Median DOM Days sold faster than average
October 16 days 25 days

Source: Redfin Data Center, Jan 2019-Dec 2019

Days on market — or DOM — is commonly defined as the number of days from when a property is officially listed on a multiple listing service (MLS) and a sales contract is signed.

When a market has a low median DOM, that’s usually an indicator of favorable conditions for sellers, i.e., a high demand among buyers. Conversely, a higher median DOM signifies low demand, meaning less favorable conditions for sellers. Remember, seasonality can be a big factor, particularly in regions with bigger weather swings throughout the year. Moreover, demand can vary considerably from neighborhood to neighborhood. Talk to your realtor for an accurate read on current — or seasonal — market conditions in your area, specifically.

Month Median days on market in Mississippi
January 54 days
February 58 days
March 47 days
April 60 days
May 36 days
June 35 days
July 49 days
August 44 days
September 31 days
October 16 days
November 36 days
December 26 days
Annual average DOM in Mississippi 41 days

Source: Redfin Data Center, Jan 2019-Dec 2019

When should you sell your Mississippi home?

Sometimes life changes — expected or not — can require selling during a slower month or time of year. That’s ok! The most important factor in deciding when to sell your house is you. Consider your own needs, financial situation, and timeline above everything else.

If your reason for selling is relatively flexible — say, you’re looking for a bigger house or more convenient neighborhood — it might be worth trying to time your sale; however, waiting for peak market conditions isn’t worth missing, say, a great job opportunity or putting off an important life goal, like retirement.

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