What Is the Best Time to Sell a House in Phoenix?

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By Clever Real Estate Updated October 22, 2021


when is the best time to sell a house in phoenix

When listing homes, many real estate agents in the area get this question, "What is the best time to sell a house in Phoenix?" And it makes sense.

There are several things that factor into the best time to sell in Phoenix. There's a best time to sell for a profit, a best time to sell fast, and a few things to keep in mind no matter the time of year.

Best Time to Sell A House in Phoenix

The best time to sell a house in Phoenix is different than most any other area. Although the general advice of "sell in the Spring" rings just as true in Phoenix as it does in New Jersey, there are factors specific to Phoenix that you've got to keep in mind.

These factors are the walk of life the citizens of Phoenix are in (mainly young families and retirees), the heat, as well as the jobs available.

The market varies year after year, but there are some trends that are emerging that help us identify when the best time to sell your home for a profit is, as well as the best time to sell your house quickly.

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Best Time to Sell for a Profit

The stats show the best time to sell your house for a profit is in November. This is right after the blazing heat and summer rush to find a house before school starts.

But before you run out and prepare to list your home in November, remember that your house has to be listed before November for it to close in November.

The best time to list your house for a profit is in September. Listing in September gives allows those anxiously looking for a house before the holiday season to find yours and close with plenty of time to spare.

What kind of profit can you expect to make? If you list in September, you could end up making an average of 4.04% more than you would any other time of the year! That's news most sellers would love to hear.

Best Time to Sell Fast

The best month to sell your home fast is in October. Homes sell on average 3.7 days sooner in October than any other month.

Of course, if you want to sell in October, you'll have to list in August. You want to provide at least 3 months for closing-- accounting for any hiccups you might encounter.

Best Time to Sell Fast for a Profit

While we would love to say that if you split the difference between the months to sell fast and for a profit that you'd get the best of both worlds, the data shows otherwise. If you sell in October, you'll sell your home quickly, but only for about 1.18% more than the annual average.

The best meet-in-the-middle month to list is April for a sale in June. The data shows you can make 2.95% more than the annual average in June, and sell your house 2 days faster than the average.

Tips for Selling Your Home in Phoenix

1. Prepare in the cooler months

Do you have some painting to do or landscaping to tackle? Plan ahead and finish it before the weather gets too hot. The last thing you'll want to do is try to spruce up your home when you're barely keeping from melting by the side of your pool.

With Phoenix, you've got to work far in advance-- especially if you aren't planning on listing until August or September. It takes a bit of planning but you'll be grateful you did it come listing time and the work is complete.

2. Make a List of Attractions

Is your home in the boundaries of the top schools in the city? Make sure you flaunt that in your house description! You want as many great things about your house listed as you can have.

Things that really stand out are the distance to recreational centers, museums, grocery stores, and schools. It's even a great idea to print out the list and stick it on the counter when people walk through your house.

3. Use a Real Estate Agent

Selling a house in Phoenix is about more than timing the market. Hiring a real estate agent who knows the area well and is an expert in their field can help you beat the market averages any day of the year.

If saving money is important to you, hire a discount real estate agent like those at Clever. Clever agents are local experts and full-service, which means you can expect nothing less than high-quality marketing, pricing, and service from them.

Timing the housing market can be tough, especially if you want to sell quickly for top dollar. By listing in September to make the most money, August to sell the fastest, or April to meet in the middle-- you've got a pretty safe bet of meeting your goals.

Talk to your real estate agent today about the best time to list your home! Call us today at 1-833-2-CLEVER or fill out our online form to get started.

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