9 Questions to Ask a Buying Agent

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By Clever Real Estate Updated October 21, 2021


There are certain questions all homebuyers should ask when interviewing realtors to help them find the right real estate agent. In this article, we’ll walk you through what you need to know to get the best deal. We also cover what a buyer's agent does and how to find one you can trust.

Top 9 questions to ask your buying agent

In order to find a gem, here is what you should be asking before you hire a anyone:

1. Are you fully licensed?

You don’t want to be working with someone who does this as a hobby. You want to work with someone who is a full-time realtor and licensed by the National Association of Realtors.

2. What is your experience in the neighborhoods I’m interested in?

You want to work with an agent who really knows the area in which you are buying. A good agent will know if a home’s list price is accurate, as well as the general price range for homes in the area.

3. Do you typically work in my price range?

A good agent should be comfortable working in a variety of price ranges. However, partnering with an agent who helps people buy a million-dollar home might not be the best idea if you're interested in homes around $250K. This is simply because the agent’s connections and expertise will not be for the type of home you are hoping to secure.

4. How will you keep me informed?

The answer to this question is all about what you prefer.

You might be the kind of person that wants to talk on the phone with their agent every day. Or, you might be the kind of buyer that’s fine with a text every once and while. This is one of the most important questions to ask when interviewing a realtor when buying simply because matching communication styles is essential.

6. Can you tell me about your negotiation style and experience?

You want to get the best outcome when you go through the steps to buy a house.

Because of this, you want to make sure that your potential buyer’s agent is a good negotiator. So, to make sure of this, ask about any additional courses they’ve taken in negotiation. You can also ask about examples of tough deals they’ve put through.

7. What is your approach to winning a bidding war?

Let’s say you find the perfect house, but a few others buyers think it’s perfect as well. It’s a good idea to see how a potential realtor might react to this situation before you commit to working with them. And no, bidding on a house in a competitive market isn't necessarily about offering heaps of money. Sometimes it’s attitude and connections.

8. Can I talk to some of your past clients?

You can usually find out what a realtor’s former clients think about them from their online presence. However, how your potential agent answers this question can tell you a lot about them. Even if you don’t end up calling their references, pay attention to how they speak about former clients.

9. What kinds of partnerships do you have with home service professionals?

You’ll probably need to have the contacts of a good real estate attorney, people who can conduct a home inspection or an appraisal, and more. When choosing a buyer’s agent, it can significantly decrease the amount of stress you are under if they already have connections in the industry and you do not have to seek these people out yourself. (However, if they have an "agreement" with these people wherein they are paid to recommend them, steer clear: That's illegal!)

10. Why should I pick you?

Let them sell themselves! Most agents will have a pitch. Take note of what they deem important to highlight during their answer and see if it lines up with your own goals.

What does a buying agent do for you?

A buying agent is responsible for listening to your needs and finding you the perfect home. They should make you feel comfortable and supported, especially if this is your first time buying a home.

And the best part? The seller of the home pays both the sellers and buyers agent. So go ahead. Pick the best one!

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How to find a buying agent you can trust

Looking to purchase your dream home? Here are the top three ways to find the best buyer’s agent:

  1. An agent finding tool. An agent finding tool can help you find and compare the best agents in your area. For example, Clever Real Estate can connect you with local agents who have the best reviews and, most importantly, get the best results. Clever also gives eligible buyers cash back after closing. Start comparing top-performing agents.
  2. Word of mouth. If you're relocating within the same area, then you can simply ask family and friends for their recommendations. Did they recently move and use a realtor they absolutely adored? Or can their new neighbors not stop raving about the person who found them their home?
  3. Online reviews. If you're not moving to an area that you have connections in (or if those in your inner-circle have different budgets than you do), another good way to find a real estate agent is to look at online reviews. Most top agents have established online presences. So if you look on Yelp, Angie’s List, Google, and other platforms, any good buying agent or real estate broker should have at least a few reviews.

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