The Best Time to Buy a House in San Diego

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By Clever Real Estate Updated January 4, 2023


Best time to buy a house in San Diego | Best San Diego areas to buy a house | How to get a deal on a San Diego home

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What's the best time to buy a house in San Diego? It depends on your priorities.

In recent years, listing prices for homes in California were lowest in January. On average, homes were $194,014 less expensive. While in May — the month with the highest prices — the listing prices were $86,653 more than the annual average.

Mortgage rates, on the other hand, were lowest in December. But with interest rates on the rise, it pays to explore your options with a trusted mortgage provider to make sure you get the best rate possible.

Read on to find out which time of year will give you the most options and the biggest savings when buying a house in San Diego.

Getting started

If you're thinking about buying a house in San Diego, your first step is to connect with an experienced local realtor, someone who can help you find the best house for your budget and priorities. Economic conditions in San Diego change rapidly, and a knowledgeable realtor will keep you up-to-date on the best times to buy.

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When is the best time to buy a house in San Diego?

On a budget, you’ll probably want to avoid May, when home prices are at their highest. Instead, try buying in January, when prices are 12.73% below the average.

If you want more inventory options, go with January, when inventory is 7.16% higher.

While these are general rules of thumb, it's important to remember that price trends can vary from year to year — and there may even be anomalies within certain neighborhoods. The best way to find a home in your target market is to connect with a local realtor. They'll help you navigate the ins and outs of your market and find the best time to buy a house in San Diego.

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What are the best places to buy a home in San Diego?

After determining the best time to buy, you'll want to pinpoint where in San Diego you’d like to live. This bustling city has many great areas to call home, but these five are the highest-rated neighborhoods.

Del Mar Mesa

This top-rated San Diego neighborhood is home to 20,000 residents and boasts A+ schools. The urban area offers a good selection of restaurants, night clubs, and coffee shops, as well as parks and family-friendly amenities.

Typical home value: $975K

Miramar Ranch North

This urban neighborhood houses approximately 19,000 residents. It’s one of the best places to live in the city, with A+ schools, a diverse nightlife, great amenities for families, and slightly more affordable homes.

Typical home value: $651K

Pacific Highlands Ranch

For more of a suburban feel, look into Pacific Highlands Ranch. Home to 12,000 residents, this suburb offers A+ schools, a good mix of restaurants and bars, and excellent amenities for families.

Typical home value: $1M

Torrey Hills

This urban neighborhood is home to 16,000 residents and boasts A+ schools. In Torrey Hills, you’ll find a great selection of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and family-friendly activities.

Typical home value: $1M

Sabre Springs

Sabre Springs is home to 15,000 residents. The neighborhood has an urban vibe and A+ schools, as well as a good selection of restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and family-friendly attractions.

Typical home value: $566K

Four ways to get a great deal on a home in San Diego

Timing the market and researching different areas to live are both important parts of the home buying process. In addition to these efforts, you’ll want to use other strategies to get the best deal possible. Here are four tips on how to get a great deal on your San Diego home.

1. Find a great San Diego real estate agent

Your first step as a home buyer is to find a qualified real estate agent. A great agent will use their knowledge of the local market to help you make informed buying decisions.

Your agent can also help you navigate the fast-moving San Diego marketplace. They can send you homes the moment they hit the MLS, before they hit search sites like Zillow. This can give you a competitive edge over other buyers. Because the San Diego market moves quickly, making an offer even 24 hours before other buyers can make a huge difference in buying price.

2. Determine what you need and want in a house

Discuss with your agent what you’re looking for in a home. They can help you narrow your search and find a home that balances the features you want with the budget you have. Your search can include a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms or specific amenities like green energy add-ons, a pool, and a finished basement.

3. Find a lender and secure financing

Unless you plan to buy your home with cash, you'll need to apply for a mortgage. For most home buyers in San Diego, interest rate is one of the biggest factors when choosing a lender. Doing some upfront research and comparing options to find the best rate could save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

For example, in California a typical house is worth $786,000. Assuming a 20% down payment, if you took out a 30-year mortgage for 3.5%, your monthly payment would be $2,804.45. But if you shopped around and found a 3% mortgage, your monthly payment would drop to about $2,651.02.

4. Negotiate for the best possible price

After you find a home that fits your needs, your real estate agent will help you determine how much to offer for the property. They'll also guide you through the negotiations, ensuring that you pay a fair price in the current San Diego market.

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